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UConn represents New England well... and what did the NCAA tournament teach us about the 2014 NBA lottery?

Apr 8, 2014|

We discuss another championship for UConn, plus what we learned about the various and noted studs in college basketball that will be part of the NBA lottery/draft in 2014

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Now I don't mind when you celebrate your school winning a national championship but. I just kind of say it clean up after yourself afterwards I mean the empty beer cans here where -- was set -- -- -- was it was fine over there. He's never gonna get to celebrate anything that got Augusta the he ripped up the studio. I mean it's just embarrassing the beer cans the cigarette butts you just gotta calm down low over women's underwear everywhere everywhere. That's an in -- anticipation. For tonight. But then again the -- that's a law on this if he'd do anything less than burn coach. And you shown restraint. -- pretty much. You know I mean there's there's only so much destruction you can do after all these championships in Vancouver. Cooper just to go to the next level I Cooper to make you forget about Detroit but the date reference you guys keep talking about Detroit 1984. We're moving on got a pair up our city. And blame it on people on blame it on outsiders who really art and expand the FBR yes they are if there aren't -- -- I hardly think. You weren't from buffalo went through on the goal for. -- the texture here says those are actually months underwear I I didn't say hello as an actor dead. And and I don't make judgments. You know where what makes you feel comfortable in so many things now could be for me and compete for women. -- -- -- -- -- How can make an -- until free and oh yeah very. He is the 2014. NAACP. National champ Paula thought. What are our girl. Actually. As she -- and friends are. And she said with a big old smile on -- race if its current fox of them occurred at the end double ACP I. -- I know all about and doubly so on box and they're talking this morning which does not release sports they'll obviously. We got to hear one more time is the 2014. NAACP. And the chance. And good for them. He's got the award ceremony -- -- and I agree that that -- -- I don't think we've had bet awards ceremony yet so we don't know maybe. Maybe get a team award maybe Kevin Ollie is honored honored by hammers and -- and make it George Stephanopoulos comity it looked mortars Morgan Freeman. Oh I'm sorry are rough. Guys watch that game last night you're fired up a lot of but the game I think Norton it was not your darn it arts or sports here thank you very good candidate in the introduction all week we were gonna territory here actually. I don't ligament that a man who needs no introduction level like it's -- working on yeah it's. History. And Jerry. But that thanks to have me back in a little rocket ship to the -- guys it's always always a pleasure and as far as the game last night goes. I watched it it was not an artistic success I didn't have a dog in the fight I -- I I couldn't care less who won. I just wanted to seat but a buzzer beater wanted to see for for the longest time and I was a kid -- seem like. Every single Jiri came down to the final seconds it was were -- Robinson would zeros on the clock in free throws or -- there hasn't been a good final game. In a decade in my right in my mind this and one. So arguments a couple of them can't just double Mario Chalmers. Give us I -- a nice comeback against Gallup Larry that was that was nice but then out Bob Butler and Hayward with a shot at the buzzer that I'm telling you that he. It was just often looked at it it was me it was -- look like a prayer that was a goal but I'm not so much of a prayer. We're about to be answered up the revenue and Brad Stevens dog forgotten about it -- It's a big asset shot Bret Stephens you're Brett Stephens the coach of your Boston Celtics is not here today. Might be right. I went into it like you did -- with the idea that I didn't have a dog in the fight in go to UConn didn't go to Kentucky obviously don't really care. That's what I thought. But then. The more I saw. John cal Perry sitting on -- you take a timeout still over there yet the more side sit over there the more I couldn't root for Kentucky because John cal -- was coaching them. And it just that I I found myself. Rooting for. The kid who tore apart your ten year old basketball team back in that stretch of grass and API I I you know I've I've found myself rooting for you console I was happy at the end of the night I started. Neutral and did not -- neutral. Well you but you have to see how you start to got start neutral. Do you not consider the University of Connecticut a part of New England. Or you'd do you go with that hole. Connecticut you divide Connecticut up and depending on what county -- in what part of Connecticut you're and I. It if you go to Bridgewater. Personally Bridgeport Connecticut you don't think that's New England that's more like going toward New York court. Greenwich I would love to annex them like like a foreign power play if you look at it a map came out recently of Pike County. What is the most popular baseball team in every county in America and kinetic it was. -- just a strike right down the middle. At east impart his Red Sox the -- -- -- is -- yankees got -- -- save themselves don't consider in the telegraph drive to stories from here right here from Brighton to stores. I think it's probably 64 miles supplies is -- -- and it's an hour and a it's no more and. It's a little if I ever hear -- is -- the -- on the burning selfless. You know I I ask you you have a burning still mr. -- got the best player right down the road Roxbury got Jim Calhoun. Always here at northeastern he's a Boston guy -- the University of Connecticut. You've got -- you've got a built in villain from the UMass days I mean everything could QB notre watching this game there was no neutrality whatsoever from. I just you know -- I appreciate fact -- in New England but it's not like I have some emotional Tug at my tomorrow and they'll dale I. I think -- and I would both love to accept them I think they don't accept themselves as part of -- and I think they they see themselves as kind of. You know again to use the foreign power. Analogy there are kinda like Switzerland I think the eagle whichever way the the the wind blows him when I don't I are going well they identify with them on the patriots are well I think they suddenly become doing and I can't get over my disdain for the Hartford whalers that taints everything. You know if you don't like Hartford -- watch all the whalers and also I got there will be -- texting me the rest of the he's come back. -- -- brass bonanza creek and I'll back. -- for Kansas doctor. -- a pretty good out there in the in the city. Jordan center right way it was not an artistic success and it definitely wasn't the best. Final game I've seen in awhile it was close but it was a little sloppy too. What I was happy to see I was happy to Connecticut win it and I still like that part of our conversation yesterday ordered torn but we were saying. -- -- You talk about some of the great programs in college basketball whether you go to that the West Coast and and look at UCLA recently. Arizona. In any chances. Then you just look at North Carolina. And duke and Kentucky. Florida. None of these schools can say what you can't consider today for championships since. 19994 championships in fifteen years and it's amazing and pretty impressive that the University of Connecticut. If you're talking about top five college basketball programs. Can't just go with depressed the that lazy. Prestige argument old you know John Wooden was at North Carolina and didn't mean John Wooden was at UCLA and Dean Smith with the North Carolina. They named the court after coach K duke. That they've got to be up there now. If you go top five programs you'd have to include university Connecticut auction. Positively and in the 21 century. By the by the just the nature of the game you basically have to do with entirely different lineups. Every other year not every year John would at least got to recruit guys know I get four years out of Walton and -- -- -- and -- or whatever. I'm at a -- from Connecticut if on the UConn and a cynical what do we have to do. To be considered in that group underdogs. Last night. And you know of for -- appointed advocates of -- one if you took. Both teams and you just have them switch uniforms I -- you know Kentucky still would've been. A favorite with. You know with with the lineups which just because they've got -- record is in his right into a powerhouse -- -- -- caliber it's got a reputation that instance are of being a great coach. What a great one and done coats and I'll give him credit for that to me as much as and it's as sleazy as he has. And Calhoun and on our air yesterday -- of the Yasser. Appropriately so. The guy understands how to get a team to come together at the right time. No you can just say. I would like it's easy he's Kentucky -- got. All freshman starting five and in any coach to take that talent and get into -- national championship game but don't believe that. Only duke has talented players to Duquette the number one recruit in the country or one or two depending on what -- look at that. And and they get bounced by Mercer. Like he -- who want to vote for John you know John can become the you know those. Noble it. I don't know what pat pat pat -- I got to try to horses with it OK. To say the only way I know I'll I'll give I'll give Calipari credit for that. You get those guys together. If I said I had to have a coach. Prepared team a young team quickly. To compete. And again I might take over and coach in the country. If there's just there's just one and done. That's how far can you get these young young guys. And an issue -- might have been subway's been. His best to -- coaching job I mean because he's probably the one and done this year I mean no one obviously you know what -- mean according to. Some reports out there which the lakers to their credit Mitch Kupchak is Carty said no that's true. Would deal that could be that is cal Perry himself said he hopes these guys come back for second year -- like Hewitt and great stuff on both sides of his mom I would never -- it early can mean. Which means beetle one a 204. And another two to get to the chip chip that was probably the steepest uphill climb and -- -- I. Can see that they want you know under seeded -- You know. They won that might have been that that the steepest climb any champions spoke Kentucky yeah. I don't. Let's keep this in mind -- the beginning of the season was the number one team in the country. They had. They have that reputation and we remember that that great doubleheader at the beginning of the year I think it was. Must have been Kentucky Michigan State. It was duke and Kansas. ESPN so Jabari Parker Andrew Wiggins. Julius Randall well one glorious -- at a college draft pick it up for ought to. Expect that our. But at that time. You know Michigan State did beat Kentucky the Kentucky was Pataki was recognized as. The most talented team in the game and I think they just figured it out talent there's talent grew up in figured it out at the right time. At the risk of of showing further my disdain for John cal Perry as a college coach. Many of those one and -- kids do you think saw a classroom after Christmas time. All I'm sure they really crunch in the books I and I mean I literally saw a class from forget about going regularly even saw a classroom. From Christmas on. You know he bristles with that many up Scotty asked him that during a press conference and he talked about the team GPA we got a three point oh GPA. And -- -- utterly OK are you open yourself up reconcile you start talking -- team GPA. Then you say are right. You're at your instincts take you to the end of the vets those guys they're only -- TV doing that. Yeah and by that we include the team managers GPA is he's our. It was a career as a scholar from water the coach years ago on them and kick myself and not remember who it was -- He was a coach who actually had tenure it was a professor and -- he -- Arm exports in society -- at in his his final leaked online among the questions was a rectangle and it's at this is a basketball court. -- the half court line. I've not taken that out and do it how many points you get for a three point play IQ do not that that was on the right. If anything those of the class is the cal Perry's guys are going to but I agree with you deal they did not even that. But you know you look at this tournament tournaments over and because of one and -- A lot of people can't get into it like like they did years ago when you could follow. You could follow a team 443. Or four years to learn it -- hate them because if a guy I was leaving early is probably leaving after junior year. I very rarely guys leaving him two years so you have one and -- And for the Celtics fans right now. You have. -- talk about it dog in the fight he had several dogs in this tournament. Now it's over. Do you look at the the tanking exhibition. Of the tank taking expedition technical loosen up for the Celtics you look at that any differently now. They had -- Parker. This team. Loses to Mercer. You have Kansas and Andrew -- they go out early wigand's disappear in a game last night and I'm a big Julius -- fan but Randall mrs. This is one of the four games that seem to play just seemed out of sorts -- -- Tight -- and it's a -- made the excuse format which he's eighteen years old c'mon at. He's eighteen okay well what was the last nineteen year old the cal Perry and ahead on its roster and I don't it fits plays and get him down at the end of the bed. Because -- connection between tournament performance and what to expect at the next level right at the risk of defending John cal Perry here I think he's right in this art. It's certainly possible for an eighteen year old kid to get deer in the headlights at a at a big moment yeah I could see that happening in and I am I am not gonna judge to partially. Based on -- I think he can still going to be to repeal -- A -- made it to the edit pro. Yeah I love Randall I think Randall's very good player but when you think about. What we've been talking about all year for the Celtics lose games lose games for the fourth worst record in the NBA right now. Nobody wants them to win. And you're taking four. The prize at the end of the rainbow. And the prizes are all flawed. -- know this is supposed to be a strong draft class I'm sure it is a strong draft class America I'm not gonna go is our guys like any candidate have far gone that far he actually says well you know it's it's over highway in Canada -- and that and that may be a little much. I don't think it is a good draft class. But you look at the number whoever the number one player is. Cricket Randall you know there are some flaws of -- as much as I'd like and there are some applause with -- some flaws were Parker. And the one guy who everybody keeps talking about I haven't seen them play. Many people haven't actually. And Australia right. -- In in this like a 170 pounds of some of my dad he's like a stick figure. I don't think any of these guys are franchise guys I won't we won't know until we see him for a for a bit but it. I don't think there's a Kevin Durant that this bunch but I think if you're not. In the top five or six. Then -- and that debt death zone between you know even in not a lottery pick but you're not good enough to get to the next level so I'm I'm all for the swim to the bottom. You know even if none of these guys is is anything more than a a piece of the puzzle just. The there was nothing to be gained from winning this season it's all I you know they they can't lose enough to make me happy lucky if. If the Celtics and up with one of the top four picks and the ping pong balls got ball right all that stuff doesn't matter if you get fourth worst record now. It could not go your way. Ask ML -- products that works -- if they get one of the top four picks they will get a player. Will be an improvement over who whoever he replaces on the current Celtics roster I firmly believe that. Maybe not you know dramatic -- and I don't week one of the NBA regular season -- -- gonna get a player if you got a top four pick who's gonna make you better team. So -- -- -- for that. Now how much it two year term how dramatic is the turnaround going to be I don't know. Everything going into the season that you think -- it. Going to the season meant they get a top two every bit -- advocate the second or third pick in the draft. This is gonna change everything. This is going to be unbelievable for the Celtics what do turnaround this -- will command not to put. Up to a high expectations and that's becoming an average nineteen and Dan. -- one. Jerry we can answer your question it was Jim harrick junior. Who had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is this was when he was at Georgia -- -- Georgia I -- now imagine I can I can ask a couple of the questions -- -- don't look at the -- it's okay -- okay I'm gonna give -- a couple of the questions that and and you folks can play along at home to tell me how you do look at Michael and I have the ball is in Lincoln Lincoln you know like I'm proud about it and you shout -- -- number one. How many goals are on a basketball court that the extra 123. Or four. This is a real question is that they are -- college final minute how many players are allowed to play at one time on any one team in a regulation -- Like I have to consider some people are new to the game and they're just that's what he's doing is trying to this is an introduction to basketball for people. Or may not be interest in basketball question three. -- -- The Georgia Bulldogs can now here's the irony about this -- Georgia. That was one ironies the other. He missed -- the question he actually wrote and I and I'm quoting now in what league to T ul. The Georgia Bulldogs complete. It. Tenured professor who's just -- their pay attention the the class was called. Coaching principles and strategies a basketball. 2001. The the school released the test. It was uncovered during an NCAA investigation that resulted in the firing of Jim harrick junior and it's -- head coach and and put George on probation. What's the name of the colosseum with the Georgia bull hooks like I guess if you play there. You probably know it's not Pauley Pavilion one of the answers and out Carrier Dome one of the answers. Statement coliseum of the answers and Cameron arena one. Our. While I don't play there but I am -- I don't I don't have the answers your question no no it's one of those players is in the backs and steal easy answers. We. Maybe test the mistake argued the last two okay. And and these are these -- on the right there were there were only twenty questions on the number 91 number nineteen. You want to become a huge coaching success. -- who you bring you. By the way another misspelling it ironic that two extra credit in my chest -- that he Bobby Knight. The John -- T Jim harrick junior after activists abroad -- another some love and question number two money -- Always the best division one assistant coach in the country with them a run -- any misspelled it be John Pelfrey. Seat Jim -- junior. Ortiz Steve -- to house ski. Guy this guy you know what he needed to do. Need to go to Amsterdam for what he's looking for what he needs. I. I'm not gonna do this for you are not tortured during this for you you need something else you know what. That's idiotic to me and I am elected I went to community college. I'm like I'd. I'd able once had a quiz that was that was app is easy actor says yeah like we audit how you a lot of blue like we ought to have a dubious classes along the way -- actually did too. This wise this twenty question. Exam. Was the final and only exam given in the class. Below problematic. -- any of these wrong. What's what's the -- was the easiest. Simplest class that you didn't and at -- actually Smart we edit it conflicts it was a study of film course -- you guys probably. Actually had we we actually had to make a film pocket and under the class at about -- -- easiest last year. Yeah film appreciation we have Dolan and you just say you wanna see a film and it's a -- appreciate that and if you gotta you gotta greater. The most of my eight -- my class is the perfect grade was 986. Meaning you'll body temperature. A real living and breathing thing they get -- again. Community college like the hardest thing about getting into it was he needed a -- Pretty much I must say the text her hits the nail on the head here because question number twenty says in your opinion who's the best division one assistant coach in the country Dexter says. Multiple choice on an opinion question. And -- -- -- not capable of formulating about a year old son once had a class called the psychology. Women. -- candidate I. Friends and I I don't know standard -- bit absolutely I was the only guy in the class. -- with that better bet is that -- Captain friend right there at the psychology department. Idea. -- so. That you understand. It did an article out I. Did you come out of understanding anything mobile of course and that's not that god you will throw it. A one -- return we're gonna find out if Michael has calmed down. Home down to use Rosey Colvin sprays the -- calm down a little bit after the show that we did 24 hours ago I hope that's the case. It's Dele Ali with Jerry foreign Sports Radio W media -- -- combat. -- ever humble and -- said the company and you believe some so much. Do you view. Understand that what's may have minister's -- raises an hour. Not so much of that was gonna podium Mozilla's beta and I'm just so happy Dallas. In that position because many guys are sought to coaches that manages. A train is. Hey you know and that Latin -- and at least play as he works off it is in we don't wanna I wanna lose. Shabazz Napier who despite what you saw last night I saw someone on Twitter one of the NBA analysts a good -- I apologize for not remembering though. Said you know what he's probably still going in the second round. As I what you saw last. I doubt it I doubt it -- be a first round pick and I think is going to be a lottery pick the first rounder. It's a deep draft but. You're telling me you that you think a guy who could do would first like shoot. He can shoot and handle the ball. Is he is a big ones if he would absolutely now here's a question. Is he one of the if you point guard is he a guy like Rondo. Who who sees things that other people don't see and what willow will penetrate and then distribute. And then you'll find him find it easy baskets for everybody back a natural point are necessarily but -- must telling me that the other. -- what he doesn't do as me. Pass first point guard he makes up for his ability to shoot from the perimeter and make its free throws. -- he can handle the ball can deal with pressure. Fearless at their first -- The job. The irony of yesterday's show was that we needed Greg Dickerson kind of coax you back in off alleged if you were a little you'll. A skirt yesterday before I get that -- we're -- -- -- or get the scared ultimately going to be different -- care. Now I thought that's when the Richard Sherman thing happened with -- Sanders who is talking about you and I thought this last night with Jim Nantz. Asking. Shabazz Napier question in Napier says -- whatever pay attention. What are cricket means talking about how they weren't in the tournament last year hungry Huskies now. What we found from television executives is that how they view the sideline reporter position. -- the post game post game interviews. That the dispute background that's like elevator music. Really want you to be informed what that'd be informed that I want to be entertaining in order to be. Energy insightful and just some -- this is what we have to do is connect the dots we get time to -- this and incorporate acts out and now we move on. -- -- -- You've got to go off even more corporate well there in -- rhetoric got. Last night may hear what he was ready to go right to talk about UConn and hungry hot keys. -- yet another question I got more answers were you. I should -- think a lot. Garrard. What are they scared. NCAA. Their broadcast partner the NCAA. Come on now I'm just you asked the question I'm giving you the answer if you got a broadcast partner. And by the way I'm not paying anybody from this and I know what you're paying for that I mean it's it's like. This weekend -- masters week is there any broadcast entity on the planet more afraid. Of their broadcast partners and CBS's of the masters all day which -- and that's why tells them to sit down and I don't even look for chair. You know they just days drop to the -- absolutely Tara Thornton how much money's involved with this with the CBS paying into -- to the NCAA. They pay. Gobs and gobs movement -- bill in different absolutely. Paying you are paying them and end their theory is they'll take the billion from somebody else. Now if if if we get on their bad side they'll just take the the they'll take the billion for ESPN next 1020. And 20/20. Year goes -- -- story short they're locked up for awhile. About what's an apples -- source it was Fox's excuse and thank. Broadcast partner. You don't do anything to me to broadcast partners look bad and at that point like broadcast journalism. That I don't know what -- they don't want to journalism. I'm just telling yet what I think is the answer here and and as I said you've got exhibit -- coming up this weekend. When they can actually get an announcer taken off the telecast. For saying that the greens were so fast they were bikini last -- in Colombia at the gallery a mob. As opposed to patrons all the Horace. That it. I mean we had to hide the children -- he referred to the gallery as a as a mob so yet there are there are ears with with big entities like that. -- you -- there are partner they're you know we we can't and we can't let it happen it's gonna make our partner looked bad here. And they easily one of my top. Five minutes of the sports calendar every year is Jim Nance on masters Sunday when he does that. -- she is you know purple rose in -- -- -- -- The dog woods in the zillions are in bloom as we go down magnolia lane the echoes of past champions and through the pine straw this. -- Good luck and a I tell us apart. I finally do -- is -- that -- losing Jim Nantz who is agreement -- like one shining moment last night you know let me let. So he just dwarfs you forgot the words though it's of this public what a tradition unlike any other masters is global with a whole range. -- -- -- With -- hallowed. Of the moment. Like last year and are still actually. Did I photos while and I use Microsoft Office like it took me hours is -- no skills -- -- eight Jim -- masters opening bingo card. All of the repose that again the issue where he says it you know if mother got to -- mentions Bobby Jones is currently mentions Butler cabin no different than a drinking game. Same same idea it it. What -- guy again escalate. -- for -- Wedding -- chance seat you're not scored anymore. But we're gonna have to do that when we come back because I wanna get the hole because we were worried about -- we were actually gonna make Dickerson the home with the yesterday just to make sure you were okay. Make sure that -- gonna get through the night all right because you were little freight yesterday and we don't like it -- Mike he's afraid itself. Next up might -- a -- -- an effect and so we we were a little concerned about it. We'll tell you why when we when we return it's dale and Holley and -- -- we'll get your calls as well and just couple minutes Sports Radio W media.

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Jon Lester scratched 7-30-14

Joh, Gerry and Buck opened the show by discussing the latest rumors surrounding Jon Lester.

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Jon Lester is on the tabl…

Jon Lester is on the table, will he end up in LA? 7-28-14

We talk about the latest news surrounding Jon Lester and the Red Sox. Could he be dealt to the Dodgers?

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How does Tom Brady's lead…

How does Tom Brady's leadership help the Patriots? 7-29-14

John, Gerry, and Steve DeOssie discuss Tom Brady's impact on the rest of the Patriots, plus Steve tells tales from his old days as a NFL linebacker

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Have we seen the last of …

Have we seen the last of Jon Lester in a Red Sox uniform?

The tweet is a little ominous sounding. Dale, Buck and Greg Dickerson discuss what very well could be the end of the Jon Lester era with the Boston Red Sox.

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