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Mike Napoli, Red Sox 1B: "I love this city"

Apr 8, 2014|

Mike Napoli joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Obama mispronouncing his name, why he decided to stay in Boston, and protecting David Ortiz.

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-- include the windup and the pitch and he swings it. I don't know that's the thing that Osgood back at that -- that it is. That's. Hit the other Red Sox bullpen might. Grappling with the 31 pitch. -- and Heidi drive -- senator racing back Jackson turning and -- is I'm. -- and -- time and not meant to the Berman a Red Sox lead and won enough putting. Mike Napoli just destroyed one topple the Fords money that's probably 450. At least we'll be the second tier of the forest out there yanks. Two strikes summoned to learn how to use the pit. When you know high fly ball that -- senator Jones back on the track racing back turning is not a solo home run Mike Napoli and his timing there -- I don't hide behind -- yeah -- there's nothing good about all the. -- -- snaps bring in a cell phone with us. And that he has that it's -- once called Mike Napoli when it calls it says they the president. Butchered your name think that whole thing plays has always -- Shane Victorino. And -- The fallen. -- Mike Napoli added I mean that's all he did that defeat and Mike Napoli nice up to join -- -- the Red Sox consent take on the Rangers tonight. Is it weird when you meet the president -- mispronouncing your name in front of like millions of people like. We. Followed -- or low compared. Our noses. Those phonies are brought to the guys are Latin. You know whatever you guys a lot more the worry about them my allotment. But he synagogue. It's an appalling that you say the guys were all laughing like comedy your family your friends outside your team are -- you like all my -- the -- just screwed up your name. Yeah about my own. I'm thirty -- about it so. Yeah whether -- on. I see you guys us out of great series in Baltimore than attending dogs -- -- well against Milwaukee and I don't Ross talked about it David talked about the schedules a lot of things going on but. Just just up just a bad weekend or do you think just running around ring ceremony you name it -- game night game maybe just a little bit too much. You have maybe I mean. Me personnel and aren't they use -- who played really good baseball problem. It's been it's been along week. -- under. A bit. It's early part of the year coming off the World Series -- not not tired how much of an emphasis Mike was in your clubhouse that in spring training kind of try to move past. Winning the championship a year ago won't focus in the task and in -- 2014. There -- -- talked about a long. -- -- it should be here. On this year I think we've we've done a good job you know. We had open and he honorees in. Final -- We're focused on the here and yeah. A last year year one near Boston and go after the great start finish great this year early on looks like kind of pretty comfortable the plate and seen it a couple balls to right field to strikes gonna use -- a -- feels or something that that you wanna kind of work on here this year -- historic approach. Yeah I mean abuse and try to put the ball place -- two strikes -- and -- -- vote short remotely cute little bit. Through charitable -- so. An ominous start -- My whole career but don't try to minimize the little bit. You know all of you know aggressive swing I'll try to put the ball on this one. Unit to -- bomb destroyed clear that mean you're pretty comfortable on the guy missing school right field and this guy. -- He's. Just it just happened you know -- -- short so I'll -- to the ball long as possible and it is at this point so I do make contact the we are. Like expected the off season you know you have the bill multi year deal turned into a one year deal and the reports worthy basic soldier agent -- get a deal -- what boss and I wanna be back -- did it. Did it go down that way and and why was it important what did you want to make sure you were back here if it did you know go down the latest report. -- mean. About love of the city and the -- -- amazing all we need some special on the game. Try to -- Note the core group of guys here people back. I want to be a part of the posting here so armed. Expected and -- -- do my agent you know just of them don't then I want on aliens. You know with an art work. Not deteriorate to kind of had that idea of scene that you just didn't wanna leave Boston the off season you didn't want it to end. Kind of stuck around little bit enjoyed yourself. -- to get our -- And the city you had a great arm went out party with the people who live from here my friend. -- -- -- -- -- When you see those pictures of you out about afterwards no shirt walking around the city is there any like man. I should've just torn shirt on when I went outsiders it's -- as is who I am in a -- out about Boston after winning a World Series out here -- aware. Yeah I mean I don't regret. To get condom. On a World Series. -- -- understand. -- you're honest and no balls one strike away. Although he's not you know try to get -- up blue blue last game often out of your compliment. Think that eight. Got to enjoy you never know you never know listen I want to ask you to because -- -- the bombing on Verlander with played at highlight and that's just nominee balls go there in Detroit in the ball you didn't Toronto. The ball you hit the other day at Fenway Park that did senator music is one home run the kind of stands out as far as like and I guess a pop but I got all that. I mean that the other night united. There really low for a our cold night you know windy here is that all there has. I've beat that pretty does so does that differ in one of the better ball marker. Like. Somebody here. I swinging at a ball that far is Larry David David talk a little in the offseason about protection to go to him to sort of get in the business little bit and say. How's that for protection at the ball 480 feet. Not a message. I just got to do it to -- out -- and that also. I don't let him know that ball. More power than. You've got about that. He little protection being you know. Try to do my best to protect -- adopted so. Our talking to Red Sox first base and Mike Napoli one of the guys who late last year Mike impressed. A lot of Red Sox fans with his approach was Zander Bogart is a kid. 21 years old takes that pitch insurers are scherzer still talking about it spring training how to -- Lay off as a guy plays and every day silent spring training. What are easier for Zander -- and it is he advanced in your mind for the way he looks on the field vs his actual age on his first of. I mean yeah it does mean there is on hurled. It's highly skilled and and children on the field I mean. It's a -- -- want -- learn. News is good rookie but he keeps quiet about business tumble. What we really do so. We all of them here in the plane kill them -- Adventure. Don't want it on her own the plan a World Series corruption. Contributed and and you know for an out and parliament. You don't want basketball -- and he caught -- in Anaheim and last year though soccer ball consistently want consistent wise use. From day one in the years bright most consistent beat you guys been ousting the first to resist the same guy you saw an Anaheim or is he actually better right now. I mean I think -- -- better I mean he's wiser richer. He knows that it's the -- in. Each of -- I mean. I got a judgement in Ireland you know he's he's really good but are they more or our. Accent. -- really not a -- -- now keep are. Lately he's been consistent and are they hope -- is a. But it is letting you miss about catching Mikey caught for a couple teams caught part time for the Rangers here you've been a first baseman and -- A good one act after a year is there any party that misses being behind the plate called -- game. Not on this one this now. I think the game -- yeah -- pitchers and different personalities and people through. To remain just the physical part of -- shouldn't. I mean distinctive. Talks on a report about your own. You know trying to get it you know be active in the game and just tired so. Look first base and argument has. We celebrated the actual pole lap is now -- one thing we do know Brian Roberts will be at third base. Nicknamed the -- man maybe any guys gone over some tattoos yeah he's got to buy a couple dozen. Koppel the people you know water well. He had -- The difficulties or -- ago Bob. De de La. So some of the guys in the team decide the beards and ago you were not one of those guys that have already seen your teammates. Tugging at that thing in that in the clubhouse so that that is gonna continue to -- is there any. Cite any ended at lit it and the tunnel was shaven his beard Mike -- gonna let this thing go as long as him -- -- off. Vietnam and keep -- is an oil producing. I love this thanks I don't know I did the -- than an -- out. Most Ciba compliment comment and a constant. You know -- -- thing is in the police having to play with the making it -- Elvis Andrus. How old are that might be be worse -- ever seeing what is she trying to go with the right now canola. -- -- it doesn't have a much and actually suffers and so. It's terrible and I told him. On the note and lose him do that. You guys seen a couple times now last couple games. What do you think of a baseball's chair at. Trying to get instant replay trying to get things right the likely seen so far this. Are -- base that we haven't had too many good immune. You rather than get a right. So it doesn't bother bother me any. But the couple more minutes of real civilian car -- the on who would. Yeah especially call you out the changes and now you're safe and you get -- -- -- Some tells me it as a challenge election devastating amount for two and a half three minutes he's not gonna feel too comfortable -- that. And hopefully they can throw -- mean we're seeing price Campbell it definitely tried. Most of them go -- -- you know. Gone pretty well also on I don't know it's somewhere have to deal with and -- -- and out there and be ready for the arms. No one asked about Jackie Bellic is ago I saw last year he tore that thing up in spring training -- -- -- -- goal with so far the big league level with the gaming at last night you know with Vick on the DL. You know it was nice to see a guy young kid maybe decoupling natural one game he built some confidence -- was big lesson. Else goes up must be things in -- -- lots of it. Moos CNN stretcher and you know out of time bringing a period the big league level -- -- -- -- There Hatteberg compartments on them in the we're gonna need them Olympics on the deal also pretty on the compartments and clearly there -- prizes. Is confirms. We got two more days trying to convince Anderson shave that thing since the disaster I hope people events and he's Italy barrister himself like he's a -- is embarrassing. You as the leader of the dear community you know that. And knowledge sort of tone associated start over. Some different. -- Mike Napoli Red Sox first baseman Mike appreciate the time best luck tonight will collect on the road what Mike Napoli joining us here on the he -- the hotline. And my good. The polling. Static -- and expect him -- anything but. I love the fact is like lemon blossoms the I'm gonna be shortlist are going to be letting Clark Henderson and women or. The bottle fireball with. Capped off credit to my mouth I don't care -- fireball and a walk around in jeans and a cigarette. Phenomenally joyous. And at and I give them credit for that in this day and age of of athletes who. And sometimes wanna be more corporate and do things behind the scenes like screw it won a World Series. 6 o'clock at night after the parade keep getting after not stricken in laws -- -- I don't know the -- only -- a -- let off some steam that -- of steam. Mike Napoli can let off some steam brownies. He enjoys himself -- -- upping its job done field.

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