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Will the Red Sox extend John Lackey?

Apr 8, 2014|

The guys discussed John Lackey's 500,000 dollar option next season and if the Red Sox will extend him beyond next year.

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And for quality content to. So. Is that not harder Red Sox break the three game losing streak as they. Score Clint Didier and hit the Texas Rangers five don't want. It is. You know a lot of lot of dust -- action you know there are so far are you feel pretty good in the been challenging guys try to get ahead in the count not. It -- so called great game fully united room's. Most of them get ahead and kind of dictates. Some. The singers who goes through faster. Two observations regarding last night's Red Sox game at Miller Park number one we've seen yet again evidence that unless it's a save situation for a closer. Really not into that -- who has. Virtually unhittable. About the way epic batting average against coming in that inning last night was old 91. Gave up a ringing single -- ringing double of the discussion for down the road and the second thing is that I know disqualifies as blasphemy in this town. Couldn't do not make a a very well documented case that if any member of the Boston Red Sox needs to have. Next year's contract. Reworked extended or patted. It would be John Lackey over David Ortiz. Golf course. Perhaps that's not even this a lot of guys whose contracts are up and their threats to leave beginning with Jon Lester didn't Jonny Gomes and mean they're guys -- in the that would keep the mall but their guys who could say. My contract's up and if you don't extend me I'm gone Ortiz isn't one of the right guys he was going nowhere but. Back to Lackey is funny because he'll never publicly complain as far as we know. He'll never say anything but quietly. Privately is he gonna say this is just wrong on me I know the deal -- no he it's because he had elbow. Surgery right. But there it is 2015500000. All is his salary and he'll be erased. Next you do you think there's a move afoot within the ivory towers the Boston Red Sox organization ownership and then as well looking at each other and say listen. We took care David sit down and too little something for John Lackey here if you're -- don't you say David squeaked. Yes the -- the squeaky wheel. We get nothing I -- then why don't you complain if you reward for complaining. But how would you do if -- if could you. Obviously you hold the cards you hold the leverage -- -- -- would have to be two year extension one year extension makes no sense right two years. You know next year in the beyond go and you -- Buick the -- maybe he'd certainly be well. Yet they were as the analysis artists like six. Something that seek him one year and twelve -- up -- six per year for the next two. You'll still feel underpaid and the fourteen -- I mean seven and Everett is -- -- -- -- -- one year fourteen there extension and he he may be gone by what do you -- -- able to this or do you think they think listen we have him he is under our -- Half a million dollars next year out he could start pitching probably older publicly in a conversation they can have in this offseason some -- they don't have that today you see what happens with -- you have to have -- of conversation this season wouldn't they -- -- he was bitching if Lackey starts -- that it's a different now I'll say this if Lackey starts pitching. People like -- right now between starts pitching didn't turn. He won't do publicly while I'll keep it going on right now. Right it may be going on east 36. In October so all next year be 36000500. Grand due extend them. At one year and fourteen. The -- 37. Pretty sure right. And he might be done in -- -- no longer be effective. That and you're standing and unnecessarily our quick off the chop your head who have a better year next year as -- pitcher or as ADH Lackey or David. Because you're taking the same debate but it would be with John Lackey right. You are now better by their standard mean yes probably. It's a good question and it probably -- -- obviously younger and 95. Yeah at that. Second year after Tommy John thank you now looks like people what would you do your chair written would you try to be -- here's the thing I wouldn't sign Lester because I wouldn't pay a guy is late thirties. 151617. Million dollars a year summit wants one he does what it's like you finds them. Would you lackeys and he's not. -- wanting his son's okay that's questioning you don't have him you don't have last you have -- -- lackeys good this year. They don't sign him. In these good mixture. Was Lackey get new market. Dempster the earnings of thirteen million a year. At two hundred twenties at the usual forty right may come but next -- gonna put the whole year for 500000. And I know it doesn't talk the media marchers as an open up. It's gonna hear that question every day I mean first day of spring training you OK with plan in Rome you you're you're making less than. You know. Mean -- thank you -- I mean basically anybody in -- less than -- focused lately on you OK with that bright and you know you can say -- -- the deal he -- he sent police -- never. And by the -- that question come way suit opens spring training he wins another game two goes for don't put it like this. Question to be Joseph. Next year. Right and do you think you have burned. A contract extension of the Red Sox. Mean you can a guy who -- pages what was shall have -- really good years great post season and he's gonna make five and agree -- that next year Lester could be gone I think he will be. And lack QB here make of 500 and they gonna have a pretty and and you know buckles under current and real ones they still have patrol do brought -- -- loans will be needed a big problem. -- will be going to go crazy free agency. A lot of what -- the case they could NS. And a minute I don't think they will they could let Lester -- And make -- run -- Well let Lester walked immigrant James Shields or this might interest them. Justin Masterson and believers to freeagent. So you Lester walked. Still lackeys who cares what -- at that point and you you know bring up the younger and real and -- Justin Masterson. Would that be good staff. Pretty good for them a lot of money. I'm very cheap staff -- -- -- standard Lackey pitches five degree and actually if Owens making nothing but colts really reason. That's -- -- -- control these right BB arbitration. And actually here he would be yet object that shot Lackey talking about his status as he pitcher at this stage in his career. No. I don't know I would say that no not necessarily like two front war more curve balls room. Back. That I do now I didn't really have a slider. That's. He just being in default new things you know as soon as you go wrong. At this point of kind of like a pretty good spot was that your experience and -- -- I'm in a pretty good spot with experience. And health. There's no way this guy pitches for half the box here -- -- and show up in it that contract not look -- pitch if -- -- -- knock on the door if he does not squeak like David Dennis. -- -- Become proactive and say John upstairs talked about what they do -- -- -- -- they think yes to an extent they do that. They always want key players all you know that. Henry Werner. Larry and they wanna keep if he's not he's not he's. He not come. -- months you know he's shown a lot of heart he played I injured elbow. They wanna keep them happy I I believe but I don't know how they do. Mean you could say he has one more year and Anna on twelve million dollars a year give it does is right. That's not enough is in the averages out to six for the next two however the answer uses. You're gonna make 500002. And you -- and productive at work and try to screw you obviously 500000 dollar not fair idea of money next year. We not take out which two years -- up the deal rip up the question the -- we're in the two. Then you're spending twenty million dollars I've once -- you -- -- -- -- a -- I'm saying and why are they compelled to do here's why wouldn't say listen you're under contract for one for your 500000 not fair we're gonna give yet. Dumpsters money for next year that'll talk right why is against the rules. Course it is because he cited deal are right I mean you give away all you leverage he signed for two years and one white album sings -- sure this was going on back and forth between -- -- -- -- -- one half year one year and like thirteenth 2000 and CC we'll talk about. And the 2000 and the Iraqis touch next you don't touch next year if I'm pleased that you're lackeys -- you're trying to do you can't make this to happen until they want. Option three use trading him he's the most treatable guy and that guy. Well not polluting and equitable -- -- -- trading guy between the guy's contract he's pitching well yeah you get or so in return. This is from who I don't know -- I'm going to make eight contract proposal to Jon Lester when we come back this is on the heels of Jerry's call from The Herald today. -- Jon Lester accepts or rejects your follicles.

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