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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Al Sharpton the informant?

Apr 8, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Al Sharpton being an FBI informant.

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Okay headlines brought you by eighteen -- cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment you know when you when you. Living in the deep on the view years. You wanna be some -- -- nursing home to be big UK with a dog prefer to die at home -- I think yeah -- the show I think so I think I thought I'd visit nursing homes. It's not an uplifting place now I know my daughter's girl you've -- -- -- now -- growth of classes in the back nursing home to Michael of these common areas yeah. It's ever with the all the people seemed nice but she has. Makes him comfortable as addicted people -- smelt to yet you know Jack Hanna has that been the last yes yeah well that. So some people try spruce this up the elderly residents of Long Island nursing home. Other shuffle boards replaced by a washboard abs and they were subjected to a Chippendale strip -- the facilities rec room in new lawsuit claims. What was wrong with that I forget the shopping no rules these are people. That the good life good and and they have very little. Right right -- cartels is that indicated just meant. Yes the son of one resident 85 or bad news for you most residents nursing homes are regardless. A sum of one resident 85 year old -- Youngblood shocked when he showed up for a visit on the picture -- mom's stuffing dollar bill I also priests. The image also showed several young -- fellow residents the east neck nursing center looking healthy mix of shock and delight is that -- bump and grind it. -- amusement young but spam we immediately expressed their outrage of the staff were ignored according to the suit they should be ignored. What if the woman is mentally a point where she doesn't know what's going on. I mean like she's losing money right arm back and -- -- -- -- if she's not mentally sharp in the kids don't think Chippendale should take for dollar bills while it took. And she can put it in there in their little little. And and a blogger but if you give it back or even be able why would he go there eggs -- for charity work. Spells trouble Obama -- the they didn't -- -- go to school -- don't sing at these places and -- and provide entertainment I guess I never thought that comedians they have movies. A nurse later told one of the victims sons of the victims on that the strip show was an entertainment event. The patients it was done in good faith according to the -- hiring male strippers performed the defendants nursing home patients. Was a serial occurrence the suit claims that happened a couple times a month. Pretty young but -- with 85 years traditional Baptist hard working lady and now she has been. The five and why do you think it was a serial a -- because they didn't like it the first time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to think my mom's in that spot and I know she's not the kind of woman really want to do that maybe she's not mentally sharper she was. You show -- a picture ever stop and a dollar bill some guys you know. Crotch Libya I would tell one question is very smile on her face when bush dumping the dollar it looks like -- are right and if he doesn't like it just tell the nurse next time Chippendale -- and putter and Rome. Don't have -- earlier in the right front row of the of the this -- pornographic show -- a throne room to be up on the stage against reasonable. -- Al Sharpton yesterday dismissed a report published Monday this is await the report smoking gun to see Christina. I opted AK AC seven CI seven saying it was never FBI informant. He was -- victim and was never told he was in the form at the smoking gun as long report Monday its corporate greed -- Sharpton work during the eighties as confidential informant number confidential informant number seven CI seven. Recorded conversations with mafia bosses and serve as a source of information on the activities. Of the Genovese crime fans -- He ratted on the Genovese. Crime we need to get that story I hope I helped that in of these meetings saying attention -- to push back against report interviews Monday I was never told I was informant. Number of another that the MSNBC's -- New York Daily News. Whether or not they use some of the other information they got during a period for the purposes I don't know question and that question. Why would you say I was never cold. I was an informant. What does that have to do with that either you were or do you work. You have to be told that you work for you to be -- -- obviously outfitted the special briefcase form that it can bring to meetings records right and -- the best part I hope the they're paying attention because. It's Fritz the GO abundantly strategic abundantly with a -- and BC's soldier wouldn't. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison for racketeering follow the trial during which the recordings that shop and -- were played for jury saw 000 you know -- is 82. Out of prison and as he has a few years ran for on the outside. Just in case you know they are unaware of the story can be read. I'll start all the papers as that is so the ball was denied it assumes he's. Also said he watches as ends. After you go to the path for sure -- -- through a true. Most disturbed that story of the opponent how often he goes for the White House. We hangs out he's invited all the state dinner and a half he watched the Super Bowl with the Obama's. How strange that the -- is one of the biggest scumbag in on our pennies. Hang out with broadly in theory and the examples never never apology is never played for a they need the is that Tawana Brawley. -- Wire and then. In New York. Killed eight people right he's cited that. Mean he's just the worst and he's hanging out with the president on a regular basis authorities Angelina County Texas authorities say a Texas woman was arrested Thursday she called -- wanna complain about bad week. Well written but it's -- a separate separate -- you gotta have your priorities. Scrambled to probably tops the malls and we've done the chicken nugget happy and and the guy trapped in the -- the mayor and they don't get a rest now that laughed acted to legitimately the uterus to one when she died I would match a little this woman complained about -- And then the opposite can. I see it she pulled out her bra she had she said that she was upset -- we unfortunate -- call yet has been released which surprised that. She said the Steelers consistently giving her bad back issues so she finally decide do something about it. Contact -- -- well I would do just make a call once again and they were seldom leave his address. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She should that -- that we. Mother of three about. Russia was arrested booked into -- Angelina county jail -- she posting 500 dollar bond the same day. So they go out put him this question is analysts really like crappy we'd make -- -- than she has played right she is a point. -- Well -- bugs and instincts but it was oregano. If you get crappy -- now coloradans who contacted authorities could question -- legal or did you return. -- receipt. Amaechi to be able to Better Business Bureau wanted to know al-Qaeda and act as though he's a good point yeah. I guess that's my first reaction I thought houses in Colorado won the states where it's legal California it's basically me was this Texas exes are not legally that clustered deal that she Panama. I don't think so -- editors suggested would be a rat she said well look like I'll show a sharp and -- there's a Connecticut Ted Kennedy junior is going to run for state -- -- outside in Connecticut but just endorsing that for ten years Camelot -- to help -- attorney who lives in Branford outside nearly fifty years old he's now eyeing the state senate seat currently occupied by Democrat. Ever doesn't say if he's a Democrat or Republican who again I suspect he's probably Democrat aryan this or libertarian state -- states and a for another race so disappointed that oh -- is that low for an act and it is it's two states -- disposed of the ascendancy would that -- state. One that -- dark that -- society away and you get that we started when flashes a look how quickly you is that's true if you don't -- if you fail spectacularly -- Egan appointed as the ambassador to Japan right right. Doctors feared if you're Kennedy you're so dom occasionally an election exit here an again and -- But I think it or don't worry I understand your your your dad. Was the president once. And so you should be the masters. -- reasonable -- those three ambassadors that went before the senate committee it was the most unbelievable thing and it just appointed by Obama to them. One they don't know they do not think. They've never been to the country's one was Norway. He didn't he'd never been there and he didn't even know that they had a monarch. He's the new ambassador yet he said the president is it a little Wikipedia. There too that was a great that was about a month ago yeah you're right it was I get a -- -- believes. -- of these people knew nothing about the country's two other. Three had never been that I was Brazil Angola Argentina the third guy was testifying he was the guy he was the ambassador to Guam. Yeah talked about that problem. Overly populated that it will took over and. And kept sides but don't know it could it mean to get out you know for a fact that I don't want. You know what that supersedes. Miss South Carolina. We have I've -- in mrs. As politically was the ID I racked up in the South Carolina to some bubble that she's probably a waitress in Applebee's rightness it's it's -- -- congressman I believe but this. And you know what these. You -- so useless ambassadors when you see these -- when he was to go as a woman being grilled on what they know about the country that they are now going to. Lipton the gonna live in some Allison represented -- and then known not swung an awareness and the. Guy from Norway testify stumbled badly -- questions -- committee never been Norway gave a string of stats about American Norwegian trade it was. Wholly wrong and then now under heavy question for McCain became a guy who's a camera. All the countries. Progress party fringe elements that spew each of the progress parties. The third largest party in the country -- -- you know million people one off its new -- nothing about it. But he got -- improved he he passer -- he's fast he's now in Norway -- some taxpayer funded you know. Imagine under whatever grants go to dinners every night a part of this country even though it's cold. I mean it would not be as -- hot chicks in the only have a hot. Oh whatever she is queen of Norway here it -- right took the -- -- yeah -- Oh with a one before that. -- Queen. Queen Elizabeth's. Piece of hale the nose knows more book Norway than our best. -- -- Luckily a great job for -- unlike our ambassador I've been there you I spent two weeks there that's why yeah ambassador to believe sought out at -- -- -- of that would be good grounds out to believe I'm Brian -- the old cars when was the best in the two the bag went from there. I mean that sounds easy but it's -- -- right saudis what what the pedal or about users and -- Bermuda and all the -- yeah I would be released from the open opening is -- police is a country artist of the as a country right. And that's in the program -- in the -- That is -- like responsibly not all -- -- little political. Concerns they promise delivered on time for that those are great. Chip a little older the kids are older he can go there you can pay off for years right before your point I run believes out of my -- sports bar -- to write that the conflict their office back. You just have to Hargreaves -- right on now. The confirmation process you have to do sort of full histories or anything good to be concerned about give them pause -- -- well -- -- circuit. Let's stop and try to stop to stop Joseph Kennedy. A good point. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T are -- to about 6777. -- 79837. When we come back we will lot delved into much tweets -- And after. He has all the waters victorious. In now -- will not will mark when he shows up today with the -- going to be on the outside of his pants. Will he be all disheveled -- will be chunks of ball on the shirt I want -- -- with its windows knocked on -- and balloon doll and it'll only Derek Jeter only Derek Jeter could could. Create the drama of his last final opening day Yankee Stadium and -- get a hold run to celebrate the day will become.

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