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Joe and Lou Postgame with Jackie Bradley Jr

Apr 7, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Lou Merloni talk with Red Sox outfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr, who had a great game, both at the plate and in the field as the Red Sox snap their three game losing streak.

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Thanks Jackie was this the best game real young Major League career. I believe so just being able to have team on though is in a very pleasant. You're in spring training year afterward you said you really seen the Jackie Brown the real Jackie Bradley camp and look at those first two AB's. Guys can -- position you've stayed in the middle the infield and drive the ball the million -- was that more you. Yeah and it's a start for sure. You know just trying to you know -- by and we have possibly can and tonight was a great night. And you know he had a tough job that aren't yet presents. Which your objective to get the ball to fielder rather than to Beltre. I am. My judgment was to keep away from those trade because he was huge impression on me so not just when you put them that firm down towards the you know an infield that we will get past the pitcher and hopefully you know -- for the second baseman like. -- defensively he would agree catch in the second inning -- -- that one that was -- the united -- get a chance from a from a appeared in. You had a great -- we know all about the polish jags take me through that play yeah those when those plays where obviously is going to be deep Wellemeyer is. And you know -- really work on the other BP does -- take a mile off the ball and just bring back. A location where I think it's going to be. And you know I haven't looked up at the right timing and there was late for me. How last year or the ball was -- first left the batting and you seem to anticipate where it was going to get that great you know yet. Definitely. You know it's something that I ever really work on and not really take pride in. Young players it's it's about being comfortable and getting comfortable team you very comfortable there today we'll get a game like this do for your confidence. It does a lot you know being able to put in. A tough situations. And they've come through it definitely has a lot of confidence thing I'm so glad you know that. The team was they would you know put across some runs for the pitchers. They've really been definitive. And Jackie this is -- that was right fielder in baseball and they were playing mostly senator. But you really work that adjusted well yeah yeah definitely you know it repetitions in is definitely what I've been trying to do. And I'm likely there where it wasn't too many balls that you know he juggled school and runs and that's one thing so far Yi teams struggled to run to -- position -- of -- the first two at bats. It kind of set the tone makes a little bit easier but still a lot of pressure at that given on the season's gone so for. Definitely you know. They wanted to get those. Milwaukee Brewers now and you know focus on you know today and I think today if leaves it the right track. Jackie congratulations. And enjoy and savor this one they still tomorrow and exactly. Right Red Sox win at five go on down.

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