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List of teams that "scare" Bruins fans in the playoffs is shrinking fast

Apr 7, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins and how the crop of teams that the Bruins could face off against in the first round is not a huge list of world-beaters that would scare the average fan against this balanced and potent B's squad.

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York Boston Bruins beat the Philadelphia Flyers 5221 Saturday at the TD garden. Thus clinching the top spot being number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Now. That in combination with the fact that Saint Louis lost again yesterday means that the Bruins actually have a two point lead. But the president's trophy the overall lead in the National Hockey League although they professed not care about that they wanted to believe him. Yeah they they and they were pretty outspoken about they wanted to be the number one seed in the east that was their goal. They've now accomplished that goal you're gonna see some guys sit down here over the next 48 -- four games left. Tomorrow night Minnesota Thursday night Winnipeg Saturday afternoon here at the garden Sunday. In New Jersey and think about Wear them the last game once. And you're gonna see them you know kind of wrapped this thing up in terms of who's gonna sit when again -- RD sat out he sat out the last game. Didn't practice today it wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play tomorrow. And I don't wanna hear this from the other teams the National Hockey League -- at these gang at these games mattered to the other teams. It's like Pittsburgh went to Colorado yesterday played the game plan about played without Sidney Malkin tardy out I forget the other guys it's a settlement guys out. And then wanted to shoot out anyway. The Bruins all the other teams in the National Hockey League zero. Nothing. Claude -- shouldn't give it 12 thought well you know Minnesota -- -- a fight for a playoff spot with this -- self in Ohio it to the -- Screw that. Your -- you know it I would think an articulate this -- only time you really pay attention to it. Is it it's a team you do want a player don't wanna play you can somehow affect the standing prime. If you wanna drop on the spot. Mary in -- -- or off -- -- -- -- three seed or let's say -- you're a little nervous about an opponent who is -- friends. Playoff team. And you wanna try and knocked -- -- what seem to post season because you know make that your first round opponent. And then then you can penalty on the little bit but other than that they've got to do that the other yet we see exactly go win games try that kind of -- got an older team. On -- and not really -- some of -- some of the guys were relying on and the two guys that they come to mind. -- defensively your most important defenseman. Is your page your oldest player in that right bill yet Zdeno Chara oldest player so well. China and begin celebrity's field and the defense yes. But it was oldham just a -- are there well but did those two guys right. You try that you're really trying to protect them warn anybody they've done a good job throughout the season. And I don't know if you saw this coming. -- with your hockey wisdom he saw this beginning of the season when they so when they signed Chad Johnson. To guard this is going to be our guides our backup goaltender here think that. Backup goaltender with a -- lose three games. The entire year. It was going to be in in the high teens. -- victories for did you see that coming. Others are four months difference char is older by former Charles go to Ireland. No I -- and it it has worked out exactly the way they they thought it best case scenario might work out. Now they've done everything they've needed to do with with Tuukka Rask in the you don't wanna. Extend this guy in a regular season he's gonna be out there he is not gonna leave a playoff game -- -- -- a playoff game is a disaster either he'd given up six goals. Over two periods or there's an -- Where Europe by six goals on how to theory guys and and they decide they want to give them you know twenty minutes off that sort of thing. We started working together again march 10 we weren't dale and Holley was the Michael -- experience and with Dale Arnold we started working marched. That day I told -- that the Bruins with the best team in the national hockey. They didn't have the record approve it at that point they hadn't yet gone through the month of march the waited it. But I stick by what I told two on March 10 and as we sit here right now. They are the best team in the NHL doesn't -- when Stanley Cup. A lot of things -- -- go your way you guys know a long playoff years and things can happen but right now today they're the best team in the NH. By Greg as a close. Let's club course -- -- -- when I look at obviously I think right away Saint Louis and Chicago. A much of a gap is there between those three saint louis' the next best team in the NHL. And and they're they're really good. The other two points behind the Bruins now in the overall standings. But the Bruins have all the other advantages goal differential. -- regulation and overtime wins the the Bruins are third in the NHL and power play there. I think their sixth in the NHL in penalty kill right now -- -- one of those. Think about that medal -- the one of the Stanley Cup years ago there terrible terrible power play it ever see. We settlement got ever had a power play at third best in the NHL right now. There there one of the top defensive teams in the NHL the one of the top offensive teams in the NHL. They have everything. Now one of the things that can screw up obviously if guys get hurt by the way it's that way for every team in the -- Injuries can be real anything. They've got depth they've cut goaltending. Art and let let's look at it this way in the Eastern Conference. Pick Bruins out of up. The best goaltender in the Eastern Conference. Was the best goaltender in the east not -- to correct. Was -- nights I was incredibly in the playoffs. I've gone back and forth because he's had kind of an up and down kind of season I might say Jimmy Howard or might take Carey Price. One of those one of those guys and by the way if the Bruins to get through the first round. If the playoffs started today that they would be playing Columbus in the first round of the playoffs. They -- by Columbus they would play the winner of Montreal Tampa back. In the second if if the playoffs started right below that -- the right they play the winner of that series. So there's you know you got Ben Bishop in Tampa Bay who's probably vezina trophy finalist and yet Carey Price for Montreal who's really Gooden was on the Canadian Olympic. And the reason I ask a question the first one is your apps like the centuries it. If guys get hurt and it changes everything changed the outlook for the Bruins in the second thing you used to be afraid of is running into that -- happens every year in the playoffs. Now last year for the Bruins. Until the Stanley Cup final that guy with Tuukka Rask it was unbelievable. Especially against it's their defense was unbelievable he loves against the penguins. And you look at these men and you know it that the rugged Tim Thomas 12011. It was amazing but he was matching Thomas. You know round by round. Accomplishment but for accomplishment with Tim Thomas in -- Other Stanley Cup final and an especially. In game six and give up those two goals. In a minute 172 -- up and I was count now or not. Not that I wasn't the worst that -- -- at ten Thomas was that guy and Tony elaborate yes. So that's the that's the other thing -- please can you get concerned about forget about you know matchups -- like OK well. You know you're defense members of their guys this that it you can really simplified -- -- you're running into that guy. And you can go back and fifteen years in the twenty years and NHL and you'll always find an example of the team. That was pretty good. But not really expected to make -- run and then the goaltender gets cotton. In doing -- here's the question I've heard a lot the last week or two US media's question what's -- great audio or will you not want to play. Not afraid of anybody in the Eastern Conference. In fact the question should be turned around. What the hell wants to play the Bruins in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Who wants to play the team with the best record in the league. The best goal differential in the league -- you go on and on you know one of the best offensive teams one of the best defensive teams. The only one of the best power plays one of the best penalty kills. That that whole combination what I wanna play them in the first round the answer is nobody. -- that would you know don't you don't think the answer is a team but not with nothing to lose. And that the answer not always answer right you know. Nobody really expected us to be in the playoffs were seventy where -- exceed. Hell why not. Why not we just we just -- and out of the back door barely. So yeah we'll take on the Bruins. Expect it to be that they're expected to sweep us. Let's say all the pressure's on them but you don't have opened their coaches and athletes and all the pressure's on them. Dexter whose memory spades over the course of years and I understand that says no Michael he was not matching Thomas settled down -- he wants. In fact Tim Thomas the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoff -- wasn't Tim Thomas. They just barely got by the Montreal Canadians in seven games and Tim Thomas was sort ordinary. You know that. He -- and he did not become that other worldly goaltender. Until the Eastern Conference final and Stanley Cup final and then he was out of this war. I appreciate him back but I it's gonna say you think I just fall out of bad habits hockey broke -- actually work at it. I just can't beat this early but I -- on war that's what's in here that Hillary Clinton is that you wore Canada cup can act -- your -- I'll -- -- -- -- -- which you work -- -- -- but no last year Herbert looking it up it was. -- it was -- That the numbers and a lot of cases have not just talking about goals against average about eight percentage. He rarely. They they were neck in neck a lot of -- It was surprise people if they looked it was shocking now the most recent memory you have is the one that sticks in your mind forever. And Tim Thomas in the Stanley Cup final the against the Vancouver Canucks. People think that's what the entire playoff year wise for him. Wasn't it wasn't the case. He became otherworldly as the series. Tuukka Rask was pretty similar night -- -- your your analogy was spot on. And and I just think in and hear somebody's somebody's doubting thomas' -- call BS -- Montreal -- the only team that gets -- the -- ski and we don't want them. The Montreal Canadians couldn't stand up with seven game series against the Bruins physically you read it that way physically they can't stand up to. They would be worn and nothing by the Bruins over the course of -- well however many games went but it's best of sevens or at least four. They would get beat to hell by the Bruins. Physical I'm still trying to figure out the we don't want them as good as in talking about the Montreal today if on the Bruins and I am in the position that I am. Give a crap -- -- that -- there's nobody that worries me that -- that scares me that nobody. Much to say. They could do this they can do. -- -- It that -- and that that's that makes sense but why and it would be. Why -- we in the position last year. Of of marveling at the what the Bruins did the Pittsburgh Penguins. And and being a little a little fearful of the firepower. Of the penguins who do you think about what they did I -- they had. I didn't play the islanders. Islanders they played and lost ground a couple of games. Public so they do not let it blow the doors up that goes it was embarrassing. Or what they were able to do that Ottawa and then the islanders that their first two opponent yeah. And they were just it was a clinic put on a clinic gives them. So. Nobody really saw that comic shutting down other people saw a victory over the penguins. I don't know I think most people -- the Bruins are gonna get beat by the time but the victory -- the weight they did it or wait they just don't want them. And Pittsburgh couldn't score a goal aren't shut down. So why was it. Great accomplishment last year and there's no fear of anyone who maybe shouldn't -- Pittsburgh but. That the team cannot really excited about Plame because they're streaky shorter front -- front running team and make it going. Yet Malkin and Crosby -- Once you have. Text -- from the 413 says Montreal has own all capital letters owned Boston this year Britain mind. Come on man come on. I got no issues playing the Canadians are I -- pick your team right now. The possibilities for the wild card game your first round series -- Detroit. Columbus New Jersey Toronto may be Philadelphia. One of those teams you can't play Montreal in the first round. The way things are struck out and to the texture -- says don't they re seed after reach round not this year the playoffs are different this year. Whole different scenario they put a whole new system in place. So no you'd you don't receive the way you have in the past -- -- up in Maine hey Jake I don't. I played on doing great. Actually I'm the only team -- lightly. I'm not that the very broad terms lightly on worries me in the restaurant would be healthy Detroit red -- mean. Jimmy -- don't agree I agree it probably the second best. I'm working on in the game I'm going in the Eastern Conference. And -- at synagogue and back in the -- got a bag in the kidnap eclipsed. They got a lot -- I'm the -- and not -- -- good. You know they could definitely be a challenge but. Here's the problem here is the problem with your Howard point not that he can't get hot. There minus eleven for the year in -- differential. Think about it and then this this says. Not adapt our look at how long -- admit Patrick and got a -- I think that was a huge draw them. I'd like I I agree with you that that they will get healthier you think they'll get players back in the lineup yet thank. I don't care to get a ball back they're not as good as the Bruins even with all those players they're not as. I agree 10 what was that -- police. I mean. There's still nowhere near the caliber of the government -- I do think it. In the cup final this year by. That -- that definitely would would put it I think I held viewing in the -- that I've been thinking god I -- Should call thanks very much 617779793. -- to cup playoffs everybody's pretty get wrecked it. In the in the -- director at standard don't want to fear there's no -- -- -- god we can't play them in the first round and for all those Canadians fans out there -- keep wanting to text that one. Britain or should or should you know if you're the Miami -- do you think he walked into the playoffs last year success and nobody Indiana I don't wanna play they're there it was Seattle got to play them we avoid them -- NBA is completely different sport my -- but but you says Seattle the Seattle all the swagger. And the way they played during the regular season walked into the NFC playoffs said. You know what pretty good but we have the or -- -- yeah. While also know now that -- me a Twitter machine. You have up your game and -- machine and out aimed at our public check mark and I don't which pisses me orange line that you get when I don't know if I wind disappeared one day I don't maybe you'd. It added barely I don't know what it means but a lot of people on Twitter always say this we're talking about the Bruins. And I have heard -- a lot over the last few days the parent would people there are saying. Don't need that Don -- a rash of late goals. But the Bruins have given up doesn't that concern you a bit committed had -- if you look at a weakness. -- if there is a weakness to this operation. Not a lot of things to complain about that is something we've seen and is it has graduated to the -- Friend category well here's the difference trending well I don't help what they're talking about are our goals late period -- Except look at the third period for the Bruins where they dominate in the national hockey and I mean dominate. There is there isn't even a team in the in the Bruins ball park in terms of third period advantage and how they play. They just put teams away in the third period as they did the other night. 22 game at the end of two they score three unanswered goals and third thanks for coming flyers have a nice night. Now -- and that doesn't worry me either. Quick break on posts I've by Japanese ports the -- -- -- just -- audit your right I should pay it it's my own fault 6177797937. Dale and -- and Greg Sports Radio WEEI. A lot of serious -- but there's that was another level wants. What certain -- over you know you're going into the playoffs but first game practice going in that first in there there's another level it's like. -- I think pack which people on the -- world knows it can't just turn the switch right here yet ignored that the -- but there's there's another level one. Get there while the -- argue. It was Shawn Thornton on with DNC and Kirk last week talking about flipping the switch at the beginning of the area of the playoffs. Couple of techsters. A little worried. A bit worried here one says dale -- -- Bruins fan worried about Montreal. What makes you think will have any more success against them in the playoffs is opposed to the regular season. As I said earlier -- to me the big differences you got to play against the Bruins you know best out of seven at least four in a row if not five or six in a row seven tomorrow. And the Bruins are just so much bigger stronger more powerful and I think that -- weary team like the Canadians down over the. Course of a series but don't you think Montreal on the flip side knows. That the strength of the Bruins. Is is their size. And and what they can do how they can smother you so Montreal. To their credit have not they have not played into the bruins' strengths. Know what a little girls do as they try to go to the -- to some stupid penalties which they've been able to Dubai and an Air France. Yet they're not coming out and I are flying around they're not they're not like this team that flies around like no other team in the NHL the guts and some fast guys absolutely. They have they have had success goading the penalties -- doing dumb things. If they go to the Bruins and doing dumb things that got a chance to beat them. -- is that -- is that a fair assessment of why they have why they have. Done well against the Bruins lately it can't just be that can. That Montreal has forced the Bruins the beat down. Therefore they've had some success against them because in the game that they wind. They have been drama queens in the Bruins have fallen for. I -- it. There's a hole with a you think so called drama queen they all got. Yet their bunch of drama queen problems no date yet that's it but is that the reason that they have been able to. Have some moderate success moderate success -- success against the Bruins. In the last year and a half yeah I am and I think it times the Bruins have done things they shouldn't be doing I mean even the last game. The Bruins outshot Canadians five on five outshot them I think it was 22 to six. And lost vital. -- -- in that game that the games you mentioned the pick was that the stupidity. They got to and there are a couple of things that stood out. And and cold mentioned it after the game -- you know we got in the Bruins players talking about the discipline going to be more discipline situation. But I don't think that's why they -- that's not why they lost the game and now they put themselves in some pretty difficult positions. I think and and that's -- -- -- they were in a five on three situation era but -- off that penalty. The penalties were about even in a game. They just -- had some great chances. That they were able to cash -- -- the discipline with the issue and that is Mets in Peabody Hannah. I say that the questioner he hadn't yet -- -- that there's always the one -- -- like it's really hot and it could dominate against the craziness. -- looking out the potential. Part of that the Bruins have. We're -- makes sense to say you look at Eric coach merchant like Columbus -- prostate or Detroit with Howard or any potential opponent that they out. Look at which goalie had to potentially get the product and how that you routine that you don't wanna face. -- -- that. Read an end and I understand the logic and what you're saying although Bobrovsky has not been quite goaltender he was last year when he won the vezina trophy on the. I agree I'm not saying I'm just stalling out a -- for right title. And and you know Jimmy Howard is a guy who with all due respect my friends from the University of Maine has been up and down this year has played out of his mind at times and has been very. Pedestrian and other times I don't think. In fact I would say that the the only time the Bruins could face a dominant goalie. Is in the second round of the playoffs when they play the Montreal with Carey Price or Tampa Bay -- Ben Bishop. Has -- and regret and get pressure on opponents there really isn't anyone that I mean. You've got Howard and get the brush Tipper Gore Schnyder com or not really can do much this. I don't even think you'll see much of Brodeur in the playoffs I mean I got I think the -- gonna have to -- Cory Schneider. And a -- Marty Brodeur what party anointed the greatest goaltender in the history of the National Hockey League I think he has. But not anymore it's goes back to your regular salt Dave Ortiz on fast elusive but it doesn't just boom boom happen you know you see that slide. And we already Brodeur said. You mentioned that Marty Brodeur to integrate it's about time I don't think it of their account that conversation we had actually was in the conversation with a lecture. We got from stand. -- -- Dan Fischler interest. Well you can't fit the greatest of all time. We have to go to the error is gone waved back in the in the equipment changed then. I mean I -- -- answer elements were also talking mcsame I'm in -- Bobby -- was the greatest defenseman of all times so he stands by all and 7797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. -- coming up next dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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