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Daily Diamond: Brayan Villarreal got a World Series ring?!

Apr 7, 2014|

In his one appearance for the Red Sox in 2013, Brayan Villarreal faced one batter, threw four straight balls, and walked the winning run in.

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-- ladies sets again bases loaded in here comes the real good. And in their parade called strike wasn't hopeful for. Is -- outside groups won't for the ball game is over. And in this score BC again a Red Sox have lost this game. In nine innings the final score tonight three -- soon. If this thing came -- all messed up. Brutal. -- -- -- -- -- -- last night Joker stated Dave O'Brien McCall right here in 937. That pull and -- last night awful. Bases loaded and you go to. Riot or bright and Hillary at all. A guy who knows one thing keynote to do one thing is a Major League and minor league pitcher walk guys. As a good a day after that game last year Butler and ID 37 WEEI. August morning for were first with you or me yelling about rated Hillary all the game was August 20. AT&T park in San Francisco I don't doubt about it until. Joseph -- -- to Arista where it double the daily diaries I got an idea. To -- you got a World Series ring the given anybody he's right. Right and Hillary all with a four pitch walk the bases loaded tonight then against the giants last year just heard Dave O'Brien on the call. They gave him a ring. Except that is World Series ring Friday. -- at Fenway for an bases loaded walk in the ninth inning means only out of with the Red Sox -- back -- the packets to you good morning good afternoon good night. He get off it will want the same ring that they Ortiz got. This is this and this is all you need to anybody that shows up in a game. And you and it's on the roster gets a ring with these questions before at the get a ring that he littering and if you played on the team at all. The -- on the championship you get a ring now all I should say in this organization probably do it. Garrido and others I don't know Joey Mac -- the -- -- -- Boston. A few days ago when he was talking about about Joseph Nelson the one and I get a kick out of was -- -- Who -- 2004. -- smoke weed he was acquired from the Padres. Here's a sign of Pataki spent the remainder of the season with a boss sucks September 1. -- big call some guys up and they brought him up. On September 2. In never pitched that Dayton. And the very next day they sent him back down. The Pataki. Number is 72 hour waiver rule affect upon such season was over you're just this season was done well -- -- they call them up boy today. You know because of some issues of this pitchers never saw the game got a ring 2004. -- -- -- and it's just the way it goes about it has that story it was another fact you were going crazy about during the break. We can put it may not like the door -- -- -- line 37937. Which one. The fact that the Major League the number -- everybody 181000 -- one nuts about this that the job and I'll tell you are in the article love's -- -- because. Ben Nelson was talking about this who bettering Becton. You know Joseph Nelson back in whatever year wasn't of those seven. He -- again it was an honor whatever easy basic -- third gear up five runs for its -- -- guys out you know whatever you get a ring. He's only 18181500. Won a Major League uniform enjoy match economical and -- the numbers approximately 181000. -- That's it -- ever played in the major -- they're playing baseball brought in thirty something years that right in only 181000. People and I had it checked America played Major League Baseball that's gonna write the U. Does it seems load of me. He says statistic but this where it is less capacity for the Bruins game at TD garden. Only 181000 people ever played a Major League games I'd never think of that it's probably so much less for the MBA now -- the small rosters but. That is for 130 years of baseball typically -- 181000 people. Ever made it to a Major League game. Applause and I just -- that Obama real lot higher up. We try to do the math Reeve in that you're right news. 3040 guys who play every year -- so -- -- team 900 players each year but how many of those guys change here in year out but still it. We must overeat Milan are we must overrated published her -- -- -- so from the thirty year they're -- BA. 10% difference of us feel like. I -- nine the new players every year that's that's got to be at that 181000 people after 130 years say they played Major League Baseball amazing. That's crazy at number so -- to me. Is it to be a lot higher via rail gets a ring you're gonna bring you show up one day you're on the team. You get a ring period and historic. It Alfredo -- gill Montague did absolutely on a series tell everyone -- it's all it is it's Sikorski I would didn't play at all yes Bristol we'd. Bring what. -- and offer. I smoked we put on -- -- Cynthia -- and that I -- He gets a ring through war. One at that walks to -- ball game over late night Sampras Cisco. You get a -- that. -- for everyone saw Joseph and Dave get their rings beautiful broadcast Booth beautiful. -- brings a sweet time goes. Pretty sick at the three trophies you be there for each and every one of the Boston as strong as my favorite thing about the bosses -- once I'm a second favorite is inside the ring. They did the bearded brother and McVeigh and script that with a -- to Brothers and make any bearded. Person of its superior parts of the nice -- Dave is like here takes a picture with a at a while he's on the air Nixon David -- got a couple behind it -- thanks. -- back to work. Texas has more guys have put Lindsay Lohan and a Major League they double a and -- feature only 181000. I've ever played exercise math doesn't work well you you pulled the math and you prove us wrong is you look up online news. Pretty close of that number 0750 to 2.5 man roster but how much turnovers every team probably placed 3040 guys maybe throughout the year a lot of injuries but then a year later. Coming new guys -- introduced to the game that next year. That number does seem -- to -- -- But he checked allies backed it up so they'll help us out on the AT&T to excellent 37983761777979837. If your phone number eighteen -- text line is 379837. Your calls in the Red Sox opening weekend. Jeremy Jacob of the -- -- potentially open owning. The Buffalo Bills in addition. To the Boston Bruins and as a way to get us talking a little bit about some college basketball issues. I'm gonna tell you the worst. Story. No one cares about brackets again I'm gonna tell you the most heartbreaking. Gut wrenching bracket story. You've heard. This year and maybe ever take it next Sports Radio WEEI.

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