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Red Sox swept by Brewers at Fenway

Apr 7, 2014|

Mut and Merloni react to a brutal home opening series for the Red Sox as they lost three straight to the Brewers.

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It takes up not being the operatives keepers -- -- -- the first Bobble by the first baseman overbay approach to the picture. The ball game is over and the Boston Red Sox -- -- slept. By the Milwaukee Brewers. I told you guys how it's led by 97 -- felt too violent crime though. Just worried about that 97 win number I gave out this is lies -- that it would 97. That product well this is why you saw this week Atlantic they're gonna lose a hundred games that you have to talk. It meant much in the united increased seven WEEI happily buy hay yikes. Everything. Maybe -- -- everything will blue and white today is counting down the hours until UConn at about 9 o'clock tonight. Can get through today it will talk about a lot that happened this week remember. College who made a big one tonight not only -- -- -- on the broadcast. During a seven hour rain delay Red Sox and Rangers. You got you got to Florida national title game tonight Lou. The big mother like no -- can watch that then apparently you be able with a lot of rain is you get up -- it's not pouring in -- huge held -- get John Ryder roller -- seven. Is he Red Sox rain delay Sox talk rain delay with a Ryder. -- -- forecast who's your new boy to solve our recurring order every -- -- -- that work anyways this Joey gave usually stalker or else it's just how right as I'm just shocked that is sorry if it's going to be a short rain delay they might have you have -- keep it there for a little bit it's going to be an extended period. They will say you'll be let me ask you will say this -- and you perfectly. Hours at a back to John -- for Sox talk to be talking across the network John thanks -- and -- him taking calls and the best phone calls the best phone calls. On the station. Happened during Sox talk rain delays were the tired network calling in. -- needed -- robot wanting to ask writer -- right now it's not a good idea wolf Lou you've got jittery delay Duma's largest. -- we put -- -- John writer and do such talk together now not happening or about just -- you know right now they're good -- that I had no offense -- on the end of -- -- through it and it will no not a good idea -- either. Just put you on Florida and -- not know. Managers voted for the game and and hope to Wrigley is going into the game was over kaput when it came here the license plate said fresh and good advice at the mayor. -- -- you heard that you are all you gotta go on -- this LL boy we have this is or derailing this Monday show pretty quickly but don't like Hillman. Every opening day at Fenway doesn't broadcast -- and extort us where it's sweet Caroline it's great spot a lot of -- their and he was extort baseball tavern and they have huge go. Recite lyrics to songs every year and this year that'd wrap. If anything I could say this cab was rare but I thought I forget about it you almost about -- Up -- about it. I'll -- Well if you land talked LB about that next hour so I also tonight they're not gonna. This that they are not gonna ask you do something you know one -- that that does not happen now you're all set to be a good job will be -- Sox talked get to watch UConn cut down the nets for fourth national championship. Since 1999. And the -- or zoom pub or 1145. UB tucked in about 3 AM and back here at nine for showed more are all good. Very ago no big deal is looks at the Kabila delayed but it's nice you are there any and try to cents or walk in the agency I sensed tension. You know see the panic -- last that baseball showed a lot of stress let's get it -- the first crack my last night we don't you powered fast. This Sunday night basic they have a -- the this is -- -- is team is -- Pataki I think one caller said I just wonder like of people bear. In other legit concerns or is it -- it to enforce season to enforce start no big deal mean they've been. Starts before looking at some of the you know starts for -- to rule out game three and through the Q -- -- -- three and three of it has been some. World Series champions that start off three entry. Those two would force that it was there more to go there more panic is the -- But it has some concerns that maybe you had before the season started it worth it a lot of Red Sox call -- spots in the a weekend our opener against the brewers 6177797937. AT&T -- on. Is 379837. And since you asked. I will go for you want to over the top of my list you wanna -- -- my list coming out of the weekend. Is clay buckles. And I think there are things a lot of things you didn't like with a -- know. What's at it and you don't answer really UH but one game. Now that right I'm worried about the way he looked and you know it's one game but he's coming off a year in which he was the best pitcher in the American league for the first -- of the season don't. Shelby entire second half fought the comeback in -- went out there with nothing and got at the World Series starting him a lot of credit for that. The guy they sought Saturday night. Was not the guy you saw during that stretch last year at all. Velocity was it John -- try to say it was a row what it was. In spring training but I -- was consistently 8889. -- popped out I guess that 91. That's now were expected to seek clay buckles even for first start of the year. When he missed. He missed right over the middle to plate and everything -- -- -- -- -- buckled you when I've talked you've talked about buckled in. You've got me to buy into an extent that from a skill standpoint from a stuff standpoint. He's the best pitcher the Red Sox -- get the best array of pitches and he can make the argument that he got the best mix of pitches that his curveball changeup but maybe. Be individually what there will look to guys compared to other pitchers the American League Brett you're ranked pretty highly. The stuff -- saw Saturday. And. Go where he finished up in spring training he was 8991. With the occasional take better. So given the conditions such as calls it is I don't think there was a drop off an arm strength from what was song camp. Yeah I saw a guy that when he popped out of wood just over nine. He looked no he looked up he looked mortal was the word I wrote -- watch the game this doesn't look like -- like buckle we saw. In the first half last year. And you got through the second -- because you got guys like. I do brought golf fifteen straight starts of quality starts this team John Lackey got back at the John Lackey that. You thought -- get aside from Anaheim a lot of things went well I figured this year. With the backdrop of is Jon Lester going to be year -- buckles -- take a step forward and of all the things I saw this week and you're saying it's only once start. That was -- -- -- most say big picture. What are the biggest impact on the writes doctor clay buckle is that sort of pitcher and he's not the guys saw the first apple last year. Then having that -- number two behind Jon Lester. Maybe it's John Lackey or maybe it's nobody maybe I don't know -- -- it was very good -- QB didn't really have a last year. You didn't you know this -- -- buckle is the key to the Red Sox rotation he didn't have last year for God's sakes and you won the World Series. So -- help and that be the key. The only it seems -- there's no question they gave you eleven great starts the beginning of the season big about it. In eleven starts that was done. And it was baby throughout the rest the year as far as. You come in September as far as -- five innings in this playoffs the same thing five innings he wasn't the same guy gave eleven starts. Public -- can be keys -- because he won a World Series for God's -- well look up I would not this year with differ right deep changes approached the off season. And he made a big deal about not throwing as much coming back and to be fair what every trial last year worked beat him out of the gate. To start -- one ER arrays for six starts last year and allowing just fiber Iran's over 44 and two -- to give up just one home run. The entire month of April on prime McPherson did a great job breaking this down Providence journal. Over the weekend. Up thirteen hits in four and a third -- was one of his worst starts early in the yearbook a look at the Clay Buchholz like game blog for career. The war starts he ever had. And to do -- coming off the off season. Where he changed some things and with trying to come out differently in through less and was trying to make. Have a different approach. Cannot look that bad. I thought that was a really bad side and yes it is one start by the five starters were talking about. The guy who was that the biggest wild card between what he could be and what could make the rotation. What was in the second apple last year. Is clay buckles and I thought I was alarmed by that as alarmed by a guy started so fast last year. Coming out looking so flat against the Milwaukee Brewers dammit the brewers are better and I thought I didn't think much of them heading it's the -- But they jump on first pitch against buckles their body else. I guess maybe get them more credit for having a lineup that will attack pitcher may buckle wasn't ready for that but from the beginning. He got shelled by the -- And OK I understand the bad outing pitches that that's. It was one outing you know and if that's -- first up the gut through it healthy it. You know I if you got lit up -- think -- in the fifth inning because his backers flat tightened up in the insight. Now it's like okay. But only -- -- yelled but even worse you might -- -- this -- again and here we go again but that's not the case. It was one bad outing he looked awful that you said velocity down everything was sort of flat I agree but I don't him. I'm not net. 11 outings he's not the populace know what though Robert your an -- on the weekend I I have the sparkles well it is very similar to some things they have going here. You know depth of the position of unknowns. In on me and we start talking -- Jackie Bradley Center field you know what does this I'll feel really looked like this before Grady Sizemore showed up there and Grady came here but even. Yeah before -- we don't know what he's going to be ethnic Zambia they're sort of feel a lot but it was our Jacqui Victorino -- car Nava. It's just like a mosh pit of guys you know and we're -- Was the one guy can count on he's in New York he's gone there's some concerns with that -- -- depth and a great steps and he set -- can be great talent but early on a year someone's gonna have to step up here. You know early because -- that we played every single -- on what you gonna get out of Yemeni president played in two years. And it just that bitterness out in the company L field and you just. But he got. Victor Reno is not there. That again depth of the unknowns left side of the infield. Would it say about retractable woman a book your big you know woman abroad I was all all -- Romo broke up I was have felt good after out. The first four games this week and season and it was OK I'm all in an ons in a Bogart to make a lot of people are. Gotta love the way it will little -- started. We're talking about depth this -- that good enough Lou what we believe in them optical cable tease -- -- -- think of an injury. They cannot possibly happen it will lost his job blessed because of performance. Did anybody think that it could actually be an injury if there is but he got. Jonathan -- played what twelve games at their -- so career. Last night but plaintiffs inexperience brought COLT -- another guy that's only played third base starting last year. Digit deficit. -- -- -- putts aren't the doctors you reading no not there yet he might they might be forced to find out soon enough we'll say. Short stuff so yeah it's this the -- at some positions that you're saying of these big escort to mark your head in the again nothing behind and there was no kind of veteran guys sit around their -- You know in case you know and and it lets say -- Eric Chavez was a guy that you would want but that type of player that is now a role player. That angle their play third base of some happens maybe get sneaky around. My concern is that I was tested recollect depth. Depth and the health field losing Ellsbury in depth and left side of the infield and I lost middle Brooks well it's been 21 minutes you're not mentioned yep but you. Putting call Stephen Drew today no you are Stephen Drew is bigger supporter Boston up the sides John Ferrell. Others injured left side of the infield and I think -- I'm shocked give mention his name yet that's your guy. -- in the left side by beat parents the listen about it yeah Stephen Drew yeah what do I would have brought a man. Long before this -- you are to be on this team you know. But at this point. You know what -- Brooks took days to weeks but I'm Stephen Drew gets up to speeds argument three -- -- by the middle Brooks is back into the swing and -- in. All right maybe you can maybe you would do that thing -- would do that move I was never can governor Ehrlich a month ago two months ago. A defined with a for this reason great year. You know last year it went to a draw without it shows up for awhile it deep lake shore. You know woman looks lost his job Iggy played third you know that it was brought -- and Snyder and then end up being Bogart's. -- had -- every -- is that. That can actually play those positions now you're down you don't have those bodies you don't so. You know it's it's the depth over there and left side of the infield spears yeah. The other thing that with some of the obvious things that we talked about before defensively it's not going to be the same. This is not going to be the same. You know and and I think enabled us to play the position but they're gonna be rookie mistakes there to be decision making mistakes. You know the ball little hole yesterday try to get around -- that you don't get around that ball you back in a ball in you -- you throw. So it it's not that -- next time he'll probably back in the ball he can play the position. But they'll be rookie decisions you know. Charging a ball maybe rushing a throw when you look more time is not gonna know the base runner just little things. That you'll see defensively they needed -- last year. The left side of the infield offensively is not going to be a solid. As as we saw last year those are concerns going into the year with -- Those are the things that we got us over the weekend -- AT&T text line 379837. From Connecticut Texas -- biggest issue was left on base timely hitting. Well that it's not a mini USC yeah. -- -- My response was going to be. Your bat 136 words -- position that he's going to get better when I look at the weekend and say. All right run escorted down the 24 in baseball right now there are some things we've talked about with the lineup but a -- his court position. That's gonna calm they're not -- bat. 136. All the year -- runs scored position I just don't believe that's when a texture says yeah that's the biggest concern to meet. That's something that will correct itself you'll beat the oddities of baseball it's a long season six months. And left on base and timely hitting that one fix itself. Click buckled the reason I come out here and tell you guys today he's a pop might listen because. I guess I'm left wondering after one start. Is this now Clay Buchholz. -- last year taken off spotted him where that's at eight going to be an issue is the -- gonna pop up again this year. -- -- -- -- Where he was late last year when he came back to pitch for the guy before that 9394. Electric stuff is that how you have -- You know it's one starts -- yes at reacting to the one start we've seen so far. But I was sold on -- colts Cheney's approach this year coming in between operate as much with the hope that he be ready to go out of the gate. And I read about the weather being a factor for his velocity will -- gets another start this week from clay buckle but the reason I put -- -- the popped some. I'm not sure that's gonna revert back to form left on base. Runners -- position batting average with guys on. I expect that to get better. While -- I don't know. I don't know what you have to include buckles the guys are beginning -- last year the guys on Saturday at the end of last year. That's the question to start your Red Sox team got swept at home the first time since 2012. It is early in the year -- what do you take out of that week an -- -- biggest concern your top line item. But the Stewart for Red Sox -- 617779. 79837. Is the phone number 617779798378. TT -- -- Is 37937. A busy show LB an hour from now we start Red Sox would you would you -- export radio WE --

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