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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, Joins Red Sox Review to discuss the Brewers weekend sweep of the Red Sox

Apr 6, 2014|

Alex Speier joins Jon Ryder on Red Sox Review to talk about the teams struggles over the weekend, as well as the the hot start of the Red Sox farm system.

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Call now we go to the AT&T hotline. Where -- Alex Beers waiting degrade Alex spirit WEEI dot com hi Alex a chorus of -- so far. During this program since have been on a little before 5 o'clock the sky's falling the season is over. They've. You know this this is -- I said you know maybe I think it's -- Alex first it's because it's the first three game. Fenway series of the season -- in the season and second it's because Milwaukee Brewers have -- Wainwright in this St. Louis Cardinals in the end in. A team coming off when in the National League maybe people -- As much out of control. Don't know that the -- and with the Brewers matters that much I think that people do tend to see at an early you can sweep. But particularly one in which they were in which the Red Sox are thoroughly outplayed. And react to that regardless of people who news. So I am not sure like perspective in the extra points. You know in terms of the panic either for that. I do think it affected it is the beginning of the season. So you have very little against which to you know -- -- provide context or early season struggle. Does certainly magnify it. And I think it the other thing is that. This team is probably going to be held up to a standard that was set by the 2013 team which played extraordinarily well and extraordinarily consistent. In extraordinarily helpfully. Over the course 462 games he's been quite frankly. Note with hate the way in which they performed against. The Brewers slip a departure from what we saw it. Just about -- -- last year in the sense that the reports were never swept them in a multi game series at home last year the Red Sox. Rarely if ever had multiple members of the everyday lineup out has seen time for any kind of prolonged stretch and so. Right now you know -- right now we're in. We're in this mode where. They've moved on from Tokyo area and -- prepared well but nonetheless. That's a compromise where they word but the lineup that moved on the front you're so lucky that compliment -- they -- their lineup. They now have a little -- is that the compromise terms of the lineup Shane Victorino was injured lineup compromise he could compromise so. It's a team that looks different right now because -- at different -- So there there is something to react to that that we now get to find out how this disposition of the Red Sox. Handle adversity Jonny -- Did have one kind of silver lining -- which is. Protect that in every game dust are even -- they haven't been winning when you have that happen that. Sometimes it just takes what it was -- and scored what runners scored just about scales. Yeah right away right now it's not the east outside of the Clay Buchholz now rough outing last -- hope for the starting pitching has been there and outside of boutique in the Fenway opener. The bullpen has been there's so those are positives. Absolutely yeah I think it but I think if the pitching staff that has really kind of picked up where they left out in large part last last October. Yet Buckhalter right -- submitted to stinker yesterday. But beyond and that it it's been really solid performances up and down pitching staff. In we've we've already got the hands of how to keep pitching that they could have they their defense the outlook is good for the overall -- -- -- -- -- -- run prevention especially a day like today where you saw some guys keep the ball around a bit in some uncharacteristic fashion. It wasn't -- terribly big game but. You know I executed their they're still really looking for their rhythm at. You know they've had all kinds of shifts in terms of -- to -- from a team starts -- you know and stops and starts in the beginning of the season but just went to cold weather or travel. You know injuries resulting in changes the complexion of the lineup. Some people and the shuffling going on it's such etc. but. Ultimately that all kind of blah blah blah it's it's incumbent on them -- well they never keep. Yeah I was Ortiz do and always to deal with a calf injury movement. He says he's getting better that he I was treated for dehydration yesterday. He just doesn't look like he's moving well at all. But painful. -- to be out moving around on the bases a little bit and you wonder with tech -- Hendry hire them today whether or not he. But grabbing at him stringer -- after what -- for -- kind of offered a non response to -- -- doing better. -- You know it you what -- -- compromising his nieces are in for him obviously that's such critical importance vote for I think for generated strength. I yeah right now. He says he's getting better so what we'll see that they can't really afford to have David or QB to enter our -- Victory. Yet I saw we are you have an article already up on WEEI dot com about it -- tees in the coliseum some zone thing. Yeah like you addressed matter briefly had his remarks so. The White House evidently is where -- evidently got touch with Samsung. About an -- usage of of the presence like that because. Samsung opportunistically jumped on the practice -- -- took it out forward. To take itself -- the other day. And you know -- the White House certainly was unaware. There are going to be just kind of it is opportunistic grabbed me by. By the company issued at the White House that it was. Samsung evident in not Turkey Turkey on the post itself the in quirky. Didn't really have a lot to say about it he said -- to try to focus on baseball. He repeated just joking around -- -- -- said. Looked like a lot of money and so as a lot of money Oakley -- all equally. Yeah. You know I tried to. Sell that self the I took with -- -- rob Bradford no takers -- -- -- -- it wasn't because he has me. -- are nothing. Are right well you know but I actually do they are a couple of things Sid and I know there's not a lot of rob rob moments in in baseball stuff like the NFL. But you wonder it you know there's no household names outside of Ryan Braun who really didn't do much except for late in the game today. That is some of the reaction here is because it's Milwaukee and and they were very aggressive depth leader in this series you wonder if that. A team with some younger players that it was really energized our right we are face in the defending world champion. Red Sox here. Certainly they look like a team that was that was pretty sharp in terms of its aggressiveness since. In many instances and it's execution and -- -- -- take advantage and you know they were certainly ready but their attitude that we're over the middle of the plate. I would say -- -- it's overlooked talent based on the Brewers. Would be somewhat of a mistake because then there's Carlos Gomez is a really really good player. Interpreted Hercules and a superstar in terms of in terms of actual production not it's not that and a couple main factor in each other in the yet. You know well that that you -- is taking some great action. That that the guy who could be a pretty insisting. Offensive catcher. But in the bullpen you know that's really. Had some I would it was pretty some pretty interesting -- to the table. But yeah I get it you know Burress might not be. Might not be. Might not beat out -- and perhaps say you know they recognize that. This is something -- start -- it used to there -- teams that are going Q. You know a young team that are going to say. -- it is our opportunity to kind of come together coalesce. It's something that. You know that you've seen in the second -- -- were opponents that have sub 500 records you know like with the Orioles for instance use the latter part of 2000 leopard really put the Red Sox surrounded try to use that platform for you to slow what shall. -- -- Last couple questions Alex here I the Red Sox lineup wise. Too dependent on David Ortiz in and you know -- I am I keep getting and people woman ask about this can get -- different people say well they date. You know they didn't do enough in the off season in terms of this lineup. It's an interesting question certainly because they well is because they -- Dave Barry. Very conscience decision but we couldn't re -- Stephen Drew were reluctant to pick up over I don't think anyone. Really with. Take issue with what in the poker since they need to the table that are. You look like he's going to be a start like it's likely to be too often before achieved that status. So from that and where you can you can look at him as being kind of an additional help you but the reality is that. You know the Red Sox have raised. Have payroll parameters that they wanna work within themselves. There are spending a whole lot of money they're probably going to -- right up against the luxury tax special that your. The 189 million dollars dissipated last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Featured the acquisition of Grady Sizemore the earlier -- at least -- have been impressive than that they you know out here are not. When your side or if you end up being healthy. Vs. Seven years Jacoby Ellsbury in which the latter years -- that might be a little bit rough and you know it's hard to fault the Red Sox for their decision making. Now you can ask for the Red Sox have done something along the lines of jumping in the Nelson Cruz sweepstakes. Where every browser and -- -- -- excellent both those guys remained available. For that matter think about resigning he's injured and not. What kind of deal was without airport on cruise obviously -- for the one you're going to argue with -- Orioles which is. -- guy is potential power structure that's pretty good but. Who knows what cruise is second coming off suspension for an agenda item so there's there's a reasonable amount of -- there. And that's with a lineup that led the -- led all based on runs by considerable mark. It made a decision to step back. It's -- to kind of keep opened avenues. For error opened them position player in center field. And that shortstop in behind the plate. And I am not sure that I -- that all important. You just have to have the right short term it's if -- if -- -- -- if you're not quite different stand pat with its market -- that was. I was already in the organization. You had a -- -- earlier I said -- are simply gives you the the well I guess it as far as that decimated as it -- injuries and another struggle with -- runners in scoring position right now and and not exactly you know the lineup that they want but. Let's say you know once they had most these guys back healthy do they have enough in that lineup you think. -- yeah -- they get healthy if they are healthy team this year then that have really good lineup because you know because. Bogart is probably -- -- a chance to push the boundaries a little bit further I think we might have anticipated you know reasonable expectation form. And -- -- might have been in his 700 -- yes something it would have been close to what they got the shortstop position last year. He he's the guy with a chance certainly elevate that India which in the middle order guy. In you know -- middle perks like he was he was coming in pretty impressive fashion and so. I'm not sure where you know. I think it if he is back in if you showed. In and keep proved sustainable what you're doing to start the season. And Beckham is a pretty good length lot of talk much like middle Brooks adding near the bottom of order. The it you know that the he's gonna do this every start but tour and runs over seven at third for Lester and I was bridge so far and it. Continues to the -- kind of wonder -- Right now he's not hurting himself in terms of contract or pay nations day. Yeah -- I think it -- you probably moved well beyond the point where -- going to care about wins and losses and his wet -- record specifically should say. What regarding his contracts that let you take. At least a considerable pride in getting the chance to whenever I've -- when he takes all recognized that there are some elements that are unpredictable now. If you -- six with a subpar ERA. I think that there would be some frustration that sentence but they wouldn't be contract related they -- it would be. Related to the fact that he likes to win baseball games and to contribute to -- England rather than -- about the bottom that the bottom you know. These financial implications. An absence of run support -- pinkie -- what that at all. Lastly Alex and you have your show on Sunday mornings 830 to 9 AM down on the farm with Alex spirit be remiss if I didn't -- mention if you -- highlight. Some of the things going on in the minors I know. There was one big happening the other day. Well Henry Allen got off to a great start this year in his first outing of the year six no hit innings and up punched out nine guys. Here are my career -- pitching performances in the early -- of the -- -- -- so with -- -- yesterday. Threw five scoreless innings ballot terror threat to me being. That's by far the best -- -- and remember about the Red Sox organization the -- and singling -- Pat White was injured from a last year. I delivered six innings yesterday and what she punched out and -- -- that some of their position prospect I'd like scared you -- Off to a terrific start mr. Blake remind you that like slash art. I've been raking and so are important -- that -- put it pretty interest -- impact guys -- in a position. So it's such kind of a boom time of the system in fact they show featured key -- the yen. Talk about how the Red Sox stacked up against the other elite teams. In you know the separation pretty -- well for everyone except for the Orioles Europe I -- prospects. The other out of raised -- Q the Blue Jays kind of are disastrous farm system right now. -- so they won't be able to supply. The kind of stepped to the reports available to get from their home -- guys. Nor will they be practicing and gambit in the trade market that the Red Sox are positioned him. And I am less than that -- thickness of that Alex. Then and we've perceive the Yankees as having you know not a very good farm system even -- how -- they always have the ability it seems to. I'll be able to make a move when they need to. Money money money yeah well I I kind of knew the answer but it does still. Yeah I mean indicate you know indicate they have some say there were Q. You know they've taken to your market for future you know so. Say they haven't developed a homegrown everyday players but Brett Gardner are in before him Robinson and -- basically. And so they have to kind of he priming the pump by giving up there what little they have. In the lower levels and then they are they're using their basically in this vicious cycle that you whatever prospects. Little lit our way. In order to in order trade for kind of establish -- talent. Such as they can find -- then you know there's a reason why they dropped I have to billion dollar offers in free agency. But interrupting their pitcher like -- that during that after the 2008 season heading into 2009. They're model is you know in their remodeled necessarily revolves around huge investment. In free agency they needed -- out there in the Red Sox didn't. You know yeah they actually this depleted public that to them. This Allard today at third base and start he's got enough to. Yeah fair and also there's the potential etched into the rule. Which. I think he's a great surprise to many people. If that's relatively unheralded guy is is emerging his side as such a key contributor I mean. Clearly he wasn't really in the Yankees fans otherwise you wouldn't have seen them kind of making of these acquisitions go. Of veteran left side of the infield guy so you know as that you know the Kelly Johnson in the world and and for that matter I mean Brian Roberts and obviously second baseman but you might have -- -- -- pick a different direction if they had that much. -- that much they can -- wealthy I mean you view any number of every year you see guys who were unheralded getting -- these unbelievable starts. Every once in awhile that represent Puerto departure for an awesome stories someone who does something completely unexpected. More often than not that story is forgotten by day an impact and the people this a reality. All right Alex excellent as always really appreciate your formation. -- --

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