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Villani and Buck Talk about the Red Sox Rotation and the Bruins' Chances in the NHL Playoffs

Apr 6, 2014|

The boys talk about the Red Sox rotation going forward and Buchholz' struggles thus far. They also get into the Bruins and their chances to go deep in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Buck thinks they'll go far, but it won't be easy, even in the 1st round.

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6177797937. Tax lions 37937. Chris a lot of Steve Buckley along -- we would tell me did America on four hours yes. -- despite news to him my best time for a marathon is like well just over I was real cows and that's just over four. It's like shooting 81 right night it's that that is an impossibility but we're looking at. 545. ANC and in in very pleased with by any differently if you get used in the maybe. I'm just trying to that is is respect the burden of old age possible. I was accumulate 403 something. I was mad because I was on when to break for of course as -- about 340 pace for awhile and then the last five miles. Now. Best -- like low 140s but the out right around Europe for hours was was my best -- this wasn't Boston. I've been told on the -- in. Some say that you're talking about before in some senses not an easy course proceed to start out the first. Five miles pretty much downhill snowball rolling on the -- yes and gentle rollers up until you hit. This is right and heartbreak -- he has and it's. That's just when you just when -- gaps they say all right -- -- no more mr. nice guy. Yeah in heartbreak hill with three big long -- health although Tommy BBs to coach managers he doubles Holbrooke assistant coach. He called me by the way Tommy -- V. Donated 1000 dollars to America for my cause he's a very different in my dale Dale Arnold knows very well and Tommy has called me three times in the last two weeks I don't know that this actually happened but Tommy keep saying it happened so it must've happened but apparently Joan Benoit. Who won the marathon women's marathon in Olympics in 84 Los Angeles. Is said to have run the Boston Marathon. In which he got the top heartbreak hill. He turned to the crowd in yelled out so Windiz heartbreak hill that her way of saying. Wow didn't even happen it's like you say -- Territory right there via. Trash talking across the finish and yeah so. So I don't of that I have to disagree here's -- -- that ever happened but. Comic -- that's his way of telling me not to get too caught up in -- -- kills the with him any easy easy you know athletes and and they do amazing things we're constantly amazed by them it. IE marathon runners are among the ones specially the the leak. -- -- -- crossing the finish line just over two hours he'd crank up treadmill the state thirteen miles an hour yeah in the along last up not to -- law. -- corporate -- immediately forget shop back that thing. -- they're able to keep pieces like that over 26 miles it's credit it's incredible absolutely unbelievable so I've -- congratulations you are exceeding Google. You're you're pre stated goal in terms with -- fighter out there among the 7500 so and going for 8000. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And meanwhile I'll talk to Lou in the car next 617779. 79 cent Lou. Yeah -- -- -- Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It hasn't. Kept it -- And -- proper equipment. To all of our. -- -- -- Well but. I don't -- it. Yeah I mean -- -- -- thought -- -- a little bit more a year than Mike for his in the and day in his home here on -- -- from a it honestly. I don't -- injuries from opt out and I do think he's best players baseball right now IKEA has spent the last two years. Best overall player to make that that explain the -- That he's best -- baseball last two years where. Now in the -- made it if not him he's right up there at Eddie is -- -- combining everything you know full package here. I don't buy it it's. Yeah they did some of that the traditional metrics you know the numbers opt -- to -- I know that tends to be what's. Kind of -- the NDP towards Miguel Cabrera he's certainly been deserving of that. Bob I would try to the best over a guy as for Bogart's like we talked about sky's the limit. With this guy and even the relatively small sample that we've seen because it's come in the post season because it's come in big moments because it's come. India when the the spotlight was kind of its brightest and he seemed to rise to a kind of master rather than be mastered by that moment. You've just gotten so much more confidence in him. But even a guy like middle works at this point who's got a much bigger sample size in the post India in the regular season in the major leagues. I'll go to Richard Newton up next they're rich. What them guys what can you articulate thank you that hey -- and I wanna put killed and 8000 mark person walked. And secondly would you -- Chris we want to yesterday with the new king of all media Orton. I feel -- on all day yesterday so yes only that. I -- Buckley was on their because it's finally someone took the I took the elephant out of the corner of the -- and said the script yet no one really great year but honestly. You might blow them away interpret statistics that 43 years he was an aberrant player one who won here he was unbelievable looks at that. You guys didn't have one great year who said that -- Who said that. That -- that he would be the I can get ugly conversation yesterday started what the -- we were saying that they Yastrzemski. He paid out to the devil is really just an average player. And even though you know longevity of a wonderful saying -- really get. Among all the success that he wasn't. I mean and tonight Blair and everything great outfielder but you know made the left out 67. So many -- 78. Well -- well. I don't wanna go down memory lane yet other than to say that those who would suggest that yes definitely when great season. Donald the talking about because if you look at is 1970 season. When he'd. I didn't need -- beat Alex job invited he hit 301 little on the batting title. He won the batting title in 1968 real one. In 1970 was the batting title by -- point something Alex Johnson but also -- forty home runs and a hundred RBIs. And you can't dismiss the real one season it was the last great year of the pitcher -- look at Louie -- CRA and yet nobody can hit that year. He was the only player and American League had a batting average above 300 you wanna dismisses -- want it was a monster season when you compare what he was doing against its competition. So don't throw up the real one batting title. What did actually drawn it up because I do to get better than everybody else Bob let let in terms of you don't know what I'm not gonna who won the fact that you know I played 23 years and you know basically nobody else did but if you take. The average yearly statistic that doesn't even compare. You know right so reverend -- a lot of little guys. What does computer at -- -- eight adding it succeeds Dwight Evans and you know the may -- the point is and things that -- call. You know he gets dragged down a little bit just because UCL on you know hold onto it longer would never drop opt out last 45 years beavers are the ones. I mean just Cody at those baseball reference -- look at the numbers look how many times he's leading the league. In OP yes we're leading the league -- it certainly goes well beyond just that Triple Crown season. -- text like 379 degrees didn't put that sweeping it out there -- there that you go to bat but in Boston it right there redo and at that whole time. But no adjustment with 122 thought I. -- I -- know if you were doing that could YouTube video I was looking -- yes it's now okay -- the link to the -- it's a multi -- might not be waving hi to my buddy John Johansson standing on the street Buckley all those that was happening while you were talking about yes unbelievable. The amount of things that Steve -- continued demand and that the -- -- -- -- -- passes stacked the line up from five waiting area code. -- wanna say thanks my dad passed dale as they used to raising money thanks again. I've got -- -- that comes from Dexter you take immediate tasks and if I can run 140 tap a should be able to break for your right. That's why I was so ticked off about it that cramping sounds like a little pizza -- than it before the appellate body allies never been now accused of having bad guy or writer that's for sure those last five miles richest just -- Red Sox this afternoon and they in the third game of the series Jon Lester get the ball. A lot of talk about the contract and such from last year but beyond that just the the the sheer importance of the guys like Lester because that would it is starting rotation. Actually he's the one guy we're so the -- even -- and helix Q brought to porno while there was ticket system over the last couple years. Racquets at the end of the year I'm not sure exactly how it's gonna happen. Whether he's gonna have a while at some point he did last year finished strong as he did last year. But at Buick kinda know what the full body work is going to be with Jon Lester that it would be pretty good and that's why I've always looked at them. As an ace Zack Greinke stuff Felix but at top of the rotation kind of stuff. And consistency. From Jon Lester pitched well on opening day will see him again today. But he's I guess. The least concern of any if you have any concerns on terms this Red Sox starting pitching because it's been the past years. Jon Lester is gonna them once this season I believe that and I believe that. Do brought needs to step up and be a better -- -- he's been anything consistent if you like consistent eleven game winners seizure guy. His last two seasons if you look at his numbers in baseball reference to the remarkably. That -- it's like he's had the same season two years in a row. You like to think he can put up better numbers that you like to think that that Buchholz get 29 starts this season if you brought can raise his game. If Buchholz can make 29 starts but no 100 games this year I believe that. That second one those goodies -- you planning a -- meant when he starts. I hit I hit I hit it pencil and because we we don't -- right exactly that I'm almost counting -- -- -- -- I'm just kind of factoring that in which is why the -- business you know I figured I was doing TV without a couple weeks ago when he was -- are -- -- -- it's nice to have problems with with with buckled. These that the addictive dipping into the pits -- having problems with them. Where where right disagree with that that's that's on -- -- apartment -- -- good guy. And thank god the picnic picnic. And note that other problems that buckled the trying to avoid problems stress which is why they have is that it started. That -- they beat him and the problem with that the trying to find a way. To get the 29 start him in general problem that that's the -- should be doing it -- and. He's shown you know your college. Fragile nature prevalence to injuries curse by the baseball gods -- doesn't really matter simple fact of the matter is he misses time. I extended stretches you get a 170 innings he told me right now 17. It chances are they know. Last that it gets notwithstanding these uses bad as he's been last night he got Shelvin yet nothing last night by. Chances are I feel like at least you -- 170 exactly buckles are going to be quality maybe -- -- level that he pitched last season in a 103 year whatever was like. Unity equality innings. Yes and it's. Which city you look at this Red Sox staff what they can be a lot of its contingent upon Buchholz felt. Maybe Felix you brought taken that step up what about John Lackey repeating the level of -- is I think he was the best and most consistent starter. Four at the Red Sox all of last year. I won the clinching game of the World Series and -- lights out this first started 2014. So. Onward and upward. I expected some kind of different in the season simply because. I'm not gonna quite -- -- do you we aren't you -- think he can't possibly put up those numbers again. But you know he's an aging pitcher who put up great numbers last year and -- due to use in a row. Well certainly again keeping in mind pitches there ahead of the hitters it's April. All kinds of things can happen. You know pretty good his first out. App on the and that's you know Lee his consistency last year. I think people look at the the losing record I think we're getting away from the idea when watts is being -- important maybe they used to be in the past in terms of the starting pitcher. But he in point of fact kept that team afloat. From a starting rotation standpoint well you had a stretch of -- effectiveness from Jon Lester looked like buckles on the disabled list and that was an important role. Opt for the Red Sox all year that ended up culminating in his performance in game six in our wonderful gonna. Have a situation like last year we're. With -- coming up a bad season which we don't need to go into 2012 though Bobby's fault. And the expectations were significantly lower last year going into the season coupled with the fact. That the Bruins went to game six of the Stanley Cup final. And it was then that we took a week off to even catch -- -- And then we showed up at Fenway instead essentially all right what are you got. Yeah well I -- put gonna have some of that this year because the Bruins are expected to go deep into the players certainly if they don't it'll be big disappointment. He is doing the show would dale a couple of weeks ago and in dale was talking about how. They don't have the great stars but they may have a better team. Than that had a one time and we're at that point. So I I wonder if we won't Chris get in case we're. We're we're all talking Red Sox and trophies and fly over is in sis boom box. And as soon as the Bruins start the play out I wonder if we will just go nuts in the Bruins for six weeks seven weeks whatever it takes. And the Red Sox will be laying in the weeds as defending champions and will pick them up later on I wonder how that'll play I. There's a chance of that because they think of part of the reason I mean the celebration is a big part of that obviously the part of the reason why. We're still Red Sox focus right now is it is. You're just kind of playing out the string for the Bruins you're you're waiting for them to at that now there's -- -- yet eastern efforts and really the last three weeks it's been. Don't get hurt you know keep playing well don't get hurt and -- to the point where. We had to and using the the broadest. Use of we in terms of immediate and I certainly buy into this at the manufactured yet are peaking too soon you had that award winning many games too early. Are they too good right now. It can manufacture that it in other -- talked about I mean I think the story -- abroad they -- Christina. So I think we will see. Once there's some the plate for the last four games are essentially meaningless. We could -- president stroke you know but. Once we see them playing series that matter. I think there's a chance to -- you should be deep run at least the Eastern Conference finals -- team that we may show up back here in June in and out moderate but still it. Heart attack time in the last because. I'd. Haven't they go to game 782 was three years the first round yeah -- realized naturalized in the first round. Capitals you before that in Boston and Montreal monetary before that so so. I don't anticipate that in a role in the first round of the because these -- to with allies and obviously Bigelow the first round it would just be it would be. A lot of screaming about that would. Outweigh realistically speaking though you can make the -- city should have glossed last year but -- the cash but acknowledged -- -- -- -- Minnesota won because they did I understand that but it took something. It was very unlikely to something -- never been done before in hundred year history of professional hot while we follow the game for them to win that's right you never know what happened that particular night rebound primer finally lived up to his name in the final minutes of that third period. Even two years ago or three years ago they wanna cup. I took that Nathan -- overtime. Game winner as one of the what -- I always bring up getting -- what if thing isn't score that goal. Decent chance Claude -- and fired. It is these -- might have been looking at an entire different track for the Bruins team will never know what might not happen. I don't know -- I keep hearing that but it is anyone. Who covers the Bruins ever. Found unnamed source. -- month with in the Bruins organization organization. To -- some trees that are we just kind of assume that I'm guessing. I am I criticizing aspect I keep hearing that while they lost that first round against Toronto he wouldn't fire. Ike is a chance that I -- at that there -- chance that the Celtics lost that seven game series and -- in 2008 -- -- -- -- -- can lose -- series now -- the dates to late lead them in the -- and in games and set and I was just stunned it got to a game yeah do you not I I think they were aligning their -- sea legs -- -- win a road game and play to what Eastern Conference -- got -- finals in a couple of -- -- economic -- basket now now you know that the home court advantage definitely matters there's for the Bruins winning the president's trophy could. Careless when. I'm not anywhere near guarantee top seeds that come out of the Western Conference. In the in the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin with its deep conference a lot of teams their number one and number two. It just doesn't mean as much inept -- mice against Pittsburgh last year's wept and so that obviously it matter we'll take another break. I will come back we'll take -- to Red Sox pregame your phone cost a lot -- 617779. 7937. Chris -- Steve Buckley here at sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox manager John Farrell and two straight losses. To -- start off the home campaign first time that's happened since 1997. We don't know it turned out I don't know -- forget that turned out they make the playoffs and -- -- -- -- remember. Was to him his first year of the Orioles won the division in the the other in a loss to Cleveland the healthiest mussina -- victory in Marlins in the world that in the world that we do actually know altered if it Wii to play him for the most part what we couple's second. I actress -- Steve Buckley with here for few more -- and also the last plant in Camden yards. OK and -- watched that game seven with the unit that victory in the Indians. There's not gonna play a monster there in -- while -- -- years ago like I put it at that game again it was a series up one game yeah situations. One of the last playoff games can't legally that I text -- arrest any chance scared he comes up I think the one with office. -- -- -- I mean they didn't they called Arab COLT with a utility guy and I think they went to Kenya to get it that the minor leagues rather than thrown into the fire. Certainly in two key puts up capable. Promising numbers in the minor leagues. Over the next six to eight weeks and in the vehicle dip back in those waters again. The tournament Kama. Yeah I agree with that that's fairly. As an aside and John Ferrell. It is a tremendous amount of calm to him yet he explained things. I've known him since he was a minor league pitcher he played for the main guides when I covered the back in 84 -- known him for years. And when he was the pitching coach. Back in 07. He did I a regular weekly hit I believe it was wood Dale Hall. And I I I had known John for years and it was a farm director in Cleveland. I didn't have a read on him as the media. Personality spokesman and so forth. And I just remember him and dale and -- On on the old -- audio tend to rent and how listen to -- he was is that I'm not a big fan of of these celebrity interviews and manages that they. They mostly just either they don't say any at all. Or they'd there's smug and arrogant and so forth and certainly Bill Belichick. Great coach though he uses I think we can all agree nobody at the beach it's the top of the list -- Farrell is is very reasonable on the radio. Yeah and I agree with that that kind of com presents and that's something that. After Bobby Valentine -- that they kinda need. Wouldn't anything you think he just needed to guide when fires were gonna come up through the course today yeah easily import gasoline. It seemed like that's a Bobby Valentine did. -- to an extent but you do get John Farrell in there and in he's a guy -- a lot of people last another what if you -- they'd gotten in a year earlier how much you wooded and the end of the day I just don't think that was a very good team especially late in the season and especially after that Dodgers trade but. No doubt his presence -- extremely helpful second guessing though we do from time to time side. I -- protectors of -- doesn't need to make 29 starts a Workman is a god can step in and replace him in Workman is a lot of people. Word feeling like Ryan Dempster to the Red Sox solid which in a way kinda did. By deciding to go to pseudo retirement he's on the hook for what thirteen and a quarter million. But he still -- 240 innings last year it's still it easy to report replacing Brandon -- tie I think was last year's off 43. In a Major League so it's going to be its depth -- for him if he's gonna move into a Dempster has role if -- missed time. Why applaud the techsters optimism with Workman except that we just don't know that it's gonna happen it was back to what -- -- before about. How any guy you can say in the minors what we just need to see it in the big leagues will Workman is another one of those guys. Before we know we can pitch -- 140 plus innings lead to see him it's under forty plus innings and see him do it capable you put up numbers. It is just great to have those options in house and the same thing applies to mute the bull pen and piece and taxes -- asking about apple and -- -- -- third for John Farrell in terms of the way he's matched. On last night it's always tough year start working to pass it inning by. The Red Sox. -- -- and he can get roughed up his first outing up Friday night. I don't know what leak is going to be this year to guide does that track record in the age of eight shots of him of the dispute it if it home now home and and it was with coach like efficiency right -- pounding strikes it is everything is getting it behind him no room get this right that only works if you get strike yes. Yes -- -- -- being lit up it doesn't work the ball in the aggregate the catcher's glove but I what I like about this Red Sox bullpen issues they've given themselves a lot of -- options adding he kept adding -- up -- and Miller back LP anchors cap on who was. Very very good last night -- pitching for the first time at Fenway Park. What's it feel like unless you have. Marianna unless you have one of these guys you just know you're in year out to be doing the best you can -- was for once guys in the NC -- jobs he writes -- And by the way there was an interesting discussion Larry -- with and his talent a few days ago. And made it very interesting comment because Callahan among others. Has criticized the Red Sox in the past or. -- with the coddling him finally leaving them but they -- Used in the minus the bit to weight boxes the example what Wade Boggs -- yeah I mean they just didn't think he can play and Dick there are Dino -- -- as minor league manager in the apparently. Famously said that he was -- -- Tripoli prospect at best. And in in in a -- embarrassing declared you know he tells that is a bank with story -- and if they use a big league and a lot of people did but. Larry Lucchino native -- fascinating comment the other day about it being a young -- game. The absence of performance enhancing drugs and that means it's old -- players all the players are going to Wear down and you're going to see. Younger players moving fast at the big leagues and that. I don't wanna quote Larry out of context that'll make. I'm I'm paraphrasing. But it was the suggestion. -- that's what I got out of it. Was that the -- like moving forward might be more willing to bring -- we sorry cases what you would Bogart's bring in these younger guys up and getting them big league service time. Yeah I think all of that is going to depend in large part as it does always with Padilla and you know I I like the idea Bogart's in middle -- left side of the infield. Not necessarily because -- give these prospects chance to thrive in sink or swim at the Major League level as much as. Here at the best options in this organization right now at those two positions to. And that same reason. I like the idea at least until he shows he can't do it of Grady Sizemore. Ahead of Jackie Bradley junior so to speak although at the moment both of them are getting playing time -- injured chamber. So what are you doing the show is over you gonna collect on the map here -- games he delegates while our show after the game between now by the new piece of real boss I'm done for the weekend thankfully it was even recognize -- shopping mode is -- yeah now not -- -- where you actually more so from The Herald. OK because you see that picture all anyway you look column down into ice -- a little column real little. It is -- I don't know -- this that I am -- to bring it up with -- now. I get like like 500 word limit you on the other Yankee go on efforts six pages in and pound gorilla hit it in conflict the partly full page centerfold spread here or is out. With me to get a nice hug give the baby's rattle squeeze it in with -- a couple of a couple of ads here so I guess I'll work my way up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're -- I'm placed right. I'm robotic go to the game -- recovery in the. Game today and I'll be writing a column -- paper but because it's that big game that don't have deadline constraint I will be. Meandering about existing I have a few friends are in the sense it's not gonna pop have a coat sweater in Canada it's. No I think I think once the thunk it yeah we we are now we're in the shade under the center field bleachers. But I think if you're in the sun today I think you'll do okay. Our -- enjoyed that thank you and pleasure. Working with you this morning lot of fun. I'm sure we'll talk probably three times this week probably Harold gray areas givers -- it big thanks to Matt -- for helping us out back in -- -- -- here at Fenway Park. I don't forget find Steve I Twitter at blocking Bosnia can also learn how to donate to his marathon run raise money for jail last. I again that's at -- in Boston comic Chris -- 44 for Steve Buckley I'm Chris -- Red Sox baseball comes your way next enjoy the rescue Sunday it's forgery at W yet.

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