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Chris Villani and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday Live From Fenway Park

Apr 6, 2014|

Villani and Buck get going discuss the Red Sox opening day ceremonies on Friday, the rough series so far against the Brewers and even a little marathon talk with Buck's big day rapidly approaching.

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Sports -- WEEI. A sunny Sunday morning here at. Fenway Park. If we're at 37 degrees at the Q what is it baseball. Chris I don't know we know it before and we've done. -- -- -- up with the differs WEI event we have for as long formal. Long out personal power. But people experience -- it's not not not record and to -- It knowing I gotta tell you I -- with home last night. And that was -- yesterday and I stayed home and I watched the red flags and a lot of stuff up to share. But it was weird because it was a really bad game. -- was bad defense has been all kinds -- -- -- or early numbers -- game yet the same -- I find my iPhone was so strangely attracted to it. It was a fun game a lot to me anytime you get in a tie game in the ninth inning and -- if poignant. And I follow that it was a strange really interesting and entertaining LB at sloppy game would you agree with. And tactics and you would do in the asked asked I was back and forth back and forceful and -- a college basketball if you -- guy -- and fortunately means it's only good Syracuse in the family my sister McNown -- here accuse my elbow that is at the bragging rights over me this year to ease the grade the sixers he's. They took a couple people -- gap with a good hoops and nice little run but. I went back and forth in the game last that early on it was hard to watch an early on it was like you never wanna take too much channel one's art. But basically buckle that -- them. No I had nothing maps that that. Nasty nasty angry threatened to Gomez that death landed somewhere higher up over the green monster and nor did nothing and listened. I thought Johnson must really great point Errol this morning that you if you think the -- colts didn't play a role in last year's season. You forget how anomaly was the first half of the season. And is again in them parting words written by Jones -- but if you if you take buckle out of the equation last year well. That maybe they don't win the division maybe they're in the wild card fray with Texas and whoever Tampa Bay. And then they get in that -- one and done playing and we may not be you know waltzing up oil's history in November. So he played a bite or anyone a World Series game with you know eighty thumping mile an hour changeup -- so he. Yeah last year is that and what you're trying to do now is. It did they're trying to baby him and it's not because the reason he started the fifth game of the season is because they don't trust him because -- we go again it's because. They do the same thing for years of Pedro Martinez. They baby Pedro Pedro would take any annual summer vacation sometime at the -- break it's a little tweak to show that but when DL and they would just shut them down and and I don't think paid whoever made 35 starts and you're 33 twice that can look it up. But they would try to find ways. -- it to -- Pedro. Now I'm I'm certainly not suggesting the Clay Buchholz is in the same category as the Islamic great pictures of all time. But at the end of the day he's a somewhat fragile guy. They have to measure how they use him so one of the things they did with let's give them as much time as possible coming into the season. Let's make him the quote unquote fifth starter on the -- is not what we think of as a fifth starter he's pretty good pitcher. And they did everything good -- everything they could in last night he did not deliver the goods. Now abduction and Andy you know the goal that started they never bother me whatsoever is after the first game of the season for series this season he's likely to start a series anybody else so. I am -- in the difference in terms of numbers start if he stays healthy is not going to be that great but. I'm ready for. The concern -- the question of whether Clay Buchholz is gonna stay healthy -- the -- 126 innings over the last five years when I'm not ready for. Is concerns or questions about its effectiveness because when I'm counting on if I'm looking at this team -- Qaeda. Putting together -- K what do -- expecting get them to. Into the ninety's and back into contention back in the playoffs and where they were last year. I'm categorically -- mystics in time I'm ready for that I'm also counting on him being effective and adding that it -- stuff. When he's healthy because that's we saw at least the regular season last year. I think it also stands out -- If you look at the first week of the season they they went around the rotation with everybody pitching decently. Lester pitched pretty good and opening day peavy gave the Red -- pretty good out there that your. You know Lackey and do Bryant and you look at it -- while. And then it comes to it is nothing more gratifying than being able to go through the rotation once we're all five you started the quality starts the week on the cusp to have that happen. Like I obviously didn't blow buckled just awful. So I don't know what -- yeah I. It's it's cold. Yeah I heard Joseph and -- on the radio yesterday they were mentioning that. Blocker used to have problems during the season because he couldn't get the proper grip and it's for -- could spike was also major excuse maker and now he was he was like it was -- -- -- -- and by the way. Final while it's on my mind but cold did have a may be just that he wasn't is that we did hear him say it. But there was something I think it's got clobbered game's story about how. They thought they had to hit that found the holes. Yeah they get rockets -- buckled -- yet let's not let's not let's not -- there's trade there's a -- up over the green monster yeah way up -- like an hour or -- home -- -- so he he was awful last night and in in his fastball didn't have any idea how many outs were hard hit -- and I'll go or go to actually. That was a -- ask type comment that they found some holes filled with them though. In the finals it was awful. And but we know these -- much better -- -- -- and you. Go back to the World Series last year again repeating myself but yet nothing in that World Series he found a way. And again this is the second time preparing buckle with Pedro and I don't mean to. In the grand scheme but you go back to that Pedro game that Monday night -- game five in the division series in 99 against the Indians. Where he had nothing and just blew them away pitching in relief of I think it's a way. And in -- both civilly in the World Series had nothing but deity in effective job I think twenty thirds. Against the cardinals in the World Series tonight when he had nothing so. We nobody expect great stuff and on on the straight don't we saw on the current state last October. We know that he can't Muster the required to dial out to winning game and be a good pitcher. And and find a way to get the job last night nothing and now now having said that. It altogether bad night that it -- the game I understand that. But that was that was the the way the bullpen pitched in any times great night for the ball yeah. And you know you want all those important innings he gave the red -- last night because. Normally when you are bringing. The and he. You -- bullpen knew what the fifth inning. It's because something has gone wrong story has somehow faltered given up a career high thirteen hits yeah and but but -- in the game thanks partly to the Milwaukee defense but. The fact of the matter is C. You bring in a cap you want on it in the fifth inning usually it's. But they called mop up duty but you also bring him in with a with a runner on the up runners on first and -- able to pitch his way out. And then you know you've used basically to stop bleeding just put a band aid on it at that point. And the bullpen was really good last night and that's probably one of the biggest for me at least positive takeaways is that you have a start like that with buckled given up thirteen hits and Cadillac defense partially to thank or blame but. Easy stay and get a shot at least -- winning in extra innings. And and that's part -- and beginning it was an entertaining game. In India it was a sloppy game all through that again but. That the back of the red -- and by way. I came into this season and and I'm sure I did this interview would you is billion times. The obligatory what are your immediate concerns about this team coming into the season. And my rubber stamp from the beginning of spring training right up to opening day was. -- you we Ari can't possibly have a kind of recede again he's the only guy that had a true career year last year if you look at some of the other -- -- Daniel now but -- ultimately definitely now we don't play for three years but. The the you know that the number of people seem like everybody played greater but he is that he's unbelievable performances last year when in reality. Coach eaten up those -- the Tuesday career years everybody else. For the most part plus players but it wasn't like they did things they couldn't necessarily be repeated -- that they haven't done -- If it is to go up and attention. I'm fond of saying that most times when teams win it's because several key guys. Had the Recovery Act like 67 red flags. One -- and people have the best years of their career. George Scott reduced -- had the among their bad years certainly -- got the right it is reflects careers have been years with the brewers -- Iran. But I always and he was Bob Ryan made the point we had this discussion years ago and -- keep pulling up at the 84 tigers. Safest and great starting pitching performance if you look at -- if you go to baseball reference and market what. -- Brooke it is and and Kirk Gibson and none of those guys had their three years -- Gibson was like twenty I I get the exact numbers but. They didn't all have your career years in 1984. On this same token it did not go unnoticed by by me. That you look at last year's Red Sox. Maybe Victor Reno I guess you'd have to statement and it's Korea last year. I'm considering -- in the twenties and MVP ballot. But -- -- you're right it it wasn't a bunch of players putting together the greatest year ever rattling the true testament unbelievable on magical performances the only -- may be positive category -- to point out -- yep but. To back that coach you aren't I was in Baltimore for the reflectors. And we go up to him after the team -- the last game of that series we get the -- 39 birthday. And one of the questions I asked him through the interpreter. Was people saying you can't possibly and he said I agree with that and I can't match. He is the first person that'll tell you that last year was magic I think that was the word -- -- that he can't possibly duplicate that now having said that. -- the same he looks the same process that was a seven pitch inning against Baltimore the other night. Enable the growth and again. You can't follow barrel brings in a tie game and then it goes to extra innings in which you start going backwards in -- bullpen and you you rolling the dice yeah they put somebody out there's so. By now probably going at it technology there and I don't know the exact same thing receives thirteen pitches ten strikes three strikeouts. I as the joke goes he pitches like he's double parked and now it's. It and outside your joke is that not I -- hired after somebody now but -- deals and that's why would you get that I don't know I wish I -- trying to get you kind of get you know -- have little if it's pretty happy with it it's a pretty good joke I wish I had the I wish I had the original author I like to give attribution that's what -- all out but I would say it'll never happen to play in the same team. The quickest at bat may be in the majors would have to be coach -- DG percent. And -- The other night Pierzynski managed to go oh for three with two strikeouts in the eight pitches that's hard app -- -- and it has -- It but other double -- you had a bad game -- double plays a key inning he the ball well at all throwing error I mean he's heavier than when he played he. I didn't -- no I was the only one that that. -- back I didn't I got locked in AJ Pierzynski over the last several years he looks gay and he looks bigger than. I guess what I remembered I don't know if that's getting to do with his bat speed but again only 37 to also have four pitches are fort -- last night nine pitches -- -- -- that exceed its. Which is. Not exactly what it's not like to do teachers want to stately but the. Bad to cap Milano. How do like to -- him last night coming in and not only given the right that's meaningful innings in middle relief which is a very underrated role. But here's a guy. But he what 910 years in the big leagues he's been around and run around on that than all these different teams he's played for any day West Springfield native. The cathedral high school I don't know if you know your western -- history the cathedrals like the CEO most of the area by. I never do because growing up in central masses. And my high school up until a couple of years ago with the central mass schooled on the mood to to eastern mass now plan is variants the end of the world but. You in the districts of central master play western mass we ran into the few times a few sports. He's a West Springfield and and by the way I'm -- thank god. -- hoping shortstop in the Heisman Trophy winner who the same town trips with kept you on. Think about that permanent -- and Aaron and they got this guy who's from Massachusetts he's a western mass guys at the big deal out there because they. That. You know we don't think of Easter mass but out having spent four years much like the western mass they think in terms of western -- he's their guy and the situation is he's never pitched at Fenway Park. -- you would have thought all these years in the league at some point he to pitch at an apartment last night. When he did that game and I'm guessing yet friends though from western mass and his wife whatever but it was the first time he pitched a federally and with the cool for. Yeah and to have that kind of performance of equal -- to get out of that jam and then keep the game scoreless for couple innings after that it's six guys in the bullpen last night. And after coach like he's at working backwards there eventually bit the reds right there in the game and and in your it was an entertaining game was on gains despite being. Not especially well played against the best way to put it for -- that got more on is that went on the first few weeks -- an enjoyable. Does watching -- not be able to and by his curve ball eighty mile an hour fastball to get out of the park -- public what is on his. -- game seeing some of the match -- and you know it's one of the -- Tuesday it. I came away without a time a second guessing on John Farrell because it seems like all of you for this. But over the first week it seems like a honeymoon for -- over in 97 wins in the World Series last year. That that honeymoon maybe lasted for seven or eight innings of opening day. An -- -- talked about -- serious the over managing it is you know is the automated reminder managing an opening day under managing as by the way to put it there but. Not why I play you know I had the lead to -- -- I'm in Baltimore before days five days yeah count getting in before the opening day we -- today. Is the honeymoon -- I just got back the town that's done. It's does quick one. Quick cut -- apple like like a long weekend in Vegas the big Floyd -- before the game -- ratings and fly overs in the Coast -- and now it's ovaries -- Daniel -- leading off three out of the first four games killing this team I haven't heard no I didn't know and it's good to. In Baltimore and it to stay away from the keep the honeymoon going for a few extra days before what efforts over. And I and I have that I've really had many issues at all whatsoever with the lineup last night last night he was a little bit. Guy handicapped by the fact that gets -- you guys before the game and David Ortiz. Not scratched but couldn't start either scheduled maintenance Davies said but he's got a tight cap he's got Arab middle -- is gonna -- captain -- MRI might my cars get tight act. And -- highlights to -- the one other thing that if you're looking at what could repeat last year what could be new -- The relative health I don't Clay Buchholz missed a lot of time last year but relative helped with in the starting lineup is something else they can be difficult. Two repeat two years in a row. And they had it last year from Ortiz -- even Pedroia with an injury be able to play a 162 games Ellsbury being able to play. A 160 games. That's something that I'm not say they can't repeat by. It can be difficult sometimes to have that kind of injury like two years ago. Yeah I mean a lot went right last year and you have a and those the -- situation but but by and large things went well for the team last year and I look at the 2014 reflects. In -- not yet he weakened this season and woody yet while you've got -- third baseman going for an MRI. You've got you or your mechanic who worked -- Mike Carp be did a purely at that game came into the game late at first base after which he's -- at the Bradley right. So old yet some -- to it but but the -- -- thing. If if there was one area will we had collective concern coming into the season. In terms of the depth chart. That that on the left side of the infield you know little shallow. That -- a rare art is a utility guy with limited experience at third base. And the next -- I guess the abrupt halt somewhere. But the next available option is to Keeney who as yet the play in the big league that he's a young kid. And middle Brooks was like if he gets -- -- what do you do so in here we are -- embassies -- you know rise up which -- Yep so while we'll see how it kind of lays out the Red Sox in the early going means by gains in the not too much to take from what we've seen last night. Not exactly -- and her performance Oakley buckled t.'s terrible -- by the late -- Leno and mark winter. You wrong on both of those rock on both of -- I was cheating or taking -- somebody else you're you're reading them with -- I'm reading someone's facts yes. Really look at it might only just -- -- well as in the right part of the state. It western ass right dead yet again at much -- west and in -- be the hoping shortstop hopefully -- might better be described the hoping. Okay that might PO. Our law and when editors and treatment only because of the whole whispering in opening -- that aren't I'll take a break -- -- will marinate on her arm marinate on that for a few minutes Chris -- and Steve Buckley got near Fenway Park 6177797937. AT&T text like these 37. 93 several gets on your Red Sox spots of phone calls text messages coming up. As we hang out here -- take up to Red Sox baseball 1250 Sports Radio WEEI. As it's what joining here from starting pitcher that's Lagos. Clay Buchholz thirteen hits last night six runs. Takes a no decision with the Red Sox losing in eleven innings crystal audience Steve Buckley. Down here what we decide the name of the street Louis they -- -- it. What went -- -- yeah I was when I was gonna put on FaceBook ailment lanes down treatment that I remember is is Ted Williams way nightly news. The into new names -- up its -- I think people still recognize -- and mr. -- goodness me. -- -- -- here in our Fenway Park studios on center field on blue collar lands down street 6177. Class not the blues. 79370. TT tech like 37. 937. By the way Leo Durocher and in slumber -- the -- are right thank you -- sector from the 413 go Diego go figure from that area codes we get I. These words if -- interest as the former sports editor of the west relieving news and part of our circulation yours with Springfield yeah so Chris kept you -- I've had many. Many many. West Springfield talks during -- -- I think you may have rolled his eyes only a couple of times. That's it that's by the way and that has the marathon training. I fail at length. I got kicked up and relaxed right now we are -- all right -- while it if we were doing the show last Sunday at a vineyard in not in great shape wise I saw you last Sunday. In acumen after last Sunday. Did have to be limping around you what's gingerly would be the word that would deal a way to put it I think gingerly the you're making great time. Situation is that last week we did eat last what they call long run. And -- the last of the long runs it is. Is out of the way now. And that was 21 miles last Saturday at all but yet paper now -- -- that I should have done twelve yards and yesterday. But -- -- has been a little. Balky so I just -- seven yesterday they just want it you know sort of take it easy. And so I'll do some two between mile runs during the week and -- able to five next Saturday and two weeks from now two weeks and two days out of the doing the you know Boston Marathon acts as a fund raiser. Four a alas in honor rob but he Pete race for Boston College Baseball history between onions -- I'm gonna to throw this out because as you mentioned it but. My goal is to raise money for the -- -- therapy development institute Cambridge and my goal is to raise 5000. But the 7500 at us and that's like in ten days ago so the people on FaceBook and my email list and what are and so forth came through really big. And out so I figure with two weeks to go on the ticket -- -- yeah like thwarted somewhat -- the ways -- to help me get over that. Jets go to two you can send me an email at F Buckley at Boston Herald dot com. Or he could go to community dot -- lasts. Dot net slash Steve -- that's a lot of warm words there but it's community. Dot ALS. Dot net slash. Steve Buckley or just email me F Buckley at Boston -- dot com annually. Or. By me on FaceBook you know annually to go from there but it's been a lot of fun I mean look at. Rob Bradford is doing it via her many of doing it. I'm doing it. And there are a whole bunch of Carol people doing it. I'm Katie -- herald's doing it a lot of Red Sox people are doing it in the it's gonna be it's going to be -- awesome. Doing that marathon so many different levels. And I don't know how much you follow my -- chorus but I've I've been pretty tough on David Ortiz north couple years on a variety of levels yes I believe you returned eighty heater coming Hitler quote and but but we're right come to a fork in the road. With David Ortiz in the -- world always back him is that when he spoke those words and that sunny Saturday at Fenway last April. I was pissed off about we we worth of populist I was mad -- angry and if you had given me. A microphone. And put me on that field had a fit exactly with David Ortiz said a lot of people. And in it I know that terrorism highest in wing individuals out there. Like all humanity and our children the children my children my sisters -- Joel Yeager is. School school she's been educated like 35 years school principal -- -- just retired Medford. I called my sister's school prince was to tell kids about the if she said she put it perfectly as a music or -- -- educator he said sometimes. Grownups used on our ports and you tell kids that when you become a product you can determine when and how to use -- -- before now and up so so it's. It doesn't it well leads the ruined nation of society -- gonna lose generation children's. Children because David Ortiz dropped enough. Now he should have been suspended ten games for the acting in the dugout -- in the yard. I don't know I would go ahead but you but that was funny Pedroia didn't. Give him a suspended ten games tentative -- is yes and -- -- -- -- -- -- inches away with the net that Hugh Hewitt in the it was funny at all he's probably I think it was positive guy. I mean I know I could have been wars at once. I always bring up the the bad thing because whenever I defend David Ortiz you get -- -- about you what you. -- -- you get in line in my house and Erin and black. And nor -- I didn't really have a problem with the White House itself I -- I zero problem because it it is a it is a moment. Listen those and not what -- that the president pride in the he brought in -- team baseball team that won the World Series. It's it's a chance and opportunity for the president to get some good -- he brought an overstates photo -- I think he's in line to complain about a staged well exactly and it's raining and a guy for a photo -- and that would take the photo. -- everyone -- get paid date we are we at Natwest there he's the one of the best sports photography is about a met my life that's why pay for it. So. It again. Too worked up over the -- crazy about it. Growing like it I don't applaud it but them but it's it's it's again it's pick your battles and going back to what David Ortiz stated this dovetails and that the whole America thing. The -- that part of my life my whole life iced it down -- the -- -- as a kid. And it what's the finishes. And it was a dream of mine who run America Americans so important gave McGill -- the race directors a really good buddy of mine. So Hurley was one of the coaches that worked with. It's just it's just a great group of people to greater of that and in some magic it was taken away from a five year gap tragically and and and they -- so many victims of the marathon last year. And that we re doing a marathon and that we have not. Would not moving on with continuing. But remembering what happened last year if -- -- small part that. Is is just -- I'm deeply touched by in -- deeply touched by everything that that that that our listeners are doing to help me out with that though. Again if you just drop me an email and F Buckley at Boston Herald dot com. And if you wanna donate to this it's the the allies therapy development institute in Cambridge. And it's on on repeat bradys who is really. Doing such. Heroic work fighting for dale Lewis research that you've done marathons before an a America and they don't want it it was a Boston. I did Boston and and to give a shout out I'll go with that three years ago -- in I would not finish without rob Bradford. Yeah a deal on -- he he jumped in at with about ten miles to go and and -- be the last ten miles when I wanted to. To drop out he stayed with me it was I can comfortably that would not a finished merit -- -- rubber. Right around but that's yeah about ten miles Sarah Miles 1718 is way and I think it's the hardest -- Yeah yeah -- eighteen year. You're so far in which is still have so far ago well it's not it's not the has so far ago is that the the marathon is. When you start the marathon. You can just get down on your belly and roll at all now I'll I'll yeah I mean it it would. When you start America on the first 34 mile this disease you know get this done in -- couple of hours. And then once reality sets in and you get the Wellesley you know that you really. But heartbreak -- Arrives. At about 1718 miles an -- and then. You've got those three -- hills that last one it's gonna bring it right at the front door DC. And if you can get through that then you almost think Cleveland circle then you're at Washington square -- which corner then can more square than again. And so again and the last part not only flatter but also I think you're right two point one miles 26 and the last time it is mental place you've got. That way and I imagine will be even more so this year backgrounds will support I mean there are aren't a lot of stretches where there's tons of people out on the road. But once you get into the city yet college kids there you've got just massive crowds and I mean that -- -- -- carried to I've never done Boston of them marathons report never Boston. I can imagine that last five miles especially something that'll get you you can't get to Peru with the with the crowd without people out there. Nothing is you laden and ultra marathon showed promise but. You get by heart -- you know and then you're done and it's mostly downhill but when I would tell you is in any was an America on at my level I tell you. Is that when you coming just a week minicamp was where it is that little ridiculous over the plate yet. And you could walk over that bridge every single day at -- given a second notice. But when you've done 24. And a half 25 miles over 25 miles just a -- ago that little tiny -- Just it just was up just a little bit and -- it. That is Mount Kilimanjaro to me and I remember that vividly from three years ago where he just. Yeah come -- basically walking at this point can barely properly in front of the other. And I'm just like like laser beams -- ain't coming -- my eyeballs. And then you get that and rob it's like what's out what's right a little bit really get a little bit ago. -- So that that was kind of a remembrance of me well we'll build better for you this time around the weather looks good. Now at the long term forecast weather looks good -- -- -- -- Building on term forecast is going to be they said about sixty degrees and sunny good. -- -- on the trees but the funny you a little bit of cloud cover but also a two week for Cassel could be 37. -- -- -- take 37 and radio we're only five over two years ago two years ago a very good. And in my ran a -- couple years ago he's done. 1520 marathons. Pennsylvania LA and so forth and he texted me a letter on says this is a guy that does -- and three and a half. And he told me almost passed out a couple of times and this is a guy who runs marathons so I. Can comfortably that would not -- -- there's some of that kind of condition. Sports -- WEEI 6177797937. Attacks on its 3793 several get to a few of those coming up but. You know you -- the marathon and obviously in telling the story that we thirteen Red Sox that is a part of it as it is departed the story mosque and 2013. And I thought and we talked -- little bit when we at its -- Friday but. The wave that they were able to have that opening day ceremony. And have that. -- that remembrance and respect towards the marathon while also keeping that celebratory tone and also the fire in the back they last week. You know there were some some poignant powerful and even sad moments but. It was celebratory tone to the whole thing and I thought that was especially well done because I don't think that Alex is particularly easy to do but they were able pull off on Friday. Yet they were and it obviously left the credit Charles Steinberg and Sarah McKenna the other two masterminds of these things and I. I stayed at penalized a total video that there night phone in Baltimore. Went right from Logan at Fenway and -- all that I was leaving about the fifth the sixth inning and -- and actually left the park mr. McKenna. Who was dropping her. Child Auckland -- then to be picked up our -- lacrosse practice but. We were walking to gather up yawkey way it would -- -- you run in the fifth the sixth inning and we were talking about the event. And I think what made her controls. The happy list is obviously that if it came off well and was appreciated and review well. But if you if you kind of replay your mind. Chris if it was dealt with a minimum. Of verbiage. It was not made for radio in fact that I notes and some people were texting and WE -- -- to carry the ceremony went out well. They are president you just don't know what's going on because it was so old. Organic yeah I guess that is bright award. And an in depth I can only imagine sitting down the first -- -- They sit down and they've got. Tableau in front of them and they have to fill it with the Nokia living in a deal obviously. Is celebrating a World Series championship -- handing out rings check raise -- check first pitch ceremony checked. And right away you've got all. We've got. An iconic mayor who's yelling and retiring in new mayor coming in. So let's make the new mayor in the rich and the retiring mayor mayor Tommy you know Marty while. Let's make -- checked checked. Let's bring in all the old trophies and get former patriots and Celtics and Mark Recchi and the Bruins in Delhi on how to handle all check check check check check okay Boston Marathon victims how we get a handle this with with dignity and respect. And decorum. And they have a major assignment there I assume at some point they have the nuts and bolts of the ceremony all worked out. And then it's a tragic fire in the back -- that claims the lives of two Boston fire pipers Walsh and Kennedy. Lose their lives. And and for those of width of a certain -- we're mindful that 721 no buyer. Which I -- watching the game on TV the White Sox were playing Griffin Wilbur wood pitching elect and you can see the smoke over the wall in right field over the roof. And Ken Coleman that we've just received word that full -- one moment. For those who don't know nine firefighters lost their life. So there are those of with a certain age -- mindful of one -- -- -- heard about this is it was also on the back pay via. And now they make a decision that they're going to incorporate the back page fired tragedy into the ceremonies and now they've got. Celebrate World Series team which depend on rings -- ban on a mayor's. A respected dignity to Boston Marathon bombing victims and pay respect. Through the Boston fire department yeah. That's a tough a lot that tall order and you've got to do such a way that that people don't feel comfortable cheering. And they don't feel comfortable buying and -- they they they need to be cute as to win the moment the moment appropriate. And they they. They are exceeded anybody's expectations. Yet there were never that you know am I supposed to be somber exposed each year -- posted adult -- -- happen. Yeah I was kind of flow I could've done without of David Ortiz World Series MVP raining -- has -- All right again -- they start -- charm bracelet and the it it just it was just -- the to a troubling. From being a pilot got it likes is going yeah yeah it that they go bowling. I like I hadn't really a problem that went out of his negative thing our people to do that is in the World Series MVP race that's I don't know. I mean -- I don't have any. Historical record of what's been done with that over the years I do know that. I believe that they used to given Doug you can help me with this but used to give the MVP of the NBA finals used to get a car. It in the as Cedric Maxwell. Won it became a poster -- -- a watch her. So -- those Cedric Maxwell. -- -- body has like the greatest post season of his storied career. In the year they decide to give the MVP. As bad timing watch as opposed to a brand -- -- as bad time that's spent on his part 61777979837. We'll get some calls coming up. Toxic Red Sox take yet the Red Sox pregame gets a year early impressions. Of the Sox now one trip to the rotation five games in. And where some -- your thoughts on what you've seen so far the very early returns to a -- Red Sox. Six -- 77797937. Chris quade Steve Buckley with your Sports Radio WE. Sports -- -- WEEI. -- -- Steve Buckley along with him. Here on. A beautiful Sunday morning at Fenway Park in center field studios right outside lands down street 617779. 79378. TT -- line. Is that 379837. A bunch of people weighing in on the tax on following the Red Sox seven to 611 inning loss. -- last night some on David Ortiz thing you absolutely can no longer say -- dot -- I respect. By the Red Sox after getting the contract after getting the four years and I understand that that some people have that feeling of Ortiz almost like they're tired of him were. Maybe not so much tired of him as -- of certain aspects. Of David Ortiz but. At the same time I look at it and say when he said last year. Or in the spring it's it's an out last year is in the spring training but he is one of the best ever Wear the uniform he's right. I mean he he ball a lot closer to the top among all time Red Sox hitters in the bottom on the -- at the top obviously Ted Williams played here -- He is one of the best ever to Wear that uniform he has produced. Like one of the best ever Wear the uniform and I really thought that he. You're showed another side of him that we've seen before the kind of a real sign of him when. He was hugging everybody was genuinely. Emotional and happy during that ceremony that's the kind of Red Sox ambassadors out of we're tees that we see and I asked that a lot it's not a reason to pay him. Its batteries and get in the contract in the contract to produce any gimmick contract because -- point of fact. He's the most important hitter on the team. This year not ten years ago but this year but. That aspect of it and a lot of people waiting to that he showed that I side of him a little bit in the in the ceremony on Friday and that's. Just his genuine is out Ortiz is in the same way that he genuine win. -- job to mossy Assam but its contract and he says well. I deserve to be paid I want another year. I think that actually get that that other year and he ended up getting a year and two options so. You know maybe people are tired of that aspect David Ortiz out I can understand that being hired at in the as a player being tired of having him on this team effort that a little bit -- -- -- distraught man's argument because I do think it's a minority of fans. Maybe to vocal minority but I do think it's a minority of band -- -- I mean to say you're sick David Ortiz. Is somewhat like saying I'm sick of -- I was sick that Larry Bird Fella. By the time he left that I was ready to go. Or I was ready for any great player -- you or -- he had not yet -- Of Boston sports stars he's one of the best ever to Wear that Red Sox uniform I certainly like set a lot closer to the top into the bottom. 6177797937. AT&T taxed like 37937. Now one thing I know. When I work with Steve Buckley -- and adoring public and every now and then he's got to talk to the -- -- is right. Is that would. Is that what you're doing out there and yes like the Sega beast is the body and he's yes yes. I thought them are your friends come up with an -- out street I don't think it raises a David Ortiz to have to balance out here you know after a half when I. Not a hater I got to deal with -- is somebody who in with regard to David Ortiz -- every single thing he does. You take a look at it now how can -- be negative about the my attitude is legal case by case with the Ortiz. For instance. White House healthy not gonna get worked up or were not crazy about it but not -- port F bomb up on him I applauded it. Yeah I thought it was the right teeing off on the orioles' bullpen phone. Ten games to -- adds that extra ten -- and it's horrible message sent out to buy utes. And it and we -- lost our second baseman ten -- -- At what about the contract stuff. A few guys that feel like that is being Janice I called why I call it whining and -- that's the Genesis that -- and 99 point 8% of the Ortiz disdain among even Red Sox and is the contract tots this year I really have a huge probably did. We didn't answer questions from -- to -- from our from our own the victimization David Ortiz and actually thought I. -- about the Ford support Arnold went to my feet and Nazis -- -- fact that the body of Chris Marley and rip job on demise very well heaven because -- seven hasn't requested any got a hell of an answer from. And he did his job well he got an honest answer that turned out the element by the way kudos to -- -- because Ross it -- on its spring training when that happened. It -- sit around and cocky or feed up. And it's a must -- is you know sticking around the back then you know -- -- the -- and Jason Ortiz to a car adopted David he's his car and said he process and you we are yeah exactly. I didn't have a problem with that this year about the one I get it and -- -- -- -- -- Reporter asks questions up. Athlete interest question right. Athlete gets criticized for -- manner in which he into question. And say first you guys complain they don't talk and then when they tock you criticized the right. He is right to a line and just because a guy talks. If a guy talks. I am not bound to applaud everything he says I as a columnist okay go ahead talk now I'm going to put -- in my analysis. My punditry of what you said. Agreement even discuss that I talked summit is -- Corporate it sounded different to say I disagree with for example I disagree with -- should get another year I disagree each get to carry out contract let him play -- but as opposed to saying I almost sounds like he came across I disagree with him even saying that -- -- I disagree with it is. Right to say that he. Think he deserves it or I disagree right -- target the -- one of the best ever to Wear the Red Sox uniform which frankly is a true statement. Right and that the factual statement that he's one of the best one of the best ever wearing an -- -- now. Is he the best don't laugh at that they'll now don't insult my intelligence that the best is that the other thing they're there there is a dope who emailed me all the time. Claiming that the best player Red Sox history better than Ted Williams based on his own funeral would. Is David -- -- of course even teed it up Jerry Horton -- and yesterday -- the witness them to write -- it's actually think that David he had a player than Ted Williams USA yet because of the I was I got to the post season a little area and are you listening to have no life. If you ever wanted on the radio with me Jerry I will fold spindle and mutilate every aspect of your existence there is under our case whatsoever for putting Ortiz hit it -- -- -- iconic. Player. Arguably the greatest. Hitter in history -- -- power with yet timber favorite. And and so let let's not sell people's intelligence by trying to. -- you know what it is it's just -- David Ortiz. Because it's what happens is if you try to take even it he's a better place and Ted Williams which is lunacy. Now you've you've got a state why he's not in -- disrespect but it even -- -- you. You put it perfectly easy one of the best players threats to -- of course he has guests. Despite that you can make your case if we're gonna put pitchers often decide is that separate category for Clemens and Martinez. You are young you make Casey's second. You make Casey the second now you and make I also like I'd say you know Wade Boggs and the basis of the batting title gaffe I -- a multi departmental arising. You know I'll consider an unidentified neighbor to the reds and it -- -- fox is the best lefthander -- that -- as a prince. I'm -- so I I hope what -- You must identify Babe Ruth. He won like 88 gains for the Red Sox are fine I don't -- by paper it's Red Sox here and there is that -- did legally you know run that the rights act with eleven. Who's 26 whatever I the only -- allowed to get by -- but we're we're would argue with him yes but my point -- guys that I -- -- its -- I. Cy Young guessing it'll identify and as a -- right that the pilgrims Americans where they act that. Back while. And -- say they were called. They with a Boston Americans yet and different newspapers we called him different names like the transcript might call them pilgrims. Then there are owned by a a guy named Charles Summers and I began to use just the paper owner I think Dan Johnson the American American League president acting on the team I think. But Charles Summers was the nominal owner yet he also on the Cleveland naps but. They were known as the Somerset because of Charles Summers so you because in the Summers that you could call the pilgrims -- -- -- different names -- But -- but most people called in the Americans. We'll act up when unidentified -- red sock he played for the summer's here though so there ego about it but I think you make the case that it David Ortiz is second and he gets in the conversation pride with you as with blogs. -- -- -- -- -- How are under comfortable uncomfortable saying that it would keys is any better hitter. Based on power batting average and that yes he's the better all around player when you factor in defense because. Which he doesn't play in the field as we all know and you as one member of gold gloves and. 6177797937. Let's grab a call before the break Jim in Peabody. Up next on Sports Radio HM. And our guys are. They practice publishers who did that want to thank you slope what was on the operating on topic first then the other what was. You -- real possible but we did that -- -- started but in the -- game. Was like oh I was of people stay inside the yes I looked -- a book that I was in my issue 1 o'clock and they get it. Oh yeah yeah I river that you vividly that was the it was also that was the gay and seven yeah I believe that was the day. That the NFL released its report on these Harrelson and remember being at that game I was -- the nationals with daily. -- you know what -- people forget. That it was just a short period ago twenty years ago. That you exists as Jim points out you can roll out of bed at noontime in Peabody and beat in fox corporate opening kick off -- 1 o'clock. The only reason I went on my -- real solid start and Trajan. Look and act but -- -- don't anymore you know he'll make it out -- you know you can get for -- on those two now the Gillette Stadium now dropped a nuclear bomb on route one all better. Well we went through a period up until -- Red Sox quote and quote fellow streak ended. That all four teams for awhile we're selling out on their games. Which is which which is it as much as we think the old days with the great days. That didn't happen even that even the Red Sox like in ninety Clements had a twenty strikeouts. Do like what 18191000. People a fight that. The -- what Westbrook rushed to actually reaped big did not try to by minute broadly it's what you are policed it. Think I was that that would that it was Indianapolis that was at that game didn't. On the Red -- It is the power that lineup -- -- I would Wasilla public and they wonder what genius at Columbus singles that he is Alitalia. I mean I don't act like the way we're defining power meter 2014 it is so much different wayward 2005. I think they have the potential to have three legitimate power bat an outline at least this year but part of its contingent upon a little -- and mean. It's easy to say -- you know the power hitter in just kind of throw that out there but you know because those -- home run guys aren't as wonderful is that you do that and again. -- internal Palestinian. That against him. Happily little though those three apple brought out what we're saying -- That is that there is a scenario plays they have so many prospects and your farm system right now. Marlins second winning anything this year with the without Stanton so therefore. You you know one and one equals to you and you collects on your prospects and one presumed to Henry Owens is not on that list. And you trade a couple of these pieces to the Marlins to stand -- him in left field. I presume that you would include an and again I'm not advocating that you trade Daniel Knoblauch. But I'm I'm guessing that novel would be. Part of the make believe trade package for yeah well I -- just because you got to open up like feel the stand. And is going to be. He he he's the guy I mean it's funny if he's the guy that you look at interns -- young power -- Major League baseball's you figure whatever the packages deprives him from Miami. It's going to be substantial they'll be substantial interests are quick break we get back to call them -- at 617. 7797937. Tax lions 37. Not a 37 Chris -- Steve Buckley -- you hear from. Our Satterfield studios at Fenway Park Sports Radio WEE.

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