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Chris Villani and Jerry Thornton Sports Saturday - Opening Day At Fenway Park

Apr 5, 2014|

Chris and Jerry get into the Ring Ceremony and the rest of the Opening Day festivities . Also, David Ortiz as an all-time great hitter in Red Sox history: How does he stack up against the greats?

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-- I figured this afternoon since I've never even met. -- -- before in a familiar this work your reputation precedes you sir. All really on trying to I'm trying to change that diatribe I just undo the damage of my reputation no -- good. I'm not -- -- good thing or bad thing it proceeds are out there and it. You know it is long is is on his spell the name right it doesn't have to be good publicity it's all probably that's a city yesterday. Would you rather be Ryan bronze -- being booed on mercifully were -- scooter Gannett. And everybody's kind of looking around one who's who's this guy I'd rather be gotten booed brightly and they know you are not a lot of Red Sox fans know who Willie -- polite until. He took a face plant we don't I don't dirt. And boom instant instant fame we all announce and I was just telling you I'm a little. Nervous actually seen making a start because he looks like he's really excited for the year to begin -- cast iron copies sprinted. Out of the dugout yesterday when he was go to the line at a. But where where I would question him is he didn't do what everybody should do when they humiliate themselves and found at 38000 people to turn -- -- I meant to do. Yeah I've that Peewee Herman always there that I've been that would in my whole life I meant to do that. This was just you know messages me make it a name for myself and it and it worked at a -- I apologize before we even get going. About the fact that and you listeners won't know this but and ended -- right now I just showed up like five minute. Is you don't have to apologize though I looked out the window and I saw I don't know what's happening in the pike if you're going eastbound I great man on the other way for twenty years pass either direction I would say that it's down to one lane yet but that would be an exaggeration exiled to less than one might -- -- seem like a. Like like an auto stunt show looking go to Disney and they show you like the magic of movies how they drive cars. And Google up -- -- up on two -- dad and drive like a hundred yards just on one that's what everybody I love that's that's my favorite part it is and that's exactly what. Yeah had to deal on the -- -- -- got to ramp -- just drive and on unhappily in April Cassidy totally -- It was nasty and you know it's not. You know -- EEI is opened to door to meet here I am trying to be a probe but. I realize right now on the yes -- -- all of W the we won't bet you though global let's start late to get the -- and -- I should not yet I felt issue at least run a lap. Around the -- block I I like the first race I coached football and if they still gently -- them run final. Erica it's there it's there. I -- Jerry -- with you this afternoon will be taking your phone calls at 6177797937. HTT tech slide is 379370. We can't get to know each other. Through the course of the afternoon will be absent on top -- plenty Red Sox and before you get to the actual game and some of the early impressions and act -- -- Larry is by the way. Already there's the questioning and it's not just the the cult towards the end -- Johnson. I guess job barrels honeymoons -- over how the heck yeah he got 34 games at the most and now it's already time to second guess. Why -- actually -- light up the -- under manage over manage in the season opener already hitting second guessed that seven wins the World Series didn't buy analog honeymoon I don't. I think these guys they're rings that aren't even leg room temperature yet you know there's still cold out of the blocks and never underestimate. The stupidity of people in the public that has always sell one guy who's gonna find that thing. To complain about it. I heard that car I couldn't believe that what what this guy be sane right now if you say a Mets fan -- I easily go to two Cleveland. Cleveland sports thinks are good buddies Cleveland sports -- And he's also maple leaves -- at parts is only am faulty dropping Cleveland's had a choice there ya again accidental -- act and it's just been in the decade the offer of a lifetime. A futility. I mean outside the movie Major League they have won any excess weight he's he's got absolutely nothing. The hold onto. And he would kill to have the complaint like literally taken life probably have the complaints. That Red Sox bad -- right now right the lineup after world -- who have a ring just sort of said to be able to AFC won in my lifetime. There weren't three and ten years in yet there are people out there that will pick up the phone if you know -- -- -- a time to dilate. And bitch about what Moses before it was the lineup. Vote that the the batting batting order the lineup yet but it wasn't too good at getting to be honest accountable -- probable lineup yesterday. I mean that that the fact that they didn't even win the game is so secondary to everything else that that we we saw come. John Farrell Blake should be bulletproof at this point a little while yeah -- you know you can you can. Tweak that guy at some point you can say he should have made this move -- -- that was that's fine that's part of being in a a sports -- -- It's your greater argument. Would never gonna win with this guy because that's already been settled right one for one. Or is the greater argument that he's doing something damaging team against you know beyond just the normal second guess on opening day. You know just the the way he handled the whole the ball guards -- running late Pierzynski hit against Brian mad as that was an easy second guess would Jonny Gomes who never got up. It's game 1162. And it's not that these games don't matter understand these count as much as gains in September but there is something to be said for not showing. Yeah the lack of confidence and a guy -- going to be starting catcher 125 games of yanking him in the eighth inning the first game of the year bright soul I think it's that balancing act managers have to think you know they're focused on the situation there's also a big picture focuses well. Eight I think it's an old school way of way I think it in and again I'm not saying that he's above. Criticism that that's part of the fun of this but my whole life I've been surrounded by eight. By old guys who just complain about the -- actually did -- only -- attitude has sought to particular religious -- -- Yeah what are their red dot bunch of fat cats don't care about you will you know what after the first championship. They should have been able -- of Kabul with another argument for -- and a few of them did the point of them happened and then both second and now -- three championships. It's. At what point are you gonna say that fueled arguments don't work well I think the population of guys who do that. Is down to just people who call sports stock she'll. -- its candidate the other fellowship of the miserable that Rick Pitino at her for two and I do think you see a little bit of that summit by the German by the media it's not that things are perfect but. You're just as eight kind of jumping off point for talking about here think about yesterday and I found myself doing this they did and on the NASA broadcasting. I'm sure a lot of Red Sox -- work you kind of mentally ranked championships -- just think about being at a spot you can rank. Which was your favorite championship -- was this better than for example 2001 with the patriots and where his -- is 2004 the Red Sox above everything else. If your Bruins or Celtics being you get into that conversation as well just that preposterous exercise. That we get to do and I don't think it's beyond double laboring a point of just how incredibly spoiled and fortunate we have band. And that's ceremony yesterday at that was fantastic I thought that it struck the perfect. Balance. Between being respectful and reflective. Of what it happened last year patriots day what happened last week in the back -- some of the tragedies that that have been following this city in in the recent past and also. That underscored celebratory. All I thought it was just perfect in the back -- ceremony and rank it with others and think about the different championships it's. It's like we've had a lot of practice at this and it really is 88 preposterous that harassment of -- over these last 1012%. I could agree with him more -- You're two men in the world that can make me cry. What do women can't trust me but there are exactly two men Steven Spielberg. And doctor Charles Steinberg. You're there every one of these ceremonies that that he's put on I'm particularly the ones after the that the championships. They they just I don't know they they -- pepper spray enemy you know in yesterday's was fine and I agree with you totally that. It was the right tone because it was reverential. -- to what we went. Through and you know it it it honored the victims with Al kind of cross a line like he could have done -- you know anything a boat. The people we lost in I would've been on board with that but at some point it may have been just -- too much like you know. You know respect in the privacy of the people that that you know we lost arm but not forgetting them if you if you -- -- -- -- -- and and I think you know especially year hence EU outside those. People out there and it was the the first of many poignant moments was when the rays were presented when their brought out from left field. Yeah and you saw the members of the the collier and -- the Richard's family. Richard Donahue. The MBTA police officer was nearly killed that night in Watertown now Carlos with his cowboy hat -- lot coming -- -- the -- -- -- smiles. In -- smiles and it's not that it's putting aside are putting in the past tragedy that still. Pain that goes with both physical and an emotional pain that goes with what they went through last year. But this is celebration and and you were respectful remembering what happened but also celebrating happy and enjoying a championship experience and that was. It's not an easy talents it's not an easy -- to strike a proper example the president was able to do it -- speechwriters whoever was able to do it on Tuesday with. The way that he referenced the the Boston Marathon tragedy last year but also -- year. Here for a happy photo op chaos celebration presented by -- And it -- strike that balance is not easy to do the doctor Charles and company I could not have done a better job yesterday without narration. It would a lot of narration there was not a big hesitation of okay. Went to be somber went to be happy -- to each year he just kind of float is very organic. Yet that's that's a great point and that I I think the president's remarks were good although I couldn't hear the moment Jonny Gomes is jacket. If there's a of a fault that I find with this ownership in the way they present things is sometimes. They get too much into into schmaltz and I will go back to -- That hundredth anniversary of Fenway thing gap which just was so over the top is that wing of the Red Sox Nation that. Arm the Ivy League people you know the guys in the red. Framed glasses who we like sweaters with elbow patches and read Doris Kearns Goodwin books and and watched Ken burns' documentaries or whatever in too many times that cater to those like nit wits com. France's I will never forget that hundredth anniversary thing when they -- John Williams okay John blame shore don't love him movie music terrific you know Jurassic Park that's great but they whenever they -- bang -- job of the pops two problems -- -- sure until I piano like. Like fourth of July as much as the next guy whatever. But when they said like and John Williams who has fed way parked in his DNA. -- just. You just cringed you know -- it's equally. Are anxious and embarrassing but it's the kind of thing like. Give John Henry loves to whatever -- they did none of that yesterday that's what so great about when they have something real. To celebrate I think is spot on and the whole story started with the bombing. Com and finishing with those of the the fire last week an engine 33 and fifteen arm. You directly. Affected the Stockton was part of the story and and I'll even say I think. It brought a team to gather I think he galvanized that the team and away like at the. The 25 guys that we're trying and are ready to make good from the disaster of the previous season and half. I think they knew they were trying to get back in the good graces of the public. And when this is. You know horrible. You know event took place -- -- -- front and center cannot -- you know and it was a reminder again for the first time in my life that 2011. And down. You know the the since 2012. They weren't a part of the fabric of the city you know and me like -- or ignore -- people didn't care it was a part of your every day life at a terrible deal. What little you heard about -- yeah you're resented comport well. The the bombing changed a lot of things and I really think you brought the team together. With the world or in the Boston strong thing you know I welcome to in the biceps and which -- actually. There's I forgot about it I'm. That was a really effective video was great but like you said -- beat you all for play. That he and it wasn't all the vote. The the bombings it it mentioned it but it was it was. It focused on baseball and and what -- did for the city and and it was fantastic it was great to see Mayor -- looked. Rate gap and and in -- is it. It's interesting mix of us sports stars and I think interesting mix is yet Mark Recchi -- hall of Famer and great player he -- -- we use here Boston. -- Teddy Bruschi. Troy Brown Ty Law all great patriots in laws hall of fame caliber player for sure. -- great players and there is Leon well. Hell yeah I act I put it like with all due respect to -- We all the people bring -- gave to against the lakers I know I know I -- that phenomenal. Yeah we do need to absolutely go back to that he was a big part of that championship in May be in its really not that much more complicated -- Piercing Garnett -- playing other places Ray Allen -- -- believe -- came -- and -- -- -- may be could -- -- Rondo over there war or even do any change you know great player was also the architect -- ET. May be just the best option available had ABC yeah there were some moments of levity Willie Peralta certainly supplied one. And that was a moment of levity for me witnessing apparently Leon -- in it. Com Rondo they actually asked them what he said he seven another birthday party. Tell me he couldn't make it there yet you know those Chucky cheese reservations that you're making -- -- deposit back on those so he he he had that. Like you returned to point out once and yet and he has celebrity got a theaters fact that. The big one it's a big -- But the the ceremony itself but I was it was very well done. And the part I like to also in this goes back to a conversation that really dominated -- big part of the spring which is the idea David Ortiz and -- get another contract and the segment of has Texas says here you -- genders and that. Passionate fans DOL passionate and you guys don't have a job well passion can manifest itself in more ways hinges -- activity Kelli. Actually come across in a lot of different ways and there are a lot of people that were passionate and negative about David Ortiz in the idea of giving them a contract now I never made the argument for me borrow. The ancillary parts we're -- the baseball ambassador leader that kind of the thing I try to make it more about business and I think the fact of the matter is he's the most important hitter in this lineup. I and as he goes so go the Red Sox they're going to be one of the -- run scoring offenses league is they were last year but. -- on that you know if you buy into some of the intangible things you -- yesterday because as much as. The negative -- teasing and the talking about the contract wore the -- -- entering burst in this -- I can't defend in a mover he burst into the the press conference Francona to play about the RB act as much as that's real and that's passion. From Ortiz. Manifesting itself in a negative way which -- site yesterday I think was real to its 6000 hogs you know console weighing. Eight family that it just lost a loved one that was genuine for David Ortiz and that's the other part that. It goes beyond just what he doesn't appeal which is still port and makes him has made him such an important part of this organization in the last ten years I just pulled yet. At this segment that might be as strong man's argument is small segment. It seems to be in some sense tired of him I don't -- you get tired of the guy who is one of the great players in the history of your franchise. Yeah and and who hit 700 in the post season -- -- Sallie Martin I don't think he was ever not on base it at any point arm but I was one of the people who. Didn't wanna see him re signed. Before last year I thought they would do and for all the wrong reasons. I didn't think it was a baseball decision. I thought it was just trying to you know engender goodwill with people -- -- when he twelve going to 2013 yes yes exactly win when you know again he would complain about his contract. They bought into it a you know re -- them an eight day extended -- minerals like. This is this is the the wrong kind of decision to make is this is a business decision this is a PR decision not a a baseball decision well. I think I'm the only one who still admits that I -- that get a bit at what else was like -- -- in retrospect are all on board with that but arm. Clearly it was a good move and clearly it was Smart. To keep them Jenkins he's he's still hitting I don't know how he's doing it and I know eventually. It's going to be musical chairs and you know he's gonna have to sixteen million dollar contract that he can't fulfill because he's. Going to be two birdies going to be -- will do whatever and they're gonna be stock. But I don't care you know I mean he's he's already. Paid for this contract it into extension. Just with. What he does on the field in what he did it's something like like yesterday I think it counts and the matters I think it's important for the team. Today to have a guy like him who could be -- positive face of the French ice. And you know what let's face of the team that doesn't have the best track record. When it comes to you know hiring minorities or whatever and he's the most beloved figure may be in the history of the team. Com yet it in yesterday prove that now I'm I'm all on board it it is long is he keeps complain about his contracts I say keep spending John Henry's money to keep them here I don't. I don't care while we're done with that at least were finished with the complaining about the contracts right and I had never again was aids in black and white can't get 600 plate appearances you trigger the option at what is it sixteen million you -- for 25. You trigger the option that they get to eleven million that's it. Short -- black and I thought I guarantee you in March at 2015. -- finally got to Fort Myers complain about want a new contract that's just how it's going to be I mean. And I respect that it you know at some point I think. Talent just allows you to do certain things. -- you know I mean like at lake I it's is distasteful to me years it was the yield that he barged into a press conference the complete double -- and RBIs and a remember thinking at that time like a mansion for a second. Vince Wilfork doing that you know Belichick still and is. Post game press -- and I am answering questions easy and it is what it is or whatever in -- coming to complain because they took a half a sack away from him or something like that. Not a million years would that happen. Like different climate I would -- at Foxboro it and then take his every Terry Francona basically. Balance or at what he did it to Terry Francona did for -- -- entirety is is Red Sox manager he was that players' manager kind of fall on the sword for yet. Bill -- Runs things. -- so yeah I couldn't I couldn't imagine absolutely couldn't imagine. Ortiz has different kind of passionate they then. A guy like Wilfork and that's why you kind of take the good with the bad but in the same sense so to guide other examples -- Tim Thomas you know some of the hard headed parts of Tim Thomas. That need is exit of some people somewhat polarizing and ignoble but. You know to others say they can't shrug and say whatever 2011 -- man who cares and I get both of those arguments but that also was the kind of mentality that allowed him come back from playing in Europe. And then have the career Renaissance of the adding to his thirties you know sometimes you need. Both the good and the bad that that's psychological element can take you to that next level and Ortiz is -- lack confidence in himself as well we should he's one of the best players in the history the price of one of five best players in history is franchise. I -- right ease you up there in that conversation any damn well knows and if you ask -- about it and frankly I don't have a problem would actually be you know. You can make the argument he he's the best and I know it's only been ten years -- -- only well you act and act in a -- it's that -- only I don't think. Ted Williams -- oh my all time like. Favorite most iconic athlete of of -- than him in my you know that. In history and I'm almost in in my life -- -- not a guy playing them say it. Since I was a little kid. I read his books I glad I squeezed more book reports out of might turn at bat the story of my life by Ted Williams that -- the endemic in count I mean any time you -- the -- book report I do it if they said. It has to be a biography I'd do that has to be a nonfiction I do that. I could probably read the whole thing like. Verbatim off the top of my head but. The fact is Williams. Was no more fielder then. Com or David Ortiz I mean you visited different fielder at best yes he -- lot of records he also you know. To be fair Neville ONEOK will won a World Series he went to one where he had like 200 hey don't let it -- injured the 46 here are just put. You know if you. Listed all of his clutch hits of his career out of the hole you know 2500. Hits and in his career whatever. I don't think -- have anything that would. Come close to just the Grand Slam that that Ortiz hit alone and that wasn't -- the fifth biggest clutch hit a Ortiz his career. A lot of -- it's a lot of that though those moments in in. It's kind of like the you know bottom line is to me you're not talking yeah it -- the greatest. And I hate myself for even forget about it I think what he means to me but -- think about it after after Williams. Then you've got a case were -- I mean I don't know if you're setting aside pitchers because Pedro and Clemens also all time greats may be setting aside. Guys who are identified as Red Sox. They root for speaker Jimmy fox guys like that but I I think the broader point is correct. The idea that Ortiz a lot higher up that list. And maybe people would think if if they just out of body quickly and when he said he was one of the greatest to ever Wear the uniform in spring training he was not. He was. Absolutely not and you know apart of that. That chip on his shoulder is is part of why he's always squawking about his contract why he's complain about his. Is it is RBIs being taken away or whatever. And that's the you know it's all it's two sides of the same point and it manifests itself yesterday with -- about that -- -- -- coming out with his rings out on a chain. But it charm bracelet all I have that if that wasn't a total pit bull I don't know what was and I say that in the best possible way. That was just thrown it down if by the whole system of baseball. And then. Add that to. You know the -- this Ruble and the up the World Series MVP ring -- and then that the new series -- to that that was a -- that there was just -- and everybody's nose and it and you know -- he can do because he's the only guy embossed in Arnold three teams. That to earn a ring and in god bless them -- EP can't do it enough for me I am hoping that it takes that chain off -- goes with a plea. Sports or he would WEEI can't get many slower on the basis so why not. 61777979370. Get some your phone calls coming up get some text messages while. Pockets of baseball and hey you wanna complain about the in the lineup we're here for that's why an actress Claudia Jerry Norton with you sports -- WEEI.

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