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The Red Sox Get Their Rings

Apr 5, 2014|

Getting into the show, Mustard and Johnson discuss the Opening Day and Ring Ceremonies at Fenway Park. There was still a game to be played and after controversial call at 3rd base, the Sox fell to the Brewers in the 9th. Can this team defend it's title?

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-- it's Saturday must be sports Saturday and mustard and Johnson right in the middle of a Red Sox weekend. With the arch rival Milwaukee brewers' opening day yesterday another. Banner hoisted high atop the fans that -- huge banner. Draped across the green monster but he got their rings the marathon survivors out there. Quite a day at Fenway Park and fortunately in Milwaukee Brewers decided this war. Four runs Larry in the ninth inning against your guy more week you've been. Talking about him all offseason long makes his Fenway debut would implode before 35000 plus yet in the past year he's. Is that we had trouble gripping the ball into the -- with -- -- I don't know what excuses but obviously. -- that did not farewell and that day however can certainly take nothing away from the maestro. -- -- Well the nicest guys in the world by the way we have him on Christmas at Fenway and he talked about the anatomy any talk or any talks where you know when he -- up up up up up up. Would you rather have ballots now he's great thank you he is during -- -- broke down arguments armor can sit back when media pad and pencil inches -- now. How they want everything ago and certainly there's some touching moments out there. Talk about two different worlds coming together -- have defiant men of fibers in the family. And then you have the ball plays and they all merged together and it's like two different worlds coming together and and I thought it was great having the -- all the trophies are coming out and Mayor Menino really touched me the way they treated him and had him about here's the great -- here that a lot from Boston. I just thought it was it was a great great occasion. Only complaint I have NASA NASA and understand it when you doing to ring ceremony how much time would take pitches punch out the names. In his each person comes up the dugout you despise the person's name I -- -- the park they have the diamond vision apparently -- that -- far -- name but we're not privy to that I'm being picky but I'm just saying. A story of one parties are black around the -- and -- -- is David he's Arthur wasn't amused as you didn't know. A lot of what he -- nationally saying. I'm saying that they issued a put the name on the bottom of the screen so when each person I -- you -- schools to use the budget but is lightning Wellesley youth is is each person comes out of the -- -- his. And on the bottom of the screen and they. But other than that invest in -- fantastic job point of solo in focus stage again in. I mean we're so used to. The quality there's certainly had enough practice during it -- a pre world series championships by. Nobody -- that event that Larry and in it was a great occasion. Yankees in -- are tied to order to. Cameras and that's the -- 58 to go up the one thing I do like about baseball really truly is it. It is a 162 games there was almost out of them off games or rain delays like. You always know there's going to be something on the you can watch. You can always had you know find time to watch -- -- game -- inning in I'm I'm glad the season back now exhibitions these and is over. Going to be interesting to see it's too early to formulate much of an opinion of them. I tell -- if I had to take one player on that team it would be Pretoria he has got the shields up. In other than defending his own Bob plays he keeps his mouth shut he gets a nice contract. And he's just a dirt Prague and please hi every single. Game I would take him over any player on the team even Ortiz. Yes I would I would I think the Red Sox made the right decision by extending Ortiz even knows where. Only another caller -- and we're guaranteed finale he's happy I do say this to you with a guy to Ortiz or -- -- go to the White House thing again now forget we have talked about well odd weekend but I mean it. This is what I I've finally conclude with Ortiz and you watch the reception. And in every week. You cannot go against this guy he is really popular well lobbed. By Red Sox Nation. He has his -- flaws and in the whining in in some of the other little things about Obama are Ortiz Ortiz. By. He's well and I mean you know and if he has anywhere near this season -- last year I've just to a conclusion. Leave them alone and let him do his thing to. Trying to pick out little things that as a human to wherever his entire career while because I am I don't think that it has -- you've got to the -- HUBK -- you wipe that thing yesterday he gets the two greens and everything and he's the last one come out and you're just. You come to a conclusion he's he's a great player are you surprised -- ever complain again and I don't know I don't know why can't you can't do that obvious thing to think. You can change anything is just not happen I can tell you that for years very proper hour finally come to this dollar valuation -- now is not you just wave the flag at some point and not that I'm saying he should -- You know slap around and criticize on the time but I think he should be treated like any other -- player out there and if you say something -- would do something that you. Don't agree with that I think you should be saying it but you know he's a great talent -- -- -- home on. Remember drier than Ortiz I would -- So I would make the case that there would be no ceremony yesterday. Without David Ortiz back in 2004 without David Ortiz in 2007 and certainly without David Ortiz. In 2013. I Pedroia is a glue guys a hard solely scrappy. You know he has his emotions and spirit and every game. He did the right thing by calling out Ballantine a couple of years ago there's no question about he is a great player to have on your team but they don't win these championships this era. A Red Sox baseball which is the greatest in a century since those first five champions is back in the early twentieth century. Does not happen without the report glorious three men to have that you just Larry have been telling his for years you -- -- just take an understand that's the what's. That's just the other site I want etc. it appears and you put up I think you get to a point -- you will -- once I get up ignore what you say wow I'm like a lot of why aren't allowed in the baseball media guys American accused his range. You -- about. Who went to get a stop right there Larry Johnson is a kiss is. Ray I mean he's he's got for now because now they that'd be a little other jewelry to lose -- it's fine. He's got charisma I people are drawn to him I'm -- -- not compare that I think it's great I'm just saying that I. I think Pedroia goes unnoticed a lot and he played last year with with a banged up from an idea I just lob. Watching him play that's all he wants to do go allow my play and that's all you hear about with him he's just -- it's just shortly my what my favorite players on the team are you concerned it. All we're only into four games so far Red Sox split the first four. After losing obviously in the seasonal for -- against ball came back with a two wins was last night a week a disappointing he is not their stopper. I he's going to be is set up guy and a very tough second half of the season last year in Saint Louis have -- Siemens in the post season are you concerned at all about -- Rica in his melt. Down in and out of his arm and he's always got a 21 point six over an hour and it's gonna go down to draft could probably go down and out. The only thing and I'm surprised everybody and up in May -- it's just me but. I thought after he gave up the two runs like tour runs is not an insurmountable. Lead that you can't come back from that are especially last year's Red -- yeah right our surprise. Ferrell left him out there. So long it to just you know when you -- to perform mock up there it kind of hi this is worth. Ferrell and you know that he is a godlike figure in every way as far as I'm concerned. He was the manager of the year even though Tito actually won that particular award. Did everything right pushed every button. Sure you can car and find something. That he did not do well speaking of carpal get into that a little bit as well. But I could not figure out. Why Ferrell didn't ask for a review. That tag play at third base Richard Davis ninth inning it's obvious he came. Listen I'm gonna say something and in this is what happens when people who don't have anything to do. Other than -- suspecting their -- -- so they said they're trying to come up with a new idea -- all the time to do things. So come -- let's -- replay in baseball. The first one I mentioned a couple of names to you Luke Ridnour. Earl Weaver. Hal McRae. I mean what it's one of the fun parts -- based. Well a lot as a whole lot of second. Earl -- I'm a little and elegant and well look I already got but what's wrong with this picture -- -- are talking about the ability manager art. I'm talking about this summer there react come out and argue with the -- pirate stuff. The activity is some of the seasoning. Of the game itself ice though Robert Gates from I have found in Yastrzemski -- home plate with the dirt. You know you can become -- barrel with this stuff that you end up losing their candidacies and yet that was Bobby Valentine was very good at that I enjoyed it's I was out. The -- of the tempering you'll point out that was a play. When you come racing out of the dark now whether you can change their opinion and not. If you come out you race out of the dugout and you go to town with that play because it's obvious Davis. -- came off the bag. In their works and tagged him in the back. Initiatives like. I don't yet of this are let's go to the replay I guess the certain parts of. Do you now have Ferrell did the right thing by not asking for a review there now I wanted one. I mean you just shaking your head and why we're where is the review come how we Edison new technology but now let's take I guess there's other thing is I'd rather have the argument that the goal was even an argument I know but I don't even now. Now what that's why. But I mean he should've at least answering I don't know what that was amassed -- after the game is that. Well that's not necessarily -- is that that because people have been talking about it all day we discourage our producers have no replay we heard somebody also. Texas and abject and have a cup you can challenge there is you can challenge -- there would have been all this discussion about they've been discussing it ever since. He did not challenge it yesterday afternoon so there is a challenging place. And I think the problem is that not everybody at Regis prove that. Not everybody's up to speed exactly. What the parameters here are what the rules and regulations are where this reply. You can't challenge after the sixth inning because that was discussed after the game there were more than a few people he saw the news conference for John fairly -- after the game. People ask you didn't really wanna go there he I think he realized he made a mistake yeah I -- -- thought they had a couple of challenges and in the course of the game now will get the official rules. I'll -- OK we're gonna we have Ferrell and -- the early yesterday Leo yeah. We know from my vantage point. Look like his foot got him. So that call came and from the surveys from our dugout didn't see him come off the back and even in their conversation with. Art -- internally their video didn't seem like this. The replay it was conclusive. And -- much. Well you know from his vantage point I think is the key phrase and you know that I am who I like to hunt for a what's not to like the guy delivered a World Series championship after the disastrous managerial -- the year before. But that was a mistake yesterday. His vantage point that's why they have replay that's why you have the technology so you can challenge it and both Jerry. And DO. Set and I think pretty definitive -- that they -- her over -- -- -- at first they weren't sure but it is increasingly obvious with every replay. That Davis was out at third base no question about that that would change that inning and I know it's only. One game the fourth game of 162 game season but -- -- change the tenor of that ninth inning Rudolph the -- -- but I don't want. But that's what makes baseball such an interest in sport because it's slow down enough they give you time. To analyze each play. That's what makes -- so in unlike the -- sports as you say. It's hot people always say how can I don't talk about hockey mark talk about this from where you came in certain aspects of it but. The plays themselves are going so fast from one shift to another shift our basketball. League baseball things kind of slowed down a bit. What have we gotten so far right of this I think blaster was really solidly gave -- seven innings two runs. Lackey battled back he gave you six innings two runs in them. NPV struggled a little bit but he gave his six innings two runs and I think if the bullpen. -- the ball that was very good as our -- evaluate their ya -- and that's listen. It's gonna happen I just thought they should have taken not more leak out after the after he gave up the two runs it's obvious. He didn't have it. From a hitting -- it's so early you can't really formulate any real opinions. -- nice to see Jackie Bradley come back and get a couple of and -- he drove a ball that was an out. To right field and in Baltimore that -- the hottest while I've seen him hit a while so. If it's going to be interesting to see what happens with him I like having a money team I think he gives you. Some different things he gave his speech he gives you defense and -- ingests. Get some confidence and is hitting Bogut didn't have a good game yesterday but stale. You can look at him and you can tell with his patience at the plate and everything that he's gonna make pitchers work. To get him out and damn it. I like a lineup I think it's a fascinating lineup I think there are some appointment viewing. People they come up to the plate like -- or invoke -- and Ortiz obviously India in size more. Yes I think I notice our -- ski Lackey made a very interesting comment. After his game the other night. He said he loved throwing to prison ski because Pierzynski called the great game -- safety -- but thank. -- -- worry about his next pitcher anything he just trusted Pierzynski. And let him in his you know Saltalamacchia. A good guy good player. But he didn't have the after two I think that some of the pitchers. We trusted enough and I think that it was his it was -- a pick that up for the -- yet but it was very interesting. How he really went out of his way to compliment after says he's called the game. Well and Lackey Amber's -- you think sometimes they might class as they're similar personalities very feisty but if he can sit back and not have to worry about that was catcher do the job a lot. Jason Varitek in his prime and that's what. A catcher should do what's the most important every day position on the field if you get a guy like Pierzynski has been around won a championship. Understands. The American League so well. And not that Lackey doesn't but that is obviously tremendous assets you look at it starting pitching. Peavy turned in a very good performance. Six innings and two runs exactly what you want from PV. Bullpen has been terrific you mentioned a Lester and Lackey starts. You really cannot complain. At all about the Red Sox have -- they split the first four games -- but I look at it this way. And we've talked about the last time we got together was last week and they and played a regular season game yet in spite of. The moving ceremonies yesterday in that big red banner. Over the monster in the marathon. Survivors handing out the rings in Boston Pops they -- my friend Bruce -- playing the trumpet again. Out on the diamond. I think this has been one of the least anticipated regular seasons and while. I don't really even at the end of the game people were not at that went parliament where there are a lot of people wearing red sweaters last night or those empty seats I was in the end of the sellout streak as it a voice that they sold Alda but they. Left early they got out pretty early don't know why I am the -- every time they -- to the upper decks or or or certain parts of the ballpark. Nobody that no people there the fans had gone early in a Tutu gave up talking about. I know it was a little cold as did Robert. I agree with you because is it this team has a history of of come at some amazing comebacks and stuff so I was a little bit surprised that that. Well what you're after or neurons that are comfortable there at all in EZ form com on I Larry I'm not talking about when -- 62. I'm talking about in the ninth to seventh inning -- It was it was not banged out. There -- a lot of people who left empty seats in a lot of the areas of Fenway Park I understand it was cold and raw. But I just think this year. If you really wanna look at it from off a longer perspective. I I think this is just the Red Sox playing with house money. Are they good enough to make the playoffs absolutely they're good enough to make the players didn't win their share gains -- probably win ninety. In 92 games they're probably gonna get at minimum wild card may be with the division. Certainly the four teams. That are all have a shot at winning division they're going to be each other Robin and maybe that's all you need is about ninety wins. To win the division you think that at least one wildcard. Is gonna come out of the division Red Sox forget that they don't win the title. But it it seems to me is if -- may be yesterday is really not enough evidence but it just seems to me is if this team. And not duplicate what they did last year. I just don't think you're gonna see all these ninth inning rallies like you -- caching at the -- And though what you're looking -- Sizemore and com. Oh god I think you're you're really getting you. You should get if they stay healthy. -- more you should should get some more production. I mean -- are you a lot of production out of him too but I'd -- I think it's interesting I mean you're gonna get more production out of the them then watt. I think ogata is gonna give you more offensive production and -- It's shortstop -- let's see -- I think he's a very. Again he's he he's an appointment viewing ball player and that committee is what I measures sometime and I'm just watch and a game no. You know obviously you want them to win by. You know when they announce okay the next three hitters coming up and I can't appointment viewing very interesting enough that you anticipate seeing something special. -- I think they have a couple of guys like that may be whether Adam last year. They didn't have -- in my last year they really didn't have both rats and a flash Yemen then victory you know who hit the clutch time in my primary campaign -- back he will but I just thought it I think last year the hole. Was greater than the Som of the individual parts to use a way of going from last -- first okay you couldn't get any worse than the year before and your guy Valentine and so opt for them to come back the way they did yeah. But I hope to god we never get to a point where we've become complacent -- like with the patriots or whatever interest. Expect these teams to win and I mean believe me there are plenty of teams out there who would give their eye teeth to have what we. Get a chance to go and watch every day and we -- -- we we are fortunate. In this town with the Bruins with the patriots and and the Celtics have come back again I believe Adam pay act but Obama. Said the best. They Boston enough already. I mean basically that's what really comes down to -- me the best Sox win. There -- yeah. That's really come out as ceremony was when it was nice I mean -- you know a lot of people can't help but mix politics and with -- of these things and you have to be able to separate stuff once in awhile and I thought it was good I thought he did that make it in front of him because again Napoli Napoli. Messed up that and as good morning shows said. He got nine out of the ten names correct that's a pretty good percent to 900 listen I broke her arm up every week I'm not really the name names now it's not Jones and Williams and you know it. So it was -- the the Ortiz thing and when it happened and I watched that fibers that that's pretty cool you know I -- I was pretty cool India itself be moment yet -- when I found out after that it has signed a deal with Samsung and. And start your he'd be you know the that wasn't part of the deal they didn't say -- while Guinness healthy -- -- Obama he was supposed to be there. Social media representative part of the deal was just to be there and report on it it was his spontaneous decision. To do this obvious that's David Ortiz -- -- volley but he get upset about that. David Ortiz is David or telling Hispanics the president here reaching in your pocket or your big body was in space but I thought it was appropriate because Obama got into trouble with his many critics. Opt for taking itself the of himself and me it was the European leader. Female European leader who is fairly attractive from a -- is why it is mission upload it. -- gave him a pretty ugly as they hired Jack and air force to. So I thought it got to cave full circle itself be department pay again. How can you complain whether you like Obama are not. It's nice to have that problem -- we'll all the team members go to the lighthouse for the Rose Garden ceremony despite all the political issue. They want to I don't know who dresses sparkles but he looked like a lot of Kampala I think you're in -- make that kind of money get a nice dark blazer. White shirt and a tie in you'll look fine I mean you look talk about not me Bennett thank god thank you mr. GQ 617775. Kind of money trust me -- 3:7 I -- not your brother 37 RT my seven assists than is the tax line we'll get into the Red Sox opening day for the first time in nine opening day games at Fenway Park actually -- -- they lost that. Six to 20 we'll break down that game we'll talk about the season we'll get into some other things as well. Your telephone calls just around the corners 6177797937. It's mustard and Johnson. Sports Radio WEEI.

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