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WEEI WrestleCast - Scott Sudikoff and Ben Kichen Preview Wrestlemania 30

Apr 4, 2014|

Its Wrestlemania season and the boys are here to predict the matches and storylines.

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-- -- -- -- -- To another fifty. Don't you. Guy Russell -- that is a very special one we are as a record this we are. How many hours away 55. Hours away -- from wrestle mania -- thirty day in New Orleans as a record this. And by the way -- -- -- alongside. And kitchen -- got by the way are you not young men anymore. Not I have one more year of being young -- -- -- still young men and then okay. -- well young -- of Friday from the dale and Holley show hauling a great in new dale and Holley show tonight descent into old Disney whose arms. From the demolition to -- the best the best thing was when I tuned in for the first show this week and it was. At what I remember the old opener sing a song at least these acts -- and it's funny because how many years is a bit it's been. Three years at least in aegis I'd rather for -- this I heard the song and I was like -- I remembered this kind of gives you memories so. Let me just eat I don't know if you know this Scott or people listening to -- so were -- -- this. Music college bracket Knology. -- -- new theme song so we have sixteen songs that we've selected you've we do listeners have helped us electorate put him in -- bracket Foreman and we're gonna find out what the best -- -- So we've been unanimous show the last couple days putting the two songs against each other letting people vote. Answer yes they would do special wrestle mania one. Stone called steam or skull cult of personality CM -- -- I guess which one. It was the closest race we've had. I'm gonna say stone cold one CM punk just. My hair his dad Eddie just use a 48 and then maybe just because it was. Re old song -- and I think it's partly because it's a real song not that if that ends up being the show's theme I exited the I am I old idol. LB listening all the time for sure is that the top of the hour -- the top of the hour out -- just for the stock. Thanks. So there's that that a lot of the meter to have I don't think so rather -- I don't know you know Demeter. You know if you. Had he'd get a meter donors I don't I still don't understand ratings to this day. So I know the higher the number the better. Yes yes. So there's a certain amount of meters on the marketplace in the quote Boston marketplace which is you know Boston to -- although it's like almost cost her out of basically Worcester. Down to a Plymouth area Fall River New Bedford area. That's the Boston market which comprises of you know X amount of people and of those people. And about 17100 of them have these meters but the carrier around them and it picks up wherever frequency. They're listening to. So for example -- your car your listening to WEI picks it up and register how when you listen to if you get out of your car. And you walk into a store in the store captaincy playing the same magic are it's gonna say you listen to magic for X amount of time. While I was picking up that frequency that's how the meters work. So you'll walk around it meters in their pocket yet. Is that really the best way to figure these things -- now. I don't think so nobody it's it's a better way it in a way it's about a wave in the old system which was diaries which who has -- -- amount you. You'd fill it out and say I listened to WEEI from 6 AM to 6 PM right which is garbage. You know you're just you know it it's not it's not account for all the times you may have switched to dial. To say okay along with some music for a little while it didn't account for that. Unless you were completely honest about where you were listening to do so. It's not a great system but it's better the moment hat. Now we got that tension out of the way. Let's heads I was ordeal wanna once I had to some wrestle mania tock in Grasso. Before we get into Sunday's card which I think is very solid lineup in 1990. Can you project percent car bomb. For those of you listen to our podcasts and subscribe to the -- test Twitter count which is so will run he's got thank you thank you welcome. My dad for misspelling wrestling like four times and I don't I don't get the -- every time I don't -- last three episodes have been the wrestler. The rustling through wrestle -- -- a T -- sorry. I pointed out to you like the first couple that's the third time -- I did it because that apple and I just thought. Either a no you're just you're just a certified idiot yet. Or. Yes okay. Thank goodness all right let's skip -- war we get into the card at this Sunday. We'll take a quick trip. Down memory lane -- because. With a WWE network. I know the last month or so I've been bouncing around especially wrestle mania is watching matches here and there that I don't remember that I never saw. It is -- getting. Re acquainted with some moments. So I have told you -- what I was doing was. So I was a bit you know how -- you and I started talking about doing this over a year ago. And it's. I was really into these de OSW review video podcasts which I introduce you to and we both. Enjoyed the -- and select candidates why we we're doing this Tuesday and to -- -- is the best wrestling podcast. Outside of clicks on -- errant. So I eat what they did was the -- Chronicled a certain -- saw -- sort of watching paper -- after they finished up which was. Summer slam 93 right now -- assuming -- ten. And lastly I just watched -- for a hard and that's one of the matches I went back and I watched because I didn't at that time I was watching I was. Well I'm a seminary years old but I could have been watching I just know it wasn't. And I know I've seen the match but I want to go back and really watch it and then kind of go. Asked for it later down the road to rest and the main event where he'd -- are -- and quote unquote beats -- goes to a I I kind of look at that -- -- not a better way for Bret Hart to win the championship that day I don't entirely remember it was. He he got revenge of the salt you know Ozuna slipped off the middle row well that's how I act it is head yup that's -- everything that guy gets me there is that. -- think America remembering this correctly is that. Brett didn't immediately jump on -- hand there was still some time in between -- -- OK -- in milk and bread roll over and gets a moment like time goes by it's like -- Yoko Zune or really knocked out from this for this long. And Brett makes the country gets the pain in and then whoever comes out that's what -- you know I guess and that's and that's the wrestling thing where it's of that though. During that dead period -- wrestle mania is kind of stunk. So many ten had two of the greatest wrestle mania matches of all time what. Brett persona which is fantastic if you've never seen it go watch it it's amazing to open the show did open the show and it was absolutely amazing. And then make you have the latter match you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Continental title as the latter matches the first of its kind. In the WWF and it was fantastic. It wasn't so crazy over the top who's really -- Just as well like thought it's not like what it is and the latter matches tend to -- today which is -- spot driven but the you know did the latter was used. In. -- say real -- I guess -- because you realistic way appropriately out realistic ways -- wasn't. In nowadays and you love to see it Kofi Kingston using it as a sling shot you know jumps on that flies in the interest of in the latter snapping -- happened there's seven latter's in the ring as is one latter it is too but there was one. Latter that was mostly used in the first time ever using. Using it as a weapon yeah that's kind of what it became the first time they used as a weapon. And it wasn't the first latter match they've had as a member a couple of years prior. Shawn Michaels had a ladder match for Bret Hart the it was 1992 and it wasn't even like paper view it was. One of those just random shows some. -- that's on one of the latter match dvds but this is the first one that was on paper view. Wrestle -- specifically obviously -- And -- did all they could to make them match out and memorable on you mentioned a down period and to -- is there's no bigger case of the down here's the following year wrestle mania eleven where. I try I. I couldn't find exactly what their plan was but their initial plant wrestle -- eleven could not have been a Hartford Civic Center. Now -- -- action might have been because they had been I guess they knew all I guess they knew at the time that there were counted down. Attendance numbers had been dwindling since 91 even and if you remember correct did believe it's wrestle mania. Seven which was Hogan -- slaughter at at being at the LA sports it was supposedly coliseum right. And one of the stories you hear is that there's a -- Erica Sargent slaughter was such a good bad guy everyone hated. All day and that that. And there was engine quote. Bomb threat quick tangent Debbie Debbie we network as -- of the legends of wrestling roundtable. And they had on they have a special one which -- thing was produced a couple of years ago but it -- went on patriotic characters and they had Sargent slaughter as one of the main. And discount chronicling how obviously he went you know. Before he became the Sargent slaughter that you know he was he was a bad guy and he became the good guys Sargent slaughter because of iron sheik. Back in the eighties. -- he he initially had one of the most violent matches have ever seen with pat Patterson who like 1981. It was quote street fight. It was brutal bloody violent the really good up now if you're new wrestling fans some of the older stuff is kind of hard to watch does. It's it's a very different style. The matches like that. Were brutal and violent and if you wanna see some violence go check out I believe it's stark 83 which is the first -- the dog collar match Roddick I perverse Greg and hammer Valentine. Now yeah -- young piper and young downtime if you remember -- on from the ninety's here's terrible. But in that match brutal violent bloody awesome. Siemens wrestle mania seven sergeant slaughter at that time was anti America -- -- I thought came into my head -- the WB network you don't understand or talking about. You go watch -- of wrestling roundtable patriotic characters you go back what Tressel made seven and boom. And then he gets and he wants this country back and everything at -- now going back to our point Hartford Civic Center wrestle -- eleventh. It just if you watched that. If you just if you pop in that tape and you got to the middle the card. And he sat there and they erased all wrestle mania decals from the arena. And saw -- show. You had you would have no clue that it was a Russell yeah you'd think it was a how -- -- just I mean there were. Empty seats in the Hartford cities on the news that really downtime in the main event. Any great and obviously it's you know you'd take -- take the involvement of a guy like Lawrence Taylor when they damn thing -- that's the main events. Roof. And in the under match was diesel over -- with the semi main event which. You could argue should have been the main event but with Lawrence Taylor being involved and it was just after Lawrence Taylor retired he's still a huge name as before all the craziness went on in his life. It made sense yet get a huge celebrity comeback he'd do it now it makes sense from. And it. It wasn't half bad match. When you think -- and considering celebrities coming in usually don't know how to do it in once there's a -- of an -- so he can kind of coast through it and bam -- very underrated worker carried his ass and it was halfway decent match so. It wasn't. Wasn't the worst main event ever seen which is reserved for Jones universal ms. which wasn't a bad match either just the fact that ms. was involved in and retain the championship. Kills it for me for all time so I just hate that character. So it's people keep moving forward here actually knock out our look back. And things start to pick up Odyssey resonates well he had the Iron Man match. Amazing match it. No yes sixty minutes of nothing I mean sixty minutes of just wrestling there were no falls is twelve was the was twelve X twelve Anaheim pond. Yeah -- it's a twelve was the one where gold dust. Roddick I've -- her Hollywood back clot brawl which they apparently had film like a week before wrestle mania but then obviously the candidate and they came back into the area which is cool they did a good job of that and believe those also diesel undertaker. Diesel undertaker. -- that's kinda I don't know of diesel. I don't know the time lot of they had known he was already on his way out but it shocked me at that point that. The new RAZR was on his way out Scott -- it was humorous -- leaving in and just shortly after that. I'm not positively knew he I think they knew I think in new diesel was now here's the question I have and I'll wrestle mania twelfth. And when I pose this question on Twitter I got the answer I thought I would get but I I knew it that's not why yeah. Triple H vs the ultimate warrior to wrestle mania it's well run triple H. -- My question is why. I was part of the punishment. For -- For. The quote block out in Indianapolis where OK so you have so you actually have a better you have an answer I have the -- answer the answer that everyone's got to -- the curtain call will that came afterwards so what did he do before wrestle me it's well known -- -- -- curtain call was was in May calling back here. Scott -- Kevin Nash Shawn Michaels. X pock -- -- -- -- and triple H were all in -- hotel bars they're supposed to do show. And they called Vincent said were not market where -- work -- we need to talk to you Vince flew to Indianapolis. No and number retelling the story from how I heard from Kevin Nash which was they said Tripoli actually. You're not established enough you don't need to be here don't be here. And -- state. And diesel was already star -- -- artists are Sean was obviously various star. Then the 123 kids on moment except in -- -- column was. A bigger named a triple -- was at that point Triplett to the bottom was in line to become the next king of the regular -- coach that's -- So when that happened. He kind he kind of got. Caught in the middle of it and since -- aluminum total someone had to be punished and he start to get punished -- that that was the punishment for the Indianapolis and the curtain call. Is what killed his whole team and -- ring witches. The most perfectly timed thing ever because business because thank god because stone called then ends up winning and it's the birth of stone called. Not -- to xxx and next year I mean. He was punished for less than a year it's absolutely. I mean and their you know all things considered not too bad now -- -- had turned out on offer everybody -- what from he would keep. Seven to about triple -- he's good on the Mike but he's boring on the -- -- sizzle he says a lot is at the same thing over and over again he's very good in the morning. But it's kind of like how he is on the money who do a lot to come to the sentinel and accurate. He's good he's very solid couple problems though he's not the -- worker in the world he's not certainly not the worst sees. He's pretty good he's pretty damn good. Now wrestle -- thirteen and fourteen it Chicago. He had Boston thirteen let's thirteen is the one on thirteen the memory the thing that stands out soon discovered the double turn right. Which is. The very hard difficult thing to execute. Your turn in them in your match. You're turning always -- almost always face Bret Hart who hadn't been to -- since the mid to late eighties from the heart traditional bad guys. So you're turning Bret -- -- You're turning stone cold face. The crowd was kind of behind him and they did the perfect double turn and and Ken Shamrock was the -- it was amazing match and ends with stone -- Passing out. Do group lack of blogs have lost so much blood while in the sharpshooter is an amazing. And that definitely is what you remember from wrestle -- third team which overall wasn't spectacular show. Undertaker close now by beating Psycho said for the -- well pertaining championship but it was a winning. Can remember winning winning the championship not Texas it was please -- -- had beat. Said won the match at the free of that prior paper view of the four way. After the title and I stand corrected. Number at the royal rumble he had Austin cheat to win came back in -- at all and a secret to that's when -- losses smile. Sean. Had been squaring off with -- out and it's. Then at the end of job losses while drop the title in the last four members of the royal rumble in Austin -- you don't stand in your fab in February of fatal four way match -- -- one that. So it was involved and don't rent one that undertaker one. He shore yeah I think for -- the fatal four way. And -- break on the field and say see him later on raw -- and -- Sid defended it Britney under the fatal four way it was so called Brett undertaker invade and that also lets all the Brad. Don't be frustrating -- screwed over and tell the rest of any deterrent so it LL kind of goes -- -- and fourteen. Here in Boston. Was amazing so -- king -- 96. Was. So -- birth. This was his arm -- him. You know -- Jewish -- -- bar -- and -- could say it was him becoming a man -- had to replace -- definitely had you know that two months before when the first interaction with Mike Tyson kind of which was -- a little bit more on recognition but. Winning the championship wrestling a fourteen obviously propelled him. And the whole controversy going to that was whether Shaun Michaels revealed performer not with his bad back is bad attitude honorable. You know the fact that he. Use the deep. But complete -- that all all things points of the fact that Shawn Michaels liked Austin enough to to do it for you didn't really have much choice and more. I think a lot of people such as an undertaker were fed up with this crap. And. I I believe. In hearing a lot of you know. Interviews. That Sean actually was confronted by the undertaker. -- who's telling him -- are dropping it. Or I'm kicking your ass in real life I've beaten the crap out of you if you don't drop it. I would. -- -- again I think that's another one that comes from I believe that comes from Cornet. Missed you missed a wealth of stories I am I love stars so many stories. So wrestle mania in kind of looking as the they're forgotten match from fourteen -- New age outlaws vs the dumpster match attacked a second chance on Charlie's Decatur phone. It was a fun match silly before we talk show you had the rocket shamrock Tripoli you know and argued the first blood match with the undertaker and Kane. -- -- the first players to match but it debris was turnabout fire that was the next thousand next month was the first blood and yet none out next deviated for a the dramatic turn back the next month yeah okay. The rematch but it could once they started jumping up so many papers sort of so many yet. And so in AC the progression -- wrestle mania fourteen embossed in fifteen of Philadelphia. Wrestle -- sixteenth 2000 was the first. Time the heel champion really went in and defended the title I hit a bit weird -- way that -- of guy and I think. Probably not alone I think if you guys will all awful if you don't remember only doesn't -- -- Foley didn't really like his only had already were talking I wanna be and it he had been put. Inserts -- by Tripoli which in some fantastic. Matches. And at the last minute to pull fully back in because. It's it was really -- mic man feud so each man had their superstar. So. Obviously Stephanie had triple H chain had the big show. Linda recruited Mick Foley to come back and the rock had realigned to win big good Vince McMahon. And -- bulletins coming -- so it was a bad that's why they went back to Anaheim that year. It was it was during the period for stone -- net was in such bad shape he couldn't performing. That was her arteries in my full he had. Stayed around a little bit longer and then partly came back because from Foley's. Dvds in but he -- said that he. The plant for him was to be done pretty much at the end of 99. Because itself. So it was kind of you know like I can do a few more matches skip through the final two and then brought back and then obviously Cincinnati's been mostly retirees had a few matches here and there which is I think -- That we come to. X seven that this is where wrestle mania really change him and we know back in the day rest many -- three they had the silverdome and on it was all right thousand demands but X seven was that. Holy crap this is a more turning a new page this is where they took it to a new level and having at the astrodome. And paying an app plays out and arguably top to bottom having the best wrestle mania card -- the main event in Austin and rock with maybe a weird ending. Kind of look back -- it kind of forced but. Overall good carded Tripoli undertaker -- their first match which is great. Which was fantastic. And should I camera review -- iteration of the tag team that you want but the Dudley is the party's anti Christian and -- and UT -- this TLC to right so personal was that the previous year's summer. So that is where it. Obviously in the week before the announcement of buying -- ECW what happened. Yet crossover on TNT in the UST NN at the time it CNN's -- casting just it was a weird but. That was the kind of so promising. Some doubts there. At any kind of go forward in you know. I was following I was flipping through seventeen in nineteen over the last couple of days and god they love them limp biscuits and disturbed in drowning pool and some live -- now is that stuff was pretty popular yeah I know I do remember because I like that that's music I listen to at that point in my life hasn't from me and I knew plenty of people in high school loved but it was just amazing like they opened up wrestle mania. Eighteen in Toronto like eight date they show the open bodies until they open it up and it's alive doing. A live concert -- that's how it opened -- in Toronto. Isn't about it didn't just stand it's it's kind of but it -- Fazio opening up and address the rest of any team you know the the main event you'd say is rock Hogan with a closed the show which triple -- Jericho. Which that decision. Bad decision. But not as bad as what came down the line I guess -- triple H and Orton after undertaker HBK. Yeah -- about I think I mean I think this replace Jericho match had enough going with it. Enough interest -- it that it could it was the main event but also they had the filler between at a women's championship match in between Rocco. And that's -- always. It helps a little -- from Britain and bathroom break -- just to stick you know and that some of those elements matches were more fun to watch it lead and Trish stratus and and so very good. So. We saw you know you go from the Houston go to Toronto you go to Safeco Field that is hanging out huge places. And he addressed to me it's Swanee which made sense -- to the guarded. I'm just wondering that for the than those next three years they went away from the stadiums not topic -- it made sense then the next and it went to LA. And the year after that they went back to Chicago so. I just -- that time maybe a slight. Dick in you lose you're doing it and turn. I turned down in viewership and attendance at that point and do -- it's a transition here -- this is. This is the transition from rock and Austin. To -- -- let's be honest. A Yang and at that point it was really Brock. Supposed to be brought -- It was brought concurred Angolan and that crew which were awesome you know yes the Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit. Jericho those he does your guys they -- kind of running with at that point and it was great. It was to the -- were exciting their -- sort of lines are always the best buy. And it was it was a good time for good real. Fun wrestling and eventually get the return of HDK on the scene. In for all the people. That you know it's a Tripoli -- guys he tapped got to wrestle -- it's money and wrestle -- it's point. If you don't event championship match. He had no reason to beat Brock last year. Then he lost right after. Still you can only on the biggest show and the night I my guess is the booking pointed out was to set up the rematch again to have it again and so you can argue that they just had the match too many times. They kind of put themselves in a quarterly had a summer -- matched the triple digit loss and now he has to win this one -- to force the third one yen. So I mean you can look at that points -- it has catapulted out of order. Now and the -- funny thing Tripoli yesterday on -- doing some sort of question and answer. Thing and he's -- got he got its we have a question and answers said out. Where do you keep your shovel. And he answered. Underneath my mattress next in my bag of gold. -- great answer I'd like triple which I'm a fan of his he does -- people he's got a little bit of that Hogan this in him and it. But he's a lot for the business can't Karen too much he's he's been he's been a fun fun -- to watch again who alarm went in on the Mike. Below two. -- too high and his own abilities but he's pretty damn good he's been kind of the glue that held us together for a long time. So we've taken our trip down kind of memory lane -- -- anything else that stands out maybe in the last five to ten years a look at a couple of things that stand -- and he's obviously. As we're getting into the two thousands. That's when the streak release starts of the sorry -- and in the streets seemingly first was really mention to wrestle -- eighteen to beat player to go -- and our American and a match started. He JR just kind of says in the -- takers I don't know at this of that I think before he had mentioned 807 nobody -- countries like -- seven and now. And he's had so many good matches along the way. You know the two -- John. Dame which ended up being the retirement match -- Sean and the couple of the more I guess three of three was Croatia. The two and a row which were both very good they're both shows Steelers and those are very interesting moment. Having Sean because such a guest referee undertaker beating triple H in the and the three of them embracing and everyone is like pop crap accident of panera. Let's not. It's not. Am glad I'm him I'm -- You know to cool moment out I think I think it was again I mean I think in -- doing it that there was and a Vietnam had a really interest in great match win is. Shaun Michaels and Rick flatter Rick footer for Taylor match and out one that stands out. That one was like kind of the emotional -- I'll ought to know. I wanna know that the new apartment a zoom in on show on -- he says I'm sorry anew. If they had to be pre planned right I mean they had who sat in the back like OK the finish is going to be this but. In note for a moment on when it is like posting to finish actually came from flatter himself. I I think -- someone that scripted that finish -- disabled items in they scripts that are shot now -- -- I'm now gonna say you know makes you zoom in on this as. It just so well done. The epidemic like if that does happen spur of the moment that the camera catching that. It was very well those passengers Seaman Shawn super kick some pins them hugs and -- says something -- -- -- gets the hell out of the rinks that flare has moment yeah. It was awesome. When he got so you've had some really fun interesting moments. When. You add brought closer verse Kurt angle. Broncos -- Todd broke these shootings are present lands on his -- Now the great thing is now they're showing they -- they're showing it now on montage is but they're playing it off as his seat after he hit it. I know was he was supposed to that was the finish he was supposed to end with a headed now is the one through three now supposed to be the finish. -- -- -- And god bless him for somehow figuring out how to finish that match. So I am watching they're doing wrestle mania today's show alive on the network of these couple days leading up. And they're doing Brock Lesnar undertaker buildup and they're showing. Lesnar wrestle mania in the little montage you know the way they cut it in note -- in the and it does does the 450 or whatever I'll forfeit the shooting started stressed he does that and like they announces like any hits it and a and it moves into him during the F five and it's like he missed it. There's been some really classic moments of -- last -- do you remember the last time you saw -- it wrestle mania before he came back. Some ballots with Kohlberg in Austin Dallas Green -- -- one of the first times into the crowd ever hijacked match. That those two double it was their fault Malia they took for ever to get going. They put an incredibly sloppy match. And the only thing good about that match was Austin stunning both of them. And those last time you saw either of them in ranger who won the match. Colbert Colbert you know I'm doubtful that matches they were being new Goldberg was leaving in the pissed at Brock for leaving behind -- Over -- only signed but a one year deal right. And Brock was signed up like five more years and was going to be the face of the company was going to be quote the next big it is going to be John -- yes. And then they needed a plan and Johnson was the next a line and they. That that was that was train wreck that almost ruined the whole card. It so let's get into let's get the -- -- of thirty you -- let's get into it Oca let's do it. You know there's so let's do it. It is -- that Nike commercial known dislike a seven year old so. -- would -- -- it will focus will focus on that the main stories going into this mean we could talk about the honor memorial battle royal blood. I think there's actually something interesting -- addresses separated now what does it is so we know it's a thirty man bilateral. Yes we know 28 of their competitors is going to be a couple of surprise -- Hogan says something interstate. In an interview a regular interview nodded WW the interview. He said. In predicting that match as well I think big -- big key prize for best chance of winning which makes sense. There is but you never know there's two slots open what do fu warrior -- and he could win it easily. What if -- like Johnson he could win it it's it's -- you got to yeah open yeah obviously of smackdown. -- dates and aren't that Austin will be. At Austin's going to be -- when he's not doing you know he's not yet. Anything for supports of pop -- go being in the area. Which by the way only makes perfect said Michelle aren't they aren't New Orleans okay publisher or the -- said you know. Charles right decade publish a slash the god father is in new -- apparently. That does kind of make sense to reduce carbon -- bring out of Motrin. -- greatest combine both of his index the Nike came out -- a shot of the with close was he like. He was another character to kind of in between his comma -- that is kind of the same dot it changed. But I think there could be some potentially about rules RO is sloppy and not exactly well executed but you always have done. Opportunities she's in fantastic spots. Kofi that's has time to shine so I I think that'll be fun will be great but there will be fun. So well with Daniel -- triple H if I mean I guess this was never their plan this was not the planned apparently back in August even though it really seems like it could be that you just go back in just. -- the watch you just think about you think about how everything has gone since August. It is literally the perfect. Build and set up from one. Is apparently going to happen on Sunday with the exception of 13 week span bright -- there yet the whites and the whites with Daniel. That. That's the only caveat to ever since summer slam you. And I know that I -- is a -- kind of started earlier cadaver survivor series the main event with big show Randy Orton. In Bryant was an attack team that punk against the why it's so the -- there were times but still along the way it was still kept. Sticking it to Daniel Bryant. So I mean. Date if they accidentally worked their way into this they were the way at the gold pretty much. And I because. The only way you think this can end disease Andy tonight with a championship. After that triple threat match or who knows could be a and a being a four way Tripoli. In this there's different ways that you get to a didn't get through with triple H beating Brian I cheating in. And shows up who knows -- Austin's going to be there you never know how much are costing it always that random power. Peter Shelby I got a commissioner for tonight's hero when I was the sheriff well yeah sheriff again Alex for the night he could just be that eating out does and that's kind of what Hogan. Position yes so I mean Dana Bible be in the main event Tripoli just could be also potentially. Yeah I don't I don't see triple -- being in the main event although they've been building a pretty strong that it's going to happen come. Daniel Bryan one -- and others going to be an amendment. How great would it be and I think -- going to beat Tripoli which. Well I get another way of doing it is when I mention of Tripoli wins somehow abide. Cheated gone to say -- or help error and triplets now is in the match but at Hogan says wait a minute of this data right you're also in the Matt Mason for a -- and then it. -- to win the title. In his triple late in the match. That also could also -- that also could help lead to still some story line between Batiste Orton. And triple H I mean obviously you can't bribe local righted and in the title assume against regular native -- -- a kind of that's -- interesting interesting thought that he wins the title by hitting triple H. That could be that there's no way did you know you and that -- with Batiste you know. Has all these are decent or -- -- -- all signs pointed teased it was a Posey Udonis was supposed to be a winner and only you know. That or would lose anything like for the championship but if you don't app to do it. Why not. It always leaves opportunity open I didn't lose the championship. You can always -- play that card. There's still the opportunity we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. CM -- returns. -- -- -- Right my dream might sort -- dream scenario was -- the other night you know Brian's in the ring with the championship can cities following farce going out crowd chanting yes parallels cleared the -- Also highlight the music to stops like. It -- what's going on. And then it then and CM punk shows up. Crowd obviously would just go absolutely. Bonkers. Even more so than they already worried tourism. Which could cast of the moment from -- but what wrestler. He'd had his moment he's the guy in something else has not happened to further his career I think he'd go that's fine it's rest and not -- -- Standard and Hillary for twenty minutes of the spotlight on me he doesn't seem like that guy. Deftly use without a doubt not that have a -- yes so they CM punk watts at gathering at the end of -- -- -- -- dale and six others and in but the shake it boom GT -- I mean. You'd be good talk about it would make fertile feud going for a while making -- More of a bigger healed and he's ever been -- Would be perfect it would make perfect sense but. That being said if they do that I think it'll be on -- because they like -- that moment on raw the next night. That is -- at the open draw at 8 o'clock the next -- -- Bryant comes out. And -- that situation happens. It's -- To me gold -- gold Terry -- let's move to other parts of the -- here the -- they're now. Faces they're -- good guys. And score enough first pain in the new age outlaws the corporate -- laws which took their name should be outlawed they don't actually did say that on now the wrestle -- today show yesterday and -- the -- allies like -- and new age outlaws the corporate outlawed -- hot -- So. -- -- -- this match seems to me just a way to to showcase the shields. And you know they'll they'll do their thing -- get the win -- -- Or. And I have this moment on Monday where. Roman Raines is in the rain gain the Ambrose and -- problems. We're outside the ring coming in and night they stopped today in the ring I'm like wait a minute. Like and they got to turn on Roman -- right now we are -- there has been off and meeting in to wrestle mania. Rite Aid cut it would -- mess up the card what do you do with that match now. And -- I mean I think that's eventually what's going to happen some sort of you eventually I don't know play kind of change of plans by turn these -- that doesn't. The teen amber is is character. He has isn't as good as the day as maybe as he has -- -- Right he tested and to France has just done everything in the ring to turn himself and face despite during the high spots TI and rose as the Gil coming out of it. -- of Rollins coming out as the Jeff -- as baby face. And then you have Roman rains coming out as the main event players maybe face against Colin on now. More interesting to see how they end up doing that he can be very I mean the first thing that could happen is on Sunday -- Ambrose. Sides with. Corporate side just to get him there visiting out Rollins and rein in Iran's a race against -- continue to be attacked him for awhile. And then you know slowly just kind of fade away they don't have a story to break the -- -- And if they force history in my wanted to back to have them you know to have -- get a shot here -- got a shot there different titles in the Canada's. In their main Franzen made his ankle often off -- that it cannot be fun though is he'll have I mean. Shields six -- -- matches always have fun spots fund finish. On. And it on the -- -- -- me it was shortened weeks ago and and Seamus. Thinking the of these yet the of four -- tag team matches on the pre show. I have no idea it was a match. I I would assume you so's. People complaining about it being the ratio riady out I mean I'm complaining about about being in the pre show. I mean. -- It makes sense of pre show like is the show ago. Session with the devil in me now markets yen for those that crowd might not be completely filled -- -- the one thing you could say it's it's now for the guys that kind of -- night. The fact that it's called pre show yeah makes it sound cheap. Exact amount -- media free for all sun and heat. Do you -- far more impressive -- I thought I was going to be. There ain't much sort of the perfect tag team champions you've never really seen this kind of tag team. -- champions. The highlighted like that's. Of the competition in the match not overly impressed with. IE it is the real Americans are in the match that are good team. I thoughts is RO was waiting for them to I thought is they were planting the seeds for -- of which might happen Sunday. Tom bush and you can kind of tell sorrows in line for a big push. To something I don't know what but something is this. You know. We have these guys Roland Raines. Is sorrow. Into wells to put in that kind of stared. There is there a -- they could be there -- costs. And guys like that. Wouldn't it be this makes sense to have the king entering as the events still yes. Now I guess this means no I guess the money in the bank has taken cabinet spot. On. But I I think the money in the bank has run its course. But being interest and having the briefcase yeah -- -- I think they booked him terribly through that I think the way they booked the end of that money in the bank match was great. But. How they executed him with a briefcase -- -- and made it -- Kind of meaningless is it after he loses the -- in the match big they -- after that took his. They still could have salvaged him after that match is like you said it was a very good match -- looked -- about -- You know he looked good -- it and -- washed -- so. Well never I mean Lou we ask these fight every single year we asked these questions ride back sand now ziglar. And man. -- say what to do with the news was a bit unfair the way I mean they gave me is the championship. And then booked him like absolute crap so part is rain stopped because of him. I would say the bigger reason it stuck was because -- booked out. -- a wrestling it's 47 he was the third man involved in a match that he was in even though the guy that was the third man involved was even in the match. But he's the one that decided the match right in the rock. Well they doubled got double count out initially in any restart yeah but -- indicated. I hate them an event more than anything at all served was to set up the next year's main event which is yes to me. Here's a question when you have to. The question about that here's a question about that. When the ms. won the championship. I cashing in the money in bank on rainy -- that was like October. Of 2000. Burial at ten. Or better that's not fall early fall. Did you think at that point Dayton. Knew. The Roxy the plans that there are we know rock is going to be coming in. And please you know art feud is -- without a doubt we just know for fact that's Roxy and and according to Iraq schedule he can be at the next -- media do you think it aptly tonight we need a patsy. Let's give the title. Let's get the title there to ms. hill. Larry I don't think he was thought of as the pats at a time I don't think they do that -- and I think they thought they had something. Interest and there's so I started they did they did he did -- until he goes against the king. -- that that buried himself. -- him and -- -- him the king and what the hell does Jerry -- deserve a title match for. -- I thought they think they had something great with the -- and they did -- hated him people doing here is doing here out of but I think part of it was not wrestling hate it was a real kind of don't shy of the sky down our throats hate. Which. Is very hard to distinguish between the two if you're gauging just awful reaction from the crowd. -- that's just how I feel that was my perception of it at the time. I could be wrong but that's Telus. Let's go to John CNET -- -- right now because last night were gonna talk about political editor lets go outside about on stimulus first okay. -- -- -- legs -- -- auditor -- wins -- we know that means -- near certainty. Especially with these rumors that. Sting has come. Right mr. And everyone's been wanting a sting -- undertaker match for years even staying and undertaker won that match. To his job that I adding that looks like wrestle -- 31 on crutches when they start you know they get it I think it give us a Roxy to build the right after raw on raw on Monday night. -- gonna come on say a year from now yeah. -- -- -- Yeah I think that's that code -- because. You know with the rock scene -- thing is the reason why kind of struggle is because you knew that was the main event that was the kind of that was the show oh yeah staying under tiger won't. The the show Russ and me at thirty once the you can kind of have. Set that up in kind of pop in here and there with different things happening to keep building rock scene it was weird because. In Encino went on to be in championship matches and and a few with Cain and I -- Iraq. Yeah so -- -- undertaker Lesnar honestly. It'll be a hard hitting to the match it I don't think it'll be we'll -- don't think it'll be as good as well it's been in the last couple years but notes. I don't think I'm I'm with you I don't think it'll be as good as the last couple of undertaker match is because they've been. Classics. Absolute classics. Seen undertaker was very good but it wasn't nearly as good as. Either of the two -- Michael's -- matches because those were. All time greats and those -- top five for assuming all timed matches both of so. I won't live up to the -- -- not nearly as good as Sean or. Or CM punk but she brings a completely different element the big strong. Guess it'll be a lot of outside you know outside the ring actions. I mean it's not a no. DQ -- -- -- -- stuff in the ring with thing I mean. But who knows a mean way undertaker plans for is matches if he's doing the same thing with Lesnar David working on this for weeks who knows it blister is actually done that so. Mean how much let's talk about Lesnar entertainer -- you know it's it'll be fun to watch and be fun to -- that match. I'm I think going to be middle card. Which is not is it's effective it's a good spot I think it's on Britain's middle Gephardt -- held cell Wallace is right in the middle cart. Perfect spot -- It doesn't deserve to be too high on the card. I I don't feel great about this match I'm not terribly excited for and I think the building has been bad. I think John -- to -- allied is going to get the that's secondary main event where you have that match that you have a filler if there's times in time and on time lasted -- at the time. They cut the match that was supposed to be you know which to divas match they've done a lot on many times so I mean they only have that's true and evidently put out a list of the ten matches that. Were supposed to happen it didn't happen or potentially planned to happen or a couple and their like Roy holes that. Time fellas that are meant for that spot. Before the main event after that so well looking at its Johnson -- why it. Filler. And then he goes to. The triple threat whenever the championship matches -- John C embryo lied to me is one of the more intriguing matches are the most intriguing match to me -- how. John -- obviously doesn't need to win. Not that bright -- needs to win well. I think -- It's not what -- -- to win -- needs to walked out on taught you understood you know you know I mean. Yes yes OK do you know why it's to be interfering. Naked it's tree could -- -- -- scenic again a quick -- out of it. But then afterwards is his dad is going to be -- at this aren't beat down something so. Like I mean again. I think Bruins effective -- beat Daniel bride in a claim is clean you know any looked at -- ages ago. Data -- the week we SOB it was that match them. They could do the same thing with -- make -- product could match it won't be I mean obviously see it up a fight to the air be caught in ticket sister Abbott Abbott Abbott and detonated it. A substitute a sister Abby off the wall. And I like to be very short time. Which was taken put on good similar to that in -- that's at the finish where -- wins. I especially at dot holy you know you know you -- -- building a showing you building a card. Think about that moment pretty wide wins in analyst -- you know bright light winds like that I don't expect Johnson to be laid out pat knocked out. And I spent one of those you know he's in the corner -- like you know downtrodden teams -- rule. Michael crap like that to happen and he kind of you know like well this just happen to wrestle mania and you have the deeds match and then avid at that time -- the -- you know nice perfect. I -- crescendo. I think brave wins clean. Because I think they have big plans for him. He is my favorite performer to watch right now. On the Mike. It's him and Paul -- A mile then everybody else. In the ring he's very good. He is very athletic for big guy he's kind of bam -- asking those biggest bam bam we can move around the ring like bam bam where. -- a smaller guy. But you know he has that power 'cause he's a big guy. I'd love brain wiring now I'd love what they're doing their loved the lights camera acting it's absolutely must see TV. I like this feud it makes perfect sense. And I think break comes out on top I think he gets the 123 and wins. I like it. Now is taking thanks for the dramatic pause Scott. So before before we sign off from this wrestle mania show. I think. A good thing in a way of kind of looking for it is now the next paper view actors extreme rules yet. What do we see on that cart -- extreme rules. It is not in Chicago. Seattle. And I thought that was the initial plan -- -- -- they've moved it right I thought its own Seattle. So obviously you think -- -- -- -- the main event and it came to know I think you know the anyways. I think it on -- being. I've got this in my -- And the main event and O'Brien triple H for the title in some time some sort of extreme rules match if not that NH again -- Batiste. It wouldn't shock me BC adapt a reviews CNET and why I have another match. -- you know they continue to beat him I wanna continue that feuds -- it could be a situation where Sina wins that match in Allen and they have another one later amicus. To get upset you know most you know -- this match he's preparing while quiet now they can have three matches like to win two -- three -- but if it's. If that happens at wrestle mania it's forever remembered if -- happens -- -- pretty -- -- -- -- can win at wrestle mania seen it -- the one extreme rules. Is that you know you're right you get the -- the moment. Question you know what's listeners all the going to be after wrestle mania. And they gonna get rid of the two championship belts that data brought up the walk out to belt Imus -- they know. It looks like extreme rules is an East Rutherford managers yes they moved its New Jersey which is a good you know the crowd the place com. That's you know I think -- already right now is. Lastly it really looked ticket right after right after the show on Sunday it's that you'll know what's coming -- -- and that's -- and you start all over again. As -- 11 o'clock it starts all over again. I'm so excited and I think it's a great card and there's something I thought of Walters talking back and forth going circling all the way back to under the generate more about a royal. -- -- Yeah he could be he could be involved. I've heard speculation that he might go comeback -- assuming they're Chris Jericho is always good at hiding what he's doing it. Yet there is pretty good at that he could always pop up on. You know that also Gloria will be in the area is going and I'll name you know Scott called me in the you know you know those fully know hall can't do anything he's crippled. He's been on GDP yoga for about a year I know but his body soon he had hip replacements -- I -- I could see them though giving kind of some sort of moments. Needy. Maybe after the barrel and it ends with my heel and he he heels in the ring one man. Well and it's about the -- in -- Scott talk about him. Out to something but you get my point here's what here's what's going to happen and I. Now go back to wrestle main media. Three or 43. -- -- I don't know -- clear thinking about some of. -- -- four was determined. One of them. Let it apart maybe it's 45 actually. They had about a royal with a big. Big trophy and was name. Thank you normally doesn't want it but he sabotage Bret Hart to Bret Hart that's how -- actually turned face. Was he came in grabbed the trophy and smashed it yeah it was -- hell's that. Is that black performer. I can see his face but I can't hit a feud with the Jake the snake at one time. Where it's obviously Jake the -- had Damian and he had his like sewer rats from New York. -- does it may lose me well that's in the -- guess that's now a camera got there if you if you know it was tweet us at WEE I wrestled -- -- and I'm an idiot has been looks it up on his phone so I guess the moral of this whole show is we're excited for Sunday wrestle mania thirty. And like I said after it ends at the this the start towards Russell made 31 bad news -- That's us thinking at that in senate now that there's so. That is what is coming up now let us know your thoughts on wrestle -- thirty tweet us at WEE. I wrestle cast. Remember -- a T and Russell. God wrestle cast press tool send us tweets let us know what you think if you agree or disagree what you like us -- -- hate us. We like it -- you hate us at least be funny about it Astor. -- -- to -- him -- -- born pro. So that. Wraps up the wrestle mania edition of the WE RS look at all the pre wrestle me you know America back to the post articles trust me -- so. The rest of the pre wrestle mania addition of the WE I wrestled cast on Scott who took off he -- and kitchen. Thanks for listening and enjoyed wrestle -- thirty dial.

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