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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, weighs in on the Boston Red Sox

Apr 4, 2014|

As he does every Friday during the season, Kevin Millar joined the show talk about the Red Sox keeping together this current rotation, which involves getting Jon Lester under contract. Millar also touches on Grady Sizemore and what his workload should be.

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Kevin blocked catalog -- welcome back but Dario. Like it's a known fact right I was not about the addition of speed and we all be in the -- an animal allotment. They're good we'll all remember you -- and you know totally -- that's been a little we have no like yes but they're anonymous wheels that are dire. And I think -- little you might fit and that guy. Well let's get a goal and we Iraq and not act as his agent we got to get them on their let's start with the most important question of the day as a man who's taken it. I yourself hundreds of cell -- in your lifetime what do you think of Ortiz his cell beaten. With the president on Tuesday camp. They're not -- -- on him well he's been visit Lambeau it 100%. Multimillion dollar copyright their characters stamps from Belleville. I'm I'm also -- me out on a guy who could stand. Want to meet presidents do. Your grip on the ball because we're the Secret Service -- -- while a ticket I'll get my house that is up by popping not an easy thing that you. -- -- Doubt that for the red dot. You don't immediately reached in his pocket red dot that. They think it is easy really doing this right now that's okay but David or are you again here it is opening days guys that are. More hits in two -- three games at all spring people somewhat concerned about it. What about the extension. But I know I know you're big on is I know you're up on and I was meant the world through over the ocean on this thing upbeat that that is -- you're retired you're the Ritz. There's a third I I I -- a game I don't I don't care I'll I'll. All the all the -- -- eat out how to -- reading owning owning. When you're talking we'll listen and got -- I -- Or at him up on a up -- up. If Bradford has -- your leader your -- or -- Pop pop he had I I'd be beat out there I like -- -- either underdog or older they'll all Marmol wont happen at one time and I thought he has as -- guys. I don't implement it. It's not it's interesting now because. He's a veteran and he's earned it. I also think we got to remember he's a real important part of this team can go after him in the lineup yet Mike Napoli. Who showed last year. He's a good -- the order guy but -- after Napoli you're hoping middle Brooks is a thirty home run got if I expected to be be here. You rethink Zander Bogart's is gonna be a future all star but in the middle that order. It doesn't get more important David Ortiz have any another 282930. Home run year to anchor this Red Sox -- We we actually with whom nobody knew him I mean yeah. That are that are so it will work -- -- People want to want to call upon -- -- -- this guy guys ask them if they think the last lap and spark plug your third. Are you still it was good workhorse are Hawkins -- -- regular restaurant and and I'd give it your mom and pop it did it war war -- -- content open that he too bad it's going to be tough well that we signed Dave hurt -- but right now. President. Well at night in the middle of your lap that pitchers fear and you saw your bank -- -- come them. All important and then he goes deep we worry about spring training numbers are so overrated wreck Harvick couldn't get a guy out -- having an area if he. -- purple are going eight innings against Braves. That the more stories are better and you call and you yourself in practice we're -- and -- game time lights come on -- easier. It get our talking on saint Louis the World Series that the maybe clay was that we requesting whether it's gonna be given pitcher whenever wasn't. They're both agreed that John let's make himself a lot. Of money right anchor the way we perform. Where are you with this Lester thing it seems like they've they've sort of table this discussion. What is the number Jon Lester -- I you know what I don't know what I just know that he's a bonafide starter and I know that the reds are allowed to have a -- that all of this side of that album Monty has gotten. -- -- And at this point -- don't know who -- what I mean you got -- now -- nine -- like actor. Hey I'm all -- competent for themselves great. We -- you know that extension with Miguel Cabrera quote that 300 million dollars. Money right now it seems like the game tremendously healthy. On last year that there -- a force in this rotation for many years and and it threatens. I you know I don't see him. Or how would you see him go elsewhere but it's been -- at the game right now you've got to enjoy that Lackey. Buchholz or Lester rotation right now -- launch you can have. I'd say the reason. I give -- reason he walks away that the Red Sox stick Q Kevin. This whole idea responsibility. And you look at the contracts of pitchers in their thirties it's not a knock on Lester. But they're not many contracts for guys of his age of the 56 year. 10029. Dollar variety that pan out and to me that's the only way right if he wants scherzer money. -- like the Red Sox probably walk away if he's gonna take Adam Wainwright steal five in 97 and a half five and a hundred. He'll be here forever but I would say how does he walk away. I think you be price in the Red Sox playing the responsible card I'm not want to go 67 years with this guy that's it. Yeah I'm reacting and you better have a back up plan to bring in another guy for a 149. What's that every year that's a big market that we talk about change. We always want change. As as people what ultimately some argue that the guy right here in your backyard. And that's what you've got to be careful where I think that's what happened we all wanna get different change in your team's. And it's -- -- we're gonna pick America win the west this year we're gonna happen. You know you nearly all -- popular now when in the NBC and Brandon belt and when the whole month I'll go well what changed. Bottom line is that you better haven't played you're gonna play Smart card. This city wants to win every single year not secure from now and more about that up I think lobby guilders in the back and you know they're not going to be -- But a lot of organizations are playing them to Elkhart today and ultimately nor have the crystal ball also -- -- bench Eric thank Grady Sizemore this offseason sit out risk reward -- -- with this guy can do he can get on the field with the anything. That we saw in the past him this guy with -- what a player he was. How amazing is it that this year's Cleary as two years all the surgeries get a regular spring training teams out there opening day. It -- -- -- you know made it could have but I mean that he has but I he's a tremendous. -- the report that wonderful looking young man coming in -- young -- gonna bring a fine for the stadium right now because. He's -- all about it greatly in Cleveland look out for being tallies. But the bottom line is Al could be the biggest the only offseason if he can play under thirty plus game -- stock. Are you kidding me right now could you always gonna produce. You know it's gonna steal if he's healthy that problem -- -- now and Grady has had a chance to basically take your op at thirty. You'll body -- and a half off and come back and now it seems like -- skipped -- -- so. The jumper on the guys -- have all these plans in big games that -- into trouble and it appeared. -- choosing to Jackie Brown bat and not. You're absolutely but the bottom line what -- night signed by -- -- just saying that the hottest -- fight the temptation Sizemore gets out to this great start but he needs the rest we know that how do you fight that temptation. -- to keep not a lineup and on the program that they has schedule these first few months of the year. Bottom logic I -- I -- good player I don't care about the program to be out here much mastery and you know what certain what this what if he feels good. Everything he let it play a hundred -- and if he -- a -- sore -- a little sore wrist or whatever is backed by great and then he'd monitor situation. That's why all the help stop the pitcher and I'll watch it every day -- there are some 803 pick -- expecting or is. Managed the player but communicate -- great 31 years -- not one year old -- up -- big wait let me just play because actually and a plate. I think he'd be out for you in the I can play 68 and we got what 78 we got beat by a week so we'll speak -- -- standing jumper all in great site Margaret communicate. Kept the countdown is on for the -- Bogart's hall of fame induction in Cooperstown. Look at Florida goal that would view. The the approach this kid has the maturity he's now I'm curious of the guys you played with who is the real young player you looked at an early -- you said. That guy doesn't play. To his age -- Bogart's is 21 but we watch him every night and he looks like he's 31 with his approach gimme a young guy. We might compare to what the maturity that Bogart's has had early on in his career. There was Longoria when he first came up three in the big -- he's on an extension what that would erase it all in disgrace what the racing has yet. Some player mark one might take the field they have. I called the factor. That's a thought back it's just that if he'd got through that demeanor of a veteran he's got the heart rate of a veteran there's no big situation. He's a fine looking around shortstop he's got size -- basically -- in that third base. If you get a hit with power you get the ceiling right now and this game right now. The moral of the story as he's got great work ethic -- -- Brian Butterfield are you got great hands. Is it that that's been great this place star that they star and future star you look at that if he can stay healthy. And get better and better and better but my goodness what their early at bats we seen and his -- at the plate. And this is ability not to swing at the strike zone a lot this yet. -- that got latest game why don't you -- him -- time I was I always thought I knew what a catch was legally. After what I saw in Chicago the other new academy in center field in this replay system. I'm not quite sure anymore what are your early thoughts and every player on the fact that maybe that one took five minutes to decide. It's OK okay it's what I'm not big on the whole practice -- and we changed the game there expanded body don't wanna change yard -- so much. The -- all the old school. It's dangerous at times we saw Chapman did it at -- the iron and had a plate at the all unfortunate -- -- -- put -- -- like all of fortunate. I don't like all the stuff and it seems like we're NBA game mark called back a game like. Everything about replay it I'm out and I didn't realize how many calls we're going to be replay early on your that it -- want while -- -- electric wind on the seem like but. I'm not a rabbit my my opinion about -- and -- partner great job they stop human factors I love the home run replay call I can like that. Very good couple aren't I I -- replay every single player on the field. -- last one for me you were part of one of these ceremonies in 2005. How important is it after today. For this team to turn the page and look at it 2014. White House visit rear view. Rings in the rear view how do you move forward and focus on the task in hand after today's events. Achieving this group I -- sit in the you know we have a problem that he hurdles or we got -- -- swept by the white tackle spot that -- but. Don't win the World Series or not a -- hangover -- not. These guys saying group of guys have been either tiger their close group. I'll look at last night when they landed in the club I'll take a walk and what god awful there's. But they're a great group put guys bottom line they have that passion to win every day John Farrell is remarkable rendered keep everybody contract. But I can beat let me get this straight nickel back to back it nodding to each aren't being sports period. And so the Red Sox have a pickle ball and had a month but the bottom line is that they have a great group to go. That boat so we'll see what happens there's no hangover effect. Napoli had a shirt on -- -- now -- on lap I hit a homer pop he still hit a homer Pedroia still Pedroia what you what happened to be a great season. Quite a second so maybe break at some news here. You saw this team. When they landed here in Boston I'm hearing that there are. Red Sox legends part of the festivities today. We see you at the ballpark at some point some capacity later on this afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh god don't give you the microphone and remember the most well liked guy and hopefully they'll go please don't get the microphone. Doctor Michael -- Larry. Of I've been with the element that Julius but it. -- -- to. Expand that is Kevin block the real 15 joining us he's brought you -- friends. At an arrest restoration specialist and I've -- in smoke -- so we broke some news there. I don't think the large name has been listed anywhere I can see it in the ballpark they'll ever be another opening days than it does not all. As has the right immediately called them up Satterfield. And helicopter Paris in. By itself the and appreciate you guys stick with -- you know it's technically she's in talking to a Kevin blog on brought great broadcast here. And their friends we Caroline's and Budweiser yeah you know until 2 o'clock in dealing with some of the technically -- freaky guys. Stick and threw it that will be here until 12617779. 79378. TT tech won 379837. Era sweet Carolina come on now before first pitch. But in -- Sports Radio WB yeah.

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