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Red Sox Owner John Henry joins Mut and Lou on Opening Day

Apr 4, 2014|

Just prior to Opening Day Festivities, Principal Owner John Henry joined the show to discuss the youth of this team and the importance of utilizing players at the right time. He also shed some light on the John Lester contract situation.

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There it's it's going to be a dogfight -- -- To get off to -- our own rooms made it seem like to -- -- just carried over right John -- it's. -- -- -- -- With this team in the White House not you feel like between the events Tuesday. And then what happens -- Fenway Park. After today you start to look forward that the 2013. Championship. Is now in the rear view -- your team your organization. Will focus on 2014. -- again and you know winning cures everything disinfecting we have two wins under our belt I don't know -- feel. We have already turned things if we lose 1213. And the thinking was wrong. I don't think it's that thing. Bill passed both you guys on this team and we've been -- victims incidents you know looking at. -- -- -- size that played a couple of years but if if if that ability so if he's healthy this year. Surprise. Surprise so. -- well and we. I think he came here in the first place because he realized the strength of our medical staff. And that I think first and foremost. You wants to be clear -- recently. Tremendous play so it's it's a testament. And people in baseball knowing how good are Mickelson -- -- director. Used to. You're seeing it with this team right now and Larry mentioned this morning I would use all of the points he's talking about. So that you talk about you in baseball last night middle Brooks. Bradley. Bogart's. All few parts of what you Q how important is it coming off a world championship. To work if some of the younger players into the organization let them blossom John Major League club. Well it's important. We saw what these deals like in the last. Couple of months baseball. It's just gone for reasons and we are to have the kind of depth that we want to have them -- to -- -- -- season. Good dodgers' spring training you guys extend David Ortiz. It's. Saturn team last year probably been through this year but some people that say that that was strictly ownership decision. Convince everyone the latest thing -- it revisited -- Ownership of the team means so much that you guys look what that particular. I think. You know what's been lost all this is that people don't realize that we received the club received options. The future you can say well he's doing these -- It's gonna be forty years old forty. Music but for us. We knew some would David that was things. His career here and I think it's important to some of the clubs but as far as that's concerned. Larry and Tom all of us would include John -- almost the same page and we can find out who you think your way through. Were it to work for us as well as -- -- To extend. Were you surprised you weren't able to come to an agreement with Jon Lester. John and a contract extension and how would you characterize the Hawks now -- birdies on the -- They happen during the season very confident a deal gets done. Well and he's seen some of the deals come across. Recently and so it's not surprising. That. Given where the market is right now. It's just something we haven't been chasing this market the way some other clubs. John wants to come back he really wants to continue student. To begin today and I really wanted youth and we're gonna do as we did -- Dustin. Green back to. An important part of this club. When I can do what some clubs. Might you. You know I've been doing this and this and utilities will hold its quality of field. So take that -- The stretch this stunning heavily with experience in love with this field done this what it was yeah. When someone says that you have to treat them with respect you don't will be. You can take in this. I mean we know John. Personal and so. -- you don't try to think you can read enjoy and take advantage of Dustin. Witten and his situation I don't think we did so. It will be easy to come to you. And we're very creatively both sides and hopefully there will be. Other things going all of this team on a story your newspaper -- hear about Red Sox broadcaster -- -- you came out. On last Tuesday and it through your support directly behind him Larry this morning on the radio through support. The differences in your newspaper the editorial couple days later editorials that Jerry Remy should take the year off a lot of people fast -- that same question. What you said Tuesday -- what was in your paper on Saturday. Which one expresses your view because it's it's your paper. Well if it's money Peyton. They're second guessing me at the it's not might hit as far as I'm concerned it's not my fever can guard the incidents. They asked me if I wanna see that article. And I and there's no way that I'm going to -- -- -- -- even seen fans are looking on the reds on since it has to be. -- You're not skewed when editorial -- you didn't want to get it needed proof read you know I had no input whatsoever. And I disagree that. Did you think that's important. Absolutely your newspaper and it may be critical times. They have to be in the -- I mean they can't act independently. It's it's not the Boston Globe blown. It is to have you with those youthful sport -- -- effective. -- I I don't know how many times I've come into so. I don't see the need to keep commenting. On the scene as. Dancing shoes and they don't make that the here as the broadcast your team. And do. I'll ask you this that we spent three days. Talking about your -- -- who replaces them -- highly green I think very accurately your favorite color your place but I have three days there working surge on holiday Lou and I every day of giving instead. You really need to replay everything it's taken a little bit on what have you thought about the first couple days we've. I haven't seen them much. Baltimore. -- -- -- -- Well see you don't like to. So I figured it was what it's outdated -- in Chicago we talked about it -- happen where they'll really hit the ball. It now this week the Patriots for that appeared -- -- to be. That happens to five minutes to be you. Most elect that it's likely -- colors what -- written part of where is the very beginning you know at the beginning so. We'll see how it goes. I. When. Not blocking the plate it's the one thing it's. That's a picture. That it doesn't look like baseball. Mean looks like different form -- well so all these changes I think we have to give them the time. It's like this what you guys -- comments. It's good to hear that that we thought. It's probably true that we were still. I got to get all the way we appreciate the time thank you so much real -- go to the rink. -- better if -- after all that. Don't think I -- -- -- -- a -- -- John Henry Red Sox principal owners to when he gets side thinking for joining us here. It's week airlines we get set for a Red Sox opening day.

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