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Larry Lucchino, Red Sox President and CEO, kicks off the opening day festivities with Dennis and Callahan

Apr 4, 2014|

Larry chats with D&C about a number of issues ranging from the team's outlook this season to Jerry Remy's situation in the broadcast booth.

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-- back Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live outside gate. Victories in eight road a lot of our. Rites of spring training. Turns into evolves into. One of our rights of opening day in -- Visit from the CEO of the president of the Boston Red -- Larry -- the -- Larry -- reminded and a -- Larry yeah -- my observations. You you -- Much more. Natalie -- for the presidents. That your appearance for Dennis and Callahan this morning. I don't -- All right -- Canada. Brett sex patriotic. Do -- I guess we'll make -- -- breaks out the good Cologne was going to be as and so are my Mike is it -- -- I don't really isn't. There event and that -- -- -- -- -- -- brought that that is similar ones I I know. She had a little. Wrist injury here was up from shaken the president's hand to not I let you know everybody is because of bar fight the last 9490 what happens intelligence analysts during located at what it she says. -- -- when I'm tired of -- what would you do that this you know -- -- -- that they want the one with the -- that person in the firefight with. What do I know -- why would she do. Hey -- -- that's always bitch. Who's sort of the first that actually that we try to keep that it. OX secret but apparently. The word has gotten out that the the mayors -- balloon. -- our fears that your vote them. Makes a lot of sense makes a lot of sense if I would get up a bunch of baseball things but I actually just touch on the ceremony for a second what is it about doctor Charles skill set. That allows him to find just the right landing spot he always says not too much not too little just the right spot and -- in you know you've seen other people attempt this and other. Organizations. Charles never swings and misses. Well I think that's right -- that goes back. -- at least until in 1991. Final farewell game and Mo Morris stated before we realize that they -- Can't open in the yards. He has that they had been and his score eight fan's sensibility and he may work for baseball team in the baseball executive for. 203040 years Padilla you'll always be a baseball fan first and foremost so he understands the sentiments and feelings the emotions of baseball fan. I think that enables him to do it he works in the globe was Sarah McKenna yeah who also shares responsibility. Does he have the cash say in the clout to do what he wants to do or do you and Tom and John have to sign off on what's gonna happen. That your 1250 well we have so much faith in them put it together but there is a just rehearsals it goes on the baby -- And I should. Let's do it. And -- we -- with euros to -- -- always the rule of two thirds slavery and it is that they plan. I asked some kind of third of the hottest in the long and we should just live with two thirds of the BP you'll be better. But -- this one I think you'll find at the very very. Sitting area moving and and I I think -- does strike the right -- Did you want to Stephen Drew back or did you think -- is ready for the -- Is it working and just the way you had. Had planned. What we're made an operation code to to do you and I says part of that was we we -- it was unlikely. That he would take it. And we want it the the first round draft pick -- -- and -- Habits first round draft picks or about anything else I can think of but though on the issue of of youth I think we have historically been. Too conservative with respect to younger players and made them out -- in the Q and perhaps no longer than that might be desirable. John Henry and I joke. They have for the last couple years give the game along the yen in people game belongs to places. Particularly in light of the changes that they've made -- respective. And that means for example. Which exposed the energy enhancing substances with the absence of those -- grinding nature along season. Young players. Need to. -- need to step up I think sooner and so far so good. This it's early your baseball guy is it too early to say Bogart's is the short stuff now and we've moved past that -- here in and the potential of sliding into third base or any of that is. I thought that question better addressed -- the manager and I think commandment that we're guessing I think John Farrell would say. He's done everything we've asked of him. To do in spring train currently absolutely it is. Only to lose it there were some regression I expect that. This guy is special. Talent and his -- personality. What around the please tonight that looked around the or water medical center with him. And he was. So. Warm outgoing engaging friendly with with the troops themselves and I. Nancy he has certain. And warm it charisma that I think and he seemed like an old soul. For his -- well that's actually adjusting he he smiles a lot and I think of them as a young guy is youthful face. But that he does a maturity about him so beyond -- mechanism going up and multicultural multilingual. Island. The exposure he. Lots of lots of others. Nationality friend. What happened. You get the sense that Lester is going to wind up -- -- couple weeks ago he'd take that six and one more thing. -- -- -- -- turned out sought his autograph and offered Nassau what's what's how close -- -- -- -- well. AG's view -- no hard then. That we get but then we did we had some meetings. Spring training -- with his representatives. And and there are few conversations. John. We want him badly would love in -- state here that says -- -- great notion of certain Red Sox players really appealing. And but it's. For now I think it was prudent to -- put on hold that would say -- different beat me. The it and and we we need to you create. But for some wind currents in game number one the Red Sox could be three you know as they opened their their -- season here today. I'm just wanna here's a baseball guy Larry at this point early in the season what do you think is the most important element. For eighteen to be. Hitting the ground running offense defense starting pitching or bullpen and the reason I say that is it appears the bullpen. There may be you know head and shoulders above the rest of the team and so far so good. Yet Blake you know my answer is always gonna lean towards pitching right in one form or another. Would this do it with -- not fully stretched out yet probably and end up on the fourth -- in the -- -- thing. Particularly critical early in the year the rotations not quite set is -- guys skipping a turn here and there. But I always think that the once the pitching please. This is in -- what appears to use that period open. That's that's gonna make big difference short term and month. It's been thirteen years since they team has successfully defended its slow world championship yankees in 2000 what is yours. The theory -- -- looked like five or six different things yes or what's at the top of -- list as to why they don't. Well. Beat the unpredictability of the game. Start. So many things have to go right for you. In terms of health and terms of randomness chances. Other things that influence the outcome of games and probability of being what they are hard for those various factors fallen place. Couple years and wrote it does not the way. Numbers worked probability works that's one factor I think that fed the fact that everyone is gunning for you shooting for you is the second factor. I think human nature being what it is there's a possibility that the players. Team management can be less highly motivated I don't think that's the case with this with this -- here but that to some of the factors that. I think that I would put -- up there and probably deserved the spot on the list. Because you've got to have consistently good health. We'll look like guesses if you lose three closers are two closers in the first month of the season is not gonna turn out as well that turned out last year probably not right. Hey I'm I think the traveler we spent a lot of time talking when -- and me. All these did that through in his role coming back here John Henry left no doubt. That he welcomed them back supported him and him and we're addicted to the globe editorial page did not. Just wondered where you stand behind you -- And we are absolutely supportive. Gary. Since their return it is. This year and I'm not sure wanna say much about they have globe's editorial policy given it's on its owner but. I think they've pretty much marks there on gun anyway. But I would say that Jerry is made decisions that he thinks is best for him and for his family going forward. We support that decision. In the world journalism do you think and to set John Henry in the globe a site it generically. Should the should eight paper's editorial board reflect the views of the owner and or the publisher. I that I think is a goes paper by paper I think there Rupert Murdoch's newspapers recruit guys how to subscribe to. Crack head and I certainly he influences the editorial or so I'm told that their policy I don't think that's the case with them it with the Boston Globe I think that. And many other papers so I think it depends on the nature of the personality of the the owner and publisher. And also the the philosophy of the. -- -- that so you're suggesting that John lets them do their own thing he will not interfere even if it goes 182 what he thinks and believes is true. Like that that's -- question better addressed to him I really don't have a role of the globe and I'm just -- -- and so what I think is the case there. We didn't read about the bar fight the globe because you. This is a definite yet that's probably there is -- that any effect known as -- the net -- that -- -- story -- takes a beating I think rightly justice system takes a beating I think rightly very briefly mentioned it. Jeremy worked for the Red Sox went to jail for 81 days from beating a private man. Got out of jail still have a job with the Red Sox look to you that what the record in the past -- doing that. Big traffic violation record of speaking with the World Series true. Until it gets -- for steroids is inspired. If his last name -- Smith instead of Remy had that job with the Red Sox back after the 81 days in jail. Well you don't back in this some time in history did I'm not for me -- I do think that he did. He was welcome back that. Numbers. Rose Tuesday. To my load them to my list so I can't speak about it I do know that -- in this steroid accusation -- We did it well and yet discharge. Occurred as a result that. But. You know it that's hard is very hard questions that way when and whether people deserves chances. Now when it's right to do so much wrong to use them. But is what -- remembered from my -- that would when word game. It's. Steroid parents and -- Did he was discharged. One last baseball question for me -- do you you believe he needed traditional. The in that spot every day do you like the idea of the government by committee. I don't think you do I know we all grew up with that notion oh lead up man and a certain characters in place and it's an important role. But I think that's. That simple minded these days I think that. There are several other ways to keep him out organized. -- lineup and and moving moving some players around. Seems to me to make sense given the left right split. Based on its right preeminence these days. And different people can do the job in different ways. I remember it you know cal Ripken can't be -- stuff isn't that the prototype piece about the didn't -- the image of what George Bush to be. Earl Weaver should -- that out the window those guys -- stuff and then and the same thing applies with with a leadoff hitter there is a prototype mr. Expectations that you have that I don't think you we need to be slapped the side. I suppose officially we'll get your editor at this. The theme from spring training was turned the page and I guess to a certain extent they have turned the page but -- that really officially once and for all -- up once the rings are handed out I think are then you're done. I think so yeah what what -- we we actually were. Eager to have the White House ceremony occur early in the year ordinarily it's it said that -- haphazardly perhaps it may perhaps you. Seemed to us. The best thing to do was to get everything. It's done them -- ideally in the we got a break but the schedule with the team being in -- in Baltimore. So we wanted to do do do all of this celebrate as as I think we should as a -- wanted to do. But our players certainly want us and and and want themselves to it to turn the page I think you're right it. By the by the end of that he did dated a I think who have. Closure. Closure on the on the 2013. Season as glorious it was as well as much fun as it is the favorite -- the look back on it. It is time to us to move ahead. Given the depth and the breadth of what Charles does even with the two thirds Larry Lucchino factor factored in. Firefighters. Marathon bombing victims ring ceremonies. Will there be a moment -- their Larry you saw the gesture Russell is there a moment that are but it say oh yeah 2014 that was the year that. Rivera tipped his cap and everybody cheered that type of thing. I don't know I think there will be some moments when when when people will be genuinely. Moved. It may be different moments for different people -- not so Smart enough to be able to predict which will be. But there are there are several. Sentiments being expressed today in this ceremony. That that I think we'll we'll we'll touch people move people. Leave it to you guys to make -- that's -- we see any Sox legends today. Can we ever do an opening day with a case Iceland are c'mon are you a hint is that we don't want Bogart's it's a nice guy. I got the I've heard dead yet these guys are driving him already one of the free -- standing there. That's a three hole hit what do you do focus a little -- I guess you have on his maturity on it is on this trauma as warm. On his smile on his -- at the plate yet one that two is presences speaks for itself but. I'm still going outside the -- services there is a person that you would buy into you could buy stock in a person you're buying them personally. No media was allowed to -- behind you guys that Walter Reed but other than the Boca it's your impressions of both -- interaction with the troops. What was that like. It was. The contrast. Was so great you know going from. -- -- of almost -- frivolity of the of the White House. A celebration. To the seriousness. Although the I must say the troops did not display any a somberness there was they were consistently upbeat. My favorite stories from that day is. When David Ortiz who has locking into a room. So an injured. An injured vet and now went out to -- started talking baseball guys that. Thank you guys come and it's great -- you but I it not much of baseball and and David says does sort of like you Oilers gave it their way into today camera hockey fan. And Davis said hang out second punches induced cell phone. Call Shawn Thornton on the phone -- and it is the phone. He -- Davidson -- like Jimmy John Thornton and then and Norton and that that heavily few minutes at about hockey -- -- very nice moment. To the hospital arrange that it's mostly New England people that you and a visiting there was some. No no no we know so. Guy from Ohio Jim guy two guys from us one from Texas farm in Tennessee. So no it wasn't we have had that that in the past we've had some occasionally she doesn't mean my experience was that they were enough. And just by clarification Samsung didn't hire you to take salty with with with the president noted that a hired David to -- that if it does -- -- -- -- -- appreciate the -- enjoy opening day and we'll see I can't get our Larry you know president CEO the Boston Red Sox. With Dennis and Callahan it is opening day we said divide or French but -- -- -- -- for the fourth -- they're sticking. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we don't say good bye to our friends at -- and will be back for the final hour Dennis and Callahan on opening day.

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