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Legendary baseball writer Peter Gammons joins D&C on Yawkey Way

Apr 4, 2014|

Gammons sits down with Dino, Gerry and Kirk to talk about the upcoming Red Sox season and today's home opener.

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It is before the final hour Dennis and Callahan are opening day edition and is generally the case at the beginning of the season it takes a little while the ramp up and do things correctly. I'm sort of excusing myself for forgetting to tell you. After and before our conversation with Larry Lucchino. But the front office report is brought to you by noon. Turf care yeah that's who brought us the front office report that a conversation cooler looking -- make Larry uncomfortable like credit he knows we're gonna ask him -- stuff. That's gonna make gums and yeah arm a little bit of luck to his credit he comes on the US my top ten -- repeat poachers shot -- -- Like what you mean the -- -- and let me stop you got. That's a tough questions forever that's a mine. That's I think he likes to likes he like John yes he likes -- legs and -- in the -- never -- it is hard working guys. Blue collar guy worked his way up -- yet feasible that. It doesn't seem like that put some guys like that go to the manner banking you know what you're suggesting he's too Smart to be among the yes sell to hard work so only generally about -- -- Oh no that just -- ideal misguided it -- that generally you know they are -- so was will never related to work yeah or like Kennedy he's worked his way that he is a tried and true. Hardcore -- should we share the information we have about the open -- on the court I was comment so it's 13 year that they did was confirm it will be the man -- -- more than that type of further do you think we owe it to our. To our listeners who were coming here in Washington as some of the game when ceremonies take place to let it wash over them and surprise them -- or do we wanna say. I know what's under the Christmas tree in that box for use that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but I think it's more important these people now watch just the case that might not be around there were gonna watch it I have to keep yard right yet this problem report. I think -- tell. Jerry yes it Steve Silva of trustees of the world famous the ideologue if yes who was at the finish line just tweeted this out okay. So Larry confirmed that Mayor Menino will be part of the first pitch ceremony. And that makes a lot of sense on all kinds of wobbles and actually you predicted up to three days ago right I was an -- Notre Dame SS yeah OK so Mayor Menino. Marty Walsh. Who'll one of those two they talked to each I got a lot like -- -- that aren't go well. How about this. The Richards family is going to be involved -- Richard is going to be involved in the first pitch ceremony Heather habit. A marathon bombing victims as well and Carlos -- will be involved as well but just not here can you permit just. Bubble -- not here. Jerry I can't confirm don't know -- he's got a book stores currently on a book tours booked about next week yet. But not sure it's probably not probably not very very is what who is here. -- Amanda was watched to a how many opening. Days Peter -- could see about a targeted to little perturbed ever important back. I admirable trial brought message yes where it was a legal excuse to skip school to go to Red Sox opening day so prepare my terrorists take it every year. Really I never went to an opening day in the idea of missing school for baseball would make my father -- -- it's. Winter games all the time all the time but I never went to opening prepares you for your career virtue but it could happen -- -- so what you're about how old Korea. 78 kids guessing Lewis. It was 1950 force rose nine while. How many units heading change since I found. Are there are probably like 1000 people all. Is it fair to include some don't Hillary isn't there to include in their -- in the conversation of Cooperstown yet young superstars on their way to Cooperstown. Mike Rowe price for many shadow as -- as edible gardens amusement deserve Florida. We need to give them happier I think he hit I think he has a legitimate chance to be in that discussion. Although not really sure anybody's that is especially true that's true -- yet but. To be fair but I I think he has a really has changed because he's so intelligent. And a really good friend of mine who's now. Morals front office business caliber there was a a player actually got -- has always said the one of the things she looks for in an athlete. It's Schobel who has completely free of bugs anxiety and the ball pressure is completely free of things that Ellison that lecture reserves for trading. Going off like twenty minutes about that that that took him out of the game in game six. And if she is still disliked how the world quit anyway anyway twenty years old look at those pictures and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- short stuff the Boston Red Sox the world champs could -- there are many positions roles that have more pressure. And yet he seems to be pressure free seems to be planned loose and free and comfortable and like it's the spring training game. Mike question views and we know Farrell's Smart guy objectives very very Smart guys. Were they thinking about bringing drew back and lead that movement bogus to third in trading middle Brooks I don't know that makes no sense looking back. All hell of our brands baby that they don't -- lower right hand pulled -- did you have to hit home runs and you do need power. And little -- and he still ahead or so through 35 on base when he came back from the miners -- a lot of the justices. Approached the plate. -- up -- -- To me if he gets like a 340 on -- hit 35 home runs that's hard to replace. I think the original idea was we love Stephen -- a great guy he played well at shortstop. It's great insurance. Prior question always was. Great insurance at fourteen point one million dollars and and I think the more they thought about it once. Stood up for us to hold the insurance and after Christmas there's no way in the world. He's gonna come back for years. He knows Skiles told voters -- the shores of comes back utility guy and it just drift off but I think it was a there shouldn't be so unafraid of play players I think part of that is. Brian Butterfield and and the coaches that worked so hard that part of it too is the support of to try to -- Pedroia on the go out there. As I do every day I usually get through the park at two favourite games that you -- -- start at 3 o'clock taking full fields and having a great deal of people fatal. They'll take them right. There are any teams have that. That personality and I. So it's a great question yesterday. If Edgar Renteria had come here. With. With Pedroia play second base and being. Clubhouse leader of the team. Would he would succeed. I was shocked. When he plays. Its -- that Iraq where he was terrific -- actually even -- another red VP in the World Series but. This town is tough for it and I think that -- forces is really important. Peter is is it fair to say that to a certain extent the success or failure at middle Brooks at third. Has some impact. On Zander staying at short with just project worst case scenario you're talking about 35 home runs all that sort of stuff. If we go all four may April and may. Then they've got a decision to make and might that decision be. Moving standard of third and -- if if if they have little box is what they want to be it's gonna look like its goal today notebooks at third standard short does that change -- middle Brooks doesn't live up to their expectations. Well I think that there are three possibilities one is. Yes to that. All of the second is. Guerrero is so good defensively. You can put him at shortstop and is very good short. Armed. And global guards third or. She is they've really -- wolf within you brings to keep you up and -- the change in this ballpark yet. You know you look at. The port that chair consist apartment that press comes after the dog extremist discipline must have a twenty times they preach at you and your keys thing I can live with its couple years -- -- done it. I can understand I think Lester is a test. It in his thirties starting pitcher making -- 120 million dollars there's no history of that succeeding. That's why I think the Red Sox my guess is they have a number they're not gonna move. My question is is Lester in the come back to that meeting and be willing to do four in 85 or maybe 506. At 14040. It'll walk it's gonna walk. I don't think he will. I think in the end. I've told all the negotiations. I got the sense. It was their purchase if you decide this for justice or what that orbit the royals closer that Lester was right but. Little things elevenths and did was tell John -- always be respectful say you know we're making progress. Don't make -- outrageous statements and I think in the end. I think a -- five years because of that Richard Martin the one thing is the Yankees spent their pitching money so they're not going to be there. Insurers or Lester. Dodgers starter and that's another. 45 million dollars a year and starting pitcher I think that they that. -- -- -- understand this that may not be. Big barker rich teams will be possible exceptions in Seattle they're willing to go go into it next year. That's what assurance or gamble. It's interesting because. Unlike Lester he does have a history of some questions about his shoulder right and in that delivery he didn't. Convinced he does all these -- show doesn't or at least foyer where it -- to -- all that. But there's still people get traded by Arizona orders are afraid of shoulder. Is the battle between Scott Boras and Casey close. Worth. Jurors are. Safe after ordered 58 dollars. Peter what would most managers say this has been deals question of the day and I've got it was opinion on what yours on this. Matters most in the first month. Of the baseball season. Offense defense starting pitcher relief pitching. Those four holes or starting pitching because it holds the rest of the staff together. But they're -- not stretched out a 1000074 pitches from new brought yesterday to make the case that. Relief pitching the bullpen at this point is what's going to be called up on a lot over 'til until they get into the settling into the season yet. The most important thing is -- starting pitching in place by the end of April moderately loud and I think they figure they can keep the bullpen setup so careful what you are. And they should very confident especially because they have -- strike throwers but the starting pitching just making sure. I was really car's history in my life and the it's not necessarily velocity command or is -- taught by guys have been heard a lot. We're just coming back from surgery. Help or hurt it's not velocity it shows it's command for strikes like he sees that are anxious right at peace. Last night about. The the or lose all of these pitching injuries which are. Between the ages of 1422. In the showcases. With these travel teams where. Actually it showcases in November where kids in the way that would -- Egyptian February. Try to throw 95 miles an hour November Florida they wonder why they need Tommy Johnson culinary team. But. Good thing that doctors I talked to all said. It's usually the second year what you really see guys come back that's why I think like -- be really good. And it's just fatigue factor through an extended season before is so significant and clearly about what John -- wanted to do -- took great pains to bring these guys along slowly in spring training. Why is that never included in the discussion when the discussion turns to why don't teams repeat it's always the same stuff you know I human nature of the -- don't -- you don't get all the luck that you had before the randomness of baseball but nobody says because they played until October 30 as the main reason. I I'm a great believer and one of the things that. We talked a lot about when. Actually glad that we're -- -- hall of fame was that what's amazing is that almost every year. They had the pitch one -- month yeah vulnerable. Was like Johnson also ended up having two -- surgeries. They or power pitchers per say but still you think about. That -- take it'll awful away from you every year it's amazing what those two guys did and but I remember. -- of Sports Illustrated surest thing with the 87 minutes because they had that great starting pitcher. That might name all five guys disabled or doc Gooden had disappeared and the other four guys from the disabled list the same thing. With the cubs what you're they lost holders that when they may it. So the last game of the NLCS and 84. Everybody was hurt by by major for I was fishing double -- pitchers and that I think. Big really cautiously one thing and I think that's because a lot of credit for the John is very cognizant of the why he gave this is very cognizant. I think it helps to have. The couple -- people who teach pitching who know what it's like two of the hurt this great young pitcher blows -- And I think if they're bush more cognizant of that here you watch some of these teams. They -- they get there early pictures up every -- like four times they hear what you we Howard got up twice all last year without going into games. That's astounded and -- the protection. Factor here is really important. Give -- a Red Sox MVP this season not name Pedroia or Ortiz. -- A little bit of it at the Bogut is they don't know -- I think I actually. I definitely. Because. He cut -- he does -- it means that. Last -- we're all discovered that they were phenomenal base running team they could have stolen bases up for Ellsbury but. Great base running team they kept telling me the best based on the team is now. And he turned into -- my mother board that fielding Bible which means you gotta go for like 500 pages of statistics but. He was for the way the best defensive first base in virtually. -- Eric Hosmer who. Works out with that completely -- -- works out that plantation I scored Guerrero and -- a -- Olson and and possible way. And he said -- with him was. Like going to graduate school one of the most intelligent people on the subject to baseball at that. So he'll be -- by my MVP not they've Pedroia or Ortiz. Final question Peter we'll get -- here when does this organization stopped holding its breath on Sizemore is the answer to that never. -- it was taken in -- -- I've been convinced by the doctors and a I'll just say that people API currencies change -- change your name a camera aboard it is an absolutely convinced that by taking two years off. It allows blood to be completely recover before -- start playing again that he's going to be fine but still. There is that built that trust your fingers play it's -- Still amazes me that the character. Most people Cleveland. Loves him about as much as any player. Destroyer -- are always told was -- He commit to the clubhouse after games but -- -- -- what where are all the rest of the towel he would never -- clubhouse kid pick up this. Dirty laundry -- -- he thought it was to me into the clubhouse kids he would take all his old stuff reportedly hamper himself. -- this Sizemore thing works out to a best case scenario this might be one of the great all time offseason plots all time right yes yes. I mean obviously have to pay after this if they don't mind right favor Obama sure yeah Peter Gibbons always great talking thank you -- thanks for stopping by taking a few minutes -- opening day. And thanks a lot for all you've done for -- -- a lifetime friend mr. -- Gordon since I picked it was all scholastic in the globe in 1970 realize it or my closest friends I really appreciate that. You think he's gonna make it -- Eagles season I don't know I I would former courses but. That's. Like everything -- -- so many shades of gray are addicted you are really good job explaining that that there are these grades. The absolute in this world and certainly not that story out Peter great architectural joint opening -- -- -- -- Dennis and Callahan and edit and on opening day. Fault lines Opel -- would view as we ramp up toward 10 o'clock. Of course the -- six by 1250 the ceremonies start at one.

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