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D&C get set for the Home Opener from Yawkey Way

Apr 4, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk look back at last night's action in Baltimore and preview today's home opener at Fenway.

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Well greetings from Dayton. Here at Fenway Park as we try to turn the page from a brutal. New England winner and it doesn't feel like spring at least symbolically that is the center but he will get as they gather here at Fenway Park I lost track of just maybe you have. It's been five months and four days since last we gathered here at the old ball yard. Game six Red Sox win the World Series and from that point on. But mostly ramping up in spring training the theme was time to turn the page forget about the World Series and turn the page now. I would suggest to you that based on what doctor Charles the maestro has. Concocted for this afternoon starting at 1 o'clock and it's going to be a long ceremony that would be paid tribute to the firefighters. That would be paid tribute. To the Boston Marathon bombings and it would certainly be the ring ceremonies unless and until that ends at the last ring is given out the first pitch is thrown. That's especially when they turn the page you could make a case for the fact they turn the page pretty well in Baltimore but finally and left half of the rings are all handed out and the first pitch -- today tool by then. The pages of -- yet we know I think we know that Stephen Drew is not coming bashed you sort of like now Stephen Drew is never coming back -- -- -- regains -- -- -- we've established you'd just broke John -- -- Stephen John -- coming around sometimes. You know we. Nattering nay bombs in the media can be bright in the manager can be wrong now he want it drew here he wanted to let Bogart's in middle Brooks I guess to be the third base. It was wrong I'm Roger Bogart's tree it I don't -- -- -- don't rush to get -- and we know the -- -- is OBP is I think 12100 it's over thousands first got -- capital -- over a thousand bright is -- 556. Or whatever it is blood. To may watch it last night John Farrell used the right word he said he looks -- on the yes he looks very comfortable out there in the field. At the plate. With the strike -- take it -- just get on base Gordon runs. It was silly ever think that -- wasn't ready and we did another year or two of Steve -- been awhile since we've seen a guy. Become a superstar in the city right when's the last time machine a guy from infancy go to superstar and a superstar -- you know I don't know. It's a good -- could perhaps that's before the show give me a minute. Now Knuble Brooks now. I -- it -- went down there where they're ready to put it hasn't burst out yet. Yes we're not pumping -- getting in this year he's got -- allies say that he's picking the weakened -- I don't get a little device waiting here at wavy implement data will that do Bo Derek to. There the fact I don't. Yes. That they know the fact is that Ferrell was wrong many in the media were wrong I know it's three games but he looks very comfortable and Stephen there's a reason he's not coming back to get his -- he knows he doesn't. Belong here anymore just fed -- -- Give it you know this is that this team -- -- -- and you don't want. I -- this is it more exciting team in many ways unless you wouldn't want all you need is that one guy I mean that say what you will -- -- wasn't exciting. Don't know what else -- and I think you're probably right his personality would not have him come back nine out of ten people. Who were part of what we witnessed last year right up until and including October 30. -- wanna just kind of a little little -- that champagne if they don't admit it and figuratively one more time there were unemployed yeah. Exactly -- got nothing -- got nothing to do not be hunting somewhere -- Yeah he's done that was tightly fought that -- would JD the rough and one of the line up just waiting for some unsuspecting moves that come by here you're in a low base of the tree and you're right Duffy says great -- it -- says he is and I'm sure it's a nice guy I'm surprised that he was showing up and got his right. To. Disqualifies him as a nice guy or just his personality I think I like he had his brother don't get excited about anything about his brother lives inside Ellsbury steal Albany didn't even spot -- Deb bit which has a big difference between those two guys but the guys say we deal with Stephen Drew a J. D. Drew to a different. You guys so well thought he he should be back and Zander wasn't ready that I know it's too early it's -- -- But just three games and -- ready. Yes I think he's ready to hit the freehold and I'm not -- I am not kidding. No it's not time notes early for a manager to make this move but it looks this comfortable and not say and if you sit by 56 and -- -- looks this comfortable three weeks. Doesn't make sense as a three hole hitter but it and then Pedroia in the tool and Ortiz and -- what we're going to be anyway eventually -- just do it. Just you know forget I'm -- on this guy I -- and other tribute in a way to cherry did because if Theo were here he'd be in Portland right now. Zander would not be playing that we wouldn't see. It wouldn't happen but what we want maybe four years away -- -- way to -- quad port low light below that you beat you -- us bitter this year. But this is the way it works in baseball this is your next animus and he's as good as -- -- or Bryce or many -- Britney maybe. But this these guys mature fest at the ready sooner this guy's ready he's comfortable. Now available for five and probably. And you'll save stepbrother looks at them down on the basis back I mean it's the greatest players ever played baseball yeah he has. How it got guys and I'm the favorite and everybody's that you don't overreact at the that's -- it goes two for seventeen buried and I think he's that rare players that actually brings you out of the park you get to see today when you go in there. You gonna be excited about all that you know. Extra curricula CS then when the game starts you say what is at her up well I got a guy values economic batters away is -- -- that's true I do the same for Jackie Bradley junior that night -- plays well good he looked cult I said. I would say this for considerable guards to reaches maximum potential as quickly as possible. And to be blocked didn't. Etched in stone at shortstop and second foot has to fall and is that not the viability of willed little Brooks at third base. If -- Brooks goes over April and may. They have to reevaluation to do maybe they go get somebody but certainly the consideration would be -- got -- maybe it's good point let no lights flip sides and -- their elect point he has. The better middle Brooks is at third the more they will tend to leave Zander alone at short double life as well -- -- -- -- no. Slide in fact when people said drew was better than Bogart's defensively we heard last year -- colonel in the offseason. How do you know you know I -- know -- you can see enough of -- short zone rating was never allowed to get comfortable and don't you think. Don't Prius and I will laugh at the idea that drew was better than boulders and defensively drew solid. Are we surprised a little better don't just that little -- that that's all that's not may -- yeah. Eventually I am about as good are we assuming your drew was better -- -- we didn't get to see an -- -- short. I think their dog sled and I don't know what the answer is -- -- Brooks sales. And I just think that every time we come to a place like. Is he -- you don't think that would -- What you think it would middle works is he going to make it -- because -- so be does you know and so everybody's have been -- -- But if you make if he doesn't make it where they do. What first of all I think there's going to be a really long -- to begin I don't think you know old for the first two weeks -- two for four last night is going to make them jump off. It's a little Brooks bandwagon we'll get them out of here month month month but I would say a six week Memorial Day at -- in -- and -- it depends how Jean -- looks in the best at this point but to -- he's not ready they have to. And a regret -- -- you can send your Mercedes-Benz driving down yawkey way and let the players like at all I think -- old mercy of the old beat up educating yet now playing third base yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean it's gonna happen eventually visit to keep these destined for the Portuguese as good as her but he says he is in his numbers in mind these continue. This capacity middle Brooks last year regardless of whether he's good or not right but I where's -- gonna go. They go to Bluefield state -- first baseman what -- he lives up to my expectations and becomes the Red Sox MVP went to great chip between you -- get a little what you don't. Yeah right deal one of them. -- they do have a lot of chips or something with. With Jon Lester that I'm desperate somethings are desperate to keep their race day whenever they're not desperate what -- Henry owns to Leslie. It's typical us but that's the whole report on your website told you we -- when. Yeah the no hitter -- -- pitched very well what's the -- that -- Durham. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a public you'll raise our guests holed out to a remote they they'll pacify the Fort Myers days like this in Fort Myers had slid that in four was a good one later I don't know. I don't like eighty today warmer but -- got a long day comic I'm jealous for a little while yeah you because you get that here in the third quarter seats for the ceremony -- awesome. For drop kick Murphy he's my favorite let me -- mr. Murphy and he's he's playing with the Boston Pops right. I think it's two separate entity is absolutely no -- and never the Twain shall meet. It's about -- day on message -- -- are nests and really can -- Yeah it again if you're here for the everybody is aware of three or four hours today you will Gary's -- and -- didn't kill him maybe that would that be great thinkers who's he should come and interview I think -- who he was seriously the best part of it's -- Bogart says here's who I Don't Ask Don't Tell that it's still a better but we're still right now the first -- -- -- screw up you know that. -- -- bar -- nations in the house when they came it was up there couldn't help millions of those ruins my nose is running to be specific due out. Hey -- -- how quickly openly about. You don't want is running they'll get -- get him a tissue. Additional questions you should use that oh that's nice that's fine it's not just -- your -- vigorously. By Jack. It's ironic your jacking stuff like this Jack -- before the tips do you get. Harrison for to Matt are hit -- -- yes right. And Johnny goes into -- -- I don't have a problem. Mix and match leadoff hitters do you guys think you need. Ellsbury your legal must admit is that your suggestion or running on the -- Jeremy now it's obviously. If there's a lefty you have Gomes in the line up and if he's getting a basis recently clip that you -- tomorrow. Besides that makes them feel good and we're all about making -- feel well certain that and you want to feel you sure know what you she'll -- and he's not gonna play today right right hander on the hill you'll not so he sits down open and he hates that actually gonna do what you gonna make him happy let -- lead off -- -- bowl last night. I think across the lightest of the table I like it called Crawford. Or other guys he's he likes it is the first time he led off since 2007. 2007 as John -- says he's well rested and I was ready to go again round. The lead of the game if. If you ask baseball experts assembled a panel without John Ferrell let's have Buck Showalter who's a cerebral kind of guy. If you asked him to rank the importance of various aspects. Of his team. In terms of having a successful she brings start. What would they be -- starting pitching carry the day as it does into September and October. Is it offense that you're looking for -- a defense your Q4 and the reason I'm saying this I think you could make a case. That when the -- aren't stretched out and you know you're only gonna get. How many pitches from -- we got five and a third on how many pitches and -- your starters aren't stretched out. Isn't near or at the top of your wish list being good. A solid bullpen early in the season -- to take over -- do brought they are said 76 it's so it's a bit that's yeah that's exactly my point. It's 702 thirds scoreless innings from the Red Sox bullpen so far this year is I'm sure what import -- John Ferrell in terms of this is important for us to get off to a good start or the bullpen is peaking too early outs are about what the -- -- back -- that's -- call got. It was that was what I was doing my first road trip I wanted to see it. Bogart's and Bradley were old enough and Ortiz. Was see able to eat and fuel yeah I don't see how and if people were. Viable what's the verdict. Where does absolutely woman's both. Already they'll reject code orange or Red Sox again were some of the good ship Red Sox again and obviously to 37 and spring training meant you know -- -- this all his supporters. So it meant nothing. It means nothing against Ortiz is. Lot you're -- as always Dave Bush as well yeah yeah I'm always -- last night and had spring training by founded. Amazing he low left out of the batter's box and pliable but left it wasn't that a little bit little bush brother Nelson Cruz -- -- played displays at once. -- Jackie Bradley goes from. First of all first of all court. Ortiz barely made it to first. Didn't just -- just popped it -- walk to first there was a double by any other but any of the player to bare bones or blogs ago. Not a word from our friends that that's not a word for any. From the your Twitter I can see it on -- anywhere from four word explanation. Because he is David or that's fine and I -- as much I like David Ortiz went to become him not to when did that become. Those amazing runs -- -- and you get 240 million dollars and -- they have these stories about him. And they don't even mention the fact that he doesn't play hard. -- Ortiz who got the second but I absolutely don't walk this and I -- the second and you know not only was there. Mr. play it left that throws the ball and again Brad gave him all the way home and David just kind of wore it well again I've watched it and no one. Seven words that he had three singles actually -- we had a double that he turned into a single but nobody as a probe whether it is not -- His game -- he would tell you the last time he tried to take an extra base the last time he tried to really ramp it up and -- second base and get to third. He blew out as well I guess game is to stand there and swing for the fences and produce offensively it's not to run the bases like Jackie Bradley -- that's not the basket and I heard that on Twitter -- you want to pull his hamstring. Even -- run hard to get the second set the -- It run. Big Ferrell is a problem that I don't think he does no no no nobody does nobody and it's true nobody nobody has a problem with -- nobody says that word. I watched red dog and DO and they talked about the play and replayed the play and Ortiz. Didn't move out of the box adult discount -- you know lolly gagged -- first nobody cares so I'm done talking about -- I'm in. I'm and he's great he's awesome -- thrown -- wet blanket on opening day ought not yeah. Have you guys noticed -- -- I did yeah reminded that site we will go to that anyone mind to clutch shots and decision. Do we got that Ortiz didn't run hard and what are you get a hundred people tweet back. What do you expect after all the -- it's written right it's easy to do what we heard. Still this all you can do is complain about that this all went three birdie from four wood everywhere we've defied. It doesn't matter he could do and I don't think this hot start. He's got to be thinking about 20172000. He'd like to try actually did point addict he's got his face hasn't been as -- good bottle. Point to what other superstar has to play for is -- -- -- has to. That it's a vesting option hostile place to get paid and that isn't there. That is -- right it's an outrage and if it simply just and he's earned more respect to that I I'll defend him in this regard I'm glad he used Obama -- Love -- I think this is a great idea hoping that fortune hoping -- it was teammates and I love the fact that he used that. It's. Use our commander in chief for little commercial endorsed I would say this. About that is this not the ultimate quid pro quo what do you think that all is all about. Every president -- are all went back to it to two. George Washington to itself is has posed with people and put. Photographs out there of him you know with sick kids or him visiting the military or him doing this -- him doing that the medal of honor. Ceremonies at the white -- stuff is out there that's all good PR the president of the United States Obama and all the rest of them. At all wage usable -- -- -- -- it -- to the people in Washington David Bobby allow it if you're Obama or if you're his -- advises don't you say no more -- please note that did it that your dummy. Bugler to lessen the South Africa this what's the big deal about this one let's not get what is it appears that it happened. On the billboard blow hole cease and desist order will be economic audits are going to be ever shall bill or. Wanna because there with the permission management from the government. How -- they don't think it's easier to ask for -- I asked -- finish ever get all the things expressway that everybody -- Obama isn't going to be up there for three or four days -- I I've never themselves who. I would pay -- a so why is the president any should've known that was that it was a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Delete that we bring that bill. Got to take it back in the two to delete that the only thirty million read tweets but -- I don't like the look -- Jay Carney. About your favorite guy by the what I swell guy out of his efficiency it does what it's a press. Secretary -- official titles this sector no secretary's official that are costing us. Official -- that's what all -- way Huckabee Fred Ellis is all our avail and so they'll work here. They'll work I'm just a professor at the top threats of some of the cameras and utilized. Wrote a liar in chief current current wired and their budget -- talking about the -- David Ortiz -- the White House reaction to same. As a rule the White House objects. To attempt to use the president's likeness for commercial purposes. And we certainly object in this case. -- -- I put double. Billboard I think but at -- Do it -- a -- Samsung -- -- bulls put the bill Norton offered jobs at -- -- tweeted out again and golf digest and do what they did Samsung can do what they saw. And a great -- -- get into that still you still. Critical of Paulina. Always so we didn't see -- cottage child sort of airbrushed to tell you that scenic about it I hope -- us how to covers and Karrie Webb is on the cover yeah. Thoughts of Jane Blalock and Annika. But they didn't think she looks ammo for the big mama portfolio -- George -- causality it will hole that was and she looked like should look like. Monte don't bat compensate. Where are we in the scheme of things six -- 823 minutes it is opening day we think we have kind though. A handle. Of what's happening in their today we will tell you this the Red Sox have asked time and time again if your comment you got to add your butts in the seat by 1250. I think really -- it would do the ceremony starts at. One so -- 59 if you're sitting down would probably be okay but it what he -- by 1250 which means we are looking at. And all -- in five minutes worth of pomp and circus troupe has orchestrated by the great maestro. Mr. mr. -- the dentist doctor about it. I'll just predict it will be just right you'll think it was too long what a group wanna die he is not enough he's not that I know. Is not -- I don't think he has you know and juggler reserve. Do we know Joba minds straight out and announce I don't think he's can do anything active. What is about doctor Charles. For understanding the essence of what is just right because he uses that term all the time what wanna do is not over the top not too much not too -- -- to be just try to somehow some way. -- I am all that spot every single talk about. The target audience you've -- at Boston Pops yeah. This that people that's of the field -- he's not gonna stop you -- -- that you know that that he's gonna show the status -- with drop kick Murphy. Who and and people think that's cute I looked -- -- Murphy is a good guy and they our hard core Irish punk I mean they are they of the Sex Pistols. With the Irish. Bet that yet and yet they're gonna share the stage with the defeat today and I put my money don't keep blocker not -- -- Was that fiddler on similar trip -- -- utter fiddler and can case in the boy's gonna -- those occasions and yet different -- remind him. We -- that we will look gave him two -- looks Greg what do you think -- -- people don't know they think it's like some kind of you know James Taylor looking smashing guitars are heating up fans I mean they're all added up or getting their flatbed stuck on the Roland I I love them but I'm not sure of one understands what I didn't know I think people. Here they know the ship of the Boston right at 640 into a deep set today yes I guess he saw the gonna get they get to see a -- like -- like this. Crank it up he's gonna look like -- Issues I have a prediction to make about what's gonna take place -- their starting around 1 o'clock and by the way and this would be. -- nets. There is one little thing that if Charles were to ask me to consult on this but I would change what I know about what he's going to do -- there a big thing. But it's something that's near and dear to my heart that I think could. Stand little tweaking. We'll talk about that wolf the -- to -- -- -- six or 777 point 7937. Dennis and Callahan and it's not those minute hand up on the right. Broadcasting live on opening day outside Fenway --

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