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Joe and Dave with Jackie Bradley Jr after the Red Sox beat the Orioles

Apr 3, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Jackie Bradley Jr after the Red Sox beat the Orioles to take 2-of-3 games in the Opening Series of the season.

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Okay thank you judge Jackie is. You had a big hit the -- I really want the game -- fourth and final round with two -- Question score from first got a base hit which you have a single which is is still pretty remarkable work. And your first start of the year made the most of it. Yeah yeah that's definitely when you get opportunity just wanna make the most of everything that you get. Jackie also love the jumpy -- and look around long running catch there in center field. I'm wondering how the development for you is gone because the defense is always been there for you gotta be what you're most comfortable with -- -- coupled with the bats tonight too. Yeah I definitely. That we got a good jump. You know position really well as calm start off. But -- at -- felt very good today. I'm just you know stay confident. And on -- When a game -- about that when he hit that Jackie had that too -- out and chip but left he was just basic you what you require the 1000000002 strikes that you. Yeah. Definitely you know trying to wound battle on meet you meet some some really tough good pitches on one out of our play. And I mean actually just stay confident you'll see some to not get the handle and I put a good swing on it. Jackie is one of the great things above playing behind Koji you know you're not gonna be out there very long. Yeah I either get the ball in bars -- right in there it almost kind of challenges the hitter he throws a lot of strikes and you know when that happens it you know allows. Games to move on quickly. What's this week that like for a year Jackie is we're sent down to come back up before the season begins because of the victory you know injury at that I thought offering. Yeah to us it's been awhile we. But just being ready and down. You know make the most of everything opportunity possibly can and I'm pretty excited about the ring ceremony tomorrow data should be that should be a blast are you gonna -- it. Tom I don't know I'm not really arena where -- like even at a spot somewhere the out of the -- -- -- no deposit -- right that I flew down. And -- it might as well as for the young guys through as they have there with three hits it you'd get a couple. And youth movement that very successfully enter and you have bogeys he's he's amazing moment guys to me it's me -- a bat really well. And he could see succeed confidence in them and you know I hope that continues the big contribution from you tonight Jackie thanks so much for joining us thank you for him. So Red Sox would have -- -- Jackie Bradley drove it around that proved to be the game winner let's go back to China.

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