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Apr 3, 2014|

Dale, Holley and Christian Fauria talk Bruins with the great Jack Edwards as the season winds down and the awards rumors start to swell.

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-- talk a little bit more hockey before we switch off to some other things that we've got going here and who better to do with. The the voice of the Boston Bruins on NASA and Jack Edwards Jack has brought you by Norfolk power equipment. And port ID five Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Ram followed Jack Gloria. Robert doubts they'll order ulterior -- on a regular basis in addition -- up. All the talk we due back and forth and hockey I'm a -- -- the shot. You'll be so sick -- me in another week or two Jack it'll just be Kyl -- army. Hey I mean we just ask this of our listeners I'm curious to get your your thoughts we said three players three trophies Bergeron for the sell -- Zdeno Chara for the Norris Tuukka Rask for the -- and who would be the most likely of those three to win their respective award. -- for the so lucky and that's because it. The president such a weird thing and it's all is just the Bronx systematic success. Works against through Iraq secure and it shouldn't but. Sometimes. Even if you put a brilliant numbers people tend to say well you know. This is the same defense that won a Stanley Cup back in 2011 even though I didn't. That's the same system which are pretty much did what circus and tremendous he's been consistent he's made huge -- -- -- a bowl games. Chart for the Norris is probably gonna be a top one. Because even lol we -- -- -- -- defenseman they're still talking about Eric Carlson what do you -- this year I don't walk in particular get a missed the playoffs. And yeah it is it's war that way but I can't think of Patrice Bergeron has finally attained that that level of widespread acceptance of the great game that the place that is all about the w.s and you know why he doesn't announce eye popping off but the statistics people understand what he's done an eagle you win games and and that's pretty much what the shot the ball well. Yeah our problem with Carlson because his teams are gonna make the playoffs or is it because. He's more of an offensive defenseman. Well for me it because it off by that department I mean I last checked -- I haven't checked in -- -- bar because the senator to become all but irrelevant. You are stressful on his team in short handed club on bytes per game a long Ottawa defenseman the year we want in court you were seven. I mean that that means that the guys get scratched every other game when he -- and -- get more shorthanded sides and Eric Carlson I understand that what. Our coach want to do is put his team in position to win and CB Richard Carlson time is wasted on the -- -- but it is truly the best all around. Offensive player in the National Hockey League wouldn't yet -- -- out there at the most crucial moment for its defense which is when -- shorthanded. I mean it get it it's only logical. Course logic never gotten -- win the national black -- though. There we are. He's also minus eighteen in Zdeno Chara is a plus 24 just to make a comparison. There you go -- Jack so you got Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. Honestly still try to find that playoff spots secured so is there a level of desperation that you think they're going to be playing with tonight. I can you break up from one to ten and it kind of explain why. I think about three. I think that the police are giving. A lot of lip service to the operation thing and they may come out and -- -- early but it brought it up pupil -- the surprise -- put the same kind of effort into it this is really at a team that. Is having direction problems. They do not play organized defense they make huge mental mistakes every single game you know brought a couple of mental mistakes last night in their loss at Detroit but. You know that's that's a couple of mistakes that ended up. Contributing to the rare defeat it seems that throttle Richard couple mistakes like battery period and they just came off an eight game losing streak. We're out of time by the way when there were supposed to be totally concentrated in and putting their system together. You know there's already talk here in Toronto that they're going to be some some changes it made your Randy Carlyle gonna get the -- saw. In Argentina -- to run the table and get some help and I don't see either -- happen. Yet -- my -- a question as far as. The red wings game how they how they won that game last night. How out of place was that for the Bruins out an an is that is the red wings a team. But at the brewers -- be afraid of moving forward especially since they had two of their better players on the ice last night. The -- -- -- ranked team because they are one of the two or three best team in the National Hockey League right now and and that includes Saint Louis Los Angeles also. They're playing great hockey they've waited for a long time they console you're looking at things to improve. My guess is that some of the fraying around the edges as surely. The inability. To have something urgent to play for we all know that the president shall be is a nice little -- but it really means almost nothing of the -- prone on the Stanley Cup in 2011. There was a 3 seed in the eastern proper so. They they -- they're gonna have to and significant numbers -- on the road in the playoffs and they did it and this is also a tremendous playoff or rather a tremendous road team so. They don't hear anybody Detroit could pose some problems doesn't match up Montreal could pose some problem lose the match up but. Really don't into the play out the brought out the feel good about themselves as any team. Are you just addressed at a Cape Fear is is probably not the right word even though. I do have some -- How about -- How about how about. Challenging. Matchup is that the teams that you just mentioned is in Montreal and Detroit or is another team that if you just look at it objectively you say. Now that is there really that the difficult matchup for the Bruins or a challenging matchup for the Bruins in the post season. Well that got three the three and order are Montreal Detroit and Pittsburgh and yeah yeah I don't think they're gonna end up playing all three of whom -- is that it books right now Detroit's gonna look over and play in the metropolitan division that. That's the fourth seed against Pittsburgh in the first round. All of the three teams that on paper unit thank you give the -- probable. But you know the playoffs -- are. Be prepared to be surprised that there were time a year biggest. Players a lot of nowhere and have tremendous playoff run goalie stamp on their heads and steel gate and -- -- -- I ugly ugly -- rounding -- at all. Brad they'll open. About it. I got off the heart yeah. What I I. You know there -- person match up problems but again one abroad get into a series with another team I mean yellow came out to play against violence. A maximum -- seven times and there -- going to be in a strike that this Boston team has. Very good speed not incredible speed but very good speed and they play Iran really heavy game you have to play that game in game out -- -- work you do on your only some guys. And there are going to be a lot of guys buy into this series. We're not at a 100% so. I'll I'll take my chances with the way this bronze in order right now. Is the crummy -- job in the Bruins organization right now. Whoever gets the assignment to tell Zdeno Chara he's gonna sit down for Gamertag -- OK -- -- really that's what you're gonna have important medical on the guy in chain him to the to the wall or something it. These. Is a workaholic and Nortel I I think one -- -- interesting sidelight to this season. It's Charl with this what is the tenth power play goal. You know he's been playing in front of the net and he's been doing something that he's never done in his entire hockey. And the challenge of having to work really hard at Celtic. And and just say that the guy well I know you'll want to work really hard -- you know work at all today. That's a difficult message to deliver good team captain that really believes -- got to set the example every single day any -- When you look at that and how they're gonna play these last view a regular season games they could clinch the conference tonight. If that happens I think you'll start seeing guys sitting down as soon as Saturday. -- I I am completely on the same page we're beyond that they'll all about arriving. At the playoffs healthy and refreshed and ready to go. Anybody's heart didn't skip -- -- -- Bergeron went down clutching his leg last night just what they have attachment. That's not a nightmare that you try to avoid these final few games but. You know as the hockey players say you can't drop they're trying not to get hurt and that's when you get hurt. Are we gonna see drama -- the night. My guess it is so that we will. You know that she got in really late last night and it's been real local -- around the hotel where they're standing trial also. They can -- well but I don't know for sure. Did you just say he's a top fifteen player in the NHL if you just say that they're here to say that but I'm coming up. They the open man crush for years so I I don't make no bones about -- He's certainly one of the top fifteen players when you want to win it doesn't matter about the statutes the weighty place. You're just giving Michael's life jacket and a half all right and rarely can just the that is great that's a great -- Jack outside I got to go to -- could. I -- and it jacked -- talking a little bit. Yet Jack Edwards joining us from Toronto. Where -- and he prickly and Jamie your -- be calling the game tonight will pre game four at that we whole bunch of -- tonight we have investigators at 630. And we have pregame show at seven with -- Billy champion Gary Peterson and the right into the game and we've got post game and just so you are aware so that we don't of people complaining later. The game is on us and plus tonight. The Red Sox game is on Nelson. Bruins game is on us and plus you find it I promise you on your cable system so just when you look at the game. All HD and all that stuff but the the Bruins games on us and plus Red Sox game on us. Easy Arab fighters some losses this policy is nest and plus there's certainly nothing on there really dislike plus one in my system early. Right now -- NASA and is think. 577. School I was about seven is -- things. Our Oxford you want from our guys don't so far 76 let's go up a couple of good these positive. I've certainly for accomplice subscribers. -- -- 51 anyway -- season it's before. -- Jack Edwards brought you by Norfolk power equipment and 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Let's get back to phone calls -- you guys a 6177797937. The AT&T -- minus 37937. We are gonna questioned the fatherhood skills of our panel when we come back in just couple of minutes Sports Radio WE yeah.

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