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John Lackey's continued success makes his option year an interesting decision for the Sox

Apr 3, 2014|

We discuss the Sox in the young season, John Lackey's pitching and how the Sox might handle Lackey's final (option) year of his contract.

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6177797937. Callous and Quincy take out what I don't got our Dallas. Quick shout out to local twelve -- Boston. Or we'll shut out what what they want tackler -- not Lackey. I've watched game last night I really think that I transport themselves without. Not specimen looks at -- at a record that you would at least fifteen the seventeen games this year. Well I mean he certainly pitched at that level last year with admiral only with remarkably well -- productions. You'd get run production this year has got to be black Asiatic port contract yet. But he did and I I used to mimic that got called to launch a Lackey. -- I mean like. He was a joke one time I really. Yeah that's what I want this guy got what this bought heavily. On -- now he really looks like. Nor how the pitcher right now. Yeah yeah he doesn't you know cal brings up a point. About lackeys contract it's -- contract year but it's a very unusual contract here really says -- got -- thought like yeah it felt like he can walk away from it. Christian ubiquitous they got. John Lackey was the consolation prize for the Red Sox know they they really war they really wanted to get in on. On Mark -- In your Mark Teixeira. It turned into. That off season turned into instead of getting Mark Teixeira that turn to run prevention remember. We're gonna be all about that preventing runs in. When yankees got market share you didn't. This is gonna swing the balance of power and -- temperature at Teixeira paid off for them short term and they don't win a World Series without the addition of Teixeira. And CC sabathia. -- -- Was the with a big shining about. 1617 million dollars a year. Until now next year. This country you know what you do next here so this -- this is a better option -- seventeen million to what the ticket guess. It's a pay cut. And not off 500000 dollar hot. Now that five this hundreds of thousands dollars -- stay out. And he did end up having Tommy John surgery so in effect what they did was they paid him. 1617. Million dollars a year for two really bad years one bad year and one nonexistent wrecked and the make up for that. Is that they now have a year 500000 dollars at the other it was injury protection that they built into the contract to his credit he signed it. Now the question becomes if he goes out there this year and has just for the sake of our argument -- seventeen win season. If you're the Red Sox the assailants -- John we got to 500. Total -- They were everywhere all RT you say hey John pop up we sign in now to a two year extension. Will rip up the 500000. Will give via a three year deal at eight million a year. What are usually say in the situation. This year this year fifteen point two million dollars. Four for the rest I -- student for John -- fifteen point two million. Next your partner thousand dollars so you can't do it it's a mistake right so what what is stadium business. Ellison in negotiating. When you've got the hammer somebody else is the -- hammer away sometimes they got the hamburger than they only got to take. They had their they had him ever teams in music he's the mail Castro. They had to hammer you know a year ago Dustin Pedroia his contract was an -- except David Ortiz a different different situation David Ortiz. They have the -- they have to sign an extension. But I think there was a fear there's fear of what happens to us we don't have David Ortiz would happen to the middle Carolina. If he goes elsewhere we don't really have a replacement for a job Lackey. Is going to be 36. So. We keep hearing about their young prospects. Keep hearing how John John Ferrell loves Brandon Workman. And Henry Owens is coming and Barnes it's coming they feel like they have some replacements for John Lackey so I don't think there's any fear. Of losing them the fear is if they wanna for one more year and the guys playing at 4500000. Dollars and he's had a great season does he present that. Is your problem would be hard -- -- to -- you probably you know you probably signed that contract you tell -- interest and -- signed -- contract in use today. In the back at -- back I happen to be yeah. I have this old would be a factor there's 500000 that this com economy. -- -- -- -- I can manage this album this will never be a factor. As to why he signed it never thought it would be an -- are and it probably won't be -- Well it as a practical obvious no levee is if she's if you had if you win seventy games. Mean again you're you're standing not let him go at it like you're gonna you know David Ortiz is happy with what he was making you tell me. These W Lackey is going to be the same way no estimate by governor -- next here. My question is -- because up during and gets his seventeen wins this summer. You have the option it's in the contract you -- sorry you signed it. John your your pitch and for 500000 next year forty goldmans say about we do with two year deal at eight million a year -- This summer this all this season Ellis always had not saying he gives you what you what you think always get out -- -- yes like delicate. So you can you can see what he's doing now. -- -- Where you're still getting him at a substantial pay cut from -- is now. But instead of him pat playing for 500000 next year and then becoming a free agent he gets in a sixteen million over two year or adjustment prepare for -- -- cost. The labor Matt would use target hi you know that we're gonna have his contract -- stuff. Your -- wait for the sarcasm to leave it and it's not back off back coming out -- -- If that's the case. Next year out there every ball in -- -- garden out of your way or the mascot an old -- -- I'm not -- looking to knock them out. C'mon this is where the Red Sox and use all the corporate Bosworth. They jot older maybe Houston -- -- don't start that well and and the problem with your scenario to Christians because that then when he's a free agent after that year economic anything. Law I mean specification 3636. On a dirt. They -- symbolic -- I don't think that he's had to think that he's lost it. It would be so. Drastically. Obvious that I was doing it on purpose he was doing a good competitor that I admire John Lackey but you know and I don't puzzles like I happen to be if you went seventy games and -- on about dollars. They're gonna they're gonna hook them up whether it's a one year extension two years since it doesn't matter. They're gonna want them on the -- so they're gonna want them to stay there and we'll figure out. You know it's just comical that he was actually art but did you not read the fine print. Are what's your relatives' questions honestly you can. When you grin before you ask the question always -- -- -- it's -- I don't know what I would easily flat out -- that -- or he's going to kill. He's he said he -- like -- injury he he he already seen it had a Antilles laughing about it prematurely could collect her -- defeat Barbara Starr bodyguard thirty you have. Just asking you -- a -- acts and you could question I don't. What the Bill Belichick. The go ahead to this what would Bill Belichick went to go to little bracelet I would say. WW you don't hit a bracelet note starting at the -- that we everybody in the audience sort of asked the question already everybody knows what he would do. Nobody would have made a commitment -- you have type that 500000 dollars I don't know what I don't think so you don't believe you don't you wanna. No I I I at it again now you've got a guy who's performing at a high level for yet. Pop through a fluke of the contract UK -- he's been making the NFL -- different he's been making seven million a year. You get him next year for 500000. No I don't believe that make -- As a wacky is content but it because I can't think of one. Situation in particular that that has ever come up where you'd go for making. 101000012 million -- you know -- -- last year free -- -- year what what would be your three year. You may 500000 dollars and I are all I went crazy. Snow gods are crazy do you think for all these people by the way who -- -- bodies he did not think per year and they paid him sixteen million he got hurt pitching -- That's like saying Rob Gronkowski got paid the last couple months of the season when he did not think he got hurt playing three. So stop with this -- they paid him what he didn't do anything he needed he needed Tommy John surgery writing continue to grow up it was terrible he was fighting but he went out there to -- Right and ended up having to get Tommy John surgery it's like he sat home for a year and -- that you want to send to. Explain OK here's the guys -- -- if you think Bill Belichick wouldn't make this guy -- Play for 500000 dollars. You see Vince Wilfork contract anybody's guess at their further review yet and I think their bids Wilfork contract. All pro player -- -- not play it for 500000 dollar we got but he is here with everything he -- to earn every single thing. The patriots have done him no favors with that -- more money than. And you were Iowa received any of us what that -- Tories in. Is Roland is wealthy but to all of this is. Excellent. Or good or get an exciting -- and -- capillaries debt. They've made one there are defensive captain last year important players made sacrifice on and on. He -- he has a base contract he has to -- every single thing like these events you've been good to us. We're gonna give this year out of the goodness of our -- what's the motivation for the Red Sox. -- Olympic victory motivation for the Red Sox. They want to have for the team long term I mean beyond next year they want him on the team. There's also cost control because if they if it if they make you pitch 500000. You think he's coming back after that. And I am not HK 36. My back after this policy and that's where we disagree my point is -- -- you this year. That he has what it was last year which is a pretty good pitcher. And do it again basic apps are John -- 500 that -- the contracts are key pitches for next year. Rose's pass up again yeah this is cost control -- going him. And can reduce. His salary. By almost fifteen million dollars and fourteen to 1475. To reduce his salary by that legitimately can be real player. In free agency. Of the money that you -- now. -- John Lackey. For 500 dollar about it then all it is not an option in my you know I Michael all got an option it I put myself from prevention. The pick. -- I I will gladly come out your house with a glass of water that we -- celebrate this as I pick up the top 500000 dollars now from -- team. Edited they're -- picking up that option six. On 77797937. As the telephone number dale and Holley and Christian Sports Radio W yeah. -- -- want to catch. And he chases it down in a way that he's out of there Jones fans for the second time. We're just tough guy -- walk he's not very selective. Expanded the strike zone there. Is a good breaking ball down and away. So that's four strikeouts for lucky. Joke stately Red Sox hall of fame broadcaster. Joker stately down. With the call last night talking about John -- efforts you know what I like about -- techsters. Sometimes I Texas did you detect and -- possible but this -- here. Has a great idea. To -- competition. For the new open the dale and Holley showed 2.0. This might do. You have all the challengers go through. The round of sixteen. You have it winner emerged from the sixteen the winner takes under the -- All rare earth. In the face -- and I don't and the eight dispatched boats. Darting to the people. I -- electors. You know and that's actually not a bad plan -- my great planets though. I well off qualifier. -- -- -- that was you're not out -- now to find. That's after. I just think whatever is old is always gonna. Structure. And democracy. And what people what they want you don't know how people are gonna vote. They did on Tuesday. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number AT&T -- minus 37937. I love the people out there who who keep wanting to somehow equate. What all of us do our lives to make a living. With professional last. Well I'll tell you what I'd do I'd do anything for 500000 dollars I know that they make more than we do I understand that. And I know compared to firemen and policemen and doctors and nurses and all that I understand all that. And I there's there's a certain group out there who just really -- we wanna stick Lackey. Anderson we want your backyard while actor and stand it and I'm an elderly him the person right here finally it's an athlete who get to stuck to him well I think it's both. I have an athlete. And I think if this particular particular frequently heard it last year. They are they're having a great regular season even into the post season. Remember a couple of callers it's going to rely. Can't get over you know he ruined the -- 2011 season. He was -- bad that I do self. Well well well but today gave he was like this that he was symbolic he was like the -- one of the ringleaders. In -- bad kids. Larry he don't give it separate and I but that's ever gonna go to him. And move on the other side of the road not a whole class who was better because this guy has been moved when he was the the face of chicken and beer he was so well in the guy was now an ally it was a face of entitlement Josh Beckett to a -- The face of all the things. And then people got into his personal life to which I'm not willing to do but there were some there are some carry over there some resentment. I don't know what they were what the what those people represented at the -- to 20% of them based 5% 2% but there's a anti John Lackey lobby out here for sure. Absolutely even though here is -- for sure sure he -- even though he's done a remarkable job turning around its image amongst many of Red Sox. Certainly not like what it was couple years ago when he left the mound as Dave said and -- chanting Lackey Lackey got it right there. But he did. But he did get -- -- Remember before he didn't -- -- -- it was at the year before or earlier and earlier in the season he would not tip his cap but he did go -- off. The mound the last time the big moment I was Adams in Auburn Adam I don't. Sup guys my man who Michael you sound. On bird legs I had arranged marriage of a hat -- out and do it. Adamantly dislike I don't know if you heard this poem before amazing grace how sweet -- And book or let it sort. -- and I want to wrap. Via an Italian you know -- down on -- and -- helped with dignity that it's that age are. Record wore it like it carry itself properly and -- -- -- where they'll while. Well I I appreciate the thought I'll feel vindicated if you guys vote with your readers and tell -- the like ordeal then I'll feel vindicated. Are the real quick about accurate -- part right and ultimately owned by a killer Charlie on that. -- You know lately -- you get that aren't lacking. You know one. Oh wait I got injured didn't get any money back to back that we have a lot -- -- -- I would never stepped it up. It. -- Well now that's what I hope we had but come next pitch for -- out. Which we can get talent because we're quite a bit rate with a private or public. Well I don't think that actually is a great -- I don't you deal Lackey knows that. Don't you know only he knows that that 500000 dollars is sitting there on the porch for next year so. There's it is and he's gonna have his best season. Easy to play great but Thursday it. Because he plays he plays bad you know if you probably stay in the you know organizer who you're with but yeah I don't understand. I don't follow you there because. -- -- -- know why only way it's good that -- only way okay he knows that 500000 dollars sit there. OK if you play bad -- yet no choice but to take the -- about -- it was like he played like crap I mean this was what we should be paid. OK definitely leverage if that's what I I I I know I understand okay. Ortiz had no choice also okay and they gave him a new contract so if I'm lucky I know that the only way I acted. State my case is look look how good a pitch for you I still have a lot -- out of state with my chest you're gonna believe it. I still got another two years high level pitching enemy. You wanna you wanna you wanna pay 85000 dollars mine -- miserable for you what you wanna beat every -- in -- Goes either way I am I am just a -- to deal with it so you play hardball good you -- working out that way but he pitches good Michael. That -- that cover about about is. Gonna be -- -- fractional share followed so now he makes his case if he is a if he's an eighteen and eight. 315. ERA kind of guy. For the for the 2014 season. He makes it interesting for you at least there's there's a thought process that and it may be. We want him beyond 500000 dollars maybe would turn into a two year. 1415 million dollar a year deal. But if if he is eight and eighteen. He still coming back from. Well but again though just like that the caller says listen if he plays great it's really it's a win win for the Red Sox either way I threatened plays great you know you were 50 we can you know came a little bit more. OK to make to keep him happy. Loyalists and you played so well is over -- and -- to get a lot for let's -- deal with that money issue with somebody else. I'm I'm looking at the details of lackeys contract Amanda were up against break because the techsters says. I heard long ago that the 500000 dollar Lackey deal does not transfer to a new team traded. I'm not according to the details I'm reading. According to what I'm reading here. It can be transferred in can be traded out there you might have something. Because they've been a team would give you something I don't pitcher of that caliber. Or 500000 dollars guaranteed three year man out I give you some of that I'd give it up. I don't I don't get it up for 500 -- 6177797937. As telephone number it's dale and Michael and Christian -- on holly Sports Radio W media.

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