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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Good ol' Hockey Edition - 04/03/14

Apr 3, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around the waning moments of the NHL regular season and the Bruins push for the post season.

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And then and then and then I mean there are you kidding me. Hello there we're on the air and hits on game night tonight. And they'll lose -- -- the building that goes down on the ice. This is Alex I'm here that is on Sunderland had very little in saying. These colors in the -- -- on things together. And I mean yeah from -- Again. You might be the worst mark. He's on average down but I do sense that friend by the way however it exists. You're angry person you don't like it -- and other work that you like. It makes me smile and he doesn't like -- today no I think that I -- they have a smile. Wow finally we found one thing. What that were played and every day it makes Andy's not go to events and -- By -- amendments that there are a lot of parties on Friday AT&T out -- -- brought to -- AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible you may have party figured it out there's a hockey trend for reform. This -- different. Eric Kirsten thanks for James separated by three point towards. The last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. If you're the Bruins which of these four teams do you most. Want to face. Given to tell people before department Columbus Toronto Washington and new measures. You want. To face. Columbus. Toronto Washington Jersey. -- -- Detroit out by the way. They're right they're battling for those those last two. It's -- -- what the cut I wanna party in order for so little math problem out here so stuffed into one of those things why wanna play the Buffalo Sabres then dammit. But I don't think the commissioners a lot of us do that. I would say out of those teams probably New Jersey Washington Washington tonight. They want to play all yet wait wait and just watch Alexander Ovechkin and explode. Last night Alexander Ovechkin coach Adam Oates. Said his star Alexander Ovechkin -- on apply. Went opposite trying to motivate them -- hot generally -- one of these out there are exceptions to every rule. What are the rules I have. And one of the things that go by is. I'd never. I don't -- face I don't what the other guy the other team to have. The best players in this here but the trouble is he's not he has no not now we don't know is that your utilities the best gold score. Michael he is dead last in the national hockey. Every skater in the NHL -- that from one of 576. I think it is whatever the number. Dead last in plus minus in the national hockey. Part when you scored 48 goals. You know how many even strength points he scored in the month of march how many zero. And a. Okay you got -- into a -- there but I was straight hits -- The best I have goals score a transcendent goal scorer like he is. I don't. Necessarily what that -- the other team opportunity to just carry this thing is to Kerry's team and make you more competitive -- should be all the way. You can I want you in and Billy Jaffe. And Gary Peters and I want you to break this down I'm not I'm not worthy of -- you guys are. I want you to debunk. The whole plus minus that hockey is the most misleading stat in my opinion the National Hockey League is tough to find. -- bat plus minus player on a good team. And it is tough to find a good plus minor minor player and a bad team -- me. There's got to be -- more I know Brian Burke hate analytics. In -- -- has ever but there's got to be a better way of measuring it right and it -- in my right on the right track and how would you do that. Password -- and that's where the hockey intelligence it comes in their. There are some advance -- -- will make people's eyes glaze over there are a couple one is called foresee what is called Fenway. Trust me you do not want me to start to going to hold of what what that means. You got to come up with your own metric I understand that their we've got to invent who hate the whole plus minus thing. And and you know -- until they come up with something else the fact of the matter is and I gave you the wrong number it's 862. Players -- national hockey. -- tackle them. 862 players Alexander Ovechkin is ranked 862. Out of 862. And plus my part of their. -- it doesn't mean I re do get a part of your. Yeah yeah. I take it back there as the -- -- you don't like this all got this is that the only thing Bob Newmark and I never had words. -- you -- you know pick this out for the -- This what's wrong with that I bet there's a good note. I guess -- -- teams. Team and -- -- -- Columbus with 83 points and you have Toronto at 82 Washington and 81 in New Jersey with eighty which of those four teams do you least. Want to. Well I would go by Christians logic and I got my attention you're talking about the dangerous teams are the ones who. Had something in front of them here before. They have some opportunities. And maybe it's inexperience. Or or just bad judgment at the wrong time. If they were prevented from advancing to those teams come back. And their position -- from their mistakes at the Toronto Maple Leafs. And you had a very very good championship level Bruins team on the ropes you were ten minutes away from advancing to the second round. Of the playoffs semi final round. And you imploded. So I don't wanna see I don't wanna see Toronto. The second time around because you saw what Phil Kessel he's sort of -- couple -- that series so -- Every time he was on the ice you just you could take your eyes off them because he was this cable he is capable. Of turning to gamer yes so. Yeah I am -- a pulpit because you know thinking about that Detroit game. You know they were. Undermanned delegates there is some of their best players but did not play that game. That Bergen Datsyuk didn't play that game those guys are probably gonna be back. You have won your buddy stars and I -- to. Flat out showed he can score was the best of all so he can be a game changer anybody see what's your goal to do if you play at a high level. No he won the series. Not sure about that but. You can definitely steal some games and make its way. Columbus is the team. Up before you gave me to choose from. They're the team that might make me the most there. Spending vezina trophy winner -- Dave Dombrowski. A couple really good young up and coming scoring stars Nathan Horton who always performs well come playoff time. Columbus is the team of those four that might give me the most applause. -- street. Drum again was one of seventeen players in the NHL with thirty or more goals this season that he's tied for thirteenth. Last season how he said Iginla is a top fifty error in the NHL. So yeah it is again went back to top fifteen player in the NHL. Today -- -- which fugitive -- skull. TJ DJ being shut me out every all you crazy top fifty -- may -- Maybe ten years ago. Not your lord -- -- you think people are -- I'd have to grow blitzes and looking at the body of work and you know not focusing on what he's doing this year. You think actually had a map that to a well I I don't know. -- -- people -- -- -- that you -- -- you -- -- -- -- what -- doing what he's doing right now. They've got the performing arts center right now -- senate last year when he. Look like a bottom fifty player in the post season vs the Bruins who did not look good while he in the whole Pittsburgh Penguins. Now he's not a top fifteen player indicted or denial -- -- -- -- -- didn't call nobody. He's about. Fourth or fifth on the -- I would put crate G ahead of them Bergeron had a vote. Zdeno Chara had a -- I'm kind of on the line about Lucci maybe not so I I would have I would have. Jarome Iginla probably has only done -- it's the way and that's our protectors if you prepare for a game. That's what he doesn't do what doesn't -- do nothing it's just days strictly. Biology questions here at his age. You know he's a remarkable player hall of fame first ballot lock hall of Famer but I think he's about the fourth best player -- amber if he's -- fourth best player in the Bruins. -- I'm gonna disagree review. And say that it. George desired to. Signed him to a contract to catch absolutely misplaced they're gonna pay your fourth or fifth best players that million dollars a year. I don't know if it'll be 766. Or seven be about six now I'm -- that. And and that's and the salary cap going up next -- it like seventy million. So yes oh god yes I'd I'd -- him in a heartbeat and the Bruins have already made inquiries about signing him to a -- Giving him the guy had one goal in his first how many games. Can I get re in the first fifteen or some silly number oh well you know what's Karl Soderbergh said he had. -- like fifteen goals in his first forty games that he's had fifteen holes in his last twenty games or something. Eight he's on a role no doubt about that. Pill and. The AT&T question of the day which Bruins players most likely to win an end of season award -- Chara. Raskin Bergeron. You on the text line 37937. Text us your answer what's your answer -- Michael Christian so now just to be clear I know there's been this buzz lately about Bergeron winning the Hart trophy is an MVP I don't think he's got a prayer of winning not. He should be a lock for the cell in my opinion. Zdeno Chara should BA finalist for the Norris trophy. And Tuukka Rask should be and will be a finalist for the vezina -- those -- 33 players and three trophies. That allows her to -- with him. The we wanted to get an award an award for silverlight for top fifteen participate in a cup partner and want to wanted to -- maybe some orange slices eagle but there is the lead I -- the Levy holly award mean I don't like I -- there. So those three choices and help those three out of every -- right now Bergeron the line. Or the burden for the Celtic yeah I -- a lot in my. Tuukka is -- I think he's gonna win the best and I really think cougars got a -- I think virtual console locked for the for the sell itself. I don't think Chara will win the Norris all the -- think it's up there's a ground -- around the national hockey league for. -- I'm not -- that you guys -- a meridian AT&T to excellent right now. The -- says self keep Bergeron. Rask businesses -- go against Bergeron. Is our government says Vrabel best -- I think we're at and that's. Are there for. Not do that you are what you -- doctor that the text right there in the face of the there will be a reckoning which reunited at some point. Better put it -- pick it -- we're finally here -- the phone number I don't call you. Take it over 603 and the under is next right after that -- -- your high is. -- There is no way to run McGinley isn't better than David great justice and -- -- a better player. David crunchy almonds apples and oranges and Craig -- that is that he's a setup guys and imaginative player. -- comparing. An error in the form insists it is not really. A separate wings -- Those again when the -- the award but you know I'd be after our ID CEO of -- award this year juicy rewards very coveted. A lot of people have fought over it. Automatically -- like don't have a little hockey for like the lower juicy rumors that the idea of that I'll choose the -- stuff like that. Well you guys have are voting on the yeah on the text line perhaps it is to take those 37937. I gave mine I got Bergeron a lock for one who I don't. -- -- -- -- -- to grass. I mean as far as saves goes right up there as far as you know big plays Italy and shot outset that the right time gas so. You know it this is always such a you know top five top choice just because this is always a couple of guys were you don't neck in neck. It was right there with them. Was his -- biggest competition Lucas. You know that I've gone back and forth on this one all season long I thought semi in Harlem off. And I think he will be one of three finalists. Right now he leads the league in wins with 38. -- -- people had been bishop of Tampa Bay as even may be a Hart trophy candidate. As I look at it right now I would say your three finalists will be Tuukka Rask semi in Harlem often Ben Bishop. And he should go strictly on who has the most win -- -- what are you basing -- -- saved your personal -- save percentage. Goals against. -- and wins I would probably. I agree with you Michael that it's you know -- little bit of everything right now took arrests goals against average is two point 04. His save percentage is 926. He is. I'll take back he -- at 932. Is ahead of he's at all those guys he's at a bishop he's at a Harlem mop he's at a price he has a better a percentage and and leads the league with seven shot. Paul Christian ago hockey -- and you monitors ago. With Christian and actually Korea is it's not going to be on my name lord Christians Stan Fischler Florio according to. Techsters Bergeron as the overwhelming favorite 53%. Are coming at 13%. 13%. Of those three you know which one do you think percent. Sure. That we might Marty great name wait until we Jack about Jack. Knows better than anybody else that the hardest position to play sports. No offense and different partners and played -- -- -- hockey defense. But the people. And far out for one of the new hockey fans whose texting us. Says Bergeron for the self the award although David Ortiz without David Ortiz was a lock for that on LT. A hot hot. Celebrity. Not self. Not support for brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. You heard you heard Michael say at Jack Edwards is coming up just a few minutes. We'll be back to the phone calls with -- was -- 60 and we -- baseball tickets to giveaway opening day tickets to giveaway sometime in the 5 o'clock hour. Odd don't you got to take the day off anyway might as well go to the ballpark we make even the chance to do that 6177797937. As the telephone number. Via AT&T text minus 37937. It's -- holly and Christian Sports Radio W media.

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