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Daniel Murphy's Paternity Leave: Mike Francessa apparently thinks we still live in the 1950's

Apr 3, 2014|

We discuss the New Yawk controversy of Mets player Daniel Murphy's departure for collectively bargained paternity leave, and how the New York media is handling it.

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You guys have probably heard this story about the player for the New York Mets whose wife went into labor on opening day. Now she is in Florida their homes in Florida she's in Florida she went into labor on opening day it was a David Miller's. Notes I think it's. Humor that Daniel Murphy who are I apologize. He went home his wife goes into labor he went home. And told the Mets that he would be gone for three days of maternity leave which is. -- it up Paterno well yeah I impart a paternity it it's collectively bargained. The players association Major League Baseball in the agreement you can have three days of paternity leave he told the Mets. On a Florida -- seven a baby. I'll be back in three days. I can't even think that there would be any controversy about that it seems sort of self self evident to make. But then I forgot that there were people in our sports media business like Mike princess. I only need three days off I don't know to be honest I mean easy to -- and get back I mean. Why do what do you do when the first couple days. May need to carry of the kids we gotta have some of the benefit greatly Bristol what. I'm sorry you do that because that's so funny you don't you know -- be a white doesn't need help the first couple occasional that. If not the muscles first orders with the baby as a sport. -- AFC got a house public they're allowed to take done these guys take goal tickle them your amazing baseball player you can hire an arts. As a carrier that it did it take your baby if you wipe itself. -- seriously -- -- -- And I guarantee you that's all you white sands. All right and if you have little kids and you say well you know there's people who can't afford nurses and dissident nominees league baseball players. They can afford and nine there's a pretty one but it is that they're. Good at. Kind of kids and the a couple of episodes I was little clip. While. It -- back -- it. Though so Mike princesses given too much information about himself -- -- Doesn't it I mean -- to wonder what that was like I don't wonder I don't know -- I know he told me Michael you'll remember not too long ago when he fell asleep on the -- -- member fell asleep on on live TV live radio nodded off. And he blamed it on his children. Kids were sick they'd been up late he didn't get enough sleep -- blamed it on his children and his is proper parenting skills apparently. Today in Manhattan let's of that. That there really -- ago. You know what what you're doing -- white paper -- how about what's spewing your family. Yeah don't know really out -- that out both -- -- -- Uncle -- and honesty and like baseball player you explain to me why you more than one that he needs to be there. Because he can. Because again. It's collectively bargained so. He's not he's got a -- the contract that he's got a he's got a problem with Major League he's got -- probably doesn't care about contractor I don't care get so openers to help got a problem with the players association. -- collectively collectively bargaining this into the agreement and it's three days. That is still well below oh. What the what what -- what the legal limit it. Now and again if you're if you're sit here and it. It's September it's it's October but I'm sure he probably rethink the situation and it's -- right now. It was an easy decision in my opted for him to take as many days off as he wants to violently whipped your hardest question -- your wife -- -- out of there. You regret it if you don't. Just this just saying you know it it has nothing to do with. Whether you should you shouldn't there's really only one. Answer is a -- that you should be there. I don't care if the -- year. Joseph Flacco I don't care Peter be determined over Chicago I don't care for Ben Roethlisberger who came out last year. And said during a summer that he was going to -- yet to choose between being with his wife when they get when she gave birth. Or playing any game he was going to be with his wife. Hailstorm criticism criticism -- and analyze the situation what would you do the matter what what anyone else would do -- It only matters what he would do based on his situation with his wife. It is it's it's my princess so afraid. So what are -- -- he says it's as what you do there what you do know. It's different if your child or. Maybe I I don't know why is -- -- older white that the -- -- -- did you tell her that did you ask almighty god is she telling you. So before people misinterpret this and I think what Mike Francis says just beyond the pale. And I don't really like Mike -- all that much. I'd really like Boomer Esiason a lot personally and professionally we've been -- we've had fundraising events with a Super Bowl I like Boomer Esiason a lot. He was every bit as off base as Mike princess -- -- -- Frankly I I would have. I was at C section before the season starts I need to be I need to be an opening day I'm sorry this is what makes our money this is how we're gonna live our lives this is gonna give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I'll be able to afford any college I wanna send my arrested because I'm based. -- -- No no other -- hall that -- don't gonna -- -- -- al-Qaeda here yeah it's a guaranteed contract that none of that changes and -- the other thing. Mean it Tellme Boomer Esiason. That you would. Risk the health of your child based on your spring training schedule or based on your baseball schedule. Like that okay 37 weeks and I'm gonna make an effort to get them out of there because -- got to go to spring training -- got -- -- a real challenge for -- I got up. What do you say your wife illicit. C section -- I got games to watch airway and march 31 are gonna show all the -- -- all raised immediately and personal what we'll -- this section. But who want you only get a C section when I have to get a C section. All my kids or my five kids receive such a baby the first hole was an emergency -- -- -- the doctor tells us up on my second -- my son is going -- second baby. But you gotta have a C section. OK he was due out September -- gonna be camp all -- all right so we can somewhat plan this out I could tell Mike coaches Millicent I'm having a baby on this day. August when he -- David -- and -- Clancy section would be gone two days OK -- now -- camp it was great situation. But if that's not a -- -- -- -- by the way there's not wasn't a problem. That problem but it in it would have made a difference either way because I'm but if there was an October. Or December. It is the same situation Clancy -- -- you can kind of manipulated you can have a lot of Monday -- monitors that's fine okay that's taking advantage of the situation. However. That's not the same case that everybody if you have -- you have a natural birth. Then good luck trying to figure out yet again it is due date but at the time it doesn't work out that way. But I gotta tell you I'm glad different sets us at what he said I'm glad you don't or not I don't know I don't I don't I don't. The guys that woody said I'm glad that boomers that reason because it it starts the conversation and we are so far behind. We're so far behind as he's society when it comes -- -- Taking a leap to these guys are I think they represent -- what people wanted mattered not that represent a strong that. Percentage. There's a lobby out there that says oh -- absolutely right they don't. There are a lot of people don't get the concept of men and paternity leave it's weird that it should be good right they don't get it so and I think. Quite frankly -- we really wanna be honest about it there are a lot of companies. In the country. And in Massachusetts. And perhaps this one that doesn't quite get it when it comes to -- and -- don't speak from experience here. So the fact that we are starting the conversation. Might be a good thing when it comes to changing opinions and perceptions of what paternity leave. So there's a reason that they fought to have this three days there's this three day paternity leave. In effect so if you want you can use it. If you want a no harm to take you haven't its shores and they can't say anything about it. But -- in this in the case say you don't want it and you're that have a guy that you know you have disagrees with the -- but she's go with David just going -- you know. I'd much it's got to go to caucus don't play that game. Going to go take four bats. A civilian do a million times over it and don't worry about but that you probably won't have anymore kids I don't like it happened or -- -- -- there -- soderbergh's wife is due any day now. The the Bruins specifically brought up Ryan -- from Providence of the American Hockey League because they're thinking we may have to get this guy out of here we gotta get him home. When the Bruins were on the West Coast trip earlier this year they were playing in Los Angeles Johnny boy -- wife. Was getting ready to deliver twins. Well the game ended. Johnny music was waiting with a band in the in the runway behind the the locker room there -- -- let's go we got to get to the airport. And rushed him -- the airport get on the plane get out of here. They didn't care that they had games to be played on the West Coast they -- it all get their beat their though the brought the beer in his case your babies. That even -- question how can somebody. -- so far behind the times like Mike France asset and Boomer Esiason -- like a lot I was at C section before the season starts I need to be I need to be an opening day. Serpent. -- work out that way hitting me. I have to I don't I mean I am so surprised by that it's like it's so insensitive to a woman. Bet that make it you can speak for her assuming that she doesn't want her husband's there in support for whatever reason however it means to them. It's like it's just taking a whale. I -- I think we're they've taken away the mystery. That you know what it means to them not much -- -- -- -- one thing to fake it. They went on they went on the radio and told everybody. Unsolicited. It doesn't mean. That's to me -- what it would boomers white said when he got home. Often -- -- elect and what that would help shot we promised we're gonna play at first bracket and we got off on this discussion we will play it when we come back and the other side our second bracket. Where you get to help decide the new dale and -- theme song if theory is one will get to that just couple minutes debt it's dale and -- and Christian Sports Radio WE yeah. Of people texting and answers to stone colder. Aura or cult that that the ones that I was good news that way back in the in the stream near the message stream here but we did have a few we do have a few of of these what I call the text machine top guys. The one who said. -- you -- your theme song should be Helen ready I am woman hear me roar -- toughen up. I'm guessing his marriage is gone wild and it -- there was another when you said you need to get up there and make the money. You know one day and get back to work he's -- in the money either way here by the way. It's like he's gonna get cut its not like he's given up. Paychecks. He's making the money to -- the airport's three -- all my -- not three whole days with his wife in Florida when she's having a baby. -- that's awful I don't see why that I don't see why it's such a big deal but why is -- why it's even debatable at wildwood you begrudge someone from winding. Purple lights out like this and and football I don't there's nothing written Lisa wasn't a saint Thomas -- you had a you basically -- Plead your case donated it to the birth atop the most guys that are coaches are understandable but. I can help you -- and I know Putin. Because Mike friends Sasser has figured out why were even at this stage there is a reason why this is even a question. I frankly don't get it. Mean positive. Don't get. But. It's more -- very. I don't know where it's thought it to be honest with you I mean I guess it's the lauded with. I'm gonna guess here it's thought it would natural childbirth is where -- thought it because it started being in the old days. Guys weren't present. You know they were in a waiting room when they had births that they would this natural childbirth stuff. So the guys will pull out of it so they were in the -- when they were there and everything so now they need to be there because they were part of it. -- At -- knuckles aren't. Or people we are used to work out okay what's Hugo rubio and hospitals topic you can you don't. -- authentic gamble picked one up. May eighth tenth and natural childbirth. That. They would over the head back and a -- you -- on all fours and a woman and then make food. Meters or no -- -- -- also irritated me updated wheels didn't used to allow women vote. I don't know I don't know where the mentality goes I guess I -- -- -- is going you know. I don't know I. As -- as close as to your opinion changed it was the World Series instead of opening day it might like. I mean if football player is saying you know I'm gonna miss Sunday's Super Bowl because might might -- giving birth yes that might be different but that's not. Situation I don't I'm short and also look I think you have to end and maybe some people are. Maybe they're they're just telling you a couple of things one. The guys who who were sameness. Like princesses and Boomer Esiason. Essentially saying raising. Children it's for work. Our audit don't raising children as for women. My job -- -- put that make it in the kitchen and your job is to cook it maybe where when you look at. When you look at athletes. Former athletes and you look at some other children and things happen if things go wrong and what went wrong. -- all the money in the world. He had you know was able to go to the best schools and lived in the best neighborhoods. I'm not saying that it's a 100%. That you know guys who are. Guys who worked from two parent background. Turn out great doesn't always happen that way. But think about your percentages go up a bit if you have. If you have two people. Helping raise that child. Over one. Right doctor percentages go up to have somebody -- to bounce something off you have another voice the comment Wednesday during tough times. Many of the same guys -- say. All right you know whoa whoa why are things going wrong he had all the advantages in the world except maybe didn't have your parents around because you thought it was more important. To play games and to raise your kids don't think it's illegal practice as medical -- -- principles. Beyond OK so listen this that was that it had the -- situation. But it was his religion -- I am not gonna pitch on this day because of my religion. It was an important time. -- the team but it was more important for him. They I am -- I'm and one upcoming practicing. And practicing Jew and this is what a minute do you wanted to get a religion -- practice. And by the way just -- to fill out all the information. This was Daniel Murphy and his wife's -- shot. Doesn't matter that matter and I don't but I'm just saying. For those people -- -- all well if it was your fifth that wouldn't matter -- this was their first child and -- and I agree with you shouldn't matter but for those people. Some. -- -- -- I detail right I I've changed my mantown mama my mentality older I've gotten older my kids have gotten so. -- -- to look back. And to have -- now we're just kind of worked out from anywhere else able to be there it really was that a ha tough decision it just worked out in abuse and in June. Big news in March. And January. But if I was to sit back and have that decision and choose in the play. I think I would regret it. I won't regret it you think about your life and in -- -- OK and you might play your sport. Let's just call ten years. Ten years not in your life that's it OK any of the rest your life to sit there and regret the fact that you chose one game. 1 game in September. In December doesn't matter. Just because it was more important I just don't think that's something that I would want to deal with at a later stage of life regardless of how important that opportunity once. I'll marks -- Seattle mark you're next on dale and Holley. Pagan happening guys that France -- already there aren't they living in this donated somewhere. I was on average -- thirty years -- you guys that would you know they're. Why would have maybe but there are underway and commitment -- -- -- a little piece of paper that says oh by the way at this time. Height weight of that all the detail and they would just looked -- so long and like I haven't given it to be there. And -- you gonna give you like him in what it. Pride -- not. Well and and so the people all the whole situation. Murphy's wife's water broke at 1130. Sunday night. He immediately got as quickly as he could hop on a plane to Florida arrived in time for the birth of their eight pound two ounce son -- At twelve vote to Monday. And guess what. His wife had had a C section. All that stuff that boomer was an -- schedules C section you get up their play. It's like -- Agassi section. And -- it's. I don't mostly this is rendered comical I mean honestly because. Like to sit there and throw -- on the woman. It is I. That is. Natural child who hired the fact that as -- I hope they don't yeah Abbott Matt and our parents all the gals the gals -- make him a big deal about this day at all. I -- for years we got kind of show up just release shall. Well I -- and by the way out of this detector says. You know princess didn't say don't mean there he said take one day instead of break so your wife had a C section which is major surgery now you're you're going to be their day about. And it honey I got a game when -- out I guess the thing is it's it's. By the way Tuesday it was an off day. In one game because he was -- for the birth Tuesday's off day he missed Wednesday's game he was their the. You know what I'd like to know I'd like to know. How this became. Prominent for the players association and who pushed it was one of the lawyers wasn't one of the players because. We had a lot of techsters here today and that's and 75% of the Texas but. Out of out of 100 text maybe fifteen or twenty to hang -- guys who wishes you know this is it was the way -- America. I think it's interesting that athletes we're talking about a half. So these are these the big strong tough guys the guys that you wanted to be. When you were growing up playing baseball. And everybody played baseball growing up thought yeah -- sure I'd love to play Major League Baseball. These are the guys you wanted to be in the guys that you wanted to be the tough so called meat head athletes are the ones saying this is important to a so you think about that I -- the athletes. Are ahead of some of the people -- in the audience here when it comes to the importance of being there. Or three days. Not three weeks. Here's three days. If this -- her childbirth if this was in September of this did admit -- if there was a playoff push you need to win a couple of games. You still take one game and you miss it. Maybe I don't salute you do you always take the opportunity because his -- -- which -- doesn't matter okay. Now do you take three days now you don't you tell your wife listen. Everything's good I got some help parents aren't around sister brother whatever. I did miss the most important part. I gotta go I don't want to. And it it she understands she won't get it like you've got to go doesn't mean you're going to be gone for law illegal late game comeback but it all the the fact that this is derby Chris he's being criticized now. In April. Is it's not -- It's it's it's confusing. Does Connecticut -- Harris who cares if you yet hundreds to. Luckily my friends that's it does. And boomer we got take a break you guys are gonna continue the conversation I'm gonna have for -- and turn it leave paternity leave it -- Get to do the investigators which is -- Japanese baby that's 630 pregame shows seven join us for that on nests and plus tonight. -- good to see you again and I gotta go a little about you email them your gonna row on the board I outside your share. Poll modernize -- I had ever -- -- ticket giveaway coming up let's assuming he gets you on the year. Are back to dale and Holley showed they'll have to bounce check them out on TV tonight. The Bruins will be playing the Maple Leafs. They'll be there with Billy Jaffe -- be there with Gary Peterson doing -- thing on national -- -- Now as we have told you all day it is time to hook you up. It is free ticket Thursday here free ticket Thursday beat -- ninth caller right now listen to this number 6179310937. And went to tickets for the Sox home opener of Red Sox new era hat that's -- that hot -- will be wearing tomorrow. And free parking courtesy of the credentials that are garage plus a URWE. -- clubhouse and flatter you'll win. A tour of the Red Sox radio network broadcast group. Call 6179310937. Right now was brought you by Geico. Town fair tire in your home for Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven WD guy in the Afghan Christian yeah. In the. -- -- Your job by the -- sit and answer. No. But you know it is to -- now I am I am distracted a lot of paper front and gossip papers here so. -- got some papers Russell though this just in to -- -- is here it is breaking news. Bob so we're talking before I left -- boy about my princesses and and boomers -- don't. He wanted -- player who has -- a bit ability to afford. Care can't be back playing baseball and he can't. I'm beyond beyond a totally ballistic totally -- let -- console but we cannot go to be complications it's a different story complicates hopes Obama complications. It doesn't matter if it doesn't -- we all know he can abort a night Manny. 500. What nurses that we need the doesn't matter we know that that's not the point. You know what this is I was -- Do you think Mike Francesa Boomer Esiason really believe this or are they playing characters on the read. They may read errors or maybe the princess and I would I would like to put boomer at a higher level. I just I guess I would and I and I get a mentality. I can tell -- something that way and it's really easy to pass judgment on somebody else not be in their shoes and not having their relationship. It's easy I should do this that's what I would do well. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter. What you would do it doesn't matter and or you could say he should go get a nurse like this pair is he has the ability it's April. Who cares take it out of the clubhouse. I'm talent you Michael -- is not a baby dude I want CP three days. I don't wanna -- will managed believe will manage we love you enjoy it. It -- September. We got a big game. I might say listen to still got to go no matter he's still got to go one can you get back. As we need to knock you know we need them -- -- to put the hard core press -- you need to be there for your birth the -- your child but -- can you get back. Texas'. Stop roping boomer and you're going out of your way to mention. So did it sound editing and worse -- Florida's trip over sound and you tell me. I was I was shocked. When her Boomer Esiason was things and things -- here. They I would have. I was at C section before the season starts I need to be I need to be an opening day I'm sorry this is what makes our money this is how we're gonna live our lives this is gonna give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I'll be able to afford any college I wanna send my arrested because I'm a baseball player. That's silly. Mr. -- you -- think opening day we're talking -- Victor -- right about a picture. -- like orbit so you if you go away from the from the contract what -- I get a for cause. Hey you know what and he signed his contract I got some money. Were taking all the way because you violated her contract. By being by your wife's side. How -- -- -- their first child behind -- All Ohio why is this is always that debate we had this debate. And I'll work for ESPN first take whenever whenever a guy. Made it public that he was gonna he what he was choosing to be with his wife. It was is is is debatable as of race religion you name -- -- convicted what's out there but I debatable. But I. Always opened -- we just dumb as males. Are we stupid are we are we incapable. All of saying yes there's another side of nerves aside to me. Where I feel is that I I feel it is important. Just -- important. To me as it is to my wife to my girlfriend. To be there for the birth the top why the weak men. What are -- there's not a woman out there who says hey wait a minute after his job. He shouldn't be here he should be -- playing terrific guy thing why don't we get it. You know what if what problem -- -- -- there if there -- some stick. Did you guys think that if your -- for your son. Or your daughter does that make -- soft. If if you're saying my family life. Right now today my family life is more important than baseball today does that mean you have no passion for winning does that mean you don't wanna win that championship what it. Let's at the answer is yes most back here we are dumb. No -- our -- are very intelligent but. It depends some guys like you said Sandy -- From the beginning. These in my believes this is what I'm doing -- leader odd that you mole most people respected him more. -- having is believes taking a stand and doing it the way he thought was best. Okay I would be the same for -- -- element out of Chicago for Ben Roethlisberger who people despise but here we did he came out last year decided. I don't it was last year for but he was gonna. People in the so Tom when he knew the baby was gonna be due sometime in October or November he was telling us ahead of time -- like I'm going to be with my -- Starting quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers. Name all the stuff that he was the hated you hate him you Tatum doesn't matter. Texas a funny. You know. I don't look at all at Texas or -- Marty you would have missed an entire season and at -- at the airport is -- and another Dexter. I got today did that listen to boomer and carton the entire don't know at this clip with Texas and if you listen to their entire conversation. That part for for boomer. Is being taken out of context you have to explain it to me and a particular word for tell me why it's taken out of context because what I've heard. Now pretty broad. But he says something else if this was just a little detour from his -- Articles were little I would like to hear about larger -- and it's a little insensitive. Right it's just another fuel right and I think it's easy. If his son. It -- kids. Our start. Plan C section. If you can't plan to -- it makes sense if you can do it if the month work out. You have that ability to manipulate. It you know you're gonna have a C section -- yeah that makes sense. Go ahead do it but if you -- first job you don't know what's gonna happen that you pretty much have to bank on being there. Our here's our here's a group of of carton boomers -- it's one thing obviously when you either for the the birth of your child -- everyone of us totally supported a 100%. Mercury emissions opening day what series and his wife's in labor. Nobody can argue that right. But now to me. And this is my sensibility. Assuming the birth went well. Assuming your wife is fine assuming the baby is fine. 24 hours you stay there are -- babies couldn't have a good support system for the mom in the navy. Get your ass back to -- play baseball. Now. Our I don't agree again to stop all 442 street -- so little -- or should the Obama started out -- though I have for me put -- baby eight point solvent got the don't. Now. Texas -- the society is so bleeped up to work to pull against the most important day of your life. One might think they're hitting them by hitting -- -- are taking -- is more important than being with your wife. At the culmination of nine months of carrying your child. Pretty pretty well. Just cringe because you're getting criticized for for taking of the days that were appropriate for him based on the collective bargaining agreement so. -- guys go it's like OK so. Oh yeah that would be the biggest man's man I -- in baseball. Who would you who would you consider in all of baseball would be the roughest toughest. -- is. At least nuance. Least. You know mumbo Jumbo all this modest about a man's man -- guys I wonder if if whoever it. I don't know what it. Is AJ proceeded. What are they we -- did I graduated and if you let Johnny go Holmes. These guys think of -- if -- union that was behind it. You'll -- approved -- they're doing instead this is important. All over the -- the mortars. It and that the top 1% of the unions -- okay. We wanna put this through and the rank and file set -- here. You know this is good enough to do with the baby -- John freeze for quarterback here. Was in Seattle we at the same agent and John had the clause in his contract. That he was allowed I think to miss a day or data hassle -- like that's a crazy during the middle of camp where he was allowed to go fishing. That was in his contract interference he -- just he was from -- in Idaho or what time of -- -- -- I don't know the president you know but the details but he was allowed to miss a day and a half for two days. To go fishing. Dallas at me he never used it. But I would not fault him for using it. If he had it. It's just like. If you're talking about Lackey you don't his last his next year's contest can be 500000 dollars. OK so that's a contract so I'm not gonna pay more money if you have it you have the three days. I will never begrudge you for taking it never I would probably be -- little bit. If missiles in September of -- October. And you already had two days and everything was fine and it was like -- -- it now I got ago. And I could focus may not gonna be guilt ridden for the -- your life. Couple more -- -- -- this is a text and make himself. Other coaches have a problem with Christian going to be there because they had another tight at many different -- -- I -- not. I know you think I started. It started holly I didn't target each -- -- and you know you can stick it right well who wanted. They started its star -- the listened. I'm looking. The technical -- technical. Perspective. Thanks for the -- -- -- I know we're all you're gonna bothers you that's what makes it funny here that bothers you so much and try to pretend like it doesn't. It kind of pisses you off I can tell you know it started -- refuse to. -- through it but I am very bad it was felt tired and violators of the bottler of Evian brand we get a winner for the Red Sox tickets tomorrow. Bill from New Hampshire. Londonderry New Hampshire we've got a letter. Congratulations will -- fault you're going to the game tomorrow. 205 brewers Red Sox home opener but he has to be very -- are going to be there yet Blair. Do additional from there you know and -- show. There are after them in the game if it took so that's during the show but after the after the game. We're gonna hang around for an extra hour. And talk about the home opener your thoughts. Purely to finish the entire day and during the game I like the -- so. Why do you followed around. -- generally don't have a seat. So. So I'll start off maybe I'll will be in the broadcast -- for awhile that I just like to work through with him. Combined with the people with another boots on the ground up again not a lot of listening to what hockey game he sat there and talk to the duke for at least an hour it has nothing to do with him -- people are simple he just wants people recognize. Norris that it recognized -- go by the way is kind of interesting to see it. Because been having had like what. -- yes that's. That's why he would take the tickets the tickets have been won but. There will be more. Free ticket Thursday during the season would -- direct the -- --

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