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Dave O'Brien : Sox chances to repeat as good as any team in the majors

Apr 3, 2014|

We start our weekly visits with Red Sox radio broadcaster Dave O'Brien. We check in OB about the opening trip to Baltimore, Ortiz's selfish selfie and John Lackey.

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Every week. I think at this exact same time we're gonna get a chance talks in baseball. With the incomparable voice of the Boston Red Sox are buddy Dave O'Brien is on the line hello David. Stale or in my -- dale -- back together into who's gonna happen I -- you could go home again. And hello Christian as well I don't that's going to be a -- numbered all the time but that it has a great ranked. You know what's gonna happen tell me that you -- some inside information what -- -- and -- you know. -- have that -- just visit Michael Long long time and I realized when grave mistakes are made there's always an opportunity to reverse course. If the right people -- appear to steer this year and I think I think that's kind of what happened and in this situation I'm delighted I'm personally delighted you know -- Five million that you guys didn't and the love your show. He original format is gonna change marchers are going to be the same show that you did put forth that are there. Other pressures -- brought to bear to change it and some lawyer commuters to which do. I don't think there's any pressures brought to bear others and to do what we didn't do it well let's all. Great great ground I'm delighted to hear that great -- few tests. Thanks -- at some point today and have to tell us what Vince Scully thinks about the return of the deal. So I -- -- they're prepared to advance notice you know it's opened a something to be thinking about. A little I would -- -- like I can tell you that it's it's great to be back in baseball again early days of the season -- archer. How many people are paying attention Bevilacqua it was a great night for these all around majors all the a walk gossip -- crazy things happening early on but. They brought them the basic for me is just the right structure are ready to hunt for bear again in the way the pitching years. Obviously started out and you don't think that's gonna take a backseat -- you brought post tonight but. Mean here you get -- guys are -- relying on the war are obviously ready to try and win another championship match in -- -- and that's certainly but I think threats such as good chances anybody can make your selection. I'm curious what you think about the guy who pitched last night one and looked very good again I'm Michael and I were saying last hour. I can't think -- Boston athlete my lifetime. Who's done more to resurrect his image in the marketplace than John -- start. Yeah the flip it because the last time we saw on Billy was walking up amounting to six. And tipping his cap to the crowd you are wondering is he going to do that. You know it didn't do it at the end in the not that I like it said Williams but. You know there was a lot of vitriol that a lot of anger a -- on them a lot of our attitude and his -- more sour than anybody thought. Two years ago but you know keep it becomes full circle back to the pitcher we all thought the Red Sox were -- Is pretty remarkable and it starts with the physical body and it's it's started with him realizing. I'm not shape you know I am overweight eat I can be embedded in this and should be better than -- and getting paid to be better than this. And I think John Lackey has always held himself. In his ability to -- very high regard in inaudible we should -- that in his initial days of threats that. He believes he is 8 PM fine pitcher John Lackey thank -- to number one. He really and I and the rest just hadn't seen it really. Until you know parts of last season and then then you get a good look at them last night he saw what he did against Verlander in -- see -- you realize. -- he might be as good as he thinks -- at the end of the day that's great news. -- you saw him before he got to Boston. You think about John Lackey with the angels. He was their eighties it was never had a dominant Dutch shut him down guy but again I would. Some post season experience and some big post season victories including over the Red Sox. Do you think he's this same guy now. That he was in in Los Angeles. Eight straight -- close I think he is an -- also look very different guy Mike and the guys who live in. It's a uniform two years ago. Outside of baseball as well as whole person like this and I went through very typical divorce and there are a lot of nasty things that took place their personal life that he doesn't want to talk about the -- -- -- private and deserved to get point four. And I think he's he's really undergone a metamorphosis personally to a much more peaceful place and that's not an easy thing to do in Austin. In front of Fenway Park and I agree to me it's an amazing story. We're not talking about twenty game winner we're not talking about Pedro and the prime here. The we are talking about an extremely reliable number two is indeed very very good rotation and I think he's at peace with that now. When he goes out pitches he believes is number one he believes he should win an assembly should block but he. He expects community for nine -- we normally get to dock the becomes out after sixer after seven innings. -- expect that to happen which you want that but all the good things that the Red Sox thought they were a little tacky. Seem to be buried under the -- native of bad stuff and actually in a lot of that was his own attitude. He's cleaned that -- and you don't see him glaring at teammates. Anymore certainly not nearly as much. I feel still glared umpires. And he'll still go off but I think we want the other -- can last night. Fairly early gains after trying to give -- home run a couple of its. Liked his response to the final final fine and he says three times. And -- was -- that Mukasey still didn't get some of that. But I think it's early in this in those -- works to -- and it as a competitor. Eight days so you don't a couple days down the seasoned Red Sox have two games down wanna -- wanna obviously. -- after the first -- has been a lot of it over reaction knee jerk reactions comets analysis by national media this nationally in baseball. Can you tell me what the biggest overreaction was so far or is so far and if you can -- it based on what you've seen personally. Profited David Ortiz and that boy that I mean you know from who cares if the integrity of the deal with him on the ticket picture -- the -- in that particular. Applaud him for his industrious person and I open tonight big picture could be in the all on the line it. He noted that -- that this really struck me about this season is just cult controversy free -- it is and for the most part that mean. I Grady Sizemore was a big story can. Would -- he could hold whether he could still swing for power. Those were answered it's not actually in the spring and be on opening day he -- a ball you know when people are wondering. Will he be able to -- any all right and I don't know if you will. I don't know bodies hold up -- that you degrading those it. The real refreshing thing about what would -- so far between -- -- spring training and in the initial days of the -- in this. There patent and a lot of controversy that with the Red -- notion they're they're being kept winning a world championship. And bringing. Almost the same -- back. And you know that was true I was a kid growing up watching -- oxygen it's it's nice to know it is now and I'm sure won't be this you know clear sailing for the entire season I'm positive that Everett -- But I I look forward to those stories and how they -- but right now everything is is very -- that can mean. I had a Buck Showalter -- and at night he said that are really really good baseball team but the one thing they do it and just about music. It's a tremendous pitching staff and let particularly the long -- it again. OB I gotta disagree with you on the Ortiz thing I've felt like at the time it was organic it was fun. It was a nice moment but what I found out that there was a deal involved with Samsung. -- cheapened it for me it was it's just didn't it didn't feel right to me and I wonder I wonder if the White House. One of the White House thinks that a great idea that there was a there was this plan in place this lucrative plan in place for David Ortiz to take a picture with the president. Yeah at least he had that the opportunity -- And it doesn't bother me as much as it bothers you look likely that there was something in place there. It David the usable for the game yesterday -- the assembled media that. -- you even though you're gonna get that opportunity in -- do that in that -- With the president you don't know like. I sought Dennis Leary on a late night actual arrests and apparently he was invited he candlelight outs. And he had a chance to take itself with President Obama he couldn't get out of the pocket little -- to shake it that's where -- went. All the came out of the -- -- -- you know that that they came out and totally -- and he'll never get that chance again baby so maybe a little lucky. We -- talked yesterday with John -- about this and he admitted that you know -- eventually Grady Sizemore they hope will be an everyday player and and I have a feeling when that date comes. -- place in the batting order will probably move up Jonny Gomes will bat lead off tonight the the first time in a game since August 26 of 2007. I'm sure that's not necessarily what they'd like to see the plan game inning game out. Well I think that that look to see to Kobe Ellsbury leading -- Or or or so a reasonable facsimile but obviously that neck and it happened then and I think Pedroia believe -- on them and a bunch of other guys believe are obligated shot didn't go all that well the first couple games -- I would not. Like to see revolving door I'd like to see permanent seat at the opposite that in order to. They don't have. Other than greedy maybe -- few years ago or back when he was really all -- crushing and that the Indians they don't have that prototype leadoff. And it. You know in the batting order a public getting on pace. And that's that everybody's point of view with the possible exception I think they can present who you know it's gonna swing early and often and -- at just about everything you needed him but it. You know he he's not in that line and everybody else pretty much in this in this planet that. I don't think there's that much emphasis on the lead off spot at this point I just all I don't think it's that important on Farrell. Ideally -- -- got a guy who could still fifty -- and -- 300. Like they -- the last several years he would be that I would question. You know Kobe if you look at all the pre season publications and and listen to people like us on the radios a lot of love and American League east. In the American League overall for Tampa. And that I saw a lot of people picked Tampa when Al least. Do you think the rays are the number one and the number one competition for the for the Red Sox in the AL. Or forty look at somebody else's as a real threat. It is debate Michael I don't know why anybody wouldn't put -- pitching staff and you know and winning the decision that it -- -- it would price over the winter that they were gonna bring impact and and he was gonna continue to beat her race I think that probably. In lock up the division as far as I was concerned that meet them there are competition. A lot of and an outlook they met and got -- -- a lot of a lot of criticism. Ian in these parts of Manhattan and that maybe. He's not the easiest that he retreat could be -- all the east. -- -- One thing it's a good break on that part of the personality it's not everybody's the -- But I think he's brilliant I think that organization has done a better job than anybody in baseball. Remain competitive for the last. Or 56 years. On a budget and and you're not supposed to be able to do it done against Albert competition they've done -- because the American League east. Know that they are hopeless disarray it sucks. -- -- -- I tip my cap to might think you know needle on -- in the face and those guys. It doing Smart things like you know locking up archer from a longterm contract PCs and other right in our secure that. You know to take over prices spot in rotation so. As they do the right way I think it play hard -- that these committees that you love to compete against the Red Sox and the Yankees and -- on controller. -- -- -- -- About Roberts -- now and he's. I mean he's not not not serve is worth the money that Seattle Mariners paid up but right now is playing pretty good spot for eleven with two intentional walks. Obvious Seattle -- they scare people right now I know it's early but it seems like they have a lot of good pieces maybe some people maybe didn't see actually one -- know went there. I think and I think that hole is the long term correction to what you can do is it is -- -- other free it has become there. I read a piece this week in Sports Illustrated it's you know he's going to be a bargain over the life of the contract. That long term 24 million dollars a year he's actually going to be. A guy who's going to be bargain I'm sure they came look at exactly and it brought Corey Hart. About it Logan Morrison. I like the pitching a little bit obviously -- at the start there. You crew has been pretty tough but there is a lot of known names -- that ball and the -- on and on that he's still the principal and like move the incident. And they convinced -- -- that he could still hit a lot of home runs in Seattle that remains to be seen. I still think it's a big ball park he killed Adrian Beltre a lot of other guys are deployed there. But on alienate they is that people rightly at least they're trying to convince their base. And it's a good thing that basically when they were -- -- -- back when they had bone and acclimate each rural. That was a really on the city to visit and an -- and taking it acted that again and it's a great ball -- that beautiful setting its gorgeous ballpark. I think -- -- -- way -- the -- the only way they can understand the money is spent a lot of money -- they will spend a lot of money. And I think they can become our again in the next couple years -- it's gonna take a lot more money they need to look at dollars to and know that ownership. It can't quite talk baseball at every week thanks for taking the time enjoy the game tonight. Look forward -- take doctor if that is that Dave O'Brien Red Sox voice here on Sports Radio you'd see money as -- TV as well. That one tiny tidbit of information into the discussion Michael -- proper. Because I'm with you one on the wholesale -- things that are -- There's a guy named Stephen blogger he's an executive producer from WBZ TV channel four there weeded out a few minutes ago. Interest in the Red Sox rings ceremony at Fenway Park tomorrow is presented by Samsung. But I'm gonna believe that there was no connection right that there was no commercial. Tie -- anything. That was missing from the polls -- -- was real maybe. Hold it right. But -- -- -- -- Like Les Miles an old -- Tonight's. Enhance likable. Honesty there are also reports com CBS news couple places that I've -- It's that have stated that the White House isn't very happy talk activity that that -- I mention this to you yesterday before we knew they were upset I I said you know they don't generally like Heidi the president of the United States. In a commercial products and Allen and in effect that's what they did here. They're not very happy I know David Ortiz in the nick apart a piece that I wrote seem pretty Blase about the whole thing. I have to admit. When I find out that the Red Sox ring ceremony tomorrow is being presented by Samsung. Bells and whistles start to go often might have a little bit -- that the Red Sox knew about it through the the Red Sox know about it. Bad judgment on their part to this really bad judgment they knew going in that they Woodward he's gonna do this. And that -- they has Samsung montella. If managed right right. I'm sure the players and but the management Oakmont thinking. It's it was apparently Jonny Gomes who did the changing the heard in the background more and just wants to while I was that was the one you really heard and supposedly. That's you know inside teen slang for dot audit yelling you got the picture that's sort of thing. But let's be honest when when we listen to yesterday in and we heard what we now know to be Jonny Gomes in the background on chi -- did we think you just cashed him. Cairo's borderline it's I mean I wasn't necessarily mocking in this situation by. Is bringing attention to labels. Your picture yeah. You particularly -- what he wants to myself yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't don't. Let's not pretend that because it is a busy news day or a medium -- whatever it is you can't bring this is to me it's a problem. The props go where to go there and enjoy the moment why are you creating you you have now created a story. A commercial story out of a visit to the White House -- anybody think that if we would beat Kelly somebody else speak on the -- yankees had done this sort. It if the cardinals have done it would be all over a coma. I'll say this. If if it was as organic is David Ortiz wants us to believe. And Samsung piling on the back of putting out the released today after really put David Ortiz and -- basketball -- -- to do -- now it's like that it if that were true. And it was his organic is David wants you to believe them what's Samsung did -- wasn't target. I also don't believe that's what happened but. Just science yes it's not the only thing we're talking about it happen to be one of the things that we discussed during the course and I don't write it write it off our backs. What you are program director here maybe maybe that's. When 1% from 6177797937. This telephone number the AT&T text line. Is 37937. You heard Michael say that. Our friend Jack Edwards will join us that will be at about 430 -- so we've got. Red Sox tickets for opening date that will give away somewhere around 530 or thereabouts on. In that ballpark it will will also a teaching together it's dale and Holley and for the but the text -- who said wait -- minute. Is this dale and -- thing permanent Gaza. I've found up three years ago nothing is but it's as permanent as we think it can be.

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