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Daily Diamond, Thursday April 3

Apr 3, 2014|

Today on Daily Diamond the boys talk about Jonathan Papelbon

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He war but. When. You see. Jonathan Papelbon -- friend right now currently the most hated athlete in Philadelphia our. I can't stand them -- arsenal at Smart personal note Forrest fan. When he said in spring. I forget -- -- was -- -- -- trained and certainly we're -- it just. Because I didn't care you know police are making losing streak. We got lit up for the game -- yeah are really looking into it but really. At twelve and -- million dollar you make it more than any occurred closer impaired for foreclosure that can't strike anybody out anymore couldn't throw 9192. And you would it would it Alter ego that nonsense to what -- the kitchen kindergarten. It's guy isn't sure. The whole thing was can't just one of those things then -- cue ball and surveys. Yeah they did double play ball which he thinks a game ending double play. -- this. One of those days. Under the illustrated some sort stubborn -- go 64. A couple of exploit was prophetic there was the worst rhubarb -- -- tomorrow like I gotta give I give the mayor of political Brigham and tolerance given him another shot. Didn't competent backup. But when -- first couple -- dot until it gets well until he realizes that he's don't you Wear your word for loan fees -- Issues out there fairly. The path takes -- -- last night 31 lead yep nice save two run lead and sing go to Belcher. Jericho Rios. Doubled to Mitch Moreland. And an infield ground ball he's talking about I think the little cue ball adult playbook cue ball -- the double play ball. Was the one that the key get really upset about. It loyalists Martinez hit and first and third Europe one. And called the infield and Ike is now the N double up Markey who knows and tell -- they'll play ball because the infield then. Utley dole when mr. so. Below is the safe. And at day eighty years he is in for a long one I think on their Philadelphia -- friend Jonathan Papelbon did make any friends last year -- a subpoena him going to the year. It comes out year India is second appearance scheme and that fortunate ten game not a 62 which was fine. But those first save of the year belong up. It's coming along here because it was not the -- they came out yesterday headline and ESPN stats -- think Papelbon. Not what he used to be. Talking about his outing it was the first time Papelbon issue consecutive unintentional walks in April 7 2010. An appearance against the Yankees. In twelve and -- third innings at Rangers ballpark entry today pap Bonnie point 73 ERA. But the really point out is his velocity. Papelbon velocity. Averaged ninety point nine miles an hour down from his 91 point six. In opening days just from opening day to last night his velocity was down the -- is gone down last couple years 93 point eight in 2012. 91 point nine in 2013. 91 point two. It is two outings so far this year he's never had velocity issues his fastball lover's knot -- three miles an hour faster April. May and June early in the year. So minimizes this has never been early in the year issues for him he's always had good velocity and now. He's not thrown his argue talked about this a much harder is when you throw that hard Thorp why guys -- As mile an hour to an hour fastball rights and -- some funds -- Numbers here managing it Jimmy Rollins the whole thing going on -- happening at night get Jonathan Papelbon. That's sits in that city. That's tough. This morning on WIP. A great station in Philadelphia they pulled their listeners and asked who should be the Phillies. Closer usually the Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon 0%. -- Got a lawyer -- people. Aren't people that all of this they could get one vote 0%. So rival either wrong many times and -- be it on I'll admit it but on this one baby. Now it was a bad move when they did it. For the sort of money he got that's a lot of people in Boston fell right for that money -- -- pap we -- via. Great energy -- box in your head. Funny quote every now and then but. You're going to be big time overpay accessible thing with the closest net that's the department I mean the first two years -- okay they weren't happy wasn't like Celek was early on Boston. William before you do it'll closers are -- for six. You're seven -- or okay. Just don't they don't don't -- out of -- -- that come around a walk through that door solitary. Good job this start for app should be fun. Let's get a breakage updated top of the trending here will come back talk to Mike -- he has PM boston.com will give his opinion. -- big time quarterbacks in this year's draft is showing up in Foxboro Mike -- next. Under the illustrated some sort of the -- go six people were. Let slate was prophetic there was the worst -- ever see tomorrow like I gotta give I give the mayor incredible Brigham and -- given him another shot. Didn't competent backup. But whenever there's problem -- dot.

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