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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, joins Mut and Lou to talk Patriots

Apr 3, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins the show to talk Patriots. He discusses why the Patriots would be looking into drafting a quarterback. He touches on who would have their contract tweaked next. He also talks on the voting process of the Patriots Hall of Fame.

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Final hour mark -- ID 37 WEEI spent the day talking baseball and football. Focusing on a couple of high profile quarterback support -- in town to meet with patriots Johnny men's L Teddy Bridgewater deeply moral support the patriots checked in on Mac guy is well on -- down in Florida and question is why Mike -- of ESPN boston.com covers the patriots and he joins us. On page your Friday's throughout the year and when leader of the off season like -- -- Dario doing -- -- how are you good as we need you now. -- we have heard everything from scouting. Through. Affecting the draft daughter through that just trying to you know mess with. Everybody's mind now -- which just -- effect that maybe they'd like a Mike what's going on. Well Lou you know I would say that it could scouting means deep sorrow and I do think that this is the year that they would. Strongly considered taking a quarterback. But I think there's a difference between taking -- quarterback. And taking one in the first round here that means now whole war Bridgewater. Portal fault. Within range of 29 I think there's a lot of different layers to the discussion I'd be very surprised that they pick any of these guys. There with you with us withdrawal of us agreed not not a first round pick. Maybe later on so be it. Exactly the way I feel I mean I think in 2011. -- when they -- mallet a lot of us were asking the same question. Why would you do that and I remember Robert Kraft saying that to take the position you wanna have insurance for because. You know if you don't have a quarterback that you put the whole team at risk that funding Bill Belichick has says well there's a huge difference between taking a quarterback. The top of the third round in the seventies like they did wooden mallet and Peyton won at the end of the first round. You know if one of these guys slid into me that the difference in this discussion so. That's why we have the questionable if you're not gonna take them. What he's doing -- why you bringing it been -- investing the time and I think there's a lot of different reasons for that I mean one of them to me is. Is you get the best several evaluation of the overall classic quarterback and and how to correctly valued them. When you know the guy from top to bottom you know and I think that probably played into it so for example let's say they like the guy and the second or third round that late is let's say Pittsburgh Tom savage. You can now take him and take the what we like about him here's how he compares that these. You know perceived top guys and keep you more comfort in that can happen. Mike that was my theory yesterday that -- gonna take a quarterback but it's going to be mentioned savage or Marie or somebody else later and they -- compare but the response I keep getting from people as well what what can they compare. So help me -- when they bring the need to do that have you and I at the Sarah paid sick or right now -- -- price you're right a lot on not right very much at all the sale right about this what. What are they comparing is it measurable is -- answers on questions what can they compare with these guys and other quarterbacks in the draft. You give me too much credit my first and foremost but here's what it is -- they come in and did they get into bill Belichick's domain he turns on the -- And they just start talking football and that's what they're comparing -- how does this guy he did compared to how this guy he's this. How fast they process the information. How how did they heated defense the same way I see it. And that's basically football acumen. And that's basically what it comes down to -- these visits has one other thing that we should probably mention and I think it's a side benefit to this. I don't think that the only reason that you bring these guys in for a visit. Let's say one of these guys slides down into the range you're picking and that you might not pick -- but you've now created the perception. Let your mind. And another team is interested in those guys. Well that might just lead them to talking about trading for that pick I don't think it's the only reason you do it but it's a side benefit for what you do. Oh Mike -- also look at ahead we look at the 2015 classroom is talking about it yet a lot of people feel that it's. This is good and it it might even be better and -- comes the question when do you draft. Tom Brady's replacement how much police in the effective of years left rookie contracts what's like deal in your mind. Well I would say this Lou I you know Brady signed through 2017. And the need there is. There's no reason I think he won't play to that point and play at a high level. You you if you draft a guy right now and you just made this point he getting him for a four year contract. If it's if if it's post first round so basically. He's going to be a free agent at the same time Brady would be. So to me it's a little early to to do with the Packers did -- -- Rogers. But it's not too early if it's the late second round. Or it's too late third round and you see a guy that you like that you know is going to be on your 53 man rock there. And you want to develop him as the next Ryan mallet who could potentially. Shown you enough to become that guy. I don't think it's too early to think along those lines. I do think it's too early to be thinking like the Packers weren't saying you know 129. If one of these guys is there we're always end. Because we're gonna transition. To this guy when Brady is ultimately done. And as a follow up for me Mike -- ESPN boston.com is joining us that in your mind does this have any. Is this any statement on Ryan mallet and what they feel about him heading -- finally your -- feel like. -- the only statement dated to me not that it is his. About economics and understanding that he's probably gonna wanna go elsewhere after this year that to have a chance. To compete for a starting job with that. Not gonna happen here Brady keeps playing the way he does. So they're gonna lose him and how do you replace them well there's two ways to do it you can sign a guy that. Hasn't starting experience that you believe might be able to get you through it something happen to Brady but that's gonna cost -- some money. Have you seen the market there for backup quarterbacks with starting experience. 04 million dollars this season. We can draft and develop a guy like they did with malice in 2011. Like he did with Brian -- when they signed him as a free agent in 2009. And developed him. And you can develop over a four year stretch -- time. Were about four million over -- four years so it's just much more economically. Beautiful and Smart to take that route and that's why I think it's a good year for them to start thinking ahead like they did with -- in 2011. To draft and develop that backup quarterback who potentially could develop into something more. We're both those that say what you can't really pick and choose you know 'cause if you. If you wait to -- that fine year this you'll gonna draft a quarterback may -- that class. Is that what you want maybe you can beat. We restore the Miami Dolphins drafted a quarterback in the sector rounded 070 wait -- nine. They're all awful. -- -- if you feel it in a -- the east would that change your mind. Well I I think it's all the way to do it looked like I did I wouldn't do it in the first round to -- that's just it did you have too many other things. You can do with that -- to help you then they can defensive front seven would you love another -- structure for this team would you love another big defensive lineman because. You know Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly this is more of a short term picture with those guys you gotta be thinking it. You know big picture linebacker depth after mail hightower. You -- Collins and it's one of those guys goes down with your next guy. To -- that trump. Any of the quarterback discussion with -- top pick when you get to the late second round early third round and I think you can start looking in that area. Are you talked about the front seven what's going on my a Fresh Prince of Bel Air here Smith what are we. We look at some film helped me out. Yes Lou I would say that them. It media slight upgrade over what you saw from Andre Carter last year but the big question -- Will Smith formerly of the saints would be. You know how he recovered from that torn ACL and that can -- that Mitt Mitt saw last year 32 years old. So I think that's the question that we don't know what we talk right now and that's probably what they wanted to take a look at. I think he could help him. He's not a real dynamic pass pressure -- you PM a lot of diversity and in past freshman but he's big. 282 pounds he's physical. And he really. You know he'll attack you know so I think the type of guy that in the waiting game has played these days. And if you field. Your your sub packages 70% of the time you know he could play 20/20 I -- -- and help you. If it's more than that you're probably in trouble but he would be insurance if something happened. Friction in the Jones and and brought Rob Ninkovich so I think it's worth looking at I think it would probably be a minimum tight money based on where he is and I think. Right now it's just -- week and seeing maybe they wait till after the draft. Needed help -- still a question. And some still adopt a connect there -- that situation. Like wanna hold you to this but Vince Wilfork at this contract redone who the next guy the you'll be reporting on has a new look contract for this team. I think -- McCord yeah it's just a matter of when not if -- and that could be during the season it could be you know. Earlier than that but to me that's sort of up a no brainer and turned the guy if you wanna keep around the foundation type player. Just a matter of time of win that sort of becomes a top priority I would think probably focusing on the draft right now -- you know lock that in. -- need to get to that at some point after that whether it extends into the season I'm not sure. Outlast one for me I saw you posted this on your blog ESPN boston.com we have not talked about this but the the first round of voting process took place or and decide. The three finalists are going to be. I'll look at it's a pretty big names here Parcells. Law. For Maginnis. The -- a -- Rodney Harrison there are some monster names here how tough was this organizing these and putting this process together to get two finalists here for patriot fans to vote on. That that's an awesome. You know process to be part of my end and for me as. Yeah I still consider myself a younger guy it's it's gotten more fun for me in recent years because. Some of the players were now discussing the tight -- the Troy Brown Drew Bledsoe it. I actually covered you know went sort of an end. Looked at them you know from more about. A work perspective than some of the guys from the eighties that are still being discussed like -- Claiborne like afraid Marion. -- we discussed chuck Fairbanks you know the coach from the seventy. That was before my time you know so a lot of that for me individually is a little bit. Tougher because I want I didn't live there you know from work prospective so we have a great variety of people in the room that you don't go way back and then some younger people I'm sort of more on the younger side. I just love the process and like so for me. This year sort of -- I think -- -- probably -- -- slam dunk choice. But I would make the case that you know why not Bill Parcells then and he's a polarizing candidate because. He was here for four years the way it and it wasn't good but. You know for me when he came here in 93 everything changed and they keep. The franchise relatives did it keep fans hope and then I would part of that at the time it was sort of found. You know that turned everything around the last three patriots policy. Inductees Bledsoe Troy Brown Tedy Bruschi all wrapped it -- initially coached by Parcells. The -- he I've sort of like part of this year betting it can be tough. To beat out title. Guess I almost feel like the other ever gonna adjust this thing and put a class in its like. That these hall of fame was terrific and I feel like the next five years it's sent out all right I mean it's a levee built Bill Parcells can't be put in a dialogue should be put -- but. They they all should be put it might go to one a year. Well I think that's sort of what makes it's special you know like -- -- there is up throughout process you know and and everyone will get in in due time and I know what you're saying and that actually came up in the discussion one of the the people on the committee suggested. He why are we limiting this I think I'd -- -- I'd rather limited and toward open it up too much like -- what would it too much you know picture right. Everyone deserving here it's just a matter of how what the best process I think. Ultimately we'll get down at three finalist here that interval from one animal go to the process again next year so I'm with him I think depicted it. Point to make. I think we're gonna keep it the way it is that's the word right now. Mean I think they're all favors but -- -- -- make me choose Parcells got to get some basic of those four guys I mentioned to another law Willie mcinnis Rodney Harrison one of those guys. Would it be a finalist this year. Yeah exactly exactly right and and like last year park they'll look even a finalist and and -- think to myself. He wasn't enough finalists -- -- traditional -- but he went into the pro football policy like that and that's why I came in strongly for him this year. And hold myself accountable last year or not. Being you know. More of a champion for -- case. But -- you know you laughed a little bit I mean he was here for just four years we have ended I mean some of the and I get some response and something I wrote. Some people say there's absolutely no way he should be and because of the way it ended and the way that's Super Bowl went down and and and and how we went to the -- so there. There is a strong case. A lot of passion. We did his candidacy I happened that that the think what you did here trumps all of that but that's not a unanimous stop. Well for -- listen I only hope. That Bill Belichick and Tom Brady aren't -- year. That's that's my only hope for you because could try to figure out which one to go in first period that different. Like great that you check out Mike's work gut dollar and have created the of the draft but also law on the patriots hall of fame ESPN boston.com. Thanks Mike enjoy the weekend -- thank you had -- guess -- I don't like Greece joining us here he champion Boston -- on each year yourself always -- web as well let me just -- request -- back -- -- for. Okay we're able to walk with the same time. And Bill Parcells -- you -- comedian and Tom Brady. Are up for patriots hall of fame in the same. Year we can only put one in. -- -- The -- doesn't. I I I asked him about what I've said before that you very rarely find a great coach. It's not tied into a great quarterback and Belichick by himself would not -- suitable for a -- Brady. I'll put the quarterback in for. And back. -- -- That's don't be right Aaron. I mean I only hope that it doesn't come down to that but if it did I think I'd agree with. One I'm sure many will say that -- match and it ran out ready to make a game plan to beat the rams the Brady Bill Belichick quarterback in class -- pick one. Each of the members of the committee are asked to select their top three. Among those nominated in the fans. Picked the winner after that you're required to offer three nominees. I guess each I'm -- from up Paul -- story at patriots hall painted you know get together meteor like that all know is. Those four that the he mentions chuck Raymond Claiborne chuck Fairbanks. Some older players that are mentioned here in -- story out often like Greece. Don't know law McGinest Roddy Harrison. Both guys are all patriot hall of famers. One of them all three of them located this year what are double -- on the back now. For Christ's sakes -- You talk about etiquette guide that Mike's right don't that that makes it rarefied air. What you're gonna get to a point now where we get through this list and have. -- they've got to come up then no. All the guys who played on this score Ron. All of these players. I agree with both the you know Bill Parcells. Completely -- get in his first I was eligible the national Pro Football Hall of Fame. I -- Parcells and what he did -- doing when I get it but he also. He rebuilt the franchise the day he got here the rebuild started today he got here and they took -- sell. Ballgame all we're all patriots rearview new patriots ready to younger listeners know and love and it's what you've known is hatred dominance. That didn't exist. That wasn't around talking games blacked out local -- because guess what not a sellout. We're talking we can't put your team on national TV and -- football you know why institute.

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