WEEI>On Demand>>Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, Explains why the Patriots looking at a QB in this years draft and grades Brad Stevens on his first year coaching the Celtics

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, Explains why the Patriots looking at a QB in this years draft and grades Brad Stevens on his first year coaching the Celtics

Apr 3, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show and gives her insight as to why the Patriots are looking at quarterbacks in this years draft. She discusses the issue of the Celtics tanking and grade Brad Stevens on his first year as the Celtic's head coach. She also talks about the new instant replay in the MLB.

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What's on our model united 37 WEEI -- -- of -- SharePoint are not mentioned yet today it's we inch and the left the who'll go tonight from Baltimore to sell rubber game so it'll be due brought and Chen couple lefties Red Sox you know if you -- on the Shaw's star market WEEI. Red Sox radio network I assume that Pincher here in studio today not to in the game tonight I decadent. In a flight go to Baltimore duty games that they'll be accurate a different kind of tough. Once that she would get your Monday Monday Rangers. Like that like -- A lot to talk about in the world of sports jacking that ball ESPN boston.com under the every single Thursday when Jackie joins us she's brought -- you by Toyota now Nashua commonwealth mortgage in my town fair tire. -- -- -- -- -- But are eager to order a good so I did that this be a topic this week we've been talking about the patriots and top quarterbacks there in Foxborough. The last couple of days you wrote an open letter what Tom Brady might be thinking to the patriots. Are a couple of months ago is he told that. Is wanna play that he not tell us that another letter he's retiring jacket that's critical after quarterback. Well -- can understand why you would look at it right because. -- great lack any younger malice at the 2014. And and you you look at these guys I guess maybe in case they split. Or maybe just because you wanna have a better idea of the landscape of this quarterback class that makes a little more sense to me. You don't Belichick does stuff like that we know he does he doesn't do anything non lightly. I know that it's -- carried out their duties during mr. Billy O'Brien I suppose that could be true. But it is now have a real probably I hope. This it to me I hope they don't you the first round pick to draft quarterback acting in -- -- -- and that they need right away keep going to -- on the hook for one year. I think I do more concerned. About pressing needs that something that you know really that -- -- -- three years -- so. Not all agree 100% with that point right there said it. With Revis -- basically a one year deal. You know you and and you go undrafted quarterback that you hope will be there helping you out three years and now that system a mixed message show mall closes bars. While we're trying to accomplish here. Right right I mean -- -- -- You're looking records reminded me I can imagine Teddy Bridgewater gonna drop all the -- now we're at the patriots are they -- so much they wanna trade up. You know -- I like Mandela I'm I'm in the Mandela camp -- each each -- it's incredible skills. And you know his total QBR. Last year that the app in your report. What's the best college football. Quarterbacks that lead in QBR they're all in the and it -- and they're all doing well and I -- it will do well I think he'd make it. But. I don't know it down. It I just think you look at -- and another receiver. More help on the line and other linebackers. So we had to think like you think. Isolated and it will be such a mixed message you know we're all on agreement on this and I am absolutely team in sale. But the the other -- go back to the Brady scenario right I get that there. Trying to look at the past -- that he's 37 India have said maybe as the yup three years left at the the high level Brady plays -- if you took a quarterback this year forget just you know are getting a player for this year Jackie. I think the kid's gonna sit for three years right so how do you draft a guy have a separate three years that Brady premier for decides to go away. Are you ready to hand the keys over to a back -- be sure you're getting -- -- -- like it's still even a year early to project out that guy post Tom Brady. Right there I mean I think if you were evaluating these players. And you have an interest in one or the other or both and you -- to take a chance to be something special. That makes her arms and make it doesn't mean you're actually gonna -- -- to -- to look at them. We -- yeah well I think there's -- quarterback you know will see if they wanna go first round. Or not I do wanna ask you real quickly vote you know the Celtics obviously it's just a few games -- here right. It's here at the point where you know the they wanna rest some guys or more so be it -- Brad Stevens of at this point soldier rolled a couple off the bench you've been doing it he put a minister a -- -- -- even -- awhile ago. Now I think you leave it alone particularly that alone I think there are certain things they had Smartphones to do. Remember not starting spot -- -- street at all. That's why don't yelling on that a conditioning thing. Goals nutritional things like that. It -- he was gonna make everybody earn what they deserved. And and I like out about it in the last eight games here you'd really get that feeling didn't have sort of playing out the string and and I give them credit for making -- are without ever really haven't built that way. But it's -- you can count the -- now. That's the thing -- even those there were like no I want them to win basketball games you know it's not about losing basketball games I mean you've got a couple games left. You one of how we wanna call got two game lead over the lakers things like that now I think even those people look at it's a while. If they go seven or not that upset but the schedules not really might not allow them to do that. Now it's surely got to go out there you've got it in me. Have the integrity of the game intact. And by doing so that means that the guys that are out there and the coaches -- them after. Played it went and that's that's how we advocates from the very begin each at less than a thousand -- they want more time all the thank you have liked to Wear the -- even started. It's when you you know tore apart your roster. And and sit up. And that's and that they. That was done along time ago but once you put players on the court which you were coaching. Our coach is on the floor you have to do their best they're expecting that I would be shocked if they didn't. But yeah it's it's human nature of the players now to say that it's been a really long. Argue it's. On the telling -- didn't I can understand their hearts and yet he -- pretty keen now. General was the second. Third or fourth uncontested dunk in the first -- four minutes last that -- that OK I go back go to the Red Sox game now this is not going to be called but it's funny brought up Brad Steve -- this is. It's a weird year because. You know even the fans who wanted them to win that -- talked about I think understand that hey wasn't given a great roster and actually pretty good and so it is not -- I think from the outside Jackie. -- a pressure for a year for brat you know that the fans knew this going to be copier and a lot of fans like me want it to be atop your -- law that perspective pop. So -- we grade Brad Stevens on this first year knowing that not a lot of fans and all the pressure on them to win here his rookie year in the NB. Right well -- -- -- it you know the idea that it was a pressure a year contaminants are that he would disagree X -- sleep with you on that because. You can tell him anything you can save him here we're gonna happen you're not a hundred gains are not very good he doesn't go out and try to win them. And you can step that -- kick in about the want to cut weight because that's what all coaches do. So I think he would probably tell you that the the fixed -- big amount of pressure with cell composed. And out there and it's a work in progress -- get some things you know that thirty at the clock for. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm out. With that amount to taking. They did that the rhythm of the game it's so different in college the link to the seat in how you -- you know -- a lot of minutes things like that so. He got a free pass in that regard and he he should in my opinion. Because you were complaints currency this year I like Woody -- I like the fact that he hasn't given anybody anything they had to earn it. And to leave that was that the important thing the last time -- sixteen. -- purposely tanking back when ML Carr the coach. You know the integrity of the game with compromised in my opinion that would make it. They were you know players huddled they're scored points that you would want them out of the game so that would when the game I never saw that -- here. At some -- even make it players accountable and that's pretty hard thing to do when you know going in you're not gonna we're lacking. Yeah and now at the words through most of the week for -- Parker Chalabi right at the critical marker not rely on it we're out there come. Yeah all are here. That is exactly what we wanna hear -- -- what are -- gonna be in the top or you don't want to be -- running in the top four. Well I've said before some I think the lakers and Celtics somehow find a way. In those on that you subscribe to the well I just want to say tech Adam silver take a narrator is stratus and there are certain market lingo and and frozen envelope yeah the real quick got a couple of games now into baseball season we generally had a with the Red Sox yet put. This is that replay thing we aren't all right actor actually inventing what is -- what is the catch with. Five minutes yesterday Chicago the that the. I think you know let -- it was five minutes and Chicago they're trying to get it right in the making for which polishing when he -- to use the one challenge -- and and everybody you know the call. You know. -- became was wrong it was nothing I can do about it because the the seventh inning thing and not to go you keep your cooking without those are challenges that's not -- -- replace also -- If we're gonna hasn't been written replay. Let's get called right that would happen. And -- accurate or not. Well it just feels like they rushed this Jackie writes one thing to get our progress in Iraq much like it I wish this weren't an and I'm guilty because I was the once they get is the replay and you got to fix this stuff they differ home runs. And they did it for some other things but then. It's like they listen a morons like me it's a lot wants as we got to have a let's let's get in there and it feels like we're still in spring training mole where Luke came in here after doing the game Monday. A 23 page booklet. Of MLB replay rules and do expect anybody to know these early in the year -- the umpires I. I act like it was a rush job by the league to get it up. I think you're probably right I think I know you're right but I'll play you and I -- buster only had -- -- yet to -- -- it out and it. -- -- -- in the boat watching it with someone with. Would make a quick decision to look at it. You know baseball slow and I could only -- based on that anymore. But we do need to get it right it was going to happen to reclaiming the irony of having instantly plate and still much and it righted it's ridiculous. And that's the thing that bothers you most like I understand the look it right and that's the thing I wasn't crazy on -- -- gonna open up. You know can -- warms basically which is always things to happen baseball's a game that year all the time -- talk -- players Melanie been a game go see something new happened. To come up with -- every single scenario is that we get this thing figured out. It at the bit to meet the real issue was the streamline -- how quick and they make it be -- and it's just been it's just been too long they said a minute committed to happen it's just not true. Now it and not at all and you know who received in the replay in the FDA in pretty much all sports. Because and you can understand why it's not as quickly could get what they say it's going to be because whoever's got the -- under the hood there leverage as those. I told not want to get it right so they're gonna take their time to get right and that makes it doesn't it. Because of the that we all gone about it because they -- wanted it in its -- they -- I don't know what the right answers. But now the -- it's this and and ask you anyway people are waiting is Boston college -- get this right Jacqui final four weekend. -- right up head coaches are are off the board left and right and they can't get anyone re hearing anything about the BC who job. You know I really haven't done in the last few days -- it has candidate and I mean -- island EC I'd go outside the most energetic. Proactive. Dynamic. Assistant that I can turn your back in the name you've -- that the Arctic -- Go and get yourself a young energetic assistant that can use it and -- it -- you know that you know that at a hundred. That's okay. Because they're gonna hopefully turn your program around and get to -- and yet that's the best case scenario I think you can hopelessness. -- late in the -- but I wouldn't object to it. That we appreciate the time is always Jacqui enjoyed final four weekend we'll talk the next week but he got that part of her and it will be there -- Fenway Park over the we were paralyzed will it be restricted tomato juice. Policy on actually working -- he did a great gap on opening day real. Until -- -- out there. I I thought he looked market. Arnold here at the -- Arnold opening day we -- -- apparently Woolsey Steve interjected McMullen. Joining us here will -- -- and Stephen Drew no not a big day for Steve under tomorrow we'll get to that -- that the a couple of follow through our conversation with Jackie. Number what exactly right about the BC job holing that just the other day he might have been taken year. I get yourself prepared in the clubhouse but they. They have missed the boat here and I I think they've missed an opportunity there's coach's name still up their left and right they could. Go up there and they can get somebody to re invigorate this thing but they have not done so yet so I have very little faith they're gonna get this right it's very late in the game Margaret -- As for the lottery. I'm a little bit scared about the last seven games of the season you help me out. The Celtics currently. Quarry to my friend the ticker -- dot com are tied for the fourth worst record in the MBA. 2350 Q right there would you talk. At 2352. They've lost six -- in last night was their Philadelphia 76ers moment you watched any of that game. The Celtics nodded to a it was complete tank a font and to that I applaud them for Jackie -- wait to this late in the game but. The job is not done that's because the teams around you. They have much more difficult schedules and -- and it it is. Night and day and it acts are not joking at all about this nice start looking in the eight human as the Celtics Orlando. LA lakers Utah -- All have seven games to -- The Celtics. Right now at tied for fourth worst record in the NBA two games. We call two games behind Orlando or from Overland. Trees behind a guy iBook to -- behind Orlando Orlando's third pick their worst regular 42 games behind or behind by two there ahead of the lakers by Q would tie with Utah. The Celtics the winning percentage this teams they have left to play is a mere 372. Which is a great batting average. But a very bad winning getting -- one team all 500 its last game -- the against Washington that's their next game they get two games with Philadelphia boy who is really good.

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