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New York radio hosts rip Daniel Murphy for paternity leave

Apr 3, 2014|

We played sound from WFAN in New York where Boomer and Mike Francesa ripped Daniel Murphy for missing a game due to the birth of his child.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan 4500 dollars for that remarkable opening -- experience all to benefit the out. Families of the two fallen firefighters full clip that we -- to what you want more time later in the broadcast but. 6179310937. 4500. Dollars that's two better than that for the fallen firefighters families before 10 o'clock arrived back your phone calls in just a second but I don't think it's any secret. To anybody who has listened to us for any amount of time who understands we really like Boomer Esiason. We really this like Mike -- up and I suppose we are ambivalent. About cart. -- -- for him Greg Craig cars this phrase that's a thing. Act in actual personal thank you don't know -- -- I just think he's. Oh -- yeah it does not eagle -- as I probably yeah just now about the personal we seem to Super -- everything in his pompous if I'm definitely applies here on Barney you'll love those stories have known it don't you know who I -- how -- too little people right. And it is. Arrogant but the three of them. I think we just say loosely based share a similar opinion -- about what mets' second baseman Daniel Murphy. Did in in their minds should not have done. Did. That when he spent other team's first two games away from the team in Florida to be with his wife Victoria. For the birth of their son Noah who was born on Monday. Now we know not that it matters was this is -- child you know I'm not sure how -- you're either. I'm luxury of that as it -- he took off as it is in his right based on the collective bargaining agreement Major League Baseball allows. Any player to take three days away from the team on paternity leave. But Esiason. Didn't like the idea. Carton didn't like the idea that blow hard friends also went off. On Daniel Murphy for leaving them Mets in the lurch. My twins but I mean I was at the brought the north and expect I worked. Until NFL for available on. What do cross was a liberal when -- won. And org and expect what does it here is that such a thing -- ten days that's ridiculous what you need ten days for what he's -- vacationing I mean if you don't have to be there at the time for ten days why would you get ten days off when your wife has the baby of the baby when he gets into his office. I'm on the stands irons and a woman he got a giver. Whatever she needs who needs a title -- six weeks of the two months three month whatever it is good guys -- the baby boy died at ten days before we don't. It's split over a year that's even more ridiculous and he says the lord of the rules for basically is three days on the three days I'd give a day. That because a lot of guys are in the room that which I totally understand I was in Iraq so understand. The difference is Mike you're -- -- neurological. Problem I am so proud of the fact that he said I think his third kid. He -- in the morning and went to work that. That it like at least give if -- I can log on now with -- morning I think it was that morning. -- a short time we'll check. And went to work showed such a 11 you -- one and he's proud of that you should be ashamed of that Mike princess that you really should. And I love this idea of somebody wrote this -- Almost the whole summer off well so it was not averse to vacations he just doesn't wanna -- communal when he has a newborn baby. And Alex aren't way to -- a woman as a beta I can't imagine anybody in the at the old expression -- one on their depth that wishes they spent more time the office right. You click on your deathbed that you would. Regret spending more time with your newborn baby and let them work that's a whole Flacco thing. And that you're not seriously when you things and then in and because it's baseball or football for Flacco it's more important than anything else -- for. If this if David Murphy I mean Daniel Murphy. Or truck driver or accountant or talk show host a talk shows is now the princess which you know I would but if you were -- -- insurance salesman. -- -- day strike. Took notice baseball player it's what it's like he's. You know and astronauts moves up and space he can't get away -- of east. -- however. That Flacco not wanting to miss a playoff game one of sixteen or seventeen or eighteen -- along you go into the playoffs. Is a little bit different the missing a game or two of a 162. Example regular season was a -- artists start the season yes -- -- start yeah I would. Not because one of sixteen is more important one of 162 I think so yeah but you know like it's more important than that too big to me it's the same danger you're choosing your job over at Jimmy news army. Parker didn't think that Mickey was born. What they didn't see his child that apple and that is you know. It's instant seen it really is in this added and you wrap our friend Boomer Esiason was on a different quote. He says. That's not me. Quite frankly I would have had a C section. Well he should he -- is ordered or ask his wife were suggest that there is only open have been comedy body necessary operation. So that he could -- so I didn't so I can grab a ball and throw it semi team could score more points than the other team and we can go play playoff games may be if we win some games and that's. And I got like boomer -- he's a great guy that's we see here is they fussy irritable Boris lives and running off the tracks. Lot of -- that's not me I wouldn't do that huge huge and you play games. Quite frankly I I would have. I was at C section before the season starts I need to be I need to be an opening day I'm sorry this is what makes our money this is how we're gonna live our lives this is gonna get my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I'll be able to afford any college I wanna send my right -- because I'm a baseball player. So Daniel Murphy is going to be a stupid state losing his income losing his job -- we cannot help and -- -- I would think that way. -- Wednesday which was yesterday Jimmy Rollins left to be with his wife there -- their second child. Jimmy Rollins makes what does he magna fifteen million dollars and twelve millionaire and he's doing OK who's it gonna go to college in. He'll always know that he was there when the -- was important right now retiring with a or is generally -- level headed guy and a good family man we see him with us silent and -- them with the Stanley BC. Is serious his wife doesn't need a C section putter does not need to be sliced open but he wants to be sliced open so he won't -- -- -- This Davis I think. -- Take on this works is were way or -- club predecessors went out my wife's belly open and -- that can't outline to accommodate me as opposed to. Just -- whatever it seems natural to you I may or may not be there -- because -- on the air clock that's bad but the say let's. Unnecessary surgery and pull this kid out. So I can continue on my schedule. That's that's -- -- -- Finally gets kind of -- on the air sometime drugs keep up with -- I think. May be if you thought it through. That maybe he's pandering that you know some people in the audience but the idea that that's noble the that's. Command -- -- the majority of Mets fans were who called WFAN yesterday to complain or indoors. Daniel Murphy is. Paternity -- you see a clear you know between some sixty years old summer's thirty years I think I do think -- his as Mike Francis on the revenues at 9 AM yeah. Harrison was born at 9 in the morning -- still -- when you lose. And I work that day he's proud of the fact. He went to work adjustable would become ill informed. Not quite sure it was painted a -- what sports are. Harrison was 1:9 morning at work that day I didn't have anything to do I'm being honest what was I gonna do. One day I understand go see the baby and come back your Major League Baseball. -- or nurse. So he's. Hospital rooms is just boy I mean it's the most magical moment it just blows you away. He's holed it for companies look at who's watched Jones aggregate. Fourteen EL IE. If I got traffic is embarrassing part was he said he bedside fell asleep right -- that he didn't you know gonna have a conference call my producers and by -- boys in the picture -- get some Diet -- and then -- go to work we have jury -- we -- -- for -- -- -- to focus on it may -- -- in -- show that day. He's proud of my father tells the stories of he went to work. He does -- work at a called said you know you had a baby it's a boy and he says oh good at 2 o'clock and finished giants worked the five shows up and go. That's how was done he wanted and today it that's how was done. And this is a guy thinks that mix and appeared to be a real workaholic a man who takes two months off in the summer to do what. Oh my that's his question what are you gonna do when you're in the hospital with a baby due Wednesday July to the what is the -- throw to. And he was gone for both of those games right. Right yeah it's gonna matter a lot forty years now that your policy not -- missed him when you get people look at somebody like. OL's very or anybody who takes their time coming back from an injury. And not have a problem or buckle to not have a problem. A guy goes for two days to be with his wife having a child. Now that's at issue -- -- -- don't rule he's allowed to sweep all three -- all the rules but you know things TV. I know what's 2014 very rarely happens but you know so it happened your wife or your child while that happens and and you decide to go play a baseball game it's another city staff and your New York had some good and it's bad. How many hits together the two it's three hits and one of the -- off that's import now walker hit Africa -- -- -- game. Yes we -- at -- that all forward for the wolf. You and when the game you can always you know make another -- get a wife -- you're paying addicted it's just you know district could call it corner -- he misses this game yet he doesn't have brought -- going to be a street merchant -- -- Neanderthal take it and current card agreements as you'd get your ass back cute team play baseball after that might take. Is nothing you do anyway you're not breast feeding the kid. Brett Cecil losses what are you gonna do I've got four of these little rug rats does nothing to do just -- this fake up Hernandez's fate -- -- half ago mama got a ROL.

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