WEEI>On Demand>>Mike Napoli joins Joe & Dave after his 4 RBI night in Baltimore

Mike Napoli joins Joe & Dave after his 4 RBI night in Baltimore

Apr 2, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Mike Napoli after the Red Sox notch their first win of the season, in a game where Mike drove in four of the Red Sox six runs as they beat the Baltimore Orioles.

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Mike did a great performance tonight the home run out an 02 pitch that was really crashed into. You know offers to about. Some it's a good handle him. You know missed them so. It was nice to get them their best and I got pitching and enough in his. Like we thought he was a little bit fortunate those first couple of times because those -- pitches so often that you hit an awful long way. How does that help you the next time you come up to face. Well I mean I feel good you know what they just went like -- just missed an unknown there so. Just trying to get a pitch to hit. I don't Madonna must open up -- on -- of the third at bat but he's gonna get someone to drive in the go ahead in the count. Do you pitch him away to a hopefully this well. And then he came up man this everything with a bases loaded you were mister bases loaded last year 31 RBIs in. And you have the shot to left off we have you swung early that counts. Yeah you know I would be aggressive in those situations Mario runs form this. Just trying to fly ball on the back -- the score from third. Of 10 and and to me sinker you know do in my Hanson. It's it's and it's about Mike -- and Ohio -- White House experience went yesterday. School whose the experience. They have more fun -- onto -- through. An -- note though the a fun thing to do to see those troops over there and have for the small and Fisher. Slog through there so. It was a good day long they've we upon them to those guys -- -- appreciated as well. Yes it's. There's nothing you can do -- like that to the post on the face him. Know we're happy to -- a lot of smiles on the faces throughout New England tonight with a Red Sox first win of the season Mike great effort tonight four RBIs congratulation. It's expensive to have a great defensive play at first base as the Red Sox went behind John Lackey and Dustin Pedroia four hits and a trip and his defensive play in the six to win.

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