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Johnny Football in Foxboro has fans thinking about Brady's QB mortality

Apr 2, 2014|

We discuss the rumors of Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater visiting the Patriots, and what that means for the long term future of one Tom Brady.

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I got to ask you this question here about this whole. Johnny men's L Teddy Bridgewater thing yes I think it was Ian Rapoport I believe he was first one I just saw he wants to -- said that that Johnnie -- and cell was was going to be in town for a visit today. And then as the morning went on we got the additional news in there that you know oh guess what -- -- what is going to be here as well and I've heard all sorts of different. Reasons you know because let's be honest patriots are picking a 29 neither of those guys going to be either -- mean I don't know. Well that I don't know I I feel fairly confident in saying neither one will be -- wanting what you say you don't know that. Well because. NFL draft is is a little NFL draft -- little crazy that's 120. You've heard enough. You've heard enough people with some credibility. Say that you know Johnny -- Zell is not quite. The prototype what they're looking for -- and in the in the -- So yet you know Josh is jaws probably went too far toss it around our draft and that you know. He wouldn't be and a top three round I've got to decide if -- -- a third round third or fourth round aren't so that's the extreme. But an error number of people who who have said that Blake portals. Has gone in front of Johnny -- though and car Derek Karr has gone in front of Johnny Manto. Keep in mind. Aaron Rodgers was strapped to what 24. He was a candidate for the number one overall pick. Along with Alex Smith the guy sitting there in the green room and you cringing every time. You know somebody had to pick 171819. He just sitting there finally goes to 24 to Green -- Two eventually typical for take over for Brett Favre. I don't think it is a slam dunk that Johnny -- Zell is going to be a top five top ten topic -- he had he asked I don't get out that's I guarantee Michael he hasn't done. Anything to dispute the fact that he will be a number one pick he's had good interviews what teams he threw the ball well at his pro day he's kept his nose clean. Off the field. Music he's had good meetings with teams down at I'm Indianapolis the scouting come by Wright has done nothing to dissuade team. -- -- I don't think there's anything he's done character wise. To put teams away. The fact is he measured out at 511. -- 200 is just over 200 pounds on his arm is his arm is good. But. It's it's not like it is it can't and he has not he has not doing anything physically. We say oh my god in terms of in terms of throwing the football and crawl under terms of his of his mechanics his fast we ran a 46. On his Prodi has pretty damn good. Almost fastest -- -- in on him. But he has look aren't so let's say I give -- that demise Teddy Bridgewater. Because nobody thinks he's going to be even a fight and I am but by the way I think all of the old by the way Teddy Bridgewater has suffered some people's and other things I I don't I -- well and and I will disagree with you in this regard I only keep their guys going to be even close to that. I mean it. Close are you running in God's gonna be gone gone by fifteen Apple's -- yeah that's Michael. Tebow was drafted in the first -- or you know what a number. That he was drafted the first rally that's right at what number I forget the number was 26. That's our maritime art so nobody you know Tim -- now but yet he now you're in the conversation now it's. I think there could be a number of things here and whenever things -- worked for the patriots. And one of them could be simply be. We need to get information from the went back to draft him. Maybe we're we're thinking of drafting my -- and he threw the ball out of my -- that's his number one receiver. What kind of guy is evidence -- beat their 29 either but I wish -- well once again yeah. With the draft there are more questions about -- now coming -- and that's what happens you and you can't really believe any of somebody will or will leak a story that guy is rising even though we've not rising. Because they want to throw you up the the trail of the guy that they really want. Sometimes they'll say a guy it's tumbling when he got really tumbling because they want to so a lot of it is bogus. But in terms of the patriots why -- the patriots bring in two quarterbacks when they have Tom Brady be a number of reasons one could be information about. -- up on and on that team could be information about somebody they went on Alabama Johnny man they'll have a great game against Alabama put up 42 points on them they lost. But it could be that's what they -- it seems. To go to an awful lot of enemy I agree with you that they want information but the sky and Alabama which -- gonna take the troubled looked off like Johnnie -- and selling here. To bring him in the erratically to guerrilla about the sky and Alabama Georgia got -- all the things that they do they -- -- before all the little things that they -- -- prospects in these college president -- why they have Tebow went for a visit -- I have no idea I didn't look in and remember when it happened we're. Is all about. How we know you know what it was about. Creating a market for a player creating a buzz for player because what happened with Tebow. The patriots were in the same situation. They could have drafted Tebow because if they traded twice and that draft. To their position to take Dez Bryant. There's a lot of a lot of excitement for Dez Bryant Dallas. Jerry Jones was telling people I don't wanna let Randy Moss get by this is the next Randy Moss. They make a trade with the patriot -- pick up an extra pick it will back and make another -- would Josh who was in Denver. That wasn't for the -- for the various Thomas and not for. Tim Tebow they've moved back they wanna be in position another possibility they wanna be in position. Have eight to have trade options. When one of those players one of those blows where the players available and I'm telling you -- one of these guys. Could be in position in the -- well. Hey I don't think either guy would be there in the twenties but that's beside the point where I will accept your premise I don't believe that's the case but will accept it. So let's just say for the sake of our argument that one of the two of them is sitting there at wanting. So the patriots draft him to sit here behind Brady for how many years. I mean I Ryan now what makes some sense and battle I think don't move on from him and they'll bring another back up guy in here to carry the clipboard portrait. Who was a better just that just interject it was a better college quarterback Jon Heyman Zeller rhyme -- -- -- -- pocket right so. But -- I think they took Ryan -- knowing full well that he was gonna plight. So they took him hoping that OK we can build him we can build up -- -- we get a third round pick. Or second to second we got him in the mirror yes we got him in the -- in the maybe we can take this this asset. Have -- what I've ever -- -- -- a quarterback in the first round sit around behind Tom Brady well. Well what does Tom Brady and 37 that made this is that. It's a different point will be seven in August. I I I don't see any you don't seem to slip -- his game I don't see any slip and his game open I I don't see any reason to believe that the ball the beginning as of the end this year are. -- -- here's what on the -- low if you don't have this. Overwhelming need. Off for a certain position on this team won let's say to yourself. Kind of like this kid but more so I think we can build him up and instead of giving up a 29 pick in the first round. -- probably get a first round pick in the teams for next year or two years from a bit not necessarily thinking of of John immense -- replacing Tom Brady. The thinking about what they can get Foreman a year from now I. Executed -- what we -- -- -- -- like the -- your mind to work that day it is sharp it is sharp on point when I saw Ross Tucker -- this yesterday. Got to re tweet from an art but he's very excited. He said there's a zero point zero percent chance -- the patriots will draft. Johnny -- L Ross I can't go there with the zero at this point zero I'll go there closer to Ross Tucker than I -- you know where a point there doesn't exist in anything I understand that. But it's it's less than 1% what do you think he's an error is less that 1%. -- I don't think so. Do you think Dick do you think the patriots right now. Are they quarts a day. Be preparing for the end of Tom Brady's career are they preparing for life without Brady does that start right now here here's what it does not witnessed. Michael here's what doesn't make sense to me about this whole thing I'll play your game Johnny Mann tells it -- 29 okay he says. Or or 26 and you move up a couple of spots he's their you'd go grab. So you -- -- first round money for a guy you don't want -- he played for the next three year first round money's -- first round money anymore like you personally but it's still -- they. That's what they take ride out a third round four to bet that you can hit better board told her. That kind of money. She play. You don't wanna see you don't wanna -- Johnny men's all plight because it's bad it's happened Tom Brady. So I don't wanna I don't -- allocate that kind of money for a guy who I -- one seat at this and yet you're buying him in the first round. As an investment towards the future not to replace Tom Brady but the -- somewhere else. And I think the other thing is I think we're naive. It's it to believe that they are not planning. For for life after Brady or at least thinking about it now. I think you have to. At 37 -- start to be 37 and August what is -- planning. Four for life after Tom Brady or do you just wait fort have you -- wait for him his -- to fall offerings they don't want. I think we need a quarterback a. What he does if he does stick around -- -- it's -- -- drafted are you I would hate to say are we gonna stick with this -- for three years ago stick with a for three years. -- -- a battle for years and eventually replace Tom Brady. I got no desire to waste a first round pick on a guy that I never once he touched the -- I don't either on a team that has other issues to address here I mean they've done a pretty decent job in this offseason so far. We still think they need help linebacker we think they need help at wide receiver although they -- and don't generally go to that position in the first round. We think they have other needs I don't want them wasting and that's my term not -- wasting a first round pick a guy don't want to touch the it makes no sense to me at all. I think it makes sense when you look at the backup quarterback situation now for the patriots and they think they can improve it. And you look at the starting quarterback I don't think he's done clearly I'm not saying that -- had done. It. In three years. It's only three years away you're talking about a forty year old quarterback. How much how much football do you think Tom Brady has left and at least three I would say. I think three is I think that's a reasonable three years is it reasonable expect of a full well or -- optimal line I would say a football anything beyond forty. Four for Tom Brady or any other quarterback or over the age of forty anything beyond that is a bonus and a blessing. So you have your three years away. If you're thinking like this three years away from the end of Tom Brady's career. Where the end of Tom Brady -- -- -- starting quarterback. Yet I think it makes all the sense in the world if you have a quarterback that you like who has some rough edges. He has not. Is not a finished product yet. You think he needs to mature some. Come out early and it did come out early beginnings -- short he need to be and he's learned a watch -- and a belt system. He needs a strong mentor needs a strong coaching staff strong locker room all these things. I don't think it's a terrible idea. Let me jump on the whole maturity thing which on mental for a second. All the than what he did last summer epic summer 2013 and what trouble was he got in. What easy dot com he's the he's flown straight he's flown right it's done. Everything everybody's asked him to do is not gotten entered into trouble. He's got to the places he should've gone to draw on the you don't like he had that mature level of all she Arctic he's got a little financial incentive here again while I mean I can't really he has -- -- you're go to mcdonalds they have -- financial sort of -- Well we'll find out what you guys think 6177797937. -- -- telephone number. The AT&T text minus 37937. -- on the cellphone Danny Europe first -- -- -- You guys -- -- -- -- you know I can easily hidden alcoholic because. Once you get past twelve. Really nothing that stop -- from all. You know don't look at it both teams they're gonna be at a quarterback in the players on the board. -- who couldn't pass up the take a second quarterback but once you hit. What started the twenty. Now you're getting hit so you know one of the -- Apple's. It is you have a guy like it delicate topic but your competitor value. You got him raid at the top ten player -- all of aboard. Exhibit forty. -- wanted to take -- because both union contracts I don't have notes she almost a trading back into the first round. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're so so Johnny men's Ellis sitting there at sixteen in Jerry Jones is looking Adam -- -- -- I don't know I got Tony Romo I don't need a quarterback. So and an olive and go further so the New York Jets are sitting -- eighteenth. -- I'm all set I got geno Smith I don't need a quarterback. He's not gonna get act if he gets past twelve it's gonna drop like a Stallone. What I don't. You can make the -- that particular okay cornerback. By the way to Cleveland Browns have another -- 26. So if they don't get the quarterback at the top they're gonna they're gonna -- another articulate. Well the -- I don't think he would make it to 29 but I -- you air air rotten situation because what the quarterback once we get out of the top ten. Boutique picketed -- if they're now looking for a quarterback there's no way they're gonna take -- there's so many other good players. That's obviously I have to so -- what happened was there anything specific that happened with Aaron Rodgers don't I don't remember no because I dropped nothing dropped. Are there are questions about him playing in that system I played it now and in the in the question about it was. Is he just a system guy or is he legit. And he's a little short at least not like me and I was not parliament -- a 62. Aaron Rodgers and questions about his height. But he -- once Alex Smith that the decision was OK to go onto his hometown team. Is he gonna go to 49ers Aaron Rodgers. There of the questioners want you to go to the 49ers. The slide was gone. Let me ask you guys a question let's play it again it seems crazy out there Aaron -- what the -- ordered banks and again that's another reason why somebody will pick up -- -- well before 29 so Johnny men's -- sit there at 29. And you pick. And he's your backup quarterback now because you're gonna get rid of Ryan -- that point Johnny mantle's going to be your backup quarterback. Tom Brady got god forbid does go down in the third game of the regular season can Johnny -- -- and on the Patriots offense that Tom Brady runs. The the got a Taylor little Ronald McDonald's. A little equipment our -- I eleven and also I don't I don't get this Arizona quarterback the national football what are you -- percent net. Thank you for saying that -- this guy. Can't come in and run the Patriots offense he's five Lebanese descent and throw side armed yet. You would be surprised that Rivera twenty aren't allowed to make -- -- exactly are a lot of teams who who have. Much greater need a quarterback and the patriots -- somebody's got to take he is viewed. By enough people in the NFL. Where he's viewed as a specialist by enough not enough people in the NFL that would make him. Possibly available. In the second half of the -- In the second half of the first round. Because of what does that exactly I think -- more people more NFL people out there were NFL types who say. I'm scared to death that -- I'm gonna miss up normal although on the last. Wilson or the last happen it didn't wanna do that would man sell and it. Twelve years ago fifteen years ago your point would be correct about -- like it -- drop like a stone but now. This -- the National Football League -- nice way of saying I got very David views of looking at the Mac Apple's always altitude I tell me like I could ever -- an old man and there's very great records and. Techsters says dale. Geno Smith on the jets unit on the Eagles at the wrong quarterback went to the Eagles -- when norm around. Mark Sanchez he went to the Eagles. It another text -- here's his. Dale who's to say that that Johnny men's -- couldn't beat out Tom Brady at quarterback and I says I -- -- -- -- -- -- my hand here yeah that's yeah I like that talk yup that's me once and Johnny -- -- can't beat out Tom Brady like quarterback. Under Bill Belichick system 6177797937. That AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WB. 6177797937. AT&T -- line -- 37937. Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson. Stephen in Marlboro is gonna tell us why I'm full of crap and Michael knows what he's talking about -- Stephen. -- -- Still believable to -- it -- out it would work to an eighty to cope act or would Bledsoe or Brady. That whole who brought right back it jail and it now that you -- -- decline in the past three or you at every. Adults -- much -- -- -- dead serious -- -- -- -- the -- horse in Gaza clearly noticeable I thought you were on my side with John immense -- being available to the patriots you're saying Tom Brady's game as well I'll let you know you don't think that Tom Brady is or less what about a -- four years ago. I thought -- it. I -- -- the idea that illustrate the case Stephen discredit you tell me why I think -- You're starting out they eat get -- -- operated. They make the case that Brady's game has -- that's the point we're trying to make make the case. -- you work or actor that can. Argue it would anyway. You can't make the case. -- I'm not talking about. -- now are saying I need to get up Stephen is they've -- I'm trying I'm trying to be patient here just. Tell me what evidence you have that Brady's gain has slipped forget about. Man -- anybody else that he cannot will pocket like you caught in the pocket or in the pocket he -- all that much in the pocket now. Want to L I say that Steve and I am -- I I hate to tell you this but he's always been -- -- Dale when he first not a weak people around mount park a lot out now -- apartment and our planet are you would that he declined. To get -- they're gonna end up like and here. Yeah okay now if you say in it but you don't provide any to -- -- Brady in the pocket I think this is what I think it's fair to say about Brady. You're regularly was always a -- but I think after. Our 2008. After the Bernard Pollard hit. You can see there are I can probably come up with a half dozen examples a dozen examples. Where it's clear that Tom Brady in the red zone there -- nine yard line and it breaks down. And he's got a clear path. Eat either to the end zone. Or -- it pick up up five or six easy yards he won't do. You don't have the confidence that he did you not -- years ago to get -- -- pocket by the way can't run like he used to you don't consider too it's not like he lost a step promote. -- all 444440. But he definitely lost a step or two from four or five years ago. Where he'd -- trusted his ability to get out of the pocket order make a run out at texture here has hit what I considered to be an element that. If you're looking for that next Tom Brady that -- that you want percolate through the system not gonna play here for the foreseeable future. AJ McCarron makes a lot more sense to me and Johnny man's why I think a lot of people say that it's because of where -- went to school -- makes her daddy because he won't be in the first round I don't think why might I don't think he will. You know he he what won three championships and four years. One on three championship teams. It in four years at Alabama. It's got the like Brady has the celebrity. Celebrity girl girl for not we are today now. Well Laura Twitter. While that brings word that got lucky proud of the pretty large rock and I don't know I think. I think the comparison is too easy Nick Saban Bill Belichick Alabama's success elsewhere quarterback pastry quarterback I don't know fees if you really it is. On that level. Johnson where I -- hey John I don't. They will go on and yeah and we have to look into sort of different not. Previous to. He slipped and be real -- That really punitive this is he's a former. So I think that's there. It. Yet in my opinion. I was -- -- -- -- that it was outlawed. Group can be in my view heir apparent to sit and -- for two years watching them to. Him and told that sort of so old that thinks that means that an issue. -- -- -- is that it is a parent is to have come out of the draft. You have to look at these -- in -- -- -- I'm actually going to be coming out. And the other quarterbacks that you partly better than -- want to -- -- yeah. And look at it elevates the content and that -- -- out over the next it is that he is that these. Replacement -- captured a -- and having -- migrate to two years and laden from the maps. This -- to beat them. I -- I don't disagree with that notion I agree we -- that Ryan mallet probably not that guy and that that next guy. Needs to be whether it's this year or next year I just wanna spend a first round pick on that guy I think outings on brings a great point you've got to start -- his points interpret it about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now more than ever because we can't we can't keep contradicting ourselves we can't say. -- -- There's a Tom Brady went on to work on not today but earlier in the offseason there's a Tom Brady window. Bill ballots is sure to -- for Bill Belichick Bill Belichick should load up you can't waste. These years of Tom Brady's career he's going to be 37. How much longer is Bill Belichick got a coach and we start talking about bringing in quarterback maybe not these two. But maybe there with the quarterback out there. Maybe what they're telling you is. Bring in Johnny -- zone and bringing Teddy Bridgewater I don't want either one of these guys I do want a quarterback in my quarterback is out there now and if he's available 29 I'll take -- can't talk about the future is now. And loading up. And not -- loading up why are you loading up now because you are afraid that this thing is is is not gonna last much longer resort and last much longer gonna start thinking about the -- Sure when I look at Tom Brady's slip on putting up my quotation fingers here the slip and his numbers from two years ago to this past year. And almost cross the board is number slept -- -- because Tom Brady slept or what did we say the entire season watching the patriots play. Heck seats on alternate. Got to catch the ball what I mean what does -- deal wit and especially this with Hernandez wasn't there the whole year then one gronkowski went down. Like all my god what is the sport I got to throw the ball to. I think he has slipped. I think your skills have slit our base thirty series that's where I was thirty and I don't think it's. Now is not -- scrub. But it's just the the conversation about Brady is a little different. Or seven years ago 67 years ago he was capable of carrying your team he sure you've got Tom Brady. No one else does. You can go play you can go to an incredible heights you can witness the double -- in the Super Bowl win it. So now -- Tom Brady. You've got property not a lot of other people have Tom Brady he can get you. To a certain level if he got enough to. When the whole thing can he carry your team like he used to -- the failure of the. I just get no way this -- to get very big terrorists are all -- He's he's he's got people on what it meant women not Super Bowl deputy do the job in the super ball -- -- -- -- dvd. -- -- people don't go ahead touchdown Aaron -- He drives the team down the field he gets Randy Moss for the go ahead touchdown pass does his job. And he -- on the sidelines when the patriots lost the Super Bowl now. He came out what to last hail Mary passes after the -- action let's stop with Tom Brady's fault. Lost I'm glad you brought that up -- without Tom Brady's fault they lost that game not necessarily. But you mentioned those two hail Mary passes go back to watch and we had this conversation couple weeks you don't wanna watch a game of life on the line to handle things when you. Finally. Find the time to watch yeah I sit in Atlanta with a couple appeared exactly were you when you when you go back and watch that game. And you see what he was able to do. What those hail Mary's. -- and yet some zip on it you can't do that anymore. I would just seven years ago the ball seep through to two Randy Moss. The wind where Randy Moss actually came pretty close to catching him about his fingertips. -- kept the ball anymore. If if Tom Brady's wide receivers were Aaron Dobson and company six years ago I think you go to start the terror into assembled now. Unless you have. Randy Moss unless you have. You know DeSean Jackson that you can do that I'm with you I think that is another text or in the AT&T text and I think it's. Carried the team this year. You're where he got the AFC championship game with a bunch up flotsam inject some to April but. After he got them to the AFC championship. But let's -- That's with with nothing around what six years ago. He needs to wells and now he's at now Gregg the top rating of six years ago couldn't make these receivers any better than they -- massacred. Outcome I. He's he's got a -- The drop -- one of -- dale -- do you find yourself when you and Michael to what you find yourself watching the patriots now do you not say. Point Britney missed not want him I don't remember here. Making bad trolls like this if you hear about it per game he makes more -- throws or throws guys than ever before pocket -- tell me right now today Tom Brady is what number quarterback in the NFL. Two -- theory okay and and and safe and flip on even go further cities why he's a top five quarterback in the NFL. I'm trying to think about replacing that guy any time soon. -- company that our enemies and have that means there are 217 teams out there which Rachel -- quarterback for you don't -- -- -- you don't wanna trade on but you have to think about. -- kids it would do. What is an -- would like I agree when I thought I think about the -- -- I agree with you about getting guys in the pipeline I'm not spent on a first round pick -- -- this year you not just yeah. Let's -- -- -- -- -- was a third round I -- that what you're trying to tell me then. You can't get get something of value when the third round. There's a -- and planning guys come out and I'm here for you on the third run a great team that I think he is championship. Caliber again this year they're contenders right yeah I mean we think that the other in an AFC championship a year ago we think they've gotten a little bit better. Why would I waste a first round pick on a guy that I don't want to play when I can spend a first round pick on linebacker who can help you -- to wide receiver or are ready. The caller was -- earlier and at the -- spot on now we don't know what their draft board is who with the draft board looks like. But if you got that linebacker within but this -- go with the that nine point rating system in about -- so that neither the highs for them. But to me they've got Johnny -- -- Teddy Bridgewater quarterback CU. Had a seven point five. And everybody else on the board and we get to 29 everybody else is 85 or six at linebacker there -- defensive end. You've got a quarter got a receiver. And nobody is over six it's not always -- He's doing your highest -- got on the board at seven point five and he's got a position of need maybe not at the moment. But it will be coming up there. To fight but I worry about winning now Michael I'd rather have the six who's gonna play now -- the seven point five who's not complain at all shortsighted I tortured guy that well because great organization -- talking about winning during this. -- term this window that Tom Brady has -- Bryant I don't care about three years from now. I care about now. They do they care about now but they also curable three or four years from now we'll -- what's great my point is a six who can play today. Beyond my football field help my team win helps me the seven and a half was not play because he's behind Tom Brady doesn't mean that a -- what happens if they say you know. -- we could use inside linebacker will we liked this guy here at 29 but we also like government. In the middle -- the end of the second round we believe we'd get the same guy at the end of the second. Why not drop for the future with that first -- -- get the same guy. Later on the dropped 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Dale and -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WB AT&T text line -- 37937. I should probably tempered somewhat of my remarks a little bit by saying -- This is a better argument for me personally if it's Teddy Bridgewater who sitting there and you're trying to decide I'm not a Johnny men's -- guy I don't think he's gonna succeed at the next level -- I just think that that. That run first throw second mentality that he exhibited today and -- is gonna get him killed at the assault units enough colors and the -- -- like -- Well his freshly -- respect. We'll play the unions to -- enough if you set. Because he ran a lot more as a freshman but he did last year yes and -- -- at times had guys open tucked and ran anyway Greg Allen have a big. Right the only problem with what you just -- is citizen. I don't know some I -- I'm little sensitive about Johnny football. I am late -- for apple guy I know you talk I'm everywhere you go you think you you think is great that he's as bait for this -- are now that -- the league is now that Alabama game because that figure look at. Look at some of the specific games. And and how he did against. I've got -- approximate. Pro competition in market again and obviously. But you look at LSU and look at Alabama. Those are those teams is chock full of NFL now we see a lot of months until we had a terrible game against LSU was terrible. He had a great game they lost we had a great game against Alabama and it's exactly what Greg said. Threw for four touchdown threw four touchdown passes. And he ran for almost a hundred yards against him the guy who who can do all the things. Question here -- an effort to question his ability to read defenses who knows because. How complex our our college football defense is anyway. So we'll find that out fairly soon training camp. Or or game one game two of his rookie season goes where replays right where. I don't question his ability there but I question is his size and is that he's gonna -- kill propensity to open himself up -- big hits. Because you'll get it can deliver the ball it's almost determine like starting pitcher can deliver the ball from some unusual position. It's a sometimes who drove the ball -- just as wide open and I fell. Instead of some kid from Vanderbilt. Going to you know. It is it is. Jared Allen. It's it's Jerod Mayo. It's Patrick Willis and you get -- take that it now you're out for a couple weeks not a couples -- What one thing he didn't do last year. Is he didn't learn that sometimes. I discovered a lot of bombs I just got -- slide somewhere he took more hits last year than he did his freshman year because. He stuff that that's just in his nature but -- he's gonna succeed and stay healthy at the NFL level he can't take the hits -- took last year. That's the problem I think with the next last RG degree. You know how and RG three has a lot bigger more physical specimen and -- -- -- and he's -- these guys can run up here. I can run away from the skies like I did in college to. -- your texture on the eighteenth -- -- on everything possible says sure. I'd rather have Ras I Dowling was taken at 33. The Johnny -- though available at 29 if that if it happens that way. If that's you if you tell me that that's the two guys that I had to choose between yeah. Well maybe you look at but it woody saves you have you you've gone with that logic the picture to -- that laughter before which is very well. Watch that ticker quarterback when I have other needs. And they've gotten it wrong. So so I'd rather they'd go that way and get it right well or didn't go that way get it right or it -- man's -- is by far. Not degrading system it obviously these guys but he's by far the best prospect remaining on the board. I totally disagree with. If he's a seven and a half and the other guys are sixers go at the seven and a half get the best player Jason's and -- straight Jason I don't. In a deal until it's gone so well not much at the -- the bottom line here is semi -- 37. Outside -- John Elway who ignore the forty. It even in the league no matter productive so -- shortsighted to say well what it's -- about a few more years and wait for the replacement. They identified. A man Zeller -- water even -- -- for that matter as the next guy. -- -- I don't see a problem with with avoiding turning -- to the Miami Dolphins and having two straight decades searching for a quarterback. Sit on two years what what are. Well again if it if if what you're worried about is winning now winning during the Brady window and I've heard that phrase a lot Euro over the last few months winning now. And I would suggest that taking that quarterback whose gonna help you to three years from now when Tom Brady's done he's could -- -- you'd slide read and be quarterback does that help you win now. -- is it is it possible to -- -- yes and you do it if you're the patriots but everything you do everything the patriots do in the draft. But their fourth round pick -- their fourth round pick this year they're fifth round pick is that for winning right now. Or is -- we think this guy whether he's a guard or defensive tackle. We think he's got a lot of upside we need to get some some heart coaching. And -- a year or two. -- he we should have something with them we've got cost control. It could tip force in a year -- right now we can develop them on our own terms and he'll be game day inactive for most of the season. I -- Estrada said the same thing a couple of minutes ago is that the great so why did so why did you read and listen to busy you're -- so we -- Great that the gone back on your craft breakfast nationally there are food. -- the great organizations in any sport have the ability to do -- That. I hate using a basketball analogy but I well. The San Antonio Spurs have done a remarkable job all of -- bringing in young talent collide Leonard Tiago Splitter. And also staying relevant today at the same time and bring in veterans who could help them win they can do both I think it doable thing NFL. Dale on Hollywood Greg Dickerson for a force coming up next. Like their I'm sure they have a reason the patriots have a reason why they're doing these visits. I didn't understand that that the whole thing with Tim Tebow of the other than a couple of years ago either but they were Prescott. Evidently the Nebraska but at least back then you knew that Tebow always so borderline first round maybe second round. I'm not sold that is the one of those guys -- it's going anywhere below one -- call these guys going to be better quarterbacks in the NFL and Tebow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think in the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. What that dude I'm. All right it would let these days old shell let's say let's say he is. Teddy Bridgewater can win a playoff game the National Football League to get miraculously. Lead his team back from the depth. They start one and 31 -- four. He turned them around -- into the playoffs knocks off the Pittsburgh Steelers thank him. But anyway. If you hit it hit it did what a playoff game. That's saint Matthews spoke that's a way that's what that is why. -- -- -- -- -- Tebow got Eric was good at everything I dissatisfaction. I don't think after -- Tebow guys not -- factual. That -- -- -- at the plate and you can't afford those things that are literal political Albert noted the real fiber level -- and this is on Denver radio. Once it is among Denver radio listen to host. The Denver radio station Williams and it's about Tebow. What people guy. Are really I think in the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. Yeah I don't. When you have an open -- -- -- is try to beat the light -- -- -- -- -- is all it was early -- -- apple. Oh hole you're drugs right but that's 177797937. Ericsson Connecticut Eric. What guys like Derek. Let's let this man belting out and listen and I'll band that well why are you cradle and it just stop it -- well. And then the new show -- imaginary. Our content it's not been more than a publicity stunt that I'll it'd be stall ahead -- it work. They're talking about a while. It away right away -- Eric -- you. Bill Belichick cares about publicity stunts absolutely when he signed Tim Tebow did it when that won't read that into account I. About the patriot. A lot of cell line now -- threw really well hey Robert -- a week. The newspapers and -- the Bruins off the back page in the front page is only I got an idea. Let's go get tee ball I mean Erica with all the respect in and your opinion is every bit as valid as mine but I don't think Bill Belichick does anything for the publicity about -- I think he does he does things from the for the -- for the publicity value I don't think this is one of tell me -- well what I had to say this is what album but not for the reasons that Eric thanks. I think he does certain things for publicity because he's trying to get the attention of other NFL teams are all well -- all the publicity stunts you know like you'd like to knock the Bruins off the back -- -- -- is that sort of for the Bruins. He's doing it for. A different the different bears the Chicago Bears and he's doing it for the jets he's going to for the dolphins. He's trying to. Get people talking -- All they may be liars anyway but they all become pathological hopeless -- A month before the draft. All these teams they tell you guys that they that they like and they don't like them. It's hey guys that they hate. They say they hate them and they loved them will bring a guy in that we have no interest in drafting. Just to boot just to confuse you a little bit. So I think there's a there's a method to this for Bill Belichick. And it it's probably three things three reasons one he's trying to create a market for both of these guys if they wind up being sliders. Because it. You know I it it wasn't too long ago when what it was a got big daequan Bob words. From Clemson daequan -- -- think that the assessment. He was supposed to be a top fifteen pick. -- needed it was revealed in -- some micro fracture. Issues. And that he may fall to like the third or fourth round I'm not gonna draft. Any wound up being the second round pick because there are teams even with his injury history there were teams that were interest him. Johnny -- -- one of these buzz worthy players. Dez Bryant was one of them Tim Tebow is one of them I think the Patriot -- be a possibility -- trying to identify the guys. Who has some buzz around them but may slide. For. They're just trying to. Coached them for information. Here's one that you really don't like you don't like this from -- A lot like these guys and they would draft no. I would prefer that that would be yet. I would prefer that they're doing it for that reason because and it makes some sense to me even -- even I disagree with them. I heard I heard somebody this morning on on Dennis -- cancer was talking about this is Bill Belichick. Doing a favor to bill O'Brien who only has thirty of these you know potential draft guys visits that he can make. So Bayless and you know I know you didn't get a chance didn't learn as much about men's -- Bridgewater as you might want it to. I'll bring in the year and -- work the whole thing to an out all you -- Ain't giving the information that you got even more in for what's -- where are probably go to -- taxable that is what would be comfortable actually now that's a -- to achieve what prominently and I think -- are exactly and part of that. But -- -- Houston Texans altogether in the AFC playing against the patriots. You're probably going to be able to want to not that he necessarily want to agitating funny to JJ watt. She yeah I bet bill's gonna do everything he can do to help bill O'Brien get that Texans team up and running just as fast as he -- hydrogen -- called. And tell him this morning how to do not advocate I think it's a great idea. -- I mean let this is not this Bill Belichick and his friendship with Urban Meyer or Nick Saban or bill O'Brien and it was at Penn State. This big boy football this the National Football League bill O'Brien may be a friend. But he's now a competitor. Think Bill Belichick is gonna do anything. To help that competitor get better any quicker that he has still. You don't think sheriff formation. I'm not a joking about -- -- -- permission to a degree ought to what degree do -- there that Bill Belichick flies Johnny men's Allen here so the -- relevant called bill O'Brien is and that's the guy yesterday. Only reason that scenario is crazy the only reason it is is out flat out crazy is because. There's nothing in it for Bill Belichick now you can tell absolutely no better if you could tell me. Bill Belichick is doing this for Brian because in return he's got to get. -- on the play. Our enemy by it but I have scenario I don't see anything and for the pitchers. I can't think many are marks in North Hampton remark because I don't read Harry. Our great thanks actually need a good point about the patriots but the -- in the until. -- -- by -- remember appears to go all right you brought cheap oh and and -- kick the tires on that end up trapped dressed and everybody on order but she broke. You don't don't don't. Don't be so sure that he's not just -- -- over spread offense stopped. Well short of sheen's character guys that Nokia to distract radars. -- it's good dignity. Are you get information from Darby. With regards to other interest or gained like I had brought goal then dropped it have to you -- or are. Arm and we know our battle to develop. You thought maybe brought -- in to say hey what did you think of Aaron Hernandez when he was planned with that that's sort of -- apparently not there. Well I'm sure the question came up -- -- -- first out looking at she -- characteristic. From leadership that out too often aren't but then. The -- -- actual hard -- people regards bet it is true. You know room -- sort of -- -- short. You know. He brought -- -- -- also are sure quick orange armed with what we're blunt. Leaving Patrick is a -- Can't trust then it will -- a question marks the running game. I think they're still. We're gonna you know I'm -- all the people who -- made. -- what I I don't feel completely. Alphabet. What -- what we have right now I like she. That either trashed then -- or are free agency or another are completely broke the oracle Michael Bush. Wondering what about the ill will -- actually. Albright -- action you're a little -- are. What ball. Bill from may be talking to a brighter ball just like Andre Johnson. -- Schechter rounder or something like that armed because it does. It changed very similar to that Randy Moss already lost not entries our country -- sentence is. We know he's capable -- she -- great horse so to speak church. The option arm. -- my. It's nothing that prevents Bill Belichick is the general manager that's what is here of the patriots from talking to any team about trading for player Corsica of course he -- talk about O'Brien a -- are very remote Billy O'Brien is. He's a few months away -- that is right down right now right down right now. Coach of the year. In the in the NFL's can be bill O'Brien he's taken over to win team. They had turned into a -- in Iraq when they had war at epic injuries last year. They were they weren't discount to their second running back the third running back there about their fourth or fifth running back. Had lost a ton of close games I think seven close games by seven point February -- and it it that it NFL record there. He's gonna take over that team and they're gonna win ten or eleven games why would you get rid of Andre Johnson at this point when you can still compete you're not in a rebuilding situation text -- on the AT&T Tex lines has come eyes as Bill Belichick. Ever taken what the mock drafts has said he's gonna take. It's I'll prove to compliments.

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