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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Nothing Promised Edition - 04/02/14

Apr 2, 2014|

We tackle four topics that all stem from the inevitable end of the biggest and best athletes in Boston's careers, brought on by QB Johnny Football's visit to Foxboro.

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-- it is time. -- -- -- Is that Obama's -- And now. And then -- and Roberts say yeah nasty you don't step. Him and his -- pays -- minimum wage and Canada looking -- minutes segment about ego maniac. And people think they're not -- -- Shakespeare. Who else is also happening around the world. Love Lauren and Lindsay and I think. When I. Don't think I was talking is not about ego mania definitely. It's. It was primarily tomorrow -- today at all out of business you got to think about. What you're gonna do tomorrow -- is not promised to you today. -- eastern here appreciate a little bit just try to Italians. -- -- rocky like AT&T aid the AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans everything possible -- you're thinking big picture. That the Q what is being said here is your con games. And I start thinking about all about that -- they're starting -- all the economy's job. -- you were focused on the message trying to I've been trying to figure out in the east is as have been you know get back in -- -- -- trying to guard his brain and figure out Andy's you know method to his madness and highlight as. Because what we're talking about today is preparing for the next guy and like we were talking about with Tom Brady and by your logic here for the next guy by. Don't let her throughout the Katamari Tucker I'm worried about the next guy when I had it was not prepared for the next guy with the second or third round pick not the first round. -- can't sit on that kind K I I young then it's time for for a full. First question is where Greg and Mike how money is -- And Michael. You know a little longer than ever that a little bit more. You know young -- Greg I couldn't I couldn't possibly answer that. Energy segment America that it's a special show I didn't have to throw it up and talk about the brilliance in the depth than the -- Still he Arnold on line. Real question number one as you know David Ortiz recently negotiated a new deal with the Red Sox that'll keep them here for another couple years however. Ortiz is on the back nine of his career so what is the succession plan. For the DH. David Ortiz. I I got this. This guy is not in the organization. -- go out and it takes at least prospects are trying to hype them up that's their hearts and we'll -- Brooks right now they're hyping up Jackie Bradley junior. They want to hype up Webster. De La Rosa but it really wanna hold onto you. I think you hold on -- -- -- -- take a boatload of prospects. I think there will go out get a power hitter by John Carlos to. I'm ever do they definitely that's what these planets otherwise yet another player can't -- a little -- I think. Their plan is gonna fall more in line with the rest of the American League right which prints which is that the ages you know your -- Here's -- nice guy -- -- on -- office -- this it's your it's your spare outfielder it's your spare infielder. You know it's your backup catcher today. Like everybody else seems to do in the American League there aren't that many teams that have a full time. Designated hitter which is why David Ortiz is the best there is in the game. I think it's going to be impossible to replace him with somebody who's gonna give you what he -- my graphic they're going to be just fine if they pick up somebody who it's. 27 the gives you twenty home runs about. But I would say again. Toys that remain. I saw the stories is for -- story in Sports Illustrated what they're talking about things that are hard to find whether the two wake catcher. Or whether it's the how -- the power hitting right handed guy. Now right handed left and it is hard to find power hitters now that drugs are. -- completely out of the game but. There are fewer drugs in the game now in the were 510 years ago where do you find the twenty home run. 270 hitting Mike Napoli might a -- typical Tony Hawk -- to what is. Yes we are Michaels -- Chara has been the driving force behind the bruins' success for eight years now. At 37 chart doesn't have another eight years in him. To the Bruins are already have the next great defenseman. If not is that player in the NHL right now. -- -- -- credit -- that's unheard -- they are now obvious that both fourteen years old planes over Ottawa. -- don't know who is I don't know we have but they'll put another hundred hockey writers about two years ago it was supposed to -- don't you know Paulson here who don't like I just stop it. I think. -- the Bruins have had a remarkable. -- a finding franchise defenseman. And you in the back or in war in park for a brief period of time now Chara they've done a remarkable job that I'm -- I'm gonna suggest he would win. When Zdeno Chara came here from Ottawa. I'm not sure Bruins fans saw this. I mean they thought he was being beaten in -- -- and was pretty good. He has developed into something far beyond what they expect -- I'd say the same thing about Dennis Seidenberg. Who arrived in the trade from Carolina as a spare part many people's minds now is the second most important player on the team defensively. Not sure that the guys here right now. But like Brady -- much we have to worry about it in the next year two or three I think he's I've undersea anybody. In better physical condition and Zdeno Chara suppress defense than in the NHL under the age of thirty. The problem here is somebody times what people look at our offensive numbers for defenseman so like Erik Karlsson went through your answer ridiculous that he wanted to -- to -- and and records of the same thing with the case of -- I mean it's ridiculous that he wanted to Norris trophy now. I love me some Duncan Chief Justice of for instance. Are stealing for. Support. And I don't think that I think he might be thirty I'd have to go back and look and can keep his one of those guys that I think is great Shea Weber. In in Nashville you know is a great defense and by the way -- -- and in which are like shot. I don't I don't know that that next to Dana -- is on the fact that I'm pretty trees not on the team right now. -- is in fact thirty years old and -- thought it was right there. Rajon Rondo is clearly the face of the franchise right now. Rondo was talked about testing free agency and changes said he wants to work got a new deal first -- to continue his group. Career in Celtics green and if not. Tapped to replace him. Personable. He's absolutely go free agency as much as he wants to say or somebody else wants to say well would like to work out a long term deal them and he says not like the work -- long term deal. He wants to go to free agency -- of pressure from his agent. Every single NBA player wants to get to -- Free agency and test the market. Are you on now and by the way what I'm -- -- -- that it does he want us continuous career and sell the grain. We'll find out this summer miserable Republicans and safest place yeah tough. This thing Andy he may want to we don't want an -- or aren't about. -- -- -- You may wanna go to free agency and the like money if you -- money the Celtics can pay him. The 30 1000000 dollars morning everybody no longer will they give him a Max contract here. Yes I tell my agenda have to I can -- there. I think I think Rondo is gonna stay. And he may wanna go to free agency short of the free agency and find out what other or other teams think if you wanna be wined dined. But I think it will come back to the money one and then number 20. I can't see which -- back. Giving gaining in the basketball operations staff the green light to say goodbye to Rondo but I think it was -- to. He does but it -- in the -- let me ask you this let's go to the ping pong balls in the number accommodations. Don't don't work out in their favor in match OK right -- at getting. Five or six or seven remain hopeful. What from the top three or four. And then they're not able to doing a free agency was a sit around out of Rondo fields and trees were supposed to get. And Peter Parker Wiggins and that was going to be the start -- rebuild what is -- is an -- for what I wrote that a Rondo is really the summer of 2015. Is that the great free agency class and yet we used a couple of our draft picks couple of our first rounder if you're in Europe. Nominee we have left we have seven we have seven let the ball that franchise. It pretty well positioned going forward either way -- -- -- -- New York Daily News which reports in the daily news. Speculating -- it but he talked to unnamed Eastern Conference general manager. Who said. There's a possibility. That Jabari Parker stated that wears off we're here. Can I quote Ross Tucker here. What 00 point 0%. I don't think you're zero point zero but it's close. I don't know he's eight. I -- -- music I doubt that -- -- -- veto he did different is a different kind of yeah Michael what do we say off the year won't tolerate you hit the nail on the head in the office on one guy one guy that I can think of in the past. I don't know dollars and years dale who's decided to come back. Guarantee was up 5% market Smart other than that if you're guaranteed a top five pick. Comes -- got up well. I mean you got too much at stake in too much to gain. And and too many things can go wrong you have to go if you're guaranteed top five what will it mean if he. If it goes back to school. You think that's dumb things apart Parker goes yes I think it's dumb -- yes idea. I don't. Because I don't call it don't get these guys -- have good credit -- NBA future gold records school nobody -- know you're making too great chance. I mean Scott for Eddie blows -- a -- -- breaks a lag or no it's not worth it does any of those things of the lottery is going to be a top five pick. This year or next year regardless. And -- got -- a lot out of it right back to get that college education no. Why is it back. Like the college experience have a lot of respect for my actions jet ski thinks he can work on his game even more. Get a little better. Mature a little more -- almost sings with a straight facts. He doesn't get it in the end that's looks like these guys. If you really need the money. Some of the you'll write a really got money desperately need the money others. Don't necessarily need -- -- still in the end. Now two million -- two million. -- Tom Brady is still agree quarter. Not according to the east that we on its way -- -- you mean is on there yeah. Atlanta did a great quarterback rattled by you know not mean you name and he is an on -- and Euro buyers and -- -- Mark Sanchez Marbury who's -- -- until I'm -- -- -- what anyone thought his weight down -- on his adrenaline right now. -- has said many times he wants to play well into his thirties. Reports that come around last in them and zone Bridgewater both sets of Foxborough couldn't be possible. And go or Teddy Bridgewater is in the future plans for the New England Patriots. Yes no no I think it is possible. I think it was terrible -- there aren't possible. Pick up the scale Hollywood have come back together -- have to -- -- alleged they are actually have a point out on. The endorsement opportunities for Teddy Bridgewater loved me just dwells in her daughter yes -- At Bridgewater state hospital lightly and it's only things. I. Mean literally at the Charley horse would welcome him. He wanted to come down -- -- -- them you don't think you don't think they'll draft a quarterback. I just don't think that men celebrate water's going to be. I was -- -- -- what do you could well ultimately to water I think I think both of those guys could be there now picked -- the quarterback -- round -- -- river a few years ago they drafted did it's Diego's have you been through that Kabul Kevin O'Connell haven't gone with the jets -- upgrades comply. For the patriots or. Heard around that raised some eyebrows well quarterback and a third round at Tom Brady. Right to. Would it shock you mean you're you're you say about -- 1 August 2 -- -- wouldn't shock. If if AJ McCarron is there an advocate from Georges there because right until you get starter. It would starter. You know the from the guys they've trapped in the second round and that's the boss but. My second round pick Deion Branch back in the second round pick you and Aaron Dobson. For starters. You -- -- Second round pick. Rather waste that the first round. Underway at a Dexter talking go back to open about Jabari Parker -- -- it's a cost himself. Well a lot yeah but you don't let I don't know if you agree with this great I think. Once they put the one once the doctors got a hold of them and if you come out. You are pretty pressure when you're around at what the doctors got a hold of them I think he would -- he's he would have start to slide a bit about it. You may -- but I but I understand the techsters point the cost an awful lot of money. -- -- like I should Michael saying in that what every couple the year before or not doctors were found something. But there could be a situation where you know somebody Jabari Parker doctors don't find anything. And he blows automate. And for the yet techsters to keep and maybe -- same -- over and over and over was convinced the patriots and and up with the first overall pick in the draft. Aerosmith tunes as Panasonic dancing for -- I -- -- I mean do you really think that if you're if you're the Houston Texans. That you're gonna try to win the first overall pick. Well what you traded yet would you trade it. Definitely which traded to the patriots -- -- now because the patriots for you know some some ridiculous Ayala got -- gonna happen but. Let's let's say they don't they're not sold -- dating -- who of course. Had an unbelievable Prodi today where Romeo Crennel put him through his paces and repeated once again that he what's been the number one pick in the draft -- do you like that about. He has not run away from the talk of who's gonna go and what some guys it doesn't matters less and play in the NFL he has said over and over. I think that's been number one pick -- -- number one so if they're not convinced that today in counties -- guide me wanna go is. A tackle like Robinson. From Auburn. -- -- -- -- But not for anything stupid. And and the idea that the patriarch reported. Well -- or there's someone here who actually want -- huge trade Brady. The Texans for the first overall -- that's the plan. At today solitude of patriot nation it did jump ball over that Whitman on his twelve quarterback. -- -- -- -- 6177797937. Is still one of the AT&T -- like it's 37937. Pot luck maybe you guys are ready -- -- -- Johnny man's dollar. Or or Teddy Bridgewater and and get ready to replace Tom Brady is the quarterback and England patriots. Not quite there yet it's dale in Hollywood Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE yeah.

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