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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Apr 2, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Greg Dickerson talk to the Sox skipper about the team's White House visit, the loss in game one and some second-guessable decisions, plus the surprise that is Grady Sizemore.

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The risk of getting clobbered on -- to let me just make sure you understand my points. It's that I know hockey players bring Bruins players drink I -- not the night before game. They just don't you as you get a little love and we got to be back when you can make -- -- talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell has brought to you by our ballot insurance. Town -- tire. And Mohegan Sun. I John Carroll joins us on the AT&T hotline -- it's dale and Michael and Greg how are -- Your career congratulations on yet another season underway and a trip to the White House yesterday didn't Walter Reed it must been quite a day for your guys. Well it is it was it was very unique hours' sleep part of the tradition of coming off the you'll get -- to spend the day they're in and the chance to visit with that with the present which is unique in its own right and Ellis is great organized to take part in it. Pretty powerful they don't -- a lot to -- Did you guys know the Celtics were going to be there was that just one of those coincidences. -- what it was more coincidence. I first heard about it when we were at Walter Reed in an -- -- -- from the way Niedermayer and there's some others in our party that we're aware that they came -- -- it was good to see coach Stevens and the guys came and assistant and partner. -- what was one of the things that stood out to you about the visit to Walter Reed on. You don't like it never felt that when you. When he talks with the guys that have been you know that a sacrifice. What they have and then there's injuries sustained. It's they're -- their attitude. And and that's positively the year of not only warming overcoming nurture talent but. And that they are but wanted to get back in and help the guys that they've they've fought alongside with and that's the thing that. Really stand out there there was Altman wanted to get back in and fight. -- to the president at all. We you know fans personal. Not person it was a local five that we -- we present at the article on Jack that was signed by everyone on our team. So it was a you know it was a small group and I can't start the conversation in what was amazing is the first thing you brought out at the Miguel Cabrera contractor and and that is you know that the level of which was -- but you know just very relaxed seemingly everyday guy that is into what's going on our sport. And of course the fact that he mispronounce Mike Napoli name means Napoli is gonna get killed in the clubhouse for the next -- months. Well it took a little ribbing right after a you know obviously maybe an honest mistake but that still to be up there and then. In that moment what standing behind him and he's addressed in the crowd and talking about what we. -- experience last year it was pretty neat -- I'll get to baseball the second with a cup a couple more White House things that we've been talking about here. One what did you think of the event itself they would David Ortiz and did you know that this this organic moment was sponsored by Samsung. At the time I didn't know I mean I'm -- You know no one can get closer to the president and when it was our state a couple of cammarata political all of it was always a moment -- David Ortiz could seemingly pull off. What I read about this morning at it was maybe a little bit brought along by it by Chan -- and maybe the numbers -- -- -- retreated so. Anyway if it was still pretty opportune time. Did you get right on the phone to your agent asking for a dual stress on a well I can do the same thing. No maybe a little put his sort of social did -- It now the latest setback that didn't that didn't take away from a pretty special -- Well I mean whether you're oblivious or not you -- bombed it perfectly. -- are progressing and Armon liked Roberto out directly right are. -- in -- -- and dejected. That was one of the items conversation. And have a problem with that knowing. I'll quote Johnny Gomes is and what he's about but. There are some who thought it was a little good. Little too look at me for Jonny Gomes or those who were are curious about how the flag should be represented. Had a little bit of a problem what did you think you have any kind of a reluctance or hasn't NC when Jonny Gomes said I wanna Wear this -- to the White House and wanna present it to the president. -- Michael I don't think it all was about Johnny and some might view is that because there was originally. Some thought that. Every player -- -- in and we even got -- two point of talking about like how how they might perceive that what it was thought out. I know people with higher up in our organization. I would the Red Sox felt like it was appropriate and we got to a point where we shut it down completely. And then there was. Conversation back and forth between those quick outs and those are in our organization. That sort you know what this would be I think somewhat symbolic -- all the things that we went through last year and anxious to make that connection as well as giving it to. Coach and President Obama so. I appreciate some of the fox and others might. But we walked two and number different scenarios and finally settled on nice gesture that. The other part about this and and -- Maloney who was done two in the opening day game for us. He said that the folks at the White House and and even in Red Sox ownership wanted him to where they they said no way the thing. Yeah exactly and I think that's -- it's incredible journey and on the and the ball side to back -- yes we can this be a good idea. -- was talk about the game game one you had a couple of situations. I saw your quote after the game you -- -- -- and second guess. Some of the things happen late in the game number one what went into view it as a perfect -- guessing situation. You had out there and back Jon K but it was 61 more like -- we're -- go. -- the eighth -- you had out mats on the mound for them. I had AJ Pierzynski at the plate Jonny Gomes vs lefties that's what he does but Gomes getting into the game what was the logic behind. Well at. -- -- present these are starting catcher and you know if this was served three months down the line and we seem to -- reportedly keep in mind. If you present it nearly 300 per hitter. So the information that goes into that the report that I'm trying to build what our everyday catcher are starting catcher. There's going to be moments in which -- beat you want a player have the opportunity or. To try to excel Matt that's a long I made earlier this isn't somebody looks you don't try to just get established so. In that moment. Again if it was it was his. Opportunity driving a base for -- -- And I know four dollars and that's what we because that's what we do is that there's going to be certain points that are earmarked and yet we have many many opportunities that. For one reason or other we didn't cash in on. So I'd love the way we where we want about what we did against Tillman and our overall approach. We created many opportunities to score more more on. I'm guessing your head -- quite a bit of faith and Jackie Bradley junior in that final at bat. Take me through that at bat what you were looking for -- Well we're obviously you know in one run situation in the eight inning and with Mike Napoli -- based. If anticipating a spot coming back around the lineup we would have had multiple people on in the remainder of the eighth inning and the ninth inning. Which might lead you to believe that we're gonna score -- -- -- We got ultimately blonde and yet here comes Mike Napoli situation or is it fat coming up a string of four left handers in a row left handers are. Twice the success against hunter and right -- that's not turning the proper that not confidence in in Mike Napoli who saw what I felt like. The controlled situation. In the event of a line drive base hit Jackie Brown has got a much better score because -- -- -- And that's what would let the print from the eight. In our urgent after the game talking about Bradley he seems surprised by strike three jumped up a little bit then walked away. You're very black and what are your interviews today that was strike it was strike three. And we were saying got the day after we usually don't hear John Ferrell come out like that and just say hey. Not the player I don't know why it was essentially -- -- jumping up and down like that that's strike three what was the luxury of percent at that way. Because it right after the game one look at the video and I was at the problems Drexel so -- -- he is that wasn't too. You don't come back ejector Bradley and can dispute what. You set or the reaction he capital play that was answer question candidly. And -- the ball up. As the ball strike -- -- reviewed it. Even after the game and after the video deterrent. Have you been surprised and and are you surprised that Grady Sizemore was ready to start the regular season for yet. What else can in the spring training with the thought that you know let's say the whole camp serves -- she would -- where he's at physically and fundamentally as far as im concerned. He exceeded our expectations there's there was no question about that. But to see. The wage is currently at the plate laws it's it's great momentum -- it's a direct swing pass. So for him to have two years nest. And then come and step prior back in it so the timing that it was pretty remarkable and I don't know that we eat at the data we signed him I don't know that we anticipate him being our starting center fielder it was a possibility for probably aren't that. It -- last and we anticipated -- needs to be otherwise and it's one heck of a story and you know what he is burst out of brings a big -- on opening day. I plan on going through this with him and using him under and sometimes obviously guys who come off the injury there handled with care. You do the same thing with Grady Sizemore or do you just warm up their. Much every game. Well our approach to the supreme we have to take a look at the season and we don't know what the total number of games played will be. We're in lockstep -- our medical staff -- and what they're. The information they're getting -- hand -- and are -- and another's hand on the -- how he's responding against player. So we have a progression in place with a number of games per week double gradually built. We do see him being an everyday player at some point system. Order gonna gradually built to that point so. Now you factor and left and right -- starters factory traveled by king day game I schedule with it's is that Michael crop up so. You work on a total number in a week -- -- selectively pick despite great effort down date but so far -- you know what we've got a chance -- But he. Reap a little bit of the war -- -- respect and signing him into a great job of going out and getting a player that we got a chance to rehab and then rebuilt. You you mentioned that eventually down the road do you envision that he'll be an everyday player. At that same point down the road we do you envision him being at the top of your batting order. Well -- reaching parity you know the one thing they're there where -- -- in the middle order right now it's one last at bat possibly per game so that. Partly factoring in the physical demands -- the leadoff spot but you know. I I can envision him being on in the leadoff spot at some point but does that mean every game. We -- we have to -- an open mind here you can open mind and just how great he reacts as well ourselves Daniel or or change the real want to get back to us. How we. Mix and match and that we lost our fault or. -- and O'Grady obviously with his injuries. There has been something lost physically for him. Maybe if she she can't run as fast as he used to or maybe doesn't recover as quickly as he used to help out his instincts hand eye coordination. Would you say he 75% of what he was the same as what he was when he was in his prime what what what would you start. Well it. I would say just that the hand eye coordination there and that the Ricci is getting the ball in the outfield the way he's addressing coaches at the plate I would say -- Very close or not -- a little was free entry. Other running speed and explosiveness might be a little bit less because of -- just a a a trio of -- yes. But I can tell you that he's playing the game instinctual. I think he's not favoring anything as it relates to us in his routes in the outfielder or bridge from first base and go first third. He's running strong I can't sit in the back to full speed but yet at 31 years old. I don't know that he would be forced it to their compared to a 2223 year old despite father time level and injuries. He's gonna replace. I know he's getting confident by the date. -- and that bodes well for out. And we've talked about and you're starting tonight and John Lackey. -- progressing. Like you would have hoped during spring training what did you like pitchers so model Lackey this spring. Well Warren -- I think for all of our pitchers that pitched throughout the finally gave -- last year you know they come back and very good shape. They're all printed matter entertain progression didn't show. Really put too much physical. Restraint or physical -- -- from the war last year in the John his last start was his most powerful most Chris. And you like to see that building towards the first start of the regular and I think we saw that Lester so -- sort of -- -- well. As sort of that the two might I think -- shape -- and building at the right time. I know you'd like to have your your starting pitchers into deep in every game whether it's April or September. But is there are also some concern about making sure that you get everybody involved in your bullpen. At least somewhat early on in the season just to get him back into a rhythm again. Well I don't know what that too much that means that they aren't my teacher and I early but. -- you want your guys -- you know at least get that first outing on their belt. -- you know Jon Lester was so good the other day and they at a very solid certain things to work. But still we fully expect on an actual like days what will probably get most of our -- guys in the bullpen now. Don't want to circle back to Grady for a second before he made the team. I was thinking what Jackie Bradley has to be on the roster somehow because he can. Provide insurance for Sizemore in center he can also provide insurance -- right field Victorino. Was banged up at the time and now I was on the disabled list. Hobby obviously that wasn't the plan of victory and went on the DL that's where Bradley's here. Who is the back up a lot in center field when Grady Sizemore template. Both going to be Victorino. Or HMO right now or -- was here. Yeah Jackie's got here so this victory and who's a backup for victory went right. -- -- blogs have been and probably even numbered in right last year and -- it back out there they're tight so we've got some versatility with the roster. Obviously -- carpet eagle -- left Jonny Gomes in left field tonight against him financial sector success against in the past. So are our versatility. Of our roster really helps out in the play. -- you wouldn't look Grady being here and and chain victory know healthy. Yeah we've we've got to be careful Michael because -- got a platoon situation and last. And it's very difficult -- to have to platoon situations that means you -- create space somewhere else so. Right now we do thankfully we've got a good number of players and you can still in the system and what you organizations shall. I think -- all point back to last year is one of the main your successor -- the depth of our roster and are being tested. -- One down a 161 to go good luck tonight we'll talk to next week. Our thanks John okay that's Red Sox manager John -- brought to buy our belly insurance town fair tire. And Mohegan -- Idea I thought he had some pretty interesting answers he was not criticizing Jackie Bradley junior he was trying to answer question honestly. Now I know that's kind of not where we golden generally speaking with coaches slash managers in this town see bill Belichick's -- close Julian. I don't know I don't know about Brad I don't know enough about Brad Stevens -- now. That it is anyone. I don't know I noted that there's has -- -- Would you question would anybody question Brad Stevens on -- things strategically this year most of the people even those who don't -- admit it. Most of one and lose. To -- -- so they're like -- a mix of bad substitution. The where you really put it out of timeouts break a certain that the New Orleans game. Where it was like five seconds left and -- no timeouts left and they should have filed bush. There should've followed and they didn't dot. Thanks very hey I mean there was no hammered things going on as you were talking about the next day and goal phone I don't -- I should correct what -- got lost except that I should correct one thing is about Claude Julian he he actually is barely forthright. Except when it comes to things like Belichick when it comes to injuries. Not -- and he's not giving enough -- he's at upper body lower body we don't know you know to be back when he's back I mean it'd they just don't play that game. And now he will be fairly forthright about things gained situationally. And by the way will be critical of his own players at times. Our effort wasn't good enough not that that's happened much lately but he'll say that we didn't we didn't you know we didn't work partner we deserve to win tonight. But boy there are some things he just not play in the game. And bill and Bill Belichick and a game on any remark but he -- You really asking me that question right now. What was it prayer quarters and there are apparently -- -- question I know we gotta get. But not when it -- does that mean Michael at the bad thing right. When it's on it's very pretty and and looks very pretty -- Demetriou red light green light yellow -- wider -- -- very nice but when it's flashing their probably saying bad things about 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Texas' guilty no. If you make it that far this job requires for you to interview Bill Belichick. Yes I do all that are right there that are requires for meeting interview Bill Belichick and I'm really looking forward to north.

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