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It Is What It Is Cast: What it means to have Vince Wilfork back

Apr 2, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price talk about what it took to get the Vince Wilfork deal done, and what the defensive tackle means to the Patriots.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike -- joined as always by patriots expert writer for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Kress I think a lot of patriot fans are breathing a little bit easier knowing that one of the true heart and soul characters on the team one of the true leaders of the team. Vince Wilfork is not going to be playing anywhere else but New England probably for the foreseeable future probably. For the rest of his career after the three year 22 million dollar extension your thoughts. I thought -- me a lot of sense for both sides I think both sides gave a little bit I think that's what it took to get this deal done look. I mean Vince apologist I make no bones about it and they think he did a very good job getting knowledge and where he was at this stage of his courier realizing you know what. I got to back off a little bit here you know I'm I'm a guy I'm a defense of -- Me I needed plus side at thirty I'm coming off -- season ending injury. I have to give a little the patriots gave a little and I think in the end it worked out for both sides look when you talk about Vince. Vince is a really interesting guy he's not the face of the franchise and -- Tom Brady type but he's a bridge to those Super Bowl teams. You know a decade or so ago he's a leader he's a very important guys in the locker room he commands respect from guys on both sides of the ball -- a very important got to bring back. Well I look Tom Brady is the leader of the patriots inside the locker room outside the locker room. But if you ask players to a man the one player they respect the most and look up to the most of -- locker room and in -- of I've been around that locker room. Quite a few years now it's -- it's number 75 when he speaks everybody listens especially on the defensive side of the ball. You -- really interesting too is they're not a lot of guys in the history this franchise in the recent history this franchise were -- that they're guys that come to mind Kevin Faulk was one junior sale. The offensive guys stick with the offensive guys in the defense of guys stick with the defense of guys there's not a dollar cross over. When you have a guy like Vince who's able to command respect from both sides of the ball those guys are rare those guys -- really interest -- I would compare Brady is like to CEO in the locker room priest the guy who's kind of above everyone else. You wanna get a sense of how the locker -- in the real feelings. The the players you go to a guy like wolf or wolf sort of like one of the office managers you'll forgive a guy -- there's the seniority there he knows what's going on in the locker Wilfork is absolutely key to the success that franchise both on and off the field it's a good thing for both sides that they -- of the get a deal. We also know very Falwell for. Think he is not being paid to be a cheerleader and a team captain. He is being paid to be one of the best and hopefully for the patriots taken their fans' sake. One of the very best run stoppers in the NFL the big question is and everybody knows this. He did not suffer an ACL injury a lot of people come back from a ceiling juries. And don't have to scramble around and can build up the leg strength he's coming back from a torn Achilles. Big big difference and there's a lot of people a lot of NFL scouts. A lot of NFL observers of the patriots who question whether or not -- can be the player he was. It's a great question it really has anything when you looked at the contract that they were able to put together form. Veras is not is not a coincidence that there are a lot of pregame -- per game incentives in that contract. Yes to be on the roster opening day he makes a certain amount of money for each deemed that he is -- he is involved in so. I don't think it's coincidental that all of those are tied together but -- there -- questions about where he is at this stage of his -- look. Vince is not an every down guy anymore and I think that's very clear at one point as per year really was you know that's a huge point it -- a couple of years ago he was he's not an every down guy anymore and when you're playing as much nickel and as many sub defense of packages. As you have to do to survive in today's NFL do you go to -- guy who's gonna come off the field. May be at the expense of -- Tommy Kelly or -- very for able to get arm Armstead on the field on a consistent basis when you have to defense appointment Vince isn't necessarily that guy anymore it's going to be interesting to see how he transitions and at this stage of his career. You work. In the owners meetings at the owners' meetings I should say down in Orlando Florida. Where it was reported that really the ice began the thought a little bit in the relations. Between the patriots and -- First of all. Did you think it had to get to the point where Vince was going to make that threat that that reported threat we have to preface that that. You know I'm gonna ask for my release and move on if you guys don't -- if you guys. Don't you know give me the money and and renegotiate at a deal that's fair for me. History tells us that that's the case yeah I was in -- way back and -- on this when this was happening that you remember back to the into the 2009 season when there we're gonna threaten to but the franchise tag on him. Vince had no part of it he said that was a slap in the face. -- the 2009 game. Some of his teammates told me afterward that he was going around on the sidelines saying goodbye basically saying look you know this is the last game player would you have had a great time -- had a great run without a lot of fun together. That was five years ago four years ago so. History tells us that Vince is a guy who runs hot and cold emotionally -- -- think it had to get to that point both sides understood it. In more able to draw back and again fortunately they -- cool word you'll cooler heads prevailed in the report got to deal what were your impressions of -- check out the honors meeting you were there at that breakfast table the the famous breakfast gathering with bill when he's. Full of smiles and and loads of details about the strategy of this. Franchise going forward I thought did he throw off a couple of good -- -- talking about you know being photo -- into the -- picture and stuff so. Now that would that was a fun back and forth a couple things really stood out to me though. One of the things it Jason Cole way engaged him and -- acuity about how guys this year -- more and more malaska -- wide receivers are coming and it'll lead. Who never worked for the college playbook. It was interesting to hear his breakdown of how you deal with those guys. In the understanding you have to show -- those guys when it comes to their transition into the NFL level and discount it. Some kind of behind the scenes and any insight in terms of coaching in terms of working with -- young guys that I -- really didn't get a lot of pub coming out of the coaches breakfast but yeah. Mean he was his typical Belichick self -- -- offer few -- You know a few points on Revis in a few points on -- few points on the felt some of the new guys as well as some history with Vince but. There were a couple of really interesting things in that vein that I think kind of went under the radar we're talking about the breakfast. And one more thing real quick -- Bob Kraft it it was reported. In a column by Ron Borges says he's tired of dealing with the petty cash issues. The issues. Of the Vince Wilfork if you want throw that the petty cash category I don't know I would. But that -- he's tiring of the money issues when it comes to salaries in the NFL particularly his patriots your take on where you'd think rob Robert Kraft stance on that. Why think when you look at the patriots and you look at their top shelf talent. They pay very well for top shelf town and I think -- dubbed the misconception is that the patriots still spending don't spend the cap while. Hey they do spend the -- more often and most teams do they'd like to keep that financial flexibility right now believe they have fortified there about four to five million for kind of a rainy day fund if they need to extend Deborah McCord you which. You know it is that there's rumor out there that they're working on that deal that's a possibility that a -- would have been more financial flexibility. But I think historically. Patriots spent pretty well it -- think that's one of the things that did that people don't really -- when you look at contracts for guys like Vince. -- Tom when you look at Logan when you look at some of the other guys that they've had. You're over the years Randy Moss based been pretty well in any anything that's again one of the misconceptions that people have by the -- as having maybe that's what living is that he was kind of alluding to news talk about that. Well we'll certainly get together again -- side here at Gillette Stadium as the NFL draft approaches. In early may will have the OT days we'll have the June mini camp then obviously training camp in July this. Will be not the last time we talk in the next couple months that's for sure. He's Christopher price Mike for trolley outside Gillette Stadium WEEI. Dot com.

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