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What is Johnny Manziel doing in Foxboro? Fauria, Merloni and Mut discuss

Apr 2, 2014|

Mut, Lou, and Fauria discuss some theories on why Bill Belichick would be meeting with some of the top QB draft prospects.

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Seven AT&T decks on 379. B 937. Reports came yesterday late afternoon that the patriots we're gonna have Johnny mintel. In for a little visit in Foxboro there were followed up by hey -- indelibly morals. Whether -- not use the F. Couple weeks ago and all by the way this morning we find out. Teddy Bridgewater. Is going to be in town today maybe not with men's -- but at the same time period in around Gillette Stadium think it's pretty evident here. The patriots are set to -- country. Tom Brady's avail -- usher in the future now on the block now -- fury team meeting at quarterback Christian you call the patriots and Tom Brady number twelve help. Can be yours for video even a low low -- -- durable. Data Smith seems to -- what's going on down Eric K five day that's not the case. But we still have to try to discern amongst ourselves here get simple calls -- all the -- We have not -- it's what we haven't seen as -- did -- vote to say -- not done this before wouldn't be fair there was a dinner at a restaurant Boston. Between Tebow what -- checked it was Urban Meyer at the time I don't exactly how went down but they met with -- top. Quarterback prospect before it was pretty public. -- my I was there to -- I think it's not a I'll decide what is. -- oil by yourself. Think it is Jeff crowd or did you -- it was that I want you guys you'd you'd start dancing or -- you keep some distance today writes no two hands above the waist now Belichick. It's not okay but it's happened before. But to this level whether -- 24 hours they talk to bore little man's -- culminated Bridgewater come and visit the CD I guess. The easy answer could very will be. That their interest it a couple of back to the first. Thing I don't. We just don't believe it. Maybe every interested in them now and the reason why it's a story of tropical wise because we just don't believe that there it would already. Passed a we are right yeah all these different why -- this what -- they light -- right now may need a corked bat speed that simple. But I don't know these guys are -- -- -- a personal pick Tom where is right now. I I wondered you'd look at adding try to figure out what do they do they bring him in -- does he know that. Some of these guys going to be in their conference wanted to look at the players that they didn't want to know how to exploit them whatever is. -- it's up to do with you know. Teaching teachers that are wrapper that we hear from more from. Later on your summer but if one of these guys slide in this at at 29. If they show interest while they bring a man. Does the team either may be treatment for them. It quarterback an outage today and that as a player me one more player available was team -- -- at 29. As they -- and he gets at these guys knowledge that -- -- to the electric rate here. Iowa college tonight. We'll keep you are this nick that nick does that pick. And trade the Patriot -- you got 29 to read that that that chance of those guys drop. They wanna see how good these guys are. -- that -- might come to them off from the -- if they think the pats are a lot -- Christian -- a second why would have to bring these guys in publicly. To make that same -- -- hot hot as the value that drastic change. If they don't bring him -- that's what they're probably on a regular committee that elected elected -- see what they're supposed to do in front of them but not with them my idol. How does it you know I believe when I'm driving -- I heard that some value with -- wells has no screaming at the radio about -- could not. Move forward in traffic but I served they -- all -- the reason why they would do it. Smokescreen. -- trying to it's an Intel on around. Just for future reference or can he not go to his lap does he have a heart -- -- bullets as you put upon the boy you just -- Trying to get as much information from all of them well you get that you're gonna bring Bridgewater you're gonna bring. Gimme mentality or talked board ultimately make people know but I -- -- so many trips that I took when I was getting drafted. That where the teams had no intentions whatsoever. Of drafting. Even what I do want to become mine and I had like I had to go back to come by you feel that it. I've no idea. To this point they'd be getting drafted tied him they didn't need it -- and it was like -- and they have like three tight ends were like studs and they're all young it made no sense. With a chance of and I was not a position when I was going to be. Available to them at that spot. So I think that the easiest explanation is probably the most. Obvious which is -- like they probably need cornerback. You know and to your point round. Quarter is a question to me in my back hell -- are no -- yeah I also realize this big drastic. Act engram at first round they move out to get him Ben Watson in the first round -- there was a -- tight ends -- it didn't make any sense. If the values there. They'll take them all -- well there is no well LB the terrible decision by the problem elicited says you. Well it says you and says yes Asia yet can't hit what -- also that we know us know a damn thing about what their reasoning is we all try to well what I TV all Harry insiders we all have analysis but. What would it surprise me if they drafted. According to suffer from it wouldn't hold -- -- -- -- it would have right operating figured it wouldn't surprise replacement not the president got a quarterback it would not surprise -- spot I would die hard after I got an analytical publishers hope it does happen and a guy -- The -- -- Christian rigs that deployed in and around you really should. Listen to it because. Beat the patriots. -- allow what's gonna surprise you just think you were in there head to reduce them the did you really think they're gonna get Revis. Yes separate that the entire offseason templates. That sort of saint like you know like Madden football they will think they'll they will surprise to what he needed to. I believe they're doing it because they have interest in a quarterback in this draft. It's not in a first round pick. And whether it's AJ -- Aaron -- from Georgia was thirty year ago Mets and -- from LSU. There's a mid round quarterback they're interested in taking electing these guys that these guys because they want to compare the notes they have on the guys they like. With the guys consider the top quarterbacks in the draft that they wanna compare the guys they may draft with both. Pop are they okay -- your sense of Miller bringing -- bring in the top guys. Because this sort of -- this is that this is the mark visit these are the 31 round picks he's not. So called can't miss it might not already but there all the not know what -- -- -- -- and that's what it would say that's a bit to Skelton sand -- of the top guys select bring them in. We kind of already have our analysis of the guys we think we might be able to get. We might be able to get Aaron Murray. We IPO at AJ McCarron I have mixed seeming connection OK we probably give them that men are coming off a knee injury say with -- we could probably get some value of these guys. Let's bring in the best let's see where they stack up that's what I think that's -- that's an actual that's a valid point out that's a valid point. Do you think that bill ballot check. But he could bring in Murray to be you know these other guys the project leader on the draft. You think he needs to compare them to other quarterbacks in this draft. Did to evaluate whether the guy complaining NFL -- not on the he has to but I also plot or place of Ian -- your second. He magic -- like you have thirty. Post traffic is there a lot as a team. And they buy their -- going to be nowhere near the thirty. And so because they're interested in quarterbacks is a lot which is really do our complete due diligence and bring -- menacing wing glean anything. On the guys we like compared to the guy's gonna go ahead of Abkhazia might affect how they feel about a certain quarterback well I'm not saying that's my theory. All why you would talk to the three top guys projected yet. Have always have always they're always gathering information. From. Recording. Everything you do practice from going to the bags. Watching the tape of your view running through bags and judging players. How based on how they -- -- the bag to somebody else who saw you run to the gas though I -- -- when -- first -- -- the coach just talked -- listened -- everything you do -- she'd do -- -- -- percent. Yeah yeah whatever. Yeah so I am going through bags okay I'm tired it's it's our fifth practice in two days I'm gonna kind of walk through it no. There watching you run through the bags. They're basing their decisions on on how you work and work ethic basically put the bags it's trivial it's small. That's what is so. Gather information to bring in Bridgewater and -- -- I know they have no chance that a man Zell. Who hole I think they would have a better chance of getting based on people's fears other hand the Sony you'll love on the summit view -- wanna stay away from home there could be a possibility. Ian Rapoport NFL network was on the station this morning he talked about. I'm his opinion one of the reasons the patriots might be bring in Johnny mintel accompanied here. Think I think one of them I think one of them will probably good thing about after I think the vikings are gonna. Probably draft a quarterback from what it seems like some of the wreck our schools you know gonna be their starter and to their feet. After that patent strode into the Japanese who who is actually gonna draft quarterback. The titans may but I don't think so. That was not the cut through that much. Well this I think I think. Then you guys and a dikes -- in these guys in big does. Show you that they are Justin and quarterback right now those last year of his deal. Maybe you bring in somebody may be trade mine right now maybe go with three quarterbacks because it is different. -- The way it was talked about what -- -- us from Mikey reached today. Andrew Luck before they played in 2002 -- prior to games Bill Belichick are scouting staffs got but I personally didn't do a lot of work on the we weren't gonna draft a quarterback in the first round there was no chance -- gonna be anywhere close to where -- position was going to be. That wasn't a guy spent a lot of time studying in looking at some of the players. And of course of the -- from the conference because they looked at some of the film we -- from Stanford some of the guys. No interest in -- -- to bring him in notes and work him up is they were -- in the quarterback. But your point if there words in the quarterback. That would about it looked circuit this guy's a one. Now let's go look at these other guys absolutely but I still I wonder if you need to do that they -- Bill Belichick. You know this because you must look at it -- -- portals -- one dimensional can be number one and be honest with you. What we saw we saw all these guys summit is out and quarterback acts. -- go that far off we must get a fifth -- you just went through this process because -- this Saturday night but when you buy a car. I found I looked at cars are probably wasn't going to get but I did wanna do my homework right is this just -- ballot check. He wants the buyer caught in this case he wants a quarterback in this trap I might as well since we have the available visits. We get an extra two weeks before the draft this year right of the drafts and the end of April now it's in the may. Let me just do all every search they -- six guys who going to be taken to amend the injuries -- one -- -- -- Alabama three talked about -- -- -- about. Mean if you're gonna go and you look at it -- -- logical the carnage. Will induct you say you're not. -- you wanna compare what the difference and why is that car cost me more. Why is that one. 69 and this was thirteen 90 what what's the difference what's that what makes it worth 3000 dollars more what makes like portals. I got -- the top of the draft. Vs these guys they want to look in the middle rounds. Right here I just think if you bring in -- You think he's good in electing to begin play in the league. Don't you need to compare reports -- is good he just like to -- from yeah my projection wears funny and go draft. I sit tonight is go to the draft order to slight -- board did try to figure out who would legitimately pick those first three cornerbacks and which guy. Would fall I guess in the end you'd never really know look at. Gina Smith last year or watch him on TV last year -- sit in the in New York City waiting you're drafted on day one that Thursday he ever got drafted. -- -- He thought he was going to be was -- he thought it was going first round and I think the jets thought that at the time thought that he got a steal got lucky by him falling to -- all they can pick -- up. That thought that one everybody talks ball BC's Aaron Rodgers for obvious reasons he slipped to what -- -- fix -- up. You know so really protect itself and -- way it worked out in Green Bay -- set for three years. Three years behind Brett -- It and it is that or rat right now Tom Brady. Well that's another three years invested a great point that's the second part of the equation the residing I react as a strong and he said he could draft a quarterback there. I gets a waste of a first round pick I think waiting for three years anecdote that the Packers looks at selected the -- thing to it was a rookie deals back in six. So he sat at three years ago at the three years and you deal now it's for first round for years an option -- no use of a gap of three years. If you start of the last year's contract. Also feel like. Her fellow particle or but the entire free -- I don't know I don't think it's. I don't it would just wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised -- any ideas I don't think you would I would sit here -- be like oh my god that was the stupidest thing ever. We do you think there's other needs that you could find another guy but. You're not gonna find another Tom Brady. Right so the way that all worked out of him playing here forever and him being the player that he is special stock and a you're just not gonna happen again so. And having him and I think -- reports that some there was interest and I was actually thinking about -- no we haven't. That quarterback like Brady who's who's basically been a pocket passer his entire career he is not running anywhere before that you Drew Bledsoe. Who was basically -- statue back there he was a move in January either. With some of that now -- we've kind of seen him go towards. More a bigger a physical. That's a secondary OK with some of the guys he picked -- Browner and Revis. Just kind of mimicking and what Seattle Seahawks have done would be nice to have a court advocate run out of pocket you could actually wrote Rondo will tackle play. You know play with a tight ends and -- cornerback rolls to his right Ralston was left. You never that's not in their playbook. Let's not of their playbook because -- a misdirection play and averaged. Not run because it would be put Brady is saying like while Brady still here. You -- back a quarterback they give you a different look offense now I don't wanna I'm just saying like if you're at your next course of the next cornerback would be a guy who could move. A -- it is after Brussels air -- little better than anyone but he doesn't get credit is like Russell Wilson doesn't he's he's he's active and -- an athletic -- it looked as well. Stay away I mean he's a beast out there running bit don't they don't want to -- they wanted to do that but there's an extra play KG did the you can use. And they got their look at that little isn't really a runner he's a statue guy yeah and and at Bridgewater. Can run but he's he's really statue guy got the biggest threat in the FX factors -- Zell who is neither. I mean he's random he's not even he's not he's he's got really a runner. All he can run but he's just so random and what he does I don't know how you can tame the guy like that but. About cricket has had Tom Brady since forever. Right yes no that's been quarterback award this. Agrees I mean look obviously you know right -- it appears in your mind -- you know. I think IP to be more engaged have a court that could really to complete the pocket he doesn't need to be protected -- could protect. He'd always said Brady who never actually seen. What it Bill Belichick had a chance at another quarterback what we look like. I actually don't know the answer and maybe we never will but. I think right now it's certainly worth investigating seeing what else is out there would be an option. Mean I went out of it out of -- has placed three out Brady or salary or years. While -- worried about the next quarterback right now you assume you're going to have first round three or four years yes 37 now. I don't see any significant drop off in his play his mobility was never really great anyways. He's not gonna get -- He's gonna get smarter because his skills will diminish who's gonna have to be better with his mine and getting people to -- -- It is interesting to me to sit there because Ryan mallet is in a runner. O'Donnell and the quarterback that's -- that's been a runner that's a dream. Don't think Michael bishop -- up up up. I guess -- use organizes your tell it like a guy was back what an arm was Doug Flutie it is drop -- -- -- here for a year back it up with a runner. I mean but it is scramblers. This just in the first round it just comes down to who's now the time. The spent that first round pick. Brady's back at all no and know that that's the old to -- that's the only question because there are needs here. Obviously we've talked about four defensive tackle you know tight -- offensive line. And quarterback. Is that. A Fella after that big a spiritual what are they drafted a first round the second round you gotta wonder how we can help the team right now. Public utility unit that defensive tackle canny mix in that rotation offensive -- can help and heritage and you all quarterback you know -- spent the first round pick the hope they can help you 34 years from now. Now at a team right. -- how about this so if you if you know man Zell was his call all three -- you know those you love those three guys. And you know they are transcendent type players at least whether we believe it or not doesn't matter. The coaching staff believes it believes it everybody in the -- and an office believes it. You you would wish -- -- if if the opportunity comes if they end up dropping for whatever reason. And although you still have three years four years left of Brady. Can you afford to pass that up. Can you afford to say no thank you at a live with the regret and I think that's kind of what happened with Aaron Rodgers I mean date he drops. And you saw Brett Favre -- -- Brett Favre was a given that data yet that starting role like on a vice of the basically had to. They had to kick him out of the building locked the doors chains locks whatever to finally get him out of there could still played three more years. So the question is if he's there. And under the premise of them loving those three guys deep affection for. Do you pick him were. Trying to table talk of a full phones on the set 6177797937. All come back and talk about it with you guys and export radio WEEI. Aren't they kind of threw me -- two. The patriots have you know they've been known to move up up and around -- strapped. Tom Brady is I hate to say at 37 years old butter opening these guys that are going to be placement. Rate probably. Her too early to think about anything like that. But I -- the patriots have to be thinking about it in some form or fashion so why aren't you researching and it want so what are these quarterbacks in the fall. Probably. At least to the ground that would only 26. So maybe the patriots say look to our research. In case we wanna leave Prague the ground and get our back at court -- think. May be leapfrogged the browns as in Ian Rapoport saying maybe we move up in the draft now which is the -- you'd take one of these guys that it's moved up in that your love -- straight out of the Purdue started it by saying I'm not sure they draft their back up but. They might trade. And draft a back up. In model united 37 WA AF forays look at me like. Which are helpful and for the now win now scenario window's closing. So wait for the first person to come out with a for the magazine article or some sort of -- on some you know sports show. Where has. -- -- -- You know in the back with a window like halfway close to him trying to get -- -- get out something like that is him just waited for -- -- was generated tuchman is in Photoshop guys they can do that there aren't that we need on the scenes. Al as promised writes your phone calls rich is in central mass he's eluded -- -- -- it. Say good morning guys -- and -- -- -- I have a theory and basically what you look at that is look at Billy O'Brien down there in Houston he's looking at all quarterbacks. And yet he goes right now he's worked -- offense. Why wouldn't he trade. With the patriots -- ballot. Therefore. I stated in -- thirty Serb picked Turkish give a second rounder. And then -- and then that February 1. Have that. We can chill out for quarterback. -- you assume that first off that Billy O'Brien likes right now. Why do. You got a 33 -- do all day long that I honestly. Last year beginning get a third fourth reform this year answers held on either side at that you know -- right now aggregate. A fifth round pick this mean. -- job I have my follow up would be more about if your bill O'Brien is we're just mentioning your train for Ryan mallet heading at the last year's deal is. Well one more year left in this contract and he's a free you can't really hold on a -- franchise tag him. If you wanted to why wouldn't -- is rather take a quarterback at 33. Might not be as in much you like Ryan mallet but he's also. And a rookie contract -- -- for four years have a chance of development and really take a look at them work Ryan now EA some practice but. He's still not seen him in game time and be able won here window. To look at him before the free agent. That's sure I didn't understand -- you know the idea about to create your current yeah that's right well sure it happens that it should it seemed to be ebitda. It stripped depending upon what he really I don't know I guess that's set that steps to peak as it seems to be that he's probably got a chance -- all these other guys. And yeah it's somewhat of a known quantity so. -- -- -- -- Rich and right now these theories are as good as any others or trying to figure this out ourselves are supportive and talk to ourselves out of every logical as far as giving guys a group this thing with Callahan said today maybe this is. Belichick doing a favor. Pirro bill O'Brien and saying look I'm not -- -- thirty visits all bring these guys in would you compare note. Q what do visits and -- in the arc isn't the enemy now made the selling he's in the SC leads the tournament AFC opponent. You'd see in the playoffs like. Do I am so I assume that you don't. Bill -- not at Penn State anymore of funneling. Guys two bill saying hey check this guy -- a lot of I often. Now this is the same thing anymore I guess it when it comes to a trade yes OK Ryan now is he tradable asset. Is he worth sixers Wentworth and -- up in your mind. He does play play right. To me he will never really know what his ability Camby I personally have -- you know it's just by watching him pre season camp. Not extremely thrilled. On what his upside would be as a starter. And it's not like you this is. I got that -- he's -- he -- awesome game on tape. Where he gets to go to a game. And he just wows you okay two games in a row of any necessary because of better record that beautifully and I agree today affiliated bodies it was -- third round pick. We discussion last year -- -- get better but he -- of -- second -- here the third round match you just -- he thinks you that he's been behind Brady. He's seen he's watched now for three years is that. Mean he's better than I think he comes back the other -- a guy I think you know beautiful -- -- you you know I think -- -- -- the -- but that's if that's occasional white. Why why get rid of the guy aghast -- -- thing I'll let him walk after. I -- like what's once they know once they have a backup quarterback and they know that this guy isn't big guys they want -- it there's. -- if so what else want to marry your Ritalin or start over again this likely continually start over because you know Toms you know just keeps kind of -- away keeps going. If if if people looking -- that Ryan mallet is the is the heir to the throne. And I think everybody's in -- to -- you because this isn't the guy and I beat the patriots believe that this isn't the -- colleges in Sarasota talking about this with -- and little Christian -- today's edge of -- don't separate with summit. -- -- -- -- And and I were called BB invited. People to come in like 45 years ago -- militant dinner at the last it's a -- -- you have group the group dinner. In chapter. Out I thought. The resort called that a lot of our get glue stick on that. Arm above the once heal you know and what coated Felix Katrina Marion. You know you have -- that says the patriots and that these guys are gonna make the right decision. You know as PP are gonna quote you know we gonna do the -- by the name. Let you know we can't collect one goal and then bring in bush. From Chicago. You know get him from -- what you -- to a half million dollars. Was electric I called it will win you a handful of games behind Al literally buy and -- How many do that I don't know what it'll work right here sound -- like all the of the book will. The station I was one who will lose it is is is it stupidity on their part -- -- -- -- -- ages cheap. I apple what I understood it wasn't that it wanted to its second year they wanna go more in the second year anyway we. -- rewind it when he when he retreated from -- were temperature of these -- team. Kirsten and I. Yet currency the first thing if you carry it out with this -- -- -- -- -- a twenty number you're now a year later from Steven Ridley -- year old Leo begin inlets I just take a look at deposition that he was great she was the last couple weeks -- -- We can just bring another running back I wanna down years -- -- and extend a -- comfortable from the gear blocked. Yet if you're running back it's kind of stinks to -- that position because that's pretty much where the position is gone and is it me they usually have a a couple of guys some Lisa seemed Marines -- third down -- cadets on your first the second guy Steven Ridley becomes your number one guy. There still might be some trust issues there based on him being able to hold of the football the year Brandon Bolden who's more of OK everybody's hurt and everybody's in a dog pound and I'm going to be the guy but he's more -- special teams guy so. You have to bring it into the debris and in I guy up the street is as a free -- orient you draft somebody. Creates I don't think they're losing an -- any sleep over the deer blind. I think there are pleasantly surprised at how well he did. Remember that whole offense didn't change until later in the season -- found out that none better receivers to get open. Some nice player but the second here again it if you go to Michael Bush of their partly brought -- a couple years ago Michael Bush was a steady back it was a change of pace sky with Forte in Chicago. Was left out in the elements and might be a veteran minimum contract -- bylaw all the way. -- was a year ago Sean army played against him the chargers he now works for the NFL network get an interest -- take. A lot of patriots might be talking to Johnny millions of. I think they'll -- at some comic cat and mouse game well maybe events wolf we're project eleven OK let's let's try to see if we can what do you -- this -- for a wait let's -- it. But -- -- other contracts aid organizations to -- if we get but because. Anybody watches what's going on noted John immense sale is not going to be then that's what tonight pixels something else golden organization. Maybe to put fear into another contract and another player but not -- it's -- the roster -- -- that make of them that make whoever that -- Morgan bill allow or make them feel that. Maybe it ought to get rid of them to move up and address the where. -- And I appreciate all opinions that is I don't have a long neglected he'd. And I feel that -- -- a package a hit -- will instead -- did little fort. Who calls him Vincent his armored. Technical about it and it lights out it cost flights out we -- -- debate questions on the guys the network brings I think that. At -- app app app. It's basically computer -- auditions over their ideas they'll put any -- -- play in the NFL I'll come on Oprah a commodity when they DB zero so many got from the date of its. That is what the dumbest -- ever follow what laughing about the John marriages that was one of the dumber things -- -- -- opera from myself cat and mouse in the public imagine Jason Wilfork now I notice given that deal. Do what he's and it's at any give you some of the new first round pick from -- -- -- with that one yeah Vincent I'll start a -- changes that isn't it odd that. A ticket back -- I said John good for the here's his buddies. It basically kind of -- -- I guess what we're -- order. On break it was weren't making it all these crazy excuses and theories and trying to figure out what's the real reason right. They alike can't -- that are coming up the bailout may -- he's a good football player we said there's. Somebody down right I -- really is this a put down their box. This listening to all of these investments this has shown very minutes this that as the all the stations and on why they doing this -- someone down there. Help people with the radio -- in their ass off they are going birdie no bears bears -- head let me going I just like -- -- these guys. What they realize is that it. We actually like them it might take him if he drops. It's money out and we -- -- it. Net and edit the is that the idea that I didn't maravent again we I think that theory that there he might -- craziest that they actually like a double take ideas -- you. In a production at an edit in the production to disguise -- it -- And they don't do. It's it will look it was like -- -- -- -- -- it's it's it's a willful. But the good package -- sell off the pit box. I have two different -- -- tap -- Well I think they'll play at some kind of cat and mouse game. Well maybe events the wolves were caught Jacqueline bell case it will but let's try to see if we -- what did you -- wolf for a we will let's try to. But date already other contracts aid organizations it's the -- gets -- because. Anybody watch and what's going on go to John in itself is not going to be then that's what tonight pixels something else golden organization. Maybe to put fear in another contract and another player -- Best David's John merited. And retire Pete netbook that's had have admitted Tila Tequila you know Q&A -- I don't think you wanna bring that was not a good team one I don't -- -- -- -- the area. Chris I don't like sexual. -- about you got that so quickly but at the end always talk about wouldn't be here in a player. No matter who is Gary it will for right now. Now is it it'll go at all I'm scared that worked a note with Ali I'd have to I don't know the -- off the tech can -- we'll be here with a good deal. We -- Vince Wilfork will for it Tom Brady. William William valid Jack with an -- I doubt that smarts he used for us I used a Christian name. Ever. Never going back there. Played a -- there. Oh. Well you look idyllic the you're working alongside their lights -- -- -- -- -- much to run a let's get a few guys or give it back here cola 6177797937080. -- they'd better here. That Shawne Merriman existed at the beacon trade Vince Wilfork contract back to your calls next.

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