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Shawn Thornton on his preparation for the playoffs

Apr 2, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the Bruins preparation for the playoffs.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan we -- to look forward to our rump semi regular this that's. The Boston Bruins -- the and he joins us on the AT&T like good morning Sean how are yeah. -- -- a conversation in the last week week and a half about preparing and ramping up for the playoffs and that is centered generally. But getting rest for guys who -- on their feet -- on the ice build on the skates for a long period of time specifically -- what form does that fatigue. Take how does that manifest itself at this time of the year. Thought about from the ethnic. I don't play -- he segment tonight we got here in the audience -- -- a little bit more. -- -- he would fire at the changing times on but particularly for our border but I don't like I -- Discrete purposely -- that they cut but the biggest thing but he brought it up about current topic on. Would you say that like 80% of the fatigue is physical and 20% is mental or is it a different percentage of -- I'll probably. Fairly close but that -- this heavier than apple because really there are. Born January February but we get. Broke up -- Olympic break. For solace electronic battle it took. What is the attitude of somebody like Chara who obviously likes to play and play a lot and we saw him Wear down in the last couple seasons at the end of the year. This quote -- the drag -- kicking and screaming off the ice is that he civil conversation. Insurer says yeah whatever you say coach how does that dynamic workshop. I actually don't know about and the repercussions here's yellow at the that these one of the hardest working guys I've ever met I think it's that your. -- walked away and yet they're domestic and global support thanks so. I'm not sure what's gonna happen mothers and it -- offer Richard -- will look at -- you let. And assured of this sort that civil conversation. Does do you get excited about this last stretch knowing or thinking that you gonna get more playing time do you feel like. You could use some rest too. Now our I'll let -- -- -- the march Archie was sort of in pretty good. We are like Paramount vice principal saying well all the back back to back also. I'll support whatever that the copyright double what most of them here. What what is your opinion of the President's Cup have you generally discount. Scoff that it and think and it means nothing or does it doesn't mean some in the EU and the your teammates. All -- -- -- it just people might be completely honest but pick the idea of all of -- are still. I -- let's it's. A -- but really it. -- -- Other people might be her last one and the regular season post broke the the post is -- And they've played against him for every -- firm like we all have -- Did you know again -- was this good to start playing with the shares -- differently watch him placing him every day the way he's playing now -- he just kind of guy -- always thought. Our partners -- good but seeing a practice and badly approaches we gave a -- has been. I retreat from me just -- little things he does. Make himself. Better on a daily basis. According has all the sick of people as early as it. -- what does he do specifically on the -- we know his preparation. And work out routine is is legendary but specifically what. Particular skill set aspect on the ice makes him the special player but he has. I noticed. Earlier practice even in. Simple drills when you get over the line is looking to see where he's gonna shoot on the goalie that's. Talking book that becomes actual term. I don't -- -- -- in the pocket -- what. I think he he's gotten a natural ability to read. Read the play offensively great goalies -- -- -- a pox and he's got probably shot. I don't think that everybody's is get -- -- -- This could get to you get that pick one teammate to the post season award either. It took in the visitor. -- Jarrett the Norris I'm a probe Bergeron in there as the MVP not the silky. He's gonna win that he's gonna win and all the best player in the game what which guy would you panic you get one of those rate. Off broke quoted as coach of the year. -- As you plug or right to ask you bow our. I think he should -- -- -- -- -- so. I think he's finally start to get the recognition of the users. That he needs but. He's consulting firm's auditors. Auditors liberate our topic that particular notice. So what do you got against Bergeron chart is in the Olympic not expand a little exposure. -- -- -- That's so -- -- itself he that's going to be Iraq I'd like it's got to lock up. Yeah I was gonna say that doesn't count -- he seemed Bergeron play because I mean you know this. -- army may now he's in the media for him as a legitimate Hart trophy guy we sometimes don't think of him as one of the five or six best players in the world is he. I think yes I think that if he wanted to be part of a report every year but he chooses. Play defense first. Worry about it anymore report only about Wednesday's. I don't know where he stopped both both one of the visual -- during -- -- arts. Is he is boring off the -- would around teammates as he -- in front of the media is that he's going he's gonna vote yes to this kind of zany than we just don't get to see it. If you. Or is that he does everything right click all the little things. He's not -- is not. Is not off the wall exciting he's just. You don't do anything wrong which has the purpose of competing for a period I guess you couldn't I can accompanied by one person as a one negative thing he's ever -- a whole life it's you don't I don't know it is people like -- Shawn -- the the established cleese cliche regarding the playoffs would be the playoffs are different. An amateur -- expressed this concisely but is it a ramp up starting now to the playoffs where the intensity level. Starts to rise or is that a flip switch when the regular season ends and then everybody says OK we have to take it to another level. A little bit of a wrap up that where you are probably a week. Practices probably over our case that. I'm gonna -- switch but there's that was another level wants. While certain scenes over you know you're going into the playoffs the first game practiced -- that first in -- there's another level it's like. -- I appreciate it people -- world ultimately kick that -- what's right and -- he had been going on but there's there's another level. You get there -- the ball behind you. You feel the energy well if you pick up. -- -- spotter came to you in the Dresser Romans said Sean what do why not Null. About what's going to happen when the regular season ends in the playoff commences if I'm going to be here was booed or -- about the second season. -- are optional the first ten minutes of the first games -- depending happier playing desperate. There's a lot a lot more as a county government as well they're everybody's -- checked in. Not not to -- expect that you checked with Iran are an insult to. It to win back there. I got a question on the -- as -- You guys -- you think given your peaking too soon to. A significant. I. I just saw LB in the men's room listen gimme question that'll just not kinda weakened a little -- -- got to ask it this is -- -- is that it's that white guys -- something I'll look at what's the matter I don't Gerard if if you are -- date of -- issued a day like it may hear why did you not -- game six against Chicago and I was off. But that at -- but you're right I have -- resentment. It up -- -- and have worked decorate and I put on probation make about optical. Yes yes yes I asked clued. But he got yes. -- -- -- It was sort of -- one. Jokingly. I opened up peak too early and that -- -- real questions about quote about the well. There are heating up of these opposition with -- for -- couple weeks. -- Detroit tonight does it have been that is significant because there's a fairly good chance. That they might be your first round playoff opponent is this like a little while on the job scouting tonight. A little bit maybe we've been north throughout the last week it seems like everything we played a potential first round at. Are no lot numbers here I think we lost 61 or something like. You're right we could play in the first round. A little bit but -- We've said a million times and -- some measures but what we really do just -- on on. And our -- are able to try to be consistent throughout I think that the approach. That's populist acceptable -- -- The bad news for the red wings is they were absolutely decimated by injuries I suppose if you're looking for a silver lining if you're a member of the red -- organization is disallow the opportunity for young players to jump into the breach and an advanced and mature a little more quickly like Mike -- is that a fair statement. It's. And what -- -- dark suit and Zetterberg. Those guys if there are scared -- so back in -- -- fired or all right with products and even now let. These bigger take a look at obviously performed. About beyond semifinal in respect of what -- my opinions that are. Murder all right we we wrap up with this question it's a it's a travel -- question about -- the words in your mouth and correct me if I'm wrong. Shawn Thornton's favorite and least favorite cities on the road would be. Toronto the most favorite and Detroit the least. -- There and probably up there there update your. Well we'll do put a few restaurants that are a little better at thanks so. Clemens restaurants. Restaurants with the which is take all their clothes off as. At. I haven't gotten a little bit more actually across the border went to the ecstatic as a wonderful opportunity to capital. Yeah so Detroit buffalo or Columbus in terms of the bottom of the barrel rank. All our article Detroit as the worst yeah. I -- on right. Are not out loud and we ultimately it's just did hasn't gotten us or are not allowed this to us at that. But that the -- -- Columbus. I don't like -- no. Ottawa on downtown are so it's Detroit Detroit one buffalo to edit the other end of the spectrum is a Toronto waters or some warm weather place. -- -- -- throttle in New York and that is in the -- each other -- -- there there's there's some good ones. If you're Museum of Fine Arts guy in New York I I suspect right. Or it you know well the shot and pay I you are going to be together Braintree high school on April 14 for AT&T -- afforded to a -- How are part talked to -- -- -- Dennis and Callahan is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk power equipment.

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