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Brad Faxon on Tiger's future

Apr 2, 2014|

Brad Faxon joined the show to discuss Tiger's most recent surgery and what it means for his pursuit of Jack's major record.

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Our Judy and C seems to me if the president were announcing our next guest he would say golfer Brad back Sony is about to join us you know it was about Brad a couple of days ago prior to this tiger story breaking. I set myself self you know worldly like a week and a half for two weeks away. Before our annual pre masters -- visit with Brad Faxon well tiger's announcement yesterday. Certainly has accelerated that it's cancel the masters student here -- well as well as well up Brad Faxon joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. Faxon how are you. New hi John I carry our bags and still I feel used. The I you know I don't hear from Europe. The other PGA championship in August and then I'm done you know like like that girlfriend you kind of let it hang around. -- I think I invited you via text to my bachelor party Faxon didn't act. I didn't get out stories that you can't go I think that's what happened actually after I had a day to think about this are almost almost today and it and it seems to me whether people love or hate tiger. This is -- significant and damaging blow to golf. Our ratings will be impacted general interest in your sport will be impacted attendants on site will be impacted. By the -- even if -- Were healthy enough to play and struggled this year it's a story that people would want to watch unfold this is a significant body shot to the game is not. It really is you know a -- about last year's masters. And the whole debacle that happened on Saturday with tigers you know drop coming forth and it it seemed like the masters committee almost. Had to make a -- keep tiger interment. That movie that was. Very controversial and and tiger played and he didn't win but everybody wants to know what he's doing all the time. A do you think he's. And we don't know no one really believes is gonna win fifteen minute five more majors when nineteen majors. But you think even if he doesn't win facts he's the best player ever. Yeah I do and I know what type of defense John blunt here with tiger but. Now given her. They are not -- joining me on this side of the fence fax. I am I am not joining you on the side that's -- this guy is the best that it never played the game now he hasn't won Jack's eighteen majors. But each one is fourteen majors that than anybody else in a time when it's harder to win and it's ever been before. If you have to admit that's -- he's won almost as many tournaments as anybody but Sam Snead who kuwaitis said that are there. And here's a guy that has a tremendous plan you know. He even had some trouble with -- back for a lot of you can questioners training I would I I played his body doesn't look like it should have had even -- guys that McIlroy Westwood. Kind of -- what were we -- trying to prove here. And then but tiger you know when he left Butch Harmon when we use the best player in the world he was -- Hank Haney. And thank you that had a month earlier talking about how he's going to be elude justice swings for his injuries. -- really you know he kind of figure stuff out I don't know he's gonna be gone for two weeks or three months or six months. Depending on the severity of the injury but I think he's a mature enough to know that looked get fired at a monitor what's left to play to make sure like I'm back I'm ready to play and I want to compete. I I don't believe this guy's done Jack Nicklaus won his. Last major at the age of 46 and Jack Nicklaus -- wanna temperament for four years nevermind a major tiger won five tournaments last. But dubbed Brad the thing that is so impressive about his fourteen majors against that kind of competition is. That kind of competition now exists to stand between him and winning five more. Well that's for sure you know the guys that have emerged like. Roy Mack writes Justin Rose and Adams got the defending masters champion these guys. Are you worried about Tiger Woods now even when he felt that there are out there regular guys like Jordan -- You know Patrick read these guys have come forth from watching tiger. You know -- they -- grown up watching him and all these terms mean wannabe the next Tiger Woods -- -- wouldn't be the next Jack Nicklaus. I don't think these guys are intimidated. And you know obviously since. Yet -- -- 2008. You know he had been played instead golf but I can guarantee you there's a lot of guys that have added deep exhale a deep exhale because he's not playing this year at the masters. Ill -- he's won I think four majors in his thirties so he's in the come back here after this and you'd think his chance to win five more majors starting right now in this forced out of Jacqueline at 46 but. I think Jack's major before that -- went to a news forty. You're asking -- what do it in 1980 Nazi expect tiger went five more. Well you know I I looked like -- Ben Hogan never won any majors toll was 34. And anyone nine. And who's in better condition you know now you could say look -- -- it was. But you know I think tiger's gonna kind of figure -- I gonna tweak a few things in my work output and you know work a little bit more for longevity. You know -- he's driven to beat this record of that not only lead but Jackson and more so Jackson's. And yet it's going to be hard to win more majors that. Like we said that's still Nicholson's career that that's gonna be hard to do but. I have. No doubt that this guy's gonna come back in and try to figure things out and you know I told John yesterday and -- -- There's all kinds of rumors come out of Orlando and down in Florida. From lots sources I know that. Tigers also you know given Sean Foley the boo -- has been his swing teacher collapsed. You know few years and he hasn't won a major would Foley he's he's meant to rattle the swing where it doesn't look like tiger had he blocked below the speed its ability to draw the ball. We've seen in transit cuts -- public and I I kinda think he must know what he's gonna do -- what he comes back from surgery and who is gonna work which I knew that was put. I think that's big news to. So he dumps -- would you suggest that no matter who he hooks up with whether it's back to butch was sure is almost like -- -- -- after the book. That he will re invent his swing yet again Brad. Well I I think you can't do and you know I don't know it's reinvent or just kind of go back -- something that I'm familiar women. -- you know they've gone back to bush Butch Harmon you know that would be an obvious choice that many. That would be a clash of the titans here to see who would give -- that would -- Eagles. But that didn't he go to Italy. And you know I I was very surprised when when tiger left to go to John -- the first place because. You know he he was always you know when he was detaining people like. Solidarity -- the -- was the only. Player working with bacon and you know he left butch -- -- which was. -- -- -- -- Adam Scott work it -- Justin -- working with bill and then I think it was just like that he'd had enough with that and then. You know you'd start pal around with some of the Ryder Cup buddies like. Hunter -- and who ended in Justin Rose who swing he's really liked him and on the press so these -- the guys that pilot on one like economic bull. You know usually top players told state I think they say they don't swing like someone Elton. And I think he kind of got infatuated with the -- delivery of what you -- message. Bread in his prime he was better than everyone at every thing is when he comes back. We won't we -- -- better than everyone at any thing. Well I I I hope so I you know like you -- he's so important for the game he's been so good for the game. You know what here on on by the -- or -- -- and putting people wanted to see him play well they wanna see it felt. He he's you know what I think it's really suffered the most we haven't talked about this is you know he's always beaten everybody. Which is it is gut you know use all of the -- he's made every putt. You know that he had to make a poker and that kind of got away especially down the stretch especially in the majors. And you know I think I think sometimes union when you're. Anchor a lot would you golf swing or your try to change some technique wouldn't even your short game and fully total of ninety city had to -- with tiger was some of his. Chipping and pitching -- which. Blew me away because I don't think anybody's scrambled better than tiger since Seve Ballesteros. But he he won a lot of terms not in a ball perfectly any never and I would -- never -- Yeah absolute straight -- golf driver of the gulf. It that may be true facts but to Jerry's point in his heyday you know when he was destroying the field the US open at Pebble Beach as an example whenever you said I would say the zenith of tiger's problems. Was taking place. He was the best hitter -- are the best potter the longest hitter. The beat most yet and I don't think you can say that about the back injury happened at the end of last year. I don't think you can say any of those things about him now I mean are most people longer than tiger. Young people off the -- -- better putters out there aren't there better ball strikers. There are and statistically it interesting at the Honda classic -- -- I was working for the Golf Channel. With Brandel Chamblee and you know I think it'll be he knows the history of these guys is as well anyone but. One of the par fives on the course the third hole at a track in which tells you -- -- at the numbers you know the speed of -- -- -- club that went. The players went right -- -- -- Honda classic update at at a 165. Pound Rory had the fastest club head speed. Any player in the field that 71 guys were playing in London is under 65 countries song that driver 244. Point 489 miles per hour. Tiger Woods was. 113. Miles an hour that day. And he would have been the fastest you know in 2000. You know when -- -- at all majors he would know that the status of anyone and you know he was way down on the bottom Melissa that was when his back we'll start the bottom. I think you can get some speed back you know obviously it's gonna take some work there to rehab. For -- to dominate again he needs to get that but scrambling text back the putter back. But again maybe looks -- -- just changing his body again -- and we won the matches the first time and I was -- -- but he was 15560. Pounds and there was never -- that again. But physically now doesn't look at it should emulate that agrees that at all in Baltimore there Mac -- -- -- -- can be does it say this isn't working this must be part of the reason for the breakdown. -- you're right on you know -- you'd think about Catholic Patrick -- and Jason Duff and these guys. Are perfectly fit you know. I I think guys need to question what do might do in the work out stuff for when -- trying to do it because -- I want out. Bench press more than anybody else on the tour a lot of -- shoulders and and I look at Adam Scott he looks pretty fit but he he still looked like. You know people a couple of you know I think that's important in this game you know people always talk about you know. What's the most important you need to have strengthened at -- you have stamina of the that you need to have. You know flexibility. You know -- flexibility is important but you know most women are flexible more flexible than men but it'll swing the club -- that is -- That you need to have. And parents. You need to have you know some some credibility really -- jump real high and throw the ball real fast and run real fast. And tiger doesn't look like he had that look like he's laboring just a -- So if tiger were to hire Brad Faxon as his swing coach which by the way I think would be a good idea would you suggest. Less weights more yoga more Pilates kind of thing. I think so you know I still think you need to be dying. You know that that kind of that I like about worker -- you have to be able to get that club in motion and get it moving fast but you know I I think. Technically you know and who might say. You're right I'd look at some older film. He has launch angles have been lower he hadn't been able to drop the ball in his arms are really keeper -- swing lower flatter maybe. You'd call and get that club a little bit more upright trying to get in this sent the ball away at the -- started -- Big high draws. Public if you took a picture of tiger impact from the caddie view from -- you'd see. It's Afghans are leading the way forward at impact shaft with -- drivers are way ahead of the ball that's that's hard positioning it. Consistently good drives. Here's a subject that nobody in the golf world is talking about but a number of golf fans were watching this whole thing unfold will say the following has anybody noticed that tiger hasn't won. Since he'd be testing began is that something that anybody even whispers. About out on -- Brad. Absolutely and you know it's you know people mentioned stuff. About players like tiger players like we did it and then it goes into the LPGA tour -- and other players and and you know what. I have no idea what the players are taken -- stuff you know that took the drug testing with the PGA tour does is ignorant about it's not a blood test that it doesn't that everything. And you know I'd be naive to think that nobody's doing anything. You know we had a kind of -- to bring golf into the Olympics we had a have a drug testing policy and we couldn't do that -- it started a few years ago it -- the -- millions of dollars to do this. Drug testing and you know I think we've had two guys that positive. So. I think the -- -- really needs to. Figure out. Even more conclusive way to do that -- dropped altogether simply that it did to adult ticket doesn't but he couldn't and you know -- we don't need to be. Kept up only go to the golf course you don't need to take some drug it's gonna relieve you from. I mean you're gonna get more hyped you up more than you already are you know you kind of need to be debated more of a beta blocker I think would help. You know. Now you mentioned you know faction hasn't won since the steroid test of good points and implemented in other. -- -- It's. I -- -- -- senior tweet about your yoga routine which is good that's Smart. Do you think we all like Lindsay on she's a fine piece of a woman. Do you think he's a one woman man now you think maybe because he won a lot more when he was live in the wild life to get Michael back to. -- bank and strippers and hookers in Vegas. I hope. -- I don't have anything about it personal comments that. It it it it appears you been on a boat you've been on his yacht privacy. -- never been there I know you -- -- to go on the edge if I'm not touch and -- -- I would say this and and I want the record to show who want to angle that I don't know outlook the record to show that that this disappoints me. That tiger is not healthy and play and the reason is it'll look like I want this bet by default the tiger and I know he's not. It in five majors to pass Jack I would like to see it be healthy until he's 46 or 47 that way. The record would show that he was healthy and -- it because it if he's healthy I still think he does. By the he has no chance of doing it based on the fact these breaking down to really wish you route wishing ill against him I just -- -- hotline. I just wanna see him compete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you facts. Yeah I wanna see him play and you know this is obviously the worst starting ever had -- here. The yet -- -- at all and continued we don't know whether just that play is caused by it because that was bugging him and he didn't tell us. And and then it manifested itself or you know. It is swing was so bad that he just couldn't compete but I can't imagine this swing. Over a few months from when he won five times changed that much of that fully but you know we -- -- do more stuff obviously but. And when I was working with a Brandel who has obviously been. Not tiger's biggest scandals what he's doing with this Gosling. -- you know I was like whoa. You know he really is doing some stuff we we analyze swing looked like this is really not the Tiger Woods -- -- -- the -- Didn't get a drop drought any. Bubble -- let you go this is certainly off topic. Can you tell me the whereabouts of Anthony milk carton -- this -- rising superstar two and a half years ago. Who I think is in the golf witness protection program where the hell is Anthony -- with polls strippers that tiger -- -- -- -- -- -- up with him. This -- with the -- maybe he'll start playing better. You know he's he's had have a serious hand injury at a local register some bonuses and he had surgery. The last diverting -- series from Palm Springs right outside -- pollutant that replaced practices and Freddie couples told me a few weeks that's received some but I have no idea it was planned I don't know -- status or medical exemption I got to believe -- medical exemption. But. There's -- issues there too are they're not Georgia's entourage and I guess some. The official -- aside at the gambling tables in Vegas from -- -- to discern. Yet he's he's got a lot issues that would make tiger look -- so. Ago. -- people see him -- via via our backs to the masters shall we. All right wanted to do night first and last day of skiing today appeared -- no mountain. I know you're gonna price point that -- particular. That is and -- Borg what he thinks about that Brad. Or Sonny Bono it's tough to ask him this afternoon he would work. Mickelson you know look we we talked about all these players that -- we talk about tiger you know killed withdrawn from a couple injuries. I mean he's Patrick you know they're older in their career and I think they look but let's look about what he's doing trying to. You know do all the work out of everybody's gone crazy -- -- I think you just gotta you gotta be careful not to put too much. It didn't work for David Duvall now did it. Didn't work either you know -- helmet on. -- yep but I held on before -- -- double black diamond. Now all right we'll talk we'll talk to you for the manager. Brad Faxon on the AT&T hotline 6777979837. Auction item today Red Sox home opener Friday WEP guys teaming up with Erica leave -- fun. To auction -- this week at Fenway Park for the home opener to raise money and awareness for cancer care and research the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The auction winner will receive. A sweet and a -- sweet but the Red Sox home opener including admission for twenty people ballpark food. Not alcoholic beverages. Autographed baseballs from the Red Sox players. And all three World Series trophies will be present in the sweet. Where you and your friends to take photographs -- the auction benefits the Erica -- Quist fund research by the way. At a very nice. An informative text from Lisa sharper and hope this will inspire you. Lisa just texted me a few minutes ago when you auctioned off this -- this morning please let your listeners know that Erica -- Quist was the most amazing young girl. Who we all adored for many many years she fought her cancer since she was seven years of age she went on last year spring training trip. To Fort Myers and her last trip was this past girls' weekend in November she passed away in December. Please raise a boatload of money in her memory we love her and her parents that from Lisa sharper. 6179310937. Is the auction line. The bid is at 171000. 500 dollars right now I think we -- higher than that headline a minute then next.

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