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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Is Louis C.K. funny?

Apr 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Louis C.K's stand up and SNL appearance.

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Headlines brought to you by eighteen -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment here is a -- But yoga public masturbation national parks are dead animals from just another day analyst and head out to this -- You've -- I don't to show you should feel. He should know shoot election I don't much -- the election I do it not trying to stay healthy and limber and lie. Now to run the marathon I have no aspirations to run during a time yeah -- over the should do what else could do it right some yoga and my dad Bob. Yogurt yogurt frozen yogurt but actually. Because the pros here reports that healthy person 96 different topics on the I like gummy bears kept -- and -- -- crunch you know walks on his 27. Place at. -- wondered if you left with so much that happened once I can see that McClatchy about Washington DC was arrested on March 27. -- -- got reports yesterday after you've seen masturbating during yoga session on the Mount Vernon trail in Virginia. We soft response report the disturbance along betrayal to Whitman allegedly saw him waving his arms shall we -- statements. -- -- doing yoga he then inexplicably begin master for. This was at the end of the odd -- also picked up dead animal hurled in the passing car. Order returned to the -- and resume master beating up people with. That may be some issues here with this fellow was the animal. Avail I don't -- residents at the deal breaker for were deported by this pregnant but pregnant porcupine could be. It's not a legal ground upon like. Masturbating on an airplane. I'm pretty sure that's illegals do yet maybe after nine elevenths everybody gets sensitive. Thanks allotment -- Well you but that's -- -- -- it -- -- Louie CK but I'll athletic shoes. Well luckily he had the greatest moment in the history you've you've rank them all right the -- all of the media Andy Andy outfit. Yeah yeah it was funny number of homeless very real prospect of -- CK -- the -- I've ratings are not good this year I watched it. Taking a cue from him I had a run DVR yeah watched it. It's an occasional smirk I think there was a smiled a couple of note off law -- I I yet I've not yet heard is that nine minute monologue in that first moment and as the dumbest. No rights action I am right about -- thinks that the EC case who's the single most prominent stand up comic in America right now revered. -- stand up comedy all of the countries you know makes. Money biggest clubs Caroline's all these places. Many hosts -- -- doesn't writing and he that was don't know that sent live writers writes that you draw it right the monologue in the right I episode okay he's right yep I know like this has a voice they don't write his mind I always do not they do not what it's like -- -- able to -- right. -- -- -- -- -- I can yell out put you up figured I'd have to make a thousand people. When it's Nancy Kerrigan they write the model she stretcher and if you're right when -- a lead and -- has -- every word is he has a seat at the table obviously. This is a big -- outside but over -- the deepest -- because the -- to write his own monologue it's true. It's not true that's not to security make excuses for because these are not excuses if he wrote it himself who would have been funny I have yet to hear -- trivial observations about life which is fine. Again if he were back in a while opening for Lenny Clarke Dave Russo with that that giggles I would chuckle and -- he's not mad at CC plus. Rolling Stone calls and the funniest person in the world number one. On the list also said Joseph Carr was a lovable terrorist that's true okay Tulsa -- house and arrogant is gonna walk. Well. I think a lot of people agree with them people like you think that's what you're supposed to say. You know you want -- I don't wanna be -- you wanna be -- Saint Louis CK is hysterical right. Let's put it to the test. Which camera is on on on. That brings the three him every camp yet let's get a double show -- -- -- -- -- just three shot a minute audio please this is -- would you do. Monologue it says that like you know CBS stuff the end of the middle due to rent -- catch -- to nine minimal agreement Atlanta let's play it the beginning Louie CK takes the stage. Let's see if we get it kfar art shock call keep in mind and not his is that right in its final hours. -- -- That's very nice day. Hope somebody does that for you some day. Very nice thing. -- -- will be very good day. Well I could Alec could do about it is hope. I had pretty good to -- out shopping for some things they needed and now I don't need them they got them. I got a white noise machine you know those are white noise machine that's machine helps point people sleep tonight. Should be able to buy out. I don't worry a little hungry. I feel hungry I think that Americans shouldn't say I'm hungry he said feel hungry that if you if you -- today he shouldn't say I'm hungry. Hundreds -- real thing I don't know I don't have a Third World hunger. I have first world -- I would like donuts. Some people -- it started being that's that's offensive yeah. Gary being. I've eaten in two and started being. Saying that because some people are starving and they don't say it's. You never -- little kid in Africa with his ribs showing like I am -- -- -- And it literally -- unleaded gas. But didn't know me. Talk a lot are we going to kids I went to my daughters play of the day and I don't you kids. Now sit at the -- parties if we had more time we can let him go one gets into airline food in New York City taxi guys cellphones and people talk missile against us it's not it's not great. Things agrees to be in the world and he's a funny guy. You're -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what trying to trying to that's what you said that view of the quote I've never said he accepted that it when I stone did. And how and where would that really Rolling Stone the general idea that -- prices for his men in America. Pissed me off if bomb Obama accomplished guy like Lenny as an example right or or Mike. -- Mike. O'Malley thank you. -- -- -- In the -- terribly funny how -- And burning -- he's -- he's -- equipment successful he sells out. All of a all of America is so that was Dane -- understand that by saying it's like he has got his work he's he's I think his story is great he's from right around the corner. -- -- And he grew up these kind of a little like when I grew up but you know he. He earned everything he's got. But he's just not that funny the ratings that so by its without start torture and you know he's in good actor in the skates in the sketches. Which he doesn't. Right to use in the sketches. He's kind of funny he was in the funniest SNL sketch for the last five years that's who did the only good thing. Was on the player to Stevie shall lose your -- and among -- very. Relief anyways yes and already for the -- CK. Tied for the second lowest of the season with. -- -- -- -- -- at Williams yankees earlier deleted -- I think. Jon Lester is -- -- by the way it's legendary pictures that some of that material you just heard is out of his standup stand up okay yeah. After its collaborative and -- he writes every word himself. You don't strike back professor told us it's arrogant my sources I have mine as well yeah that's -- -- -- properties at present but that's all you said the forty you've got twenty seconds left on that you -- -- -- -- -- was important seventeen was it mis demeanor -- aren't really -- the pork and -- -- you know get a I would just say this real quick you throw off chick filet blow away for the first time. Kentucky fried chicken this past year that was the big story from chipped away. In 4000 fewer places in America and only six -- and six days. They 400 million dollars more the Kentucky fried chicken who -- sponsor on place. They're reeling right now -- concern chick filet is winning the war I went to -- fully recently in Canadian in spring training now appeared North Shore mall. Food court gonna walk like nine miles -- -- more excited and got. Was Sunday. And not only that I -- closely seasonal line angle on the line via the reason Joan Regina went next to the Angeles that's complex is a great place by -- prime -- great. You don't get checked off the months of treatment go to the floor I have -- my first ever read across the street from my hotel my first. And last and -- -- was -- mural that was never ever edits -- well let's go to notice that the owners for traditional marriage you winners Christian the Christian unity digital you're married at the world can see -- you know -- sent out by me. Trouble early and have fun to play well you because of tyrants like an -- all of -- I'm just telling my driving early one in. Metro west could be there. It will that would be if they weren't these these some. Politicians. Who think it's good -- to keep them tyrants in the web -- tries on the planet. Those awful while Apple's grads desperate for a amended that are sick stuff that for most hurtful way. Well no absolutely no he's had asked do you get the grilled chicken though I don't know he says he likes -- it's the calories up you know that's mean for him everywhere. The calories now appointed as a coach. Aiming to affect people at this point in Europe pop wise guy now I've never had -- -- really -- don't do it the -- it would be like crack cocaine. Or or methamphetamine UB UB hook lure me in -- Australia. 11 or ban them. Are at 61777. It's 7937. Regarding talked a Paxson talked a fortune. -- will be shot from the brewers at 905 ball like double talk but you'll update you on the opening -- suite available at Fenway Park mine. If you purchased this week for the Jimmy Fund and the auction items at 171500. Dollars. What -- people get to go with you this is the day. They do the ring ceremony yeah this is the day the firefighters trip you take place this is the day that doctor Charles. Does his thing. -- the veteran applied circuit and rival yellow line a lot of celebrity cameos -- -- -- big stars -- reduce the -- go six or seven through once you're 90% of the power lines you can -- John yes -- -- the opening bid was at 9500 -- 171500. Dollars suite for the home opener Red Sox twenty people. Ballpark food not alcoholic beverages autographed baseball from the Red Sox and all three World Series championship trophies. And this week so you can get your picture taken there were accurate.

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