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The Red Sox visit the White House

Apr 2, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Red Sox visit to the White House yesterday.

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They've got you -- And thankfully at Belmont by Eric Davis and that it not for. Her eyes at the Red Sox were honored at the White House for the third time this century Sarah more than any other MLB team. Pretty incredible Utley and like presidents that occurs has definitively been broke and yes. Wants our scouting and evaluating this guy over that guy in the draft one. Little thing about difference of guys Revis you know and it's tough for cash and should -- -- was a little better ads as little bigger and this was they dead. -- -- Covenant to the second game of the Red Sox season between Sarah Davis and -- bucket and Sarah Davis actually invoked the term. Occurs it's only excelled on and now. -- -- yes. -- the current -- that was loves you -- today the curse K I was all right script right yeah who. -- to anything that. Like nine years ago you know that was stupid. Oh with a bomb Obama did say that winning the game at home yet is that that -- -- she's she -- but she didn't -- but -- I mean that parts antley. President my wife excitement. Just read the news. Shut up agreement -- -- it is no big bubble welcomes the sports than Obama and she went another step further I mean he wanted to. She. Quoted in parliament the curse and -- and as a -- where it's through third. Exile because I I've lost count but I think it's three that. I'll see him in the curse from 072. I think that right now that's she all round at the Bobby Valentine her oh that would probably. -- the Valentine -- that is -- I gotta tell you at around 11301145. Yesterday I just wanted to get in bed. Pull the covers over my head all the -- first and disappear in abject humiliation and embarrassment. I realized it wouldn't hide your year -- Red Sox baseball last season. Mean like let's hope it moronic idiotic bill. Was calling them Napoli and now now and -- say that I call -- monopoly for like an. And appalling and you'd incorrectly I'm a big bet that the executing correctly -- -- tiger that year I caught in the wrong me. That has been in the poll he's and they have to change the pronouncing it -- I think the media get at least Gusinsky who calls. Calls a bomber an avid White Sox -- photo -- -- has just taken off and in the NR unofficial poll. She would never do that tournaments in the occurs. She would would have to read -- script she would just -- her -- she's had used over the guy with a big beards last name pronunciation -- what was funny when he says I don't recognize all these clean -- guys who looks behind early it's 90% of and that's beards. Include all the same Napoli and go home to by the way when he turned around and sit and sit and there's and could recognize and didn't know Napoli -- a -- when he looked at him but actually looked at said and there are some. There are some guys he has -- going to -- good idea Micah. And -- I'll defend him minister I looked the group show up behind him and those out there. -- -- Like medio gaga deal via all the guys at the Red Sox for Tammy did it up music Mujica you was there Herrera audio there. Four hours I was there I was -- it was a clear cut and if you were on the team he didn't get invited Krzyzewski there's no no opposites -- wasn't there neither was Sizemore to arsenic can tell observations I had Turkey at the peanut gallery behind the president and the ownership. -- Oscar the story as it is. Not all but nine twins Daniel Nava. It's unbelievable look at -- -- it has its Oscar historian about the -- -- -- -- stores. With someone else right because you always have two people blended together up to this does does does not require a bland. Look at Nava standing behind David to the right. And it is Oscar -- about the blowing -- things. And my observation is. What was Clay Buchholz second choice for an outfit and second choice for some guys are nice how are. All I want goodness ended by Gomes all of that at all those people were. I think it worked is that my ex Goldman wrote this morning that the fact that one guy did it. -- -- okay if the two of three of five guys that would look -- forced. One guy dude it was fine and and Gomes was quick to point out that the president proved. The -- buckled sunglasses and Obama that I took genuine of it's it's like you're getting ready to go to the White House and I realize you know Obama's. Most dignify these can catch and shoot hoops and all that. But this is the place Ronald Reagan. Once lived as the place where. -- -- -- It -- Campbell. Pretty sure Abe Lincoln was there I don't signal. Is yes that's not -- burn it down in the apartment near the -- cal coach Al Coolidge Harry Truman. And you show up with these sunglasses clicks and you get that check counter at seven and added beach store we get a bonus for us on our life and chat -- markets. Like 500 bucks that's it looked like idiot clay and carpet not -- -- True yeah. You and and -- casual guy minute right would you -- time. The across the outward half but you're right to know where to date and dries out except in the you know -- -- have nowhere and Lackey did an awkward time. It's casual you know what I would rather them not Wear a tie and look like they looked as opposed to wearing a tie. And -- those sunglasses on Michael -- a source told pick all you signed copy and -- cool and you which indoors. -- I thought -- -- to surprise surprise you rod she's a pick and the guy whose multiple ballot. And you'll -- I actually you have a time. Almost okay and of -- and you wanna pick it up right afterwards -- -- -- -- go to -- -- taken off but shouldn't have been some Briscoe which Larry was not. Happy too stupid sun glasses in the capital. And O Larry it was Natalie -- Larry's out is excellent -- of welcomes Larry -- back on board Larry and -- our interest I mean that that that's like you -- -- -- likeness that -- Johnson theaters with -- season began there were -- -- -- going Henry had a full amnesty is now looking around them I mean he was. In law this is one of his idols as heroes he thinks more Obama does have. Some sort -- Obama who. Brian -- and that's easy get. It up this -- regardless. If that boy you guys. Got -- -- helped -- and Pennsylvania Agassi in the on this the most fast acting lives photo of the girl yeah slow and they stuck genie in the acting like the export their arms up and get back that put it behind the tallest objects that she could barely be seen -- the top over dark -- delegates say. And you know this. She she. I mean honestly. -- it is in important fact. Shouldn't they be happy that she went after single guy and didn't go after their man well they probably she did it and thank god it. She's settled for -- and well after she made the move them my husband that are awful. -- the picture I guess. -- -- the photo Damascus. I heard live the -- Comment by the president. Have you heard it. Anywhere else since he said it live on television ABC on sports center heard -- -- in a NASA knew -- you heard it. Anywhere nobody will replete will repeat. The -- from sedation of your bearded wonder actor. And appalling. Until this morning it's 60 it is amazing but amidst a sole reason there's no I mean is not a -- that were reagans and consumed yes. You'd hear it coming I even -- of the file. In times -- -- it would have recently missed announced that the team like. -- -- -- Only problem with that. Honestly I only problem with that is that Obama pretends sports if he didn't -- is a sports fan that's a who cares that's -- sure but he but he actually keys this rabid White Sox and -- at two -- three times. Goes up these brackets and flat tax is beloved White House's. Girls bracket or because he's really into women's -- to and as a sandy fills up the women's -- is you still alive and in whatever -- -- I don't know. An unknown but yet YouTube. Should punt and it is uncomfortable with the right away just bought an incident -- name who cares my administration they're all its expanding at that. Idiot Jake and -- just one. Punch in the face of retirement if if if the Red Sox at the fake beard he just wants them -- right adults. You think Iran had a double given the embarrassment of his previous incarnation regarding the White Sox if somebody said by the way Mr. President in your favor whites -- two decades his including come up with a -- you've had six years he's here to work it out. When your paper White Sox players and you know. Know the -- isn't a lot of cups I like to. But I did not become a Sox fan until -- -- to Chicago. -- I was brought up the why it's so I have looked execute for the Oakland a's fan I good. In the polling done. -- -- -- like the I shouldn't mix these two subjects but send Huskies response to do you like to have sex with young boys. Was not X when young -- -- was the cubs and was not a uncomfortable actually track or actually track what. It was not a uncomfortable. The president changing the subject is he couldn't white sock is good idea to play really uncomfortable. Sound bites you know as they make him comfortable. Obama public causes actual physical puts it there in eagle oh it just feels I can't stand guys I just like at the bat for -- that might actually didn't. Is not high -- list. And yet -- and just say anything you want. Anyone you want. In -- off the we can't name one what do you say a different to yours who's about his age who is the White Sox fan -- and get a rabbit avoid such a -- enemies and Israelis and he's got to -- about sports -- real thing. And but. So I -- not on the basketball. That finally you know -- Nixon said he was a football. Not a baseball. -- be all things all people. Have that unity check hoop. Which is no such thing. As a woman who pay a lot of basketball -- but but in the men's game appeared. Well below the rim like name committee is when -- remote and immediate member -- other free chick who ran like a kitten. Name them for you but I can tell you this there is a reservation. Of American. -- native Americans I believe out in Montana. Who were huge. Women's college hoops fans because two of their own are big stars the sisters. At the university of global. That shouldn't count if you persist or relative that's one thing -- -- system to outside of the circle I've had a daughter I'd be huge chick just something he just some random -- something to -- a good -- -- on -- -- Memphis on the white and Notre -- and a in in what can you picture Pete Sheppard having a beard is Anthony is Parker lounge watching women's basketball game from the NCAA. Probably -- tweeting about it but it. Probably enough now it's not that hasn't happened. Went on way too long to think Obama is -- From minute -- -- evidently -- -- the bosses strong thing which I thought he pulled up very well it was appropriate so we have to give credit could you could upset someone tell Michael Kennedy and -- names. That would have been yes. Yeah yeah. Even name them. The only forget now who's who's back dancing you'll have -- speech -- dollars he should say the specific name of the woman whose back -- -- and make her life right isn't just that team. And enrichment on -- area and you write and knows that. Difficult -- The ICL's. Tony you got his name it I'll say this already has immediately -- -- -- -- and -- baseball bat and that he and that he. Many felt he was he was in charge of the city. After the Boston Marathon bombings. Aussie. Showed up there. I will -- his speech writer credit and -- he did know any of those details but he knew about the World Series he knew about you know six games he knew about the cardinals seemed to. And this stuff that they wrote down not however. Need to go separate allegations with him generally mentioned Gomes and the holy the bully and I don't -- how that rolling like three times should you how are sprouting -- surprise royal. Of Lester too was Pedroia left focus of names kind of know. It was a one dimensional -- it did he said Lester Lester Lackey didn't say that first names now. Lester Lackey does that all of us -- accountable supporting actress and Pedroia is now at separate rooms that he was. He's really for hugs yes. And he's cashed in -- -- -- that he had to deal with Samsung. See how many retreats he -- and his teammates percent to change -- change -- and it it it and it's important we want to itself. Itself. As good as David needs the money options to get some bills the -- with -- third year option right. Our I would say this I am. A sucker for a good story. As opposed to a predictable. Game. All three Boston. Winter sports teams Porsche brings sports teams art in action today. The Celtics are at the wizards in Washington the Bruins are at the red wings are Joseph Louis against the red wings tonight the Sox and Baltimore play game -- now ousted predictable. -- -- -- -- -- I know the outcome is but that aside. Predictably that there's a bunch of these games there on the schedule and you know they're coming I am much more. Fascinated. By eight career. It is just beginning and a another career that is winding down the metaphor by the way. Applies for the first time ever in history perfectly. Tiger Woods is on the back nine. And in fact. Based on what we learned yesterday he may be closer to the clubhouse. Than we thought he was at the other end of the career spectrum but mystery man men Zell is coming to Foxboro to what am I don't know. What evil genius match and nations does bill -- check have up his sleeve and impetus for doing this I don't know. To find interest in one guy is wrapping up with a lot of questions the other guy is wrapping -- I've read all these. Stories including some Yahoo! at the Comcast Oreo man oh none of it makes sense well. Makes it does Belichick just wants an autograph. Is heading out the -- wants to meet him no he invited his girlfriend come with that always what I would -- now that Alex comes that Nixon said. Now rockets with via there's. Good explanation for this anywhere. Because of mine and Israel -- game called it I bring him and toss him for a few hours and I was gonna say that is as close to anything that I read that that makes any sense says the bill passed them to do yet and I don't deal. Yeah equity. On how far their relations ago. Much in what people what links he will go -- now rival coach Houston. That makes much sense is an arm -- with that let's go with that what what would Bill Belichick do that would help Billy O'Brien. Make a determination just a second set I always try to get a feel for any public trust Belichick's instinct -- than anyone in the game. Does it seem to think. Belichick can't -- in the -- love thirty visits from out of out of the -- guys right airplane visits. And Belichick can't does that thirty guys those lists at least one not home. And will be fun against the -- Johnny seemed like kind of fund. -- the and everyone is treating it like that actually scouting they're not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the bit and here's another reason that makes no sense if indeed he should start -- back -- quarterback -- to launch -- play along a witness he should back up quarterback. Could you have somebody. More antithetical. What Tom Brady does on the field and Johnny -- -- If Brady goes down god forbid. Does that everything change. Dot I think so now you want him in the pocket they're gonna in the NFL is going to be more of a pipeline is that I played really checked thinks that means though is going to be all of which is -- just play the game which is a hall of -- -- the Belichick thinks -- -- and I'll just say that he brings him he's at 29. Does he -- no. Impossible impossible to first round you need to someone's who's gonna play for you right away he's gonna fill one need. And you can't say some reform -- that's right -- minutes ago. Tim Tebow cost -- not that that was a -- that he said given a shot and he isn't here but distractions and it didn't work -- open it cost them nothing this is from a -- -- no -- -- -- restaurant -- did he says -- minutes ago. Offers a completely different look than Brady does -- -- and could be a nice compliment to Brady's game back as well. Third down per -- Stop with that got a the idea that OK we're in the red zone big down here. Let's get the best. Quarterback in the game off the feet into the fuel Drew Henson Brady even Brady was OK with its stoop what's -- and I wouldn't be okay. By the way man's -- cannot be a punter protector like Tebow right it can be -- return our protector if you wanted him to but this makes even less sense Jeff Powell in the Boston Herald. Says the following. It's almost certainly a means I don't but the man -- visit to box broke and it's almost certainly a means of advance scouting. Bill Belichick is often discussed the merits of -- prospects. As a way to formulate scouting reports. Either in terms of preparing for a future opponent. -- possible free agent this is reminiscent. Of the patriots pre -- draft visit with quarterback Tim Tebow in 2010. Which means I thought that they can about I don't know what it so advance scouting him I mean he's gonna play for Houston say yeah Cleveland. And you get a scouting report on them by sitting and talking to -- the worst. Theory immediate cause for most of what about it's that you met Johnny man's -- brain you committed to this stop party or you do more film study less commercial. Yes yes -- has all the right answers. Tropic is bring you shall a couple of you know off film sessions at a press out the hot receiver all that sort of stuff. Help you in my of the year after I might. If you if you sit down a couple of hours watching film and he does this in the situations as I do this Belichick files on the way maybe. Three or four years when he's good you're playing music board member he did this in this in you from Matt do you think I'd be all different over here for you might he might he will be you know what he can on the status only maybe hubbub -- was all right maybe -- like -- draft them. May be does you write it. It makes much sense as anything else which means makes no sense out of it makes five cents. I guess ballots it is that we know Belichick's and that this mischievous streak idea yet he likes to mess with people's week. -- -- any possibilities -- you know I'll bring amends they'll just the mass of people don't really bring him to go to mass of people. Have to maybe -- -- actually and that signing him every aircraft that first round right. Well and he knows how stupid that first -- do you think he's picking at 29 yes or no one -- nine rolls around will it be the Patrick's choice ultimately I was in a move back the second round -- -- That's what is that it's gonna go back and that -- so what 35. Yes Tennessee's Nixon used to it. And I think he -- passage and he's gonna trade out all -- -- still -- can be either in the fifth round all the music of course -- fourth. I'm it's -- previous -- accredited Teddy Bridgewater also. Teddy Bridgewater area. He's probably get something that football is gonna however once and that's when he brings him. All right that's that is a career ramping up we will get to a career ramping down at breakneck speed when we come back but first let me tell you. We auction -- today. The Red Sox home opener in case you haven't heard is Friday and WEEI is teaming up with the Erica -- Quist -- To auction -- sweet. At Fenway Park -- entire suite. The home opener raise money and awareness for cancer care and research through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute here is what the auction winner will receive. An entire suite for the home opener including admission for twenty. People SE Callahan your out you have nineteen -- I don't you do not have nineteen threats and so you're out for you out of that you have nineteen either over to -- 83 about life between us could come up with and one is seven to sixteen threatens. Now if the comparable 78 for fourteen of them. They have brought to him by coworkers. About once spent there -- them will you -- your. Pals and everybody you talk. On the phone to my gosh he goes at the break she goes in -- Maloney saw -- -- uzis in the -- in the hallway issues and talk a little -- to Gary can't I don't remember having that conversation do. All right -- the sweet for the Sox home opener Friday includes admission for twenty people. Ballpark food non alcoholic beverages autographed baseballs from the Red Sox plus all three World Series trophies will be added to the sweet. Mid game all the guests. Gets them once in A lifetime opportunities this auction benefits the Erica -- Quist fund and research rooted in a -- cancer institute the number 617. 9310937. The auction closes at 10 AM today. Now accept that policy. Opening bid written down here she might go with that social regular my instincts of fifteen years of new options thanks orchard. Do you -- out of us expose the almost African priceless -- -- say the open -- should be. -- 9500. Dollars. This is what it says she. Opening bid 9500. You charger twenty difference. You break it down that way. Nobody pays a little bit right it's painless and share analysts share to 127931097. Because -- -- -- on those rigs off the trophy. And that's -- some money we have elected a huge market Bradford drinks Turkey. -- And a personal finally be over Friday at all well that -- out by Friday and doc I'll be -- 9500 dollars and ninety inference could be living in the lap of luxury on opening day at Fenway Park.

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