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Grady Sizemore and Jackie Bradley Jr. heat up the Red Sox outfield debates after one game!

Apr 1, 2014|

It only took one game! Dale, Michael and Lou Merloni talk about the return of Grady Sizemore and JBJ's less than stellar at-bat late in the game.

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We think it's all forbidden. -- a good deal. Edit I a second spot here. For that I called Japan in the asked a couple of times is. I love in this room right now I -- music the shedding or tears in my eyes is old school. This is may attract independent cuss at you guys out talking trash. Is right. Sectors that light candles I didn't like me soft little incidental -- might not be a bad thing here you have to do and cry a lot. After it and -- Worked -- -- -- when we're talking about John -- in and moves that he makes early in the season as opposed to moves he makes late season. He -- yesterday that I think is completely out of character for John Ferrell. It's as close as you ever see him get to criticize a player. After the game talking about Jackie Bradley junior's final at bat. Pockets Jackie Bradley junior told the media in the clubhouse that he didn't think the first strike or the third strike or strikes. John Farrell says now it's reckless for one night was good pitch. He did layoffs mortal and pitches off -- plate away and put himself back and hitters count him the only borderline pitch of the top of the stretch on the going home plate umpire. Brings them apart put him again. You know everyone's gonna focus on that final -- made that there was a number of opportunities that we did create it just didn't cash and. Well yet another one you got -- phone. You -- -- -- -- that's just what effect fullest like another you don't lurid details directory. So on through it was a it was strike strike battle but it would strike. -- -- -- -- -- Technically it. Thanks Bobby that was acts like little weird you said that closest he's come to criticize -- player I. Knew he got criticized not a heat he said. A Third Reich was strike -- that the question is -- did -- do. Try to get Jackie Bradley attention or is it to John Ferrell straight shooter. You know a question argument are -- You might guess and you were there so you'd you'd tell me from -- crap. He had already at that point heard that Jackie Bradley junior was complaining about the first and third pitches. And he's thinking to himself we are not gonna start this reputation with the umpires in game one of 162. And we're not gonna start with his whining and complaining. I mean our DH doesn't think there's ever been called the strike thrown against them now when that work this off now. Yeah they need it here I'm sure he expressed a crime because some -- jump up and and talk to the old liar and and then maybe came in any step balls up and I also think I wonder right. Thus the rejoice written borderline pitch up. -- strikes three peat looks the umpire has a few words -- walks office's John Ferrell said after the game I am -- about it he says -- borderline. It off at the -- up a little bit as it was it was -- out the first two strikes nasty -- grass by the -- said -- the first and third strikes and -- strikes up high anytime you look at that stuff they that is by the book that's a strike but that's borderline he could have protected the player but he didn't. I think it's it's a young player you know on what we're gonna move on I don't wanna hear you complain -- -- balls and strikes here. And I think it's it because I think it was a veteran guy that was PD -- would he would said that balls up. W -- and it as far as Jackie Bradley being in the game in that situation. Do you have any problems with. Once again Jonny Gomes numbers aside. I know if if you have you have Tommy Hunter. Vs right handers he has killer on right. Amid the average. Average of what 147. It's acted and it was a ridiculous it's silly but we just talk about Johnny go out and how the intangibles. Tractor ran to his playing time -- it did during the most important time to see them last year. How do you feel better about that situation Jackie Bradley junior facing Tommy Hunter ward Jonny Gomes but from big Johnny Gomes easily. Yeah right now I would and you know I know why he's doing it because of the numbers you talked about -- Rice at 141 off this guy -- -- 940 PS3 44. Not on base not average OPS. Was 344 left the city 57 OPS so you want lifted bad there. He just drilled will little books gave up a single the Dustin Pedroia you know so. He stuck with the left Vietnam matchup I think if it it was to happen to come up again. He got the Johnny -- probably would pitches when it happened you look at say goalies go with a lefty. Number. Hunters. Could break a ball -- Paul's -- -- cutter but there's no changeup that's reason my lefties you know so well. I thought he was in trouble becomes anybody -- -- blasted metal Brooks McCain -- Brooks. The -- I think you know the big Texas kid -- -- and wanna show all that -- on a little bit wanna -- -- got to -- got Tommy hunt or did you write their twin daughters yeah. So I thought it was going to be some can you know he's gonna have some control problems. Just feel better it and that situation -- -- him -- got in about AJ presents you game one. You don't necessarily want to do that due to the existing that it did but what -- since -- debt he's in the manager's office after the game sent. In one now he's talking to he's talking to the reporters to -- investor can't -- the -- -- I don't that's not what it that's not what I was expecting yellow when he would he would say. To the -- I still think this goes back to game one vs October. You know victory is on the fifteen day DL Grady Sizemore can't play every day of -- Anita Jackie Brown -- called middle ground. Jackie Bradley. It's gonna play center field he's gonna play for this team. And it's a bit -- pinch run for -- which I did not have a problem with for Napoli. I'm gonna give you the setback you know because I I need you here you know you know if one day to sit down tomorrow and I'm good and -- He had a bad camp but I think that if it was again if that was the post season. Jonny Gomes what -- hit for him right there I'd I believe that I think is managed differently I I it. It's funny how we we live and die on every pitch and every game as fans and sports fans. First couple callers I heard this morning and Dennis -- and I get up early in tournament like I always do every morning in the first couple callers. You know it better trick Jackie Bradley junior while he's got -- trade valuable -- I got to value I think our -- are outlawed now. -- I didn't want him to make this team out of spring training. Because Shane Victorino hamstring he had to that's fine that's on debt. Exactly which site yesterday's -- one -- -- working on things like -- network -- on strike zone command until. This is me last year. Turn back the clock to last year. Saying the same thing if you take a -- now he's gone from everybody loves this guy this -- can't play anymore and it's not it's it's it's not that extreme. It's you if you take a kid you'd take a scout go to a ball game big league -- IA game and I would think it escapist it's a big leap lawyer okay. Just let me go to the big leagues morrow all I still get -- looked like it. Google matched. There's a reason why he got it done developed the system with the Japanese system at 22 would you -- their 21 to get their 25 you get there when you're ready. And we -- ticket guy in rush him. You risk that old what is -- -- people look at say it can't play well he stopped. Ready senate last year was even further away from being -- total package -- I think he's ready defensively. Charlie you know in the majors that -- Perhaps a better -- or right I don't think it's a problem form not the plate that's the big question but this connected to your point you are talking to people last year. About Jackie Bradley could have felt I was in the same positions. I don't at I'd like to see some more minor league at bat for him. At that time and -- -- had five or 600. Minor league at bat. And he had he had. A slump. Down the stretch -- -- doesn't double -- last month so yet so he he he was not he was not hitting well in double last years numbers Anderson callers at all hey. How many muttered I want to look this up Michael how many in my earlier -- Freddie let that all know whether it. How many minor league at bat at Mike Trout that. So compare how we -- are we talking to Jack or Jack you Bradley junior -- to Mike Trout and -- Len -- -- more than needed. -- so yeah I think we should we should probably bad temperate although. Even though he's not ready at the plate. I think he has a necessity. For this team. Defense of. I don't think -- I don't know I don't think when Victor Reno is healthy. Will be on this team -- laugh at right back to the -- that goes back to Oregon home yesterday while I was gonna say -- -- Rockingham we get to the two biggest positive that took from yesterday. One was Jon Lester and one was Grady -- question. And not because Grady Sizemore hit a home run and had a single it's just. He looks comfortable you know when -- come back to the dugout Lou and and it's mylan in you know you can you can -- what it's like to rob again. Gold backed the bruins' bench and you see the look on his face and he just tab on the time of his life. That's how -- -- Grady Sizemore looks right now like. I remember with like I feel today actually -- -- about it's like with this used to be like that's what it's like two years three air. Not easy coming out -- -- you have your moment right now just like Sizemore your shine it -- back in the mix again but that he could you go days in Iraq. Robin I don't know. The second but he but he looks like it guy who feels comfortable yes and they're going to be careful with -- and I am but I'm okay with. You know there they're not gonna Plame more than three days in route to start you know they they they're going to be careful about you know how they use I'm OK with that. Well what I was listening to broadcast yesterday. -- -- break in and -- unit deployed about. Grady Sizemore. -- what you just said makes cents on paper in the studio and expert Sydney -- say luck. Grady Sizemore hadn't played a couple of years. Now is gonna come back he's gonna have some success but fine -- -- -- make sure we managed his schedule expertly -- -- by your -- field. You -- Grady Sizemore. Hit a home run. He'd -- two for four looks like the old Grady is now -- necessarily -- that. All that no I am I John Ferrell will do that well they'll say no I don't know I don't icon off to promising a wide -- the united report yesterday. It's the temptation is there when you see the guy and it's going to be -- -- come -- -- -- it's hard to stick with the schedule when you see him -- to to -- a member of Michael few years back with -- and it was about two weeks -- Japanese -- started to run in the health field. And it was going to be at the back to angle -- whatever was a groin amateur when it was we've just gotten Iran and -- to watch him. That year was the beginning of April and may rather Maria's first day off. Because that was -- they started off slow. They're all 11 nobody's panic in right now. Chizik all at 30 Baltimore I don't know all the fourth game nugget yesterday off so patrolman they're opening day at Fenway Park. If he's a guy that that starts a year off you know six for thirteen. In every else this struggle that you will be attempted but this is where they got to stay disciplined because the most important things to have this guy. The to have them and didn't enjoy him all year Long Island of the I don't percent discipline is an issue for John Ferrell DO. Know he's -- to Italy this year for for Grady disease feel that good at but I think John Ferrell is a guy and I think he likes to win dale everybody every -- -- where I understand insurgency last year every night with Joseph Ferraro to win that game. You know so it's going to be jumping I think they'll stick with -- does not people in their -- But it's gonna it's not can be an easy decision. 6177797937. -- the telephone number the AT&T text line lord knows -- party found that today is 37937. A hop onboard to a talks Red Sox baseball with us because we got little Maloney in the house there is a brand new Twitter handle for this program act. Dale holly WEEI. And I know it's kind of convoluted and complicated but. The old -- that wealth. The open disappeared three years ago at dale holly WEEI as the Twitter handle. The reason you'll want to follow that is because we're gonna ask you guys to become involved in parts of the program as we go forward. And we're gonna tell you how to do that on our Twitter account so so give us a follow -- dale holly WEEI just jump -- together in one big long words. And you've got it 6177797937. As telephone number. It's -- dale and Holley -- dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah. -- -- When they had to drive to right field Hyatt back but market -- the Walter looked -- well on second base umpire with a ball. Think it may surprise you got -- -- home on snow Britain's nice warm this thing it is -- to back homers. And I definitely felt. Not found not like the pressure off which is prohibited personnel were known for golf for so long. First -- to cover about an isolated -- to the floor and reporter. And perhaps most importantly he looks healthy so far it looks healthy looks like. He's moving freely. It was that it was the the grapefruit league game where he made two diving catches in center field yet for me what goes on ESP and everybody -- that I ever -- but for me that was that was the point -- okay. You know he's got to be feeling pretty good about where he is physically. If he's putting his body on the line in grapefruit league games like this he's -- we feel pretty. What you out -- so he probably is but I how I want to get your take on this Lou because I think this is one of the stories in baseball. This is this is part of baseball -- baseball. That players and managers. Don't talk about. -- the media or fans because it will not play well. But it's there's an understanding and that is running hard to first base now -- average fan to say advice advice that you are. How do you feel about a guy who doesn't run hard at first base -- different -- your average. And -- think it made its money to go crazy about absolutely. Justice David Ortiz well what that may -- the -- and sell our people go crazy about it. Am too. But I think inside the gentleman from wrong and start the game there's an understanding. That if the play -- not if it's not going to be successful for you do not. Beat yourself up running to first base hard. Four or five times a night a 15560. Games a year and I think that is a conversation that's been had -- Grady Sizemore Keydrick either. Fans love it should be it should be head with -- -- if there -- -- in spring training it was a test. More than anything you know it was. You had to fly ball right field and it's a can -- corn. They want in a -- -- a potential double everything you -- to go out of the box with testing you right now physically to see we -- I agree 100%. That conversation should be had with great. -- this if it's one hopper to second base I don't need to Boston now. Dan Duquette Nomar rookie year -- that offseason it's a cap things whatever get through -- -- plate. Before the other rash of injuries and once told him. Is he runs too hard to first base of that same reason you're talking about you know because it was maybe second -- third year where there was a -- for him mean it wasn't. And anything to do a big injury missed a lot of time recent -- one too hard each and every time. The most let's just me not you gotta learn. You know you want play each and every day pick your spots you know to me and it's and it's been said that that that won't play well the that -- that the fans that won't play well in the media. You know but it's it's true especially the guy like this -- the guys who don't. Do that I mean. Even on a one hop grounder to second base doesn't Dustin Pedroia -- bus that every single time. And David Ortiz doesn't. And and and I understand that and I've kind of resigned myself to that the fact that that's gonna happen. There are guys who you know act like in of this this is this bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series I gotta get on base here. And I love that about Pedroia but. And I think Sizemore second guy was you love a lot of things repeating that doesn't mean they're Smart now what do that's the point is what you are played. What was the buffalo 6000 buffalo got blew up my ankle -- came back. They played against peace first in Tripoli. If he was blocked in April may use the mess and years in 31 racist but what he would dive in -- -- play first base he dive -- first had first. And he come up costs and scream and yell and you'll find the only one I don't care -- the first -- -- that the Red Sox were finding him. When he was sliding in head first he's -- -- -- time what -- now sliding into first base at first pet person for interpersonal like this dive head first and -- find -- and you look at a bottom -- Boston down the line. You know I still think you get if -- up and it's a sign of effort we see that with a guy cares. So you love that about what happened last year New York. That's what started putting day with Ted Garcia looked at a bottom nice get -- he still at 300 but the power wasn't there so you love -- a bottom but it's it's more. Nine home runs on home runs last year for Dustin Pedroia now. If he then had that injury last year. It's hard to say and had a hundred get appearances out of state didn't have a victory last year maybe they win the World Series all -- -- -- -- have an injury last year. Thank you see a different player. The keys that consistent twenty home run hitter at Fenway Park seventy and again but -- without having 5815 to seventeen. Is about right. So it did cost him. That played that gets applauded by fans did it cost him a bit last year and it was circle back Grady Sizemore going to be some times you'll excuse guy. You know ground ball or hit a fly ball and he's not gonna do. What you would expect him do what. He did six years ago 98 had a conversation gradient -- matter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- -- guarantee there and hear about it but I still think he knows how to deal which is why they're gonna do things like you know not play in four days in a row to start. They're -- there they're gonna back him down that way because they know when he's in the game he can't play. At 80% and he can't problem out of third gear going down the first base he can't do that sort of thing. So we're gonna play three days running -- -- now this works out perfectly the day off today and as you said not to play Wednesday Thursday and he sit near -- home opener on Friday. Perfect. Out of the -- won't -- Saturday he will play -- now. And and they're going to be very very careful with -- stuff and I hope they are. And I hope John Ferrell understands that while every win matters and I can hear the fans now you have these these winds and April mean as much as the ones in September. I want I want Grady Sizemore to be playing. September of course -- -- a -- that your playing. Probably the division champion yesterday the Baltimore knows that. -- on it and volume down I did I saw it did before the game. Good to see him stock at a -- -- you snuck up on everyone did it a setup be so happy with you. I said they're almost the Nazis they sent. The Orioles are just a play or two away -- someone at the top of that rotation needed other bad in this line up in their right there to contend this division. And you snuck up on us now with a Bob Dylan and -- goes to what you said -- give the first trumpet you combat you know she -- when he eight million. You do that all day long he -- and I -- bikers Davis. I don't know what bubble that -- again they get the second half from Cleveland. Now you summit topic Tillman -- ignited Dawkins. Evidence gonna be big for the team to beat him where they dollar in the standings. I get the kid AAA. And I'm I'm I'm shocked and he's he's very -- and yet. It'll be out helping here is he's going to be here sooner much sooner rather than later. -- -- governor lineup is set lineup is very sharp. They'd have a chattel we either near. Etiquette Lombard -- you know scope played yesterday's good player. Obama don't you play against Friday's can play against lefties but you mature out of when there now yet at that lineup is scary. We are ready to bring you guys into the mix as well at 6177797937. Up for those of you asking -- -- that the text machine were on our Twitter accounts no. This is not an April Fool's Day prank. I think it better not -- 'cause probably really upset but as. Dale and Holley is back together again starting today moving forward this is what you got from two to six on Sports Radio WEEI. Still my iPod. It's on your iPod segment this dale are hot and vote. All right so is the dale and Holley show in his. It's a new day though it's a new day we got Jim Cutler. From voice. -- big strong voice at WER urgent Cutler is back. Got tailback. -- who. Stronger -- Area and it debate dale. And it happened a year ago let out there follows an all. Audience are. By the players there's a -- bit jealous of me like. I haven't. Why you doubt me right now. On now Bo Derek and I can't get -- -- Bo Derek beyoncé whatever moral. Problem beyoncé but I'm working on network -- Inaudible would you again we got this we've got this and this is good -- but. Hear them the music and as much -- -- like the open Helen holly open. I think we can take it to another level now we need something new. We -- -- -- the old and the new I'm located that we -- -- -- we have a rotating. -- That represented. Helen holly. Old school from Tony eleven. Is fine. Some things happens when eleven that we don't necessarily want to be reminded there were a couple things there were a couple of things didn't do much forming our. It should now on this reincarnation. Of -- it. He I like Burrell. Look at the film but it's a little too cheerful look around a little bit and let them. I feel like a month gets it with the stars when I hear him. If you don't like you're in a room without a roof. About this. Frenetic that. On now doesn't feel right after it doesn't. The -- -- as Eddie doesn't feel right Pearl Jam. I'd like Dexter writes Mike Adams bank Bo Derek. I didn't I don't really rich and I don't know where -- Thought I get a. We don't. Politico report. About. Is better. The good being. Good in any round though. I like the guys. Out here what it's Miles Davis I don't -- -- to classify that -- he does seem like. Very easily from the original on her way there. -- it and I've RT kinda soured on this because you don't think -- -- answer every time we played as you're gonna stick and that's been drive me crazy. Art so I think we need to take to the people. Do that we need to take to the people you guys are gonna figure out four ops. What the new theme song it's going to be it is it is tournament season. Now start the season for some guys after me. The -- Picked Wichita State and Kansas still got an undefeated dammit they're exactly writers say hey easy -- orbiting -- -- very -- also don't think. -- aren't so bad timing couldn't go Kart tournament we go Brack apology here. It's about 32 zone. Courtesy of you guys. Will see them east region west region break it down south. 32032. Are really sweet sixteen pretty exciting and -- -- 161632. We got to listen all that's also he's. But it's like 6060. Probably like to report indeed have to go through why Andy and dispense the work which. You know is -- -- him young men young and here and that's always it's not a deployment. I got no problems that are like traits of people here -- are talking sixteenths on it hit us up on Twitter. Dale -- WE yeah. Halls. And this must together dale Owhali and Hampton and and I'm glad I don't I don't know I I -- born firebird and every time in the big it wouldn't let them get back if we see a 132. Just won't make the cut. Mean I love me some Michael -- not what -- -- it. I don't get to the call 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Ellen Winthrop a first caller on dale and -- -- -- Hey -- I congratulations. On your triumphant return good to have the team back together again after around all that I'm about to. Time somebody came to their senses over the gap. But we'll leave that the past anyway. As it has in the past some of the people have been hit we kicked them out to. Well that we've got to get rid of -- being counted the most vocal -- every now and then you know. But we're enjoy your. Input on TV on radio exert. Real real quick. I know we are played baseball to be varying degrees meet quarterly I don't like career and it pony league but. Anyway. Yes but it left the bat the first -- I hit my Little League coach. And then I became a coach. I do I used to do looked on and now I don't go -- more but. And I'm sure you guys the same way it adds a Little League coach is only -- -- -- college. Obviously it professional you do need to be tall. If you have two strikes on to protect the plate how he's looking at that pitch I don't know guys you tell me. Well look he was a guy who remembered now when he got some playing time in the playoffs last year we were impressed with how well he knew the strike zone. It back the cup played against his reputation coming up through the miners it was like. Mean and look at him he's working walks these. You know he's he's working at the count better. He took he took two pitches he shouldn't taken yesterday and I remember vehicle collected a post season there was probably about three -- four pitches that Sandra Bogart's took. There we -- could've went either way sure and we praised him for. I'm not the old expanding the zone with two strikes in -- Now I don't agree with that mean there was there's a point you know everyone's baseball careers -- yet you wanna protect the players get a little bit older. And what you need to stretch accused swing and everything you can do you strike enough. And I we've got to strike a look at what's awhile to the way it is that he thought the ball was up a little cut to a solo dropped on last minute. I just think that you know it was it was a lot to ask -- Jackie Bradley. Looked like to guide that knew that he did deserve to be on the big league crossed the start the years if you -- -- Munich yes even at. Just a game or even a locker before in almost. No honestly scared you know -- me because he's he's been there before. But he knew it never became as -- -- you heard the comments you can see Jackie Bradley -- -- third -- -- us. And I think he -- of -- they aren't they really didn't because what they saw our year we're goal was got I was patient. The guy that would work the count and hit the ball the other way and it was a whole inner half but so that it works on -- get older. I think camp I think he -- in trying to prove he could hit that pitch to skip told everybody it's not begin big deal. But I think he sold out on I think you've pulled off a lot of balls try to try to drive the ball the other way in his results recollect one times and walked three times. The noted that camp he was not really ready. And he sees finds itself in big league game opening day and -- an injury and was only their -- -- victory right. Well I think this goes back to work why John Ferrell Sibley said after the game while apparel come out and say. -- that was strike three. He battle put that was directory what is that because you're dealing with. Tommy Hunter and I and and everybody can appreciate the patient approach and Jackie Bradley but. You've got to recognize when you got Tommy -- this is not some of AAA kid. -- you're dealing with this -- the guy who was nasty. And it may not look like. A strike you -- you've got to you you've got to were you've got to recognize. What you're up against that's what it was it was just told a nice little slap on the wrist. I don't don't don't allow yourself to think. But you got -- that situation because you didn't. I was strike breakthrough striking wasn't it was ball -- clay -- -- I also think there's something to be bitten he said the this whole thing about. That's -- have a certain reputation. Earned and well deserved for fiction and umpires and complaining about calls I think he's just the -- wanna start this game one year. I mean like you said this isn't Dustin Pedroia complaining about a culprit strike this is Jackie Bradley junior chill and David Ortiz. -- about calls. But it is in the back of the baseball card when David Ortiz either you know on -- With a little bit they'll they'll take you know if he crossed the line goes too far the let him know that around a lot as a as a respect game. The other guys that are gonna take. You know and even an organization that -- is generally can embed their yeah governor do you again I think he'd just -- There was a strike -- young kid I don't want him you know make excuses. You know making excuses opening day that's when you -- and played they'll pick Chris I don't. I'm all Smart person spot and I think -- -- can definitely win this and tackle Boston is obviously. Yeah I'm gonna do it their lineup are you -- are very formidable batting line up. But to also be acquired a local idea when your neighbors I'm doing well as pitching coach and I think. He's gonna do not I'm not help that team. But -- -- it should be battle or to see him. I've always been have a big Dave Wallace fan good guy after it was good pitching coach. And and did I think -- lived in Norfolk are remembering not rent them at the next town over. That was that was a good idea and it kept brought. And then I mean I am I'm assuming you don't forts appears to a pitching coach and a guy like talk show solar are out here without its approval but. Obviously this this was a recommendation came from to cat and it was probably -- good one. While maybe your recommendation came from -- care. But as you said about -- And Lou I'm sure you've heard many bookstores. A few bucks or decrease. Where I've heard what -- you're -- nor'easter yet and I Showalter. -- was when he was with Arizona. You look at the way guys were wearing their pants. The way the way they would either choose. He had so many rules he was in micro manager at the same thing in New York. I'm not shortly -- Texas -- -- -- he's doing that now in Baltimore. But he is a guy with very strong baseball opinions so. If if you're gonna try to put a pitching coach on them. Woodwork now though he he must be. I don't know where they connected in the past but he must be a huge Dave Wallace fan. Don't like him a Montreal is a connection obviously you know with pain but I mean he's well respected in the game -- buck. It is great job with that team only -- what his style disciplinarian as one take crap. Once -- players to police say it like I think a lot of managers like this one led to get Camby is not afraid to call guy -- in his face and yell at a but he's got a team a young team now -- a terrible managers at work it was certain teams right to our -- might now work to draw only works in Boston Bok works. Here is this young team that this is what they know. Now this is this is all that Dayton is Adam Jones knows which I don't knows he'll -- in my of -- mobilization but they're comfortable they're now they know what to expect from -- It works in Baltimore and he's very good man. -- he has you know what my favorite Buck Showalter stories from this spring just the story. A few weeks ago maybe as a month ago. Frank Robinson. Orioles great at a registry to hall of Famer -- to spring training there one of their kids. Did no one of the Orioles kids didn't know who Frank Robinson was -- Buck Showalter made and in particular report. On what you don't want you to write me a report. On Frank Robinson. Come back and -- indicated to his credit as so he was he gave an interview the kids interviewed Lisa Doleac papers. And win. -- -- -- nationally every American Internet and to be a player manager one of the first African American manager -- amazing. So I I I like that that. At times micromanaging doesn't work. Black it's sending them unless it's a company with a glass cabernet could be added and I got a -- -- classes -- is that is dead at Florida -- The pick -- Joseph -- Fred I've ever met liberal outlook. And I gotta say this isn't what happened without young player in the Baltimore organization is not exactly unusual -- young kids today and I. Was that the Celtic kid who didn't know he asked one time with Tommy -- and played. I don't think yeah but -- wasn't a young -- all right but but my point is played. Yet just a little bit there. I want to overtake Joseph I have DeSagana. That's what -- that's what -- this or should -- really nice job all of you know is bring in some guys back. Some older guys I think that would that would like to for their pain to be voiced and it hurt a little bit more but it the most but they brought some guys back America appears back you know the when the -- stations was Louie -- talking to the pitchers. That was great you know to me there's there's there's something that these guys might have played -- a goal. But there's a lot and now well this spring we saw a number of times when Pedro was out there in uniform talking to guys and Jason Varitek is out there. In uniform and and now the all time greats of some of these -- I wouldn't you you utilize guys like data to have -- I mean if it if you got access to Pedro Martinez of one of the great pitchers of all time. Why wouldn't wanna talk and Felix to brought in and you know imparting some of that knowledge about it. But to give it there's a balance though anarchy go to broad -- of guys who played at a high level. And if if you if you haven't talked to players sometimes -- not really. They're not so good talk -- no it isn't the same message on the same page you they're they're talking about you know and that's what I did my game these days off I don't as a boy I like the way -- -- so patient bought their picture packs. Little hearts out today hitters this whole approach our -- rich and tell AJ Pierzynski promotional thing I know my average was the first pitch it Nomar did have a pretty average -- first Pittsburgh. -- that mr. organizational portrait or talk. It bulletin yes that it telecast. The minute the Balkans on the pitcher's hand AG thinks it's a good -- -- going east game boy when was the last time he took a first pitch well I think he took yesterday. But he came out of shoes in the second. 6177797937. Kevin's in -- like Avant. Hey guys -- -- back page here thank you thanks. And it is great immediate edited to personalize their child was nice nice folks down there. Yeah absolutely. And I know I think that Cochran -- all day and excited anybody's sure you know -- -- opener. But you know there on game one in the in the early to gear up out just I could not call. And talk a little bit about how hot -- -- You know I'd I'd put them you know this streak at -- on. You know as far as I'm being. The hottest local team probably supposed burial or pitcher and I don't really think that's much of an exaggeration. There are playing as well right now and as any Bruins team of my Bruins lifetime I wasn't here to -- You know the 77 he won ruins of war and those guys but but of my Bruins lifetime they're playing as well as any team I've ever -- How about the about the the stretch. Three years ago this is better. Drilling yeah I think they have better there's 101 in defense 121 game stretch where we want a guy in December when -- -- December fall in the cup. This this team has lost two games in regulation. In 2014. Until you read the point here that will -- over the last twenty damaged. Order that she unit that aren't on the telecast the other last week -- -- -- -- -- you know and to what seventeen. Wanted to work out collect. It's just it did and at the numbers are silly now they're starting to get into these you know all time franchise record numbers. I mean you know you've gone. Think about this you're gonna play seventeen games in 31 days in the month of march. Eagle 151 -- one you lost the first one you lose to the caps on March 1. And then go 15011 the rest of the money argument their duties it has CF I think it was there was fluid on it was just it. All the pages the newspaper sort of combined the last 23 days for me out there on the road but. -- victor's point three today at birth the -- there and there was discussion about moving him now. I know he hasn't scored in a while -- -- -- cup game winners. That line is still performing defensive difficult is still happy just hasn't scored good opportunities that third line is so good this team is so good right now. Why would you. Why would you mess with that what it do you want it does is talks in of people say I ball pinned down and if you send a message whatever -- I got their -- out stand -- is performing well. He's not playing horrible stop the puck in the back of the net. In fact the key for this team going forward and we'll do a lot more hockey today's not a hockey game just has been the -- played for a couple of days that'll play till tomorrow night. But as you go to the playoffs and will to a lot of hockey and we'll have hockey guests on. Think about this that -- third line which right now is Chris Kelly Carl Soderbergh and -- Ericsson. Is going to be playing against the other team's part defense pair right. They are gonna eat them alive like their reading a lot of teams third defense pairs alive right now. It it's the biggest difference between last year's Bruins team and this year's Bruins team. Is this the scoring ability of that third line they're unbelievably well there are struggling. You know if there were struggling. OK you know that's when you makes -- most as as an athlete when -- -- such a struggle use EC moves are made -- coming at some point right to shake it up. -- -- play well maybe this trade you know performing well -- score goals and able to shift some lines up. But when you played hockey the way this team plane right now I don't see why you would mess with anything. Well I would you mentioned Pluto a person that -- gonna talk about his piece from today -- species talking about. Going toward the playoffs. And getting this -- some rest house some of the top the top line guys may not make these trips and his trip Q -- Toronto and Detroit. -- maybe you don't make that trip you know just some strategic rest. And they're gonna do that retro -- top players but. If if there's one thing you want about pay attention to and and we talked about this last week feelings OK if you had a criticism of the Bruins what would it be or they're something they're concerned about what would -- And he was breaking down. The top the defense apparent. So he has today don't chart would -- him. Connecticut certain Doug Hamilton that the the youth. And inexperience an inconsistency of -- Is is one area of concern. You know yet -- crew being a part of the playoff -- she's trying to figure -- odd man out is and I think he came to the conclusion of the odd man out is going to be. The most -- recent Andre is our lives are. I don't gonna get anonymous. All have their strengths. But there's some question and question marks with each guy as you go into the post season. That's something you could be. -- am -- scared of no -- excellent team but it did the best team in the NHL here is that the reason I disagree with him only slightly. Off first ball. And I haven't checked this morning and this -- the case about a great investment right now -- is breaking right on the -- got them -- while you look at some of these names. There -- -- you could put some question marks next to at least three of those -- the Bruins have the best goals against average in the national hockey. Since Dennis Seidenberg got hurt December 27 they've lost four teams in regulation. December 27 Dennis Seidenberg went down almost say that it's a -- to three weeks to figure out how to play without all the first two games they lost via and then eight. They never lose after that without their second best defenseman they figured it out that's the one area where I think close almost holding community auditions here. Let me see with this guy looks like -- that guy when he put bizarre it's a left defense now next game -- -- the right defense. The forward lines he's got pretty much figured out now he's trying to figure out how to best configure the defense -- There's still going to be a 6177797937. -- telephone number. This study ever become Douglas know -- or Robert or no there's Jackie ever become Jackie Bradley. -- -- rated junior passing out the he'd probably do it to honor his dad right shore wouldn't you do what Donna -- -- I don't know issues with that aren't check. He and Bobby common you know nicknames for Robert and Jack and -- you still sounds like the author's name but it Bobby doesn't. Copies. Robert dynamic and bottom dungy when the greatest. Hockey hero in my lifetime is -- differ. Still the guys six point 77797937. Dale holly back together again Sports Radio WE yeah. I was three years ago name dropper was. At a house was too old quickly and I don't know go out the real typical that was that was the real -- at the when they're trying to figure what to do with me for awhile all right got to go around and do the games figured that one which by the I loved doing I had a blast doing it and you know it's kind of a fun time for me is to do that in. But he was always like his friend to friend to yours is a friend of mine I've found it very professional. -- -- it was really good job. Lord knows the last year here was awful. And he probably thought it was time ago it doesn't lessen what he accomplished here prior to his departure what he did yours as manager of the Boston Red Sox. The Clinton talking to. If he. Brought to run our primary -- you're going to see what he has to -- have they have. There's been no reconciliation. There now with Lucchino and Tito with John Henry in TO. Yeah I would say that's probably fairly not happening now it is it is unusual to me like about it. He knows best friend I mean if you had to pick one get a pick one best friend and like probably -- That a very close second -- him you'll. Very close second would be John Ferraro. What a strange. Dynamic. Your best friend. Is. Alley where but he didn't replace him brought up that -- -- -- to -- and it could be I don't what what's. It's not for me that -- perfect -- map before you get that up to let it -- out of Toronto if they had moved barreling in to replace Tito I can imagine there'd be a little tension there. But yet the world's best buffer between the old form you know that whole thing like you don't -- follow a legend -- follow the guy who follows the legend. John -- meaning there was only one way he could go from. He took over here and I was up. Remember last and one time during the 2012 season with the Bobby Valentine so. It's trying to. On a phrase that question in a way where it's -- and won a tournament spot to say art look Bobby Valentine you know is is terrible. And it's gonna need to be replaced. -- gonna play some of morally. -- -- that kinda guy is had to be and I may or June erratically may or June of 2000 it was a march now. I -- extra -- that February. I think it the kind of guy is that would. Stop these stopper on for. The job for a replica. Mean no. At the time I think they knew that this is hey this is if this aide John Farrell they -- get him out of Toronto when they had to hire Bobby Valentine. It couldn't come up with a little and let you know what. Within you and endured during one of the breaks. I'm still amazed at what he did last year because I consider him. Even knows his third year as team manager considered I considered him last year pretty much a rookie manager because it was. In Boston. With great expectations. Following the disaster managing the Toronto I'm sorry right now we're at from a casino Kasten. Blue jays managing Toronto right now is not even close to. The scrutiny in the pressure of managing in Boston and he had very few missteps. The entire 2013. Yes I think a lot of mr. -- with a familiar. The core respected the guy you know I think that helped in Toronto is -- and know all these other guys trying to figure mob but -- surrounded by some great people mean jump felled an outstanding job what do you surrounded by. Won the Davis does he get enough credit for the pitching coach she'll be in that role it's John Farrell the new pitching coach you know he's the manager. One gave its outstanding -- but for you leave him alone he's one of the best. Infield instructors and it -- levels bench coach in roll action a manager minor leagues who's. There's a great baseball man -- of the Angie who I absolutely. Think highly of I love the guy bullpen coach he surrounded by some good man. -- which helps a lot believe me. Let me one thing straight here because a lot of the techsters and a lot of the tweeters are asking the same question and and it's a valid question -- just make sure people understand. Offer all those people are saying yeah but does this mean you're no longer going to be involved in the Bruins telecasts on -- and no. No it does not mean. I am happy to be here co hosting two to six -- Michael. The folks here and I made it very clear to them that you know the Bruins games on -- -- high priority for me. And and they were very gracious here in saying that you know like get out of here early enough to get over into the games in the row on the road and let go over here at Watertown. When their home I -- get the -- but I can I can handle that they were very understanding here very accommodating. No I'm not given the Bruins -- I'll be doing all the Bruins games all through the playoffs next year once they'll have me I'll be there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cover real rapport with -- not bury. It in and Billy and Billy and funny and nice job. You -- become Mikey -- -- -- that we have Billy and Barry in court he got -- -- -- we had view this is how I got the job I'm. How I got the job they think she got a flyer hockey -- They studied the archives but I'll tell you this. The hockey minutes not coming back -- a -- I graduated today a ticket but it. I graduated. From the hockey minute. -- now playing in supporting you know I have now the hockey minister. On the hockey minister has some hockey preaching. As we get -- I don't I think Stockton -- guys that -- and Steve we gave Michael -- between the badgers. They argue there are I don't get a bit like the -- -- volley every agency right now -- that distorted audio in years that database and the let's talk like that. This -- to -- I don't know I had you know you know when you watch games you watch athletes do you watch coaches or managers in the pre -- time. With quote you don't need to it's hard to not lip it would all of its day and exactly what clothes -- in every time bends -- New Hampshire Dave and I don't. It doesn't go it was Dario. -- -- -- welcome bill that studio it's written narrative but here you're the guest but look back at an official close to thank you I appreciate. -- -- mobile and is like a quick comment about letting -- all you know where it was at a younger age. We want to -- -- I think it's great but that's -- -- get to the professionally and that somebody in the 300 hitter. For them to not let a -- -- but that's OK I think that the Smart business decision that the club and -- that. Well and the example I've used I mean David Ortiz because he's always hit into the shift anyway you know he -- he gets a one hop shot to the second baseman. Why don't want David Ortiz Boston it down the first base. -- he still gonna get thrown out by thirty feet any run and especially now to I don't notice next game I still think there's some going on with -- calf. And I don't wanna mess around day knowing it's a fly ball was running very well. You know -- first to third okay now at least double what it was a run very well in and -- OK with deck and I you need David Ortiz in the Salina. But here's a problem and this is why it becomes a story now you guys are right. You know 97%. Of the time 98 present time is going to be fine. Nike is it's a routine play he's going to be out right it is that 2% yeah. -- what I have percent of people look at these same day the throws off the bag in his attack a lot of the guy I've been running hard. You would have been on -- -- just killed the rally but I think you still have to you know baseball's the ultimate. Big picture sport. And she'll have to think about the greater good -- Grady Sizemore. That is. Very well played twelve time two days off. In trying to get him to understand. That every play every play is not a game seven of the world's leaders. He's going to be hard to convince of that. The same -- you can't convince Dustin Pedroia of that mean you made the point earlier this guy gets hurt in the opener last year. In in New York against the Yankees it's -- great hustle game one. I think they were up -- at the time. And it's that the ninth inning they're up 822 in the ninth inning when east Austin down the first base in Hertz is the he downplays. The rest of the season 742. Plate appearances I think it was with a bad thumb. And the playoffs and all that stuff because he doesn't know any other way to play heat you can't ratchet him down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And hit two and I think to a period there are still on the managing Pastrana -- him still -- Know people say why is he didn't sixth. The goal -- he's already accomplished so much to be there yesterday that he's going to be leadoff hitter. That's the goal when he gets there and play in six days a week you know now you've reached. They're still managing him you know it's where they are worries in the order and you'll move up -- leadoff hitter some points also setbacks and that's the goal no setbacks. 6177797937. As the telephone number. AT&T tax minus 37937. Elena holly are back coming out of your radio again Sports Radio WE yeah.

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