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Dale and Holley are BACK! (*Not an April Fool's Joke)

Apr 1, 2014|

We spend a few minutes getting to know each other once again as what's old is new again... Dale Arnold is back paired up with Michael Holley.

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Let me just say one thing if this is an elaborate April fool's joke by Jason -- open -- salt in my going to be best. It might be just -- how will I be upset at that -- six eclectic audience they act. -- kids sign anything. Just. Wanted to do is actually how long you are just quickly my friend the question of the day. Just aren't as big. At around here. Where the hell were we we -- erupted I was crime. Technical prepared try to console late in the last couple weeks has been the Michael Holley -- And and I am happy to be here working -- but it's the Michael -- But today after a query that kind of feel quite right -- today it's back to what we used. It's not it's different time slot well that disabled and its its costs. Times are different Jill welcome home. Welcome bank. Nice to be -- Agassi let me I'm really mean at times. If they get more time. Want to mislead the people at the time. That we use to argue we had the argument. Argument. Think about these it's. The year ago. Little bit of time man. -- organized right now amidst those night and apologize you know he was right about this. Equipment write -- talent. Call that a bit at odds got better I couldn't tell I think the couple weeks ago when he goes wrong. And he starts its vote next week we'll see next week I'll let you know next week in and he did he say watt. I don't know maybe you'll see you next week I think responds with. I hope. I'm proud -- our eyes to get back nearly a few weeks back it was like it was like Robin -- Paula Patton does this dragon. -- -- Please let me just tell you who we are okay because we've done this before. We are it's. Two guys who were friends who like talks sports -- like have fun we -- we sometimes argue as friends sometimes do. Here come out of arm outs is what we believed to be the truth that may not be but it's what we believe to be the -- here's what we are not. We are not radio trolls we are not gonna attempt to get -- dialed the phone by saying something stupid just for the sake of saying something stupid. If we say something stupid it's honest and heartfelt. Off if it happens sometimes -- really stupid but there -- -- but it's you know it's dark. Are we just like Olympics and and artistry of fact that we don't didn't look for three years -- our choice. -- it put into scrubs. Don't know it's done it before we know we got to talk to some guys not about you got out you Lou it's not a criticism. But you know everything you said mr. except if you have a people meter I don't know what I -- -- -- -- really good stroll -- Russell what what -- army -- thing I'll. Ted Williams over it would have. You -- to -- give people but you're absolutely right and you cannot overstate and dancers -- you cannot overstate. The importance of chemistry. In this business here all the time I -- now more than ever hear all the time -- they want to just good. Why don't you just put -- -- In the Booth where. With. -- carver. It's like that about art Joseph Biden Hamilton. Let's just put Tom Jackson with this guy don't be fun OK these are the big names in there. A very talented people individually. But there's something that happens it's that you can not. Underestimate how important how while magical times. Chemistry can be unique chemistry do mile an AK to -- yes -- -- down Baltimore. Did -- show you among the morning and -- the game and it flew home early this morning they said -- you can get a couple of options here. You can just pick the day off. Or you rarely does it take date -- you can comment from 26. NB Ali's first. Guess it's a payoff for part of us. And what you guys think my friend your brilliant friend. Who calls an -- time out of Adam -- out of you meant -- Adams by guy in dale I'm so happy that you have agreed. And he had a habit of writing your so have you recruited to the lightning round. I'm. Yeah. Best most impressive copies of radio got all the things you -- look now. If I thought what got me to give back satellite -- don't -- -- It ought to let the hip -- meant to it'll get -- that to president anyway this is why does and does the candidate who just happens at night comes. -- -- It is it is nice to be back working -- my friend in doing what we like doing before. If you guys you guys make it simple. You will vote with your ears. If you like what we deal. Chances are if you're listening right now you kind of like the dale and Holley show to begin with. Your job now is to tell your friends and neighbors that you know hey that's pretty good I like this it'll work you'll vote when your ears and and if we do what we're supposed to deal. You guys wanna listen you guys you guys wanna be a part of it and that's our goal make you part of what we do and have fun with you every day. I'm glad -- back because I know was. At that time three years ago. That things are going well. And it was out of nowhere I don't know where it would that we reduce. We just cut now and some Smart people that before Smart people can make a bad decision. -- -- skin to yet as dumb people can make bad isn't it that they were down. Other work out -- -- you don't get to them after the initial decision. People are not down. Now in the meantime. This is what a comeback. Keep going hash tag restored. Today. This is part of the comeback for a speakers. We had to deal with each we have to deal with -- for a while people coming by people coming in here. Had no concept no clue no respect for history. No respect for what made us WE guy in the first place the people put that W in the if W you guys some of those people were shown the door and and that -- that is over come back. Here we are. Its -- and we can't wait. I mean look we're gonna do a talk lot of Red Sox baseball today. Our buddy -- Maloney is in the house which is perfect for us because who better he was sit there and Baltimore. Watching the game yesterday. We all you know watched and listened to the Red Sox visit the White House earlier this morning which I kinda got a kick out up. Can we just start with this and in in this is you know -- back to the way we do things president of the United States for mispronouncing Mike Napoli. I'm not gonna make -- not because I'm gonna -- -- baseball for -- He's got a senator yeah he's got a few other things on his mind and I'm OK with that I'd actually prefer that he get the DM. Health care system fixed first though I'm I'm -- call -- by that logic is a comedy though I was gonna say about. It's on sale I chuckled a man maybe oracle. I'll buy that logic is more important things do you wouldn't be doing the NCAA tournament brackets. Adjusted after dark and it was goals I mean how -- when that day didn't it seem like the president couldn't week. To get the names we can get the big poppy right there was one guy everybody you know plenty now that hey no big poppy -- he couldn't lady's name list -- -- name's Victor Reno Bogart's. A -- You know unless there Lackey got a little RR bar codes -- little -- back with the coach -- we are pronunciation. But he couldn't wait to get beat -- -- poppy. They have a couple -- like bought it I like your picture a little help we talked -- yet that. I gotta tell it like you when I wouldn't do data we could -- so we wouldn't sell the president -- -- all critical of course I would. You wouldn't do that haven't talked for the next what forty years -- economy isn't on this earth. Five votes at at and what's really. Funny about the whole hold David Ortiz president Obama's self and with John Ferrell portal bombing between picked -- as. The old pilot -- -- -- it was. I I I I know that there are folks out there and I've heard this already. Hold Jonny Gomes -- the that the red white blue sport coat. And I know we brought one I saw him then I saw pictures of him leaving the hotel today he had the one that he had made for President Obama. I assume he presented it to him at some point are they able to somebody who gave to Obama. The only guy who Warren -- was Jonny Gomes. And I -- yourself to others and I'll while it that's Johnny don't try to steal the spotlight all eyes on me as it was kind of hard to miss him up there. Well I have bad -- don't you were when you say he was also. Honoring. You know honoring the flag all I listen I'm all about well about the United States of America and that's patriotism and asked that. When I landed at Baltimore Sunday night walked in a hotel first person so Johnny go out when I just talked to him a little bit asked about the jacket. And he said that's a game time decision. He says to -- -- navigate a lot of negative publicity for this thing really. So that he double. Blow. Did he give me an idea what the negative regardless publicly yet we we've we've shouldn't Twitter Babel cost of this respect maybe text and -- what you brought up where an American flag I mean that would be total disrespect. But this was a piece of clothing looks like the American flag and I have got a golf shirt that looks like that for crime -- No disrespect but all of that too in Jonny Gomes and style like nearly two perfectly but it was all it'll. Rather than teach to youth of America to respect and honor the flag we -- every day before games. I am honoring it and not this respecting. It. You know -- -- -- be to complete the youth can learn the history. Of the flag and what it means to beat the American without action of the prayer that's another -- yeah it is a tenth as a speaker. And how silly and actually fall that up with the US it's a game time decision I don't know what I got to do however. He talked to Jack McCormick traveling secretary's life outside the picture of Ian and Johnny on one of the -- and some of the PR people with the Red Sox and they told him. That the White House wanted him to win that Jack. And that Larry Lucchino wanted him to win that -- the White House that would sort of ended for me at the time it was game time decision as we saw this morning he wore the jacket. Lot of controversy to me is not. The Red Sox at the White House it's not Jonny Gomes and his jacket it is yesterday. In the eighth inning. And at the time I was watching and listening to some of -- -- broadcast -- with Joseph but I was watching at the time when it happened eighth inning two outs in the -- Our runner on second every opportunity. To bring in. Jonny Gomes to face a lefty batters he does very well against lefties we know that that's his specialty and instead Pierzynski then. -- vs lefty. And it's not a successful. Not a successful play for the Red Sox did you have any problems with John John -- leaving Jonny -- an event. Results a couple of moves their late in the game IE I didn't. AJ Pierzynski hit lefties better than me -- right he's last year reduced to 79 against lefties to 69 against rice. He hits lefties very well master brought an interface and there's no question about it. But that was really wasn't that I was I was glad to see those numbers were the other way around because even if he struggled against lefties. You know we keep and -- a big picture. You AG are starting catcher. An opening day with a pinch -- for in the eighth and -- you know I just I think it I think there's an eye on the big picture. Not it won't happen as we get going and AJ proves that -- does struggle against lefties but on opening day. I'm not so sure you won't even go there written and and then noticing is it a little bit lefties go which is no number the backs it -- it. Only because of aging and he's volatile player or is it just because that's what you do with your team with your starting guys on opening day. Because Bennett a new guy -- it just catcher with every yard and here's the flip side it's your job Ferrell you say this about your business. And it's not personal I know what I know what your history is and everybody thinks. That you're gonna go off at any moment and you go off 456. Times. During the year because that's the resignation but I do business what are you -- Swinton. Into that let Jonathan in October well on October. Each public doubts that we -- pinch hit for Napoli. Only time I can't believe you gonna let Stephen Drew hit here it wasn't until September mid September when he starts -- I'm gonna talk with Stephen Drew about this -- September ago I was today and he took before he runs that he cavalier screamed at the at the TV. Gotta love these -- if he doesn't do that I've got to I was talking to not challenge -- -- I. Bet I can not out of David. That's out on any got to pay. I'm sort of go to Japan and I've got. Much better yes all -- does the job it's disrespect. I mean you could make fun of the of his son forgot that tonight -- are right not a liberal -- -- -- it out out a regular season April specially. I had a big picture ethnic opening day you're starting pitcher pitch it for -- eighth inning. He doesn't do that regular season doesn't October. Much like her record exchange attempt. He does manage differently in and then I'll and I'll ma am OK did manage different at -- or even what they with Inaba Gomes thing all the sudden you go on by the book. I thought you were hurt during the entire regular season. That got the post season it's -- a minute Jonny Gomes had these intangibles. There were pretty good thing that what was in the final record in the post season with Jonny Gomes ten and one with Gomes and -- Wouldn't want without -- he probably hasn't. Except that it is a arm will Jonny Gomes stole one without alone without. There is one thing that John Ferrell did a league. Talk about that we come back yet it's dale and -- back together again Sports Radio WB.

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