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Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 2

Apr 1, 2014|

There is no off-season with the NFL these days with Free Agency, Rookie Pro-Days and all the player movement and news from across the league. Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com are here to help you sort through it all to best prepare you for your upcoming Fantasy Football Drafts this summer. The best way to prepare is to stay on top of all the daily news & transactions. Get up to date on the Patriots recent moves, Vick to the Jets, Kenny Britt to the Rams and all of the new rumors, PLUS stay on top of all the new Rookie Scouting Reports at Rotobahn.com. It’s all here, in this 2nd Fantasy Football Off-season podcast….

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This is the fantasy football. -- -- and -- -- in the world. We'll run. Does he flew home. Presented by Mohegan Sun on them. Welcome to this week's fantasy football podcast presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett them joined as always by our good friend. In Tennessee football expert the chief Tennessee football writer over a brutal bond dot com Pete Davidson beat pledged to do business with -- today ally. I am good Jimmy Howard it was a great doing great and I'm excited because I'm really well good -- we believe leads the baby problems behind us that. You are delighted me. Audience Jim window world -- you -- lie to me son a lot of girls running back equivalents that if it. But -- -- on the messy but on our side waterside back -- it -- make my attack at a. Well -- I'm ready I'm ready for the pockets they'll tell you and I -- accept adulthood when I am excited about is that. Football. And this is a breaking news but it's officially a a full year sport and in this offseason is. Funny you said that because I can. I and I know our listeners love to hear about you know our traffic on the web -- like that I know they really care about it. But to come league radio ratings time since -- have to -- to everybody I mean we can -- sixty minutes on that it would -- -- Numbers are targets of the group but. I have to say I was shocked yesterday that we we had an amazing traffic they have -- bonds and its opening game of baseball unbelievable and -- as it is unbelievable so you now that I stored under don't -- finish -- thought it looked. The Twitter universe you know I was an attempted. To put football content that at royal -- backside -- but I was I was compelled more to. Put up Red Sox stuff because it's just. An insider pro football stuff because it's just it's it's it's right in it it's. In our face every minute of every day free agent signings. New scouting reports pro days com a lot of banter back and forth with certain players who we certainly don't have any. Lack of contents so we should just dive right. Now we can do we can do we can do podcast every day we never run out. Yeah I -- it's funny you know for. I don't know if you noticed but there's been a lot of you know anti NFL was the last couple weeks -- is no Fun League you know the rule changes in the milk dunking goalposts. But. You know people can do they want about the NFL it's certainly doesn't seem to be talks you know stopping anybody from talking NFL 24/7. All -- Now it's relevant it's hyper relevant in the rule changes are gonna vote. It's a grind that's it was always hard for me to fall anyway I just -- -- can. We don't -- a daunting thing doesn't bother me to -- it's sort of like you know. Don't break the backboard in the NBA. You know it's fun though chocolate thunder and -- Dawkins is the love that stuff. We're right right that was before the days of the possible rim of I'm not the statement. Like. Yeah acknowledged it yeah I tell you what that was fun for everybody watching -- sports that are one little ball for the people bought a ticket that. It's possible to go the mop to clean up after -- -- that kept. The mothers are working the glass. But yet outside I look I understand the goal post thing. And you know some solemn where in the next ten years old was gonna blow an -- doing that that we don't know who that person was going to be. But it -- one of the few people who has developed thank you yeah. What do you what do you make of all I want to really get into the that to the content that we wanna get too but just real quick on the -- on the other. Changes in legislation that China put in there with you know what you can and can't say enough and and then also why your take on the extra point real quick. I think the the thing about the extra point is everybody seems to get so up in arms and -- given. And I think people tend to forget that while it's pretty much supposed to be given you that's the way the whole decision between going for two and going for one works one to basically give him. And the others chance right so the fact it's a given to me. Doesn't really bother me I mean it's I mean it has the percentage of made a point after attempt going up that much. Political and -- you know it's gone it's it's gone from you know up. Point 01% missing the point 001 yeah yeah it's you know it's it's negligent -- he's been basically a given right up. You know -- I don't know I'm I'm pretty indifferent on that I am not saying I would miss the point after attempt so much but. You know again what are we just say -- great -- -- -- twelve months out of the year -- to help they need to change probably -- Yet that's going to be the fun stuff let's start. But slightly outlook let's start with -- and I think that the topic gate particularly as we're broadcasting aren't WEEI dot com is the offseason for the patriots and in a couple of I'm sorry but a couple big things that have happened one is really upset you but. Darrelle Revis don't. Just a K I no longer have a heart so -- -- with the fact that. It's been it's you know between the 2000 subway series and read this becoming a patriot I don't have much matter laughed when it comes to -- to bring much to the a big dead thing in -- The funny thing is this is that. You know last. By the way for those who don't understand. Revis probably arguably the best jet player all you know. He's dynamite Delaware birdies and tell people -- famous but payments as you know I mean has created name was. You know he was unhealthy a lot of the time and I think David is the best jet ever obviously but you know when it comes to other positions any other position on the field -- the best jet ever really. And you know offer a jet fan it's it's tough to see Revis playing anywhere. -- in New York. But now to see him in a patriot uniform it's going to be tough and the idea that he's not gonna dominate is crazy he's. And he patriot fans in my opinion probably still don't realize what they've got. I think you're right I think I think some people are looking at it like OK we lost to leave to replace him with Revis I don't I don't see it Pettway. I I think -- took a when healthy. A minus Blair and -- now replaced him with an -- plus plus. Saw you this is a hall of -- corner. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the history of football. Period I agree I mean look how he's now you know and as you know you you and I talked about the patriots last year and and and I know I honestly felt. That the patriots had a a team could win a Super Bowl last year if I heard and this thing and it happened and in the Wilfork -- stuff that happened you know onstage. -- broadcaster obviously. I you know I really think thirteen that could have won a Super Bowl and I think that I also think the patriots would have matched up much better. Against the Seahawks and then the Broncos and the Broncos went in their let's face Peyton Manning doesn't have the on the -- -- -- -- -- -- the deep -- and they -- -- -- and try to -- -- -- football and folks. Just what to go to work again that -- DiMarco they. They tackle too well and they did and they get to the quarterback to -- but I I think the patriots if you -- gotten there. With growth which your defense. I think you know would -- having you know Brady's got much better verdict form the Manning at this point I think the patriots would have had a much better check. I agree with you an -- and it's actually because if you if you look at the game. Excuse me. You know where -- where the patriots. Strengths warrants you know where there weaknesses were coming out of the playoff loss to Denver and you look at them now and look at the work that they've done and -- -- even at the -- I was gonna say and obviously got a lot lot lot more ways to fill holes. Right we're not even at the draft yet if you look at the veteran core that is back complacent and I was reading that someone on Twitter last week that -- I guess time heals all wounds with Vince Wilfork is that are really -- Not much time heals all wounds but. Wilfork settlement. Some of the concrete you know parts of that team on the offensive and defensive side of the ball all of place. Lots of veterans and and you at a guy like Revis you -- renal cell which I think is a really big -- for the patriots at the Brady needs some length. I'm overall player like I mean a decent. I think he needs length you know any minute and as a guy -- watches a lot of patriots football. As you do that's a glaring needs a -- happens there but. I really like -- good point I can't remember exactly which patriots beat reporter made the point but it's it's it's it's something that coach turner an -- You know -- immediately we saw that thing goes down and that's -- so can be. He can he can morph into an Aaron Hernandez -- Right and -- Aaron Hernandez obviously brought. Keep a guy who complain that role. And I think it's that diversity is blocking ability which is unheralded. Which may make him -- a pretty good role player for the past. -- in good hands in the hands and so which always helps -- -- no great. -- very important but -- he you know. -- -- -- I think Carolina ultimately do the right thing let him go eat but I think he's a different player for New England when he is for them. He doesn't need to be proactive number two receiver for doing. You know he was sort of a failure -- that. -- -- yeah you know it's a concentration issues some drops. Look you know rounded off his routes. A little bit much didn't develop as much as we hoped he would we like them coming out of the draft. But he has some patriots skills. Perimeter blocking ability to play inside. He definitely I think will enhance the patriots when -- -- Am in a while a -- is going to two is one of those concrete blocks he talked about to XT's double minutes ago as settlement and a and a lot lot patriots fans. I was hoping they'd let him go but. I honestly think it was a no brainer to bring him back. Even consistent with that night and -- and I appreciate that I've I think I think it was a happy surprise for patriots fans are difficult out a lot of digits fans. Were 5050 at best on that that was like one of those rare cases. Usually got him on -- terms right and I actually advocated them paying him the same amount of money but for one last year -- the article. So predict you know what they negotiate with the patriots negotiate very well and you know I'm part of the reason they do it is because they're willing to walk away and agents and players know it. And is is is a lot of activity not only here in New England but you know the the during the playoffs is Souza say a few minute minutes ago during the class -- in the year and through the Super Bowl. There was a lot of the NFC was the topical. Conference and that's where most -- right in all the actions happen on the town as. Look at the offseason interestingly in just got to look at some of the names that have been bandied about. Revis settlement Wilfork Michael Vick the jets DeSean Jackson from you know -- from the Eagles. Circling around. You know the rumor mill that with the jets as well you know but no. I don't didn't go to the jets but yeah I mean the jets would be. That would be an insanely stupid thing for the jets to sanction. For them to sign DeSean Jackson would just be an incredibly stupid thing for the jets to the country to fly in the face of their so called methodology under -- recommend that they're not willing to even discuss Darrelle Revis yeah. Well then why on earth which. You know even remotely consider paying. Significant money for DeSean Jackson yeah I think it's an extension looking at the deepest wide receiving -- history in the jets have twelve picks in the draft report -- big money to Eric Decker right and I gonna go close out the best position in the draft. By spending money on the show and Jackson who is a 175 pounds right. That's a that's a very shaky strategy and I and and not say what if the jets to stay out of the addition in Jacksonville -- credits. I think he's the opposite of what I get to give them for the Revis thing would just terrible idea that they didn't even negotiate with -- and get on the jets. I'll make sure going to not get -- -- twelfth. Hancock keep she's definitely getting an offer from being on the jets on not letting him go for twelve canoeing I don't want. And they basically kept the roars out of the water which I think was to be indefensible. I think I think DeSean Jackson should end up dropping passes for the LA kiss in the -- illegal Paul Stanley and Simmons. I think I did a good chance hillside in Washington and he's not a perfect fit down there because I think he and Garcon are both. You know best deploy this -- And one of them would you know I think. When they go big when they go through an ego trips -- one don't complain in the slot but. You know when they're too wide receiver sets one of them -- gonna have to play the action probably will be Garcon in the you know. Could be a little bit of Michigan about the line consistently you much better the wake up. That's -- Justin -- and so that back to the -- overall point I was kind of bringing up which is all the action movement around the AFC you can your -- I'm marina. You know and what that and the consequence what happens in Denver shopped to the raiders which you know district -- Going to have some movement I think and even hitting out of the ordinary -- big move ops obviously in the it it increases the the perceived value and probably ultimate value for the Montae ball. And obviously now you have the would net value of a committee in Miami that's legitimate instead of illegitimate and well last year they're playing. You know Daniel Thomas for. No good reason at all. But thousands you have to back the need to get on the field and and paid for all we know Marino could take the job straight out attended doubt I think it would have been -- back -- Marino and one Miller. And inhibits -- it to me it's is it seems like all the move has been condensed in the AFC congress it in terms of the in terms of the prolific. Offensive players that's where it seems it's happening to me is to fill the gaps that were there coming out in the coming on a regular season and the playoffs. And yeah I mean that's that that that's. That's possible. A transition of like to make is is one of the people that. We just to -- -- -- kind of throughout there was match job moving the raiders. How do you think we're now I'm interested because -- -- a bad decision to hang your hat on him as a quarterback but that aside. What that means that to the Texans coming into the draft and. And Texans fans. Can stay off the police blotter since they can't attack shutout since. To beware of this that's positive things. And. But I'm curious to see what DiLeo Ryan's gonna do there now because some of this is we've talked about it. If -- cornerbacks in the Nintendo always been seems to be is gonna take Blake portals which which I personally think it's not the right move I'm not a mortal guy. I think most of the night quarterback prospect. But I don't think he's necessarily NFL ready and I think the comparisons. That people make it's usually the Roethlisberger comparison. I mean. I think we we we -- it we'd talk about the for the last podcast I believe but you know I. He's not a -- prosper right and I remember the first summit such David Ben Roethlisberger. My eyes popped out of my head you know this -- -- go to work -- progress so. To me that doesn't say no oil or OPEC. You know now O'Brien sitting there going OK you know I mean I understand -- dilemma right. Because if you if they're sitting there with a one in which hypothetically say that cross colonial they met with clowning. Dana and they're worried about motor. The golden eagle quarterback so he might be the next Mario Williams you know contract -- block so that they say they've got him off the board OK now. You pretty much have to go offense that basic right. And it's. If if they don't like -- deal which is their right and they don't like Bridgewater. You're sort of occasion calling yourself in the board yeah. So right now I don't know I mean I. I mean you and I've been consistent if it's if I in the Houston Texans. A -- Joining me Johnny thought by it's -- -- so arguments now that continues to me it's so it's as glaring but in the nets. That's what they're legitimate concerns about in men's L I understand the hesitancy. But I think that a lot of times people look at it at that that decision and risk is it one way kind of way in the day but to me. For instance there's as much risk not taking men's field. As there is taking him great -- so they they have to sit there and consider both as a -- if we don't take him. We can put that if we take that we don't look bad forget about how we're gonna walk what's the best thing for the team. That's worth you know the rubber should meet the road. Do you think Andre Johnson wants you know -- -- like I just I look at it did exist and to me the upside of -- -- is is really hard to look away from. And that would be just so appealing to me. Well that's the thing about Lindsay who is meant for the -- -- have attempted ascendancy to stop that arm but the you know the thing about Israel. I think a lot of people only see him as what they've seen. But you have to. Look at the player and project can use it intends to me. A Smart NFL team will be able to develop him and grow and you don't have to send him out there. You know as you know and -- a pass heavy offense. You know I mean he can be a guy where Russell Wilson they kept him under wraps for 89 weeks right rookie. Right OK there's no reason at the same thing can't be done. With -- football. Yet have -- -- Democrats yet I can't get out of -- -- -- their branding men's -- like that as a -- already using it doesn't have to -- that I would agree. In this is -- -- for success there with with Seattle right him into his next -- Four didn't hear Wright is back up for what the falcons. Right so you know they hire writers didn't play his rookie year you know. You like an except perhaps the season you know this idea that you know overwhelming until May not be ready to be an NFL guy we want -- don't -- -- it. Most guys that's the deal Tom Brady. -- thought he was confused what's during his behind Michael bishop so you know. Unfortunately a lot of these QBs their position where they're gonna get taken -- That doesn't mean you have to play this guy from day one advantage of case I. He probably will be on the field but at the -- again back to the Seattle say that doesn't mean you have to expose him. So you know I I think everybody is sort of you know they've got an idea of how -- -- plays and and I think the debate seems to be whether he can do that at the NFL level. When I think the debate is also. Are they even going to attempt for him to do that that the NFL level -- you know I think you know to me. -- -- -- guy we're used you know just you know you'd you'd Cuba's ability like an onion you know you slowly. With a flower -- And then of essentially you have a guy who -- Putin do a little bit every. You know I think another thing is I think she's a player where early on in his career you want him to rot. In -- like I don't wanna turn -- Kindle. Pocket at all like alligator -- was a little bit unpredictable and and he gave you another dimension -- -- process. We're lucky I'm reluctant to forty I -- he -- showed up ready what was an NFL quarterback last year. So it I think what is. You know he's prototypical right so but what doesn't have these issues. But it wasn't caged up as Mike is my point my point is you know when when you looked at -- he could -- he was. More than happy to take off when he had to. What I have yet but what I'm stay with me until it I would keep it. And I would encourage him to run. But you know now I want him to have his eyes downfield and all that stuff but if you again go back to Seattle Russell Israel a lot of work. Because it and that. What do when your quarterback who -- I'm not talking about a guy who. You know with the defense drops back he can pick up a couple cheap yards apart and about a guy who couldn't make backbreaking plays of this feature. Now when -- quarter to contend that. That changes the way the defense plays it's like the way the running game can loosen up the defense a running quarterback and some of the death so I you know. Keep a guy that's got some imbedded -- digits. And early on in his career when he's young and healthy I see no reason to it nobly and use those advantages that the same way they did with -- Wilson but the key thing -- to do it. You know within a structure. It used to be a player -- and ultimately that's going to be what will be with me until the ultimate failure or success. Forget about him keep a constant but I think the coach DOC who's ever. Creating the offense that he plays and is going to be such a huge factor in how well he does early in the overall. Well let's let that that's let them why icann becomes that to -- so clearly with Houston that is a structure right. They've got a good good good coach. Right -- O'Brien embraced the player is it you know if you listened to a lot of the expertise doesn't. That's the fact. Yeah and and that's and that's. You know -- maybe it's not true maybe you're gonna take Manville noticed their base but. Don't go by what. -- we keep hearing on the street I get it but to me I look at Houston could defense -- there you know. Since I don't think bill O'Brien has not terribly great coach. We'll see about that but I think he's a work in progress like anybody else -- to me he's a 5050 guy he might be good not because. No it's true but but he does have he doesn't pedigree with offense and there is an offense -- there they've got a ground game you know that's that's there. The -- so. Immigrant. Because you're changing your offensive blocking system. You've got an old injured Foster and I think got so they really don't regret it. When I was you know I mean maybe Foster comes back embraces in his system is playing -- percent but that's a couple of ladies. Yeah that's true what it's they'd end up. It's clear now look at him. And where you know I think he's an excellent fit. For that system could keep going to the systems grew up and because Kyle Shanahan during the Clinton -- right. Interest -- Stewart goes and it's in the eyes again when you look at that the the top teams drafting. With the raiders the bronze. The rams in with with Houston Houston to me. Has the kind of structure around it that if you if you a looking at a high risk. Our reward player and if they're positioning in their -- labeling Denzel like data or virtual are like that that that that's the kind of team that. I think Africa flourish that's on trying to say. Portland you know it goes back to what well what I said in the wrote upon first our first for the year Bridgewater and been mentally -- and what you and I said I believe. The podcast we did right before the -- by. The you know to me. If I'm the Texan I'm taken Johnny -- -- And if I can't warm up commands the -- -- -- -- you know Tom O'Brien and I just can't pull the trigger I just see too many things I don't wanna work with you if that's the case it would be for me but it could be perhaps. Then just go Bridgewater. Because -- -- conventional. The conventional pocket passers got good -- she's advanced. You know so it is it is the Texans don't want -- well. Does all that plan I just don't understand how they've passed some brutal. You know what I what's the video. You're right yeah when I watch the video on the scouting report Ruben -- on the -- on the thing that popped in the was that nothing popped it was all very consistent a lot of roles look consistent a lot of the routes look consistent he get the ball in places consistently just look consistent. That's what I saw. I ITC's he's efficient. He sees the field very well -- -- a huge Teddy Bridgewater and and that's you know the fact intro to come by in the fact that. You know the people -- -- they thought he was an impressive -- you know. I don't care who they really don't I don't care what's so much all the player. Nobody is guaranteed success but I knew I would be willing to put to you know put a significant number of -- in -- basket. Cool and idea that to you may two references to the com I don't want to transition just for a little bit of time in -- loyal listeners know. That Pete actually went out to the come by -- and Indianapolis. Several weeks back. With WEEI dot com -- a -- dot com and what a great experience -- able to do that. And got to get a chance to. Talked to people. Look at some people on it is the interested in in your overall thoughts. Of the experience and any -- specific things that you picked up. Coming home from. Yeah I mean we it's it's it's -- it's it's a huge benefit to be able to sit down and talk to a player. That's you know I think we anticipated that would be the case and it was. The access to players' abilities sit down and Robert learned Americans Bryant. Tree archer and watch and -- strong to bunch of the guys. And actually get a feel for their personality. Get a feel for what makes him tick and get a feel for what they are willing to do. Now you know for guys like tree archer who's looking at a position switch or at least you know certainly culture shift where he's probably going to be. -- not I mean I don't see him being successful school until back in the NFL yeah. And when I confronted them with that he looked me right the giants smiled and said yeah that's right. Cook and he knows it and he embraces that you so I'm much more likely to get behind him. Then purses and I'm not knock in the next -- but. You know give the economist to me striking is the guy who doesn't really wanna change positions as much yeah. So that to me that was something that you know that mattered to me so you learn something there that's not something that would picked up the elephant in the room yeah album. Yeah. You know some guys and it was interesting how some guys clearly had been coached up. You know what I think one thing I learned was that different agents -- their guys to behave in different ways just there were certainly some players who were there. To give you enough. And they did a good job of it and I give him credit for that that was what -- -- told to do right yeah you know she struck with a guy like that. You know where he wasn't answering the questions she was just being polite he wasn't giving up information. -- the little that's the attitude they have paved. Although. Probably not -- could sit here -- strike me as a down and decide this comes just a joke brought. You know this it's it's it is definitely helping those whose interest into just some guys with their body language and -- I think it was also interstate was. Did doing all the press -- was for the coaches and GMs and you know you read quotes from these guys but when you see the -- being with the media. Some of the guys are more impressed than others doing example. Impressive OK guys who I found to be impressive just based on demeanor and their ability to answer the question -- -- I thought area and was very impressive yeah. I thought. Gus Bradley was impressive was Gus Bradley head coach Jackson -- But Dorsey did GM for the chiefs very impressive guys. That was an interesting read on your come by and report that it goes with the Sunday the Saturday. But some of the things you -- able to extract from him what -- I felt so. Thought Ron Rivera. A guy who in the past have always felt. I was so it's sort of a deer in the headlights look at times it does does does -- well opposite real absolute opposite when you're there talking to him and I have to a questioner to. Personally answer the question without hesitating. So that's sitting there bogged down with the how all the media react to my answer he doesn't care answer yeah I can pick -- okay not giving a flying hoot with the media thanks to me. It's a good sign for it could likely one of the things about me about Rex Ryan's jets coach too many people worried about what people think about it that he was better when he wasn't worried about it. -- look where Rivera played it was equated to Ditka -- you can get -- I don't give. Well that's a twenty mile and a very good server Belichick he could still play what do tour and he is. He's -- do. But -- person people where I expected to be. Impressed -- you know and and you know not so much he tells a lot about organizations and yeah I mean more -- -- extremely likable. Not sure and one coach from a four there's a well deserved another and I -- -- he just has that look of a guy who. I don't know maybe could use your off speed seems very comfortable where that he doesn't seem like a guy who's just you know. Played like a tiger to get to the next level there's just my impression from blog. Bengals fans probably agree with the right did they make the playoffs and avenue when it. Yeah and Ozzie Newsome who you expect to be impressive. Was impressive. On our -- pretty impressive obviously confident. It's Zimmerman. New head coach of the vikings next defensive coordinator for the bank. Not impressed. And I -- very surprised I expected to like him he was defensive. And she was. Even wanna be there -- and you know what piece it's it's his first time so you know. You know he is the guy maybe he gets a little more comfortable yeah but I I can see why he struggled in the interview process based on talk in the. Interest and interest and and that that's a that's disappoint the vikings fans that's a that's a ship that hasn't. Kevin Rollins at that it would look and you did it's way premature to judge delivers a coach but I'm just giving you my impression yeah it's you know that that that the that the press conference and you know he's a guy where I've always liked his defense is so right and I expected one thing and he seemed uncomfortable. You know just to Jay gruden. He was a little bit of a mixed there was some say ever but we're you know we're -- seem to be like I want to be here gruden seemed like people match. And I so like that siren and yeah I mean I think under the impression I got from Jay gruden was that he knows this might be his only chance. And he's gonna do it his way this. And actually impression I got now by the same token Jay gruden also said we're gonna keep. You know some of the staples of the prior scheme. Because they've got the personnel that worked under that -- so he seems to have a little bit of the aryan thing and him -- he will adapt. Offense for the talent. And that goes to do value of our Alfred more -- aren't worried about. Yeah but you know we know for those people who are stuck with Belfort Morrissey don't you know the deal him for 50% of the dollar. I definitely think there's some hope for offer more. But as I sit on wrote about a couple weeks ago which you can move and add value. I would do. So I can get a -- RB one -- higher and RB to value or you know. Wide receiver one value offered more -- I would do that. Just because I have so I just because I worried that if things break wrong could be committed. And then in India and Shanahan said that the history. In why did in Washington that got indebted to people on their roster with that kind of pedigree and a -- background. Well I mean Shanahan I mean you know chanting and gone to an end and that that that the you know his his stretch scheme. I think as it was basically going with them I think they will run. Some of that stuff and I think they're also gonna run you know as -- you know a lot of draws. You know a lot of traps and other stuff so now it's it's gonna be a more diverse running game. It may be more diverse passing game and -- you know that. You know -- remorse doesn't catch the ball well he's not great past. Yeah he's an old school back diesel school running back and the first and second down don't -- good nap. And events that -- you our goal was -- the rosters kind of built with that in mind I'm wondering how it's gonna shake up but it's it's it's an -- -- Small offensive line which works with the you know of this stretch zone scheme. I clearly -- -- mentioned this several times also where you could see you want I think he wants bigger offense and you also able to election except. Interest and the with the with the with a come mine in just a couple quick questions for you -- you there. You had wrote a bond it's been giving scouting reports. Oppositional players. All offseason long -- in the sense like a week after the Super Bowl. When -- there position only what position stuck out. In terms of talent coming into the draft. -- I don't I don't think I learned anymore about -- -- to come by amber yeah I mean before we even got there I mean. As we've been saying ad nauseam and and everybody else is saying it too and their. To write my opinion. I mean receivers just crazy stacked. Crazy. Deeper than. It's added it's our closest I've never seen receiver class like this that I do think there may be a boomerang effect -- -- backer. Whatever you call it you know you've got a ton of people -- early -- next users seeking -- may not be so great yeah you know will have to see that you know what's you know start to bloom but. Right now if you're looking for receivers in this draft. You're gonna get them. How deep Diego. What I mean in terms of the talent pool how many of them are there Alec within the first three full rounds. If you that's impossible to say I mean I think that's you know one of the things that people don't give enough credence to -- Like people will rank the receivers but where they go with the quality offense looks and I you know exactly how well they're gonna fit the scheme. How well the NFL team perceived and the -- Look -- reason is the question that you could you could see a reluctant to answer your question you could see 25 receivers in the first appearance. It's -- -- -- -- my mind yeah I'm totally. Let's say a 161718. -- a lot and that's almost at some attack that's more than half of -- half around but dumb. That I guess a better way to ask that question I'll rephrase it is. If if receivers land if a certain bunch of receivers can land in the right situation okay. How many of the pedigree they can make a fantasy impact this. Upon. I mean. When he while. He. Seemed very specific questions some of the school and sing it any of these guys could land with the same answer. You don't agree that the actors that. Well Packers are pretty -- chart but you know at Carolina with it and yeah that's a weekend that's a that's. Black holes -- number one receiver right now Jericho Cotchery. Yeah I mean I think just about every receiver in the -- a draft just sitting there with their fingers crossed go to Carolina -- known problem. But -- it is so many guys like I reviewed just a few days ago all Richard's yeah I mean not that many people -- even talking about Paul Richardson. Look at have a less sexy name obviously X and when -- I don't know all -- -- Paul Richardson and -- but let's be putting up of scouting report on the pond there. -- it's. Kind of like a regional sales director for. Still a pharmaceutical company. But. It but yet he he he he -- this sounds like. On a real estate salesman always like DeSean Jackson. And units -- and knowing her so. Yeah I I like Richardson a lot mentioned durability issues but you know he's the kind of -- to answer your question which people think -- -- he doesn't just probably can still last. -- -- Arm but he's the kind of guy like to keep the -- Richardson. On Seattle or Frisco. Yeah he can keep it up put a huge numbers but he'll make a big impact on third down -- -- the losses right. Then. Indeed yeah because it because they just don't get a wire that that he did and the dealing Doug Baldwin lessons in Seattle but he ended up. On Carolina you can light it up. Yeah I mean I have been saying that you know which you read -- -- average in the one thing that scares me about it a little tight so me you know he's not. Bill Walton took to take -- of hits every week so I ideally he is secondary weapon on Google. -- He's been great patriot right now he TK he can he completed Deion Branch troll. Very well yeah. I loved that you reinvigorated. Could fit the Deion Branch. Yeah I think images Brady's -- there I think -- Connecticut -- that kind of player very quickly turn. There so what's so we we talked about a situation that you know if -- if felonies. High pedigree receivers and nothing Carolina. So to speak to be -- at least two of them are -- let's talk about that because of me it's it's in. It it looks like -- Yeah like. Hardware store this is gone out of business in Carolina in terms of their offense right now it's like. It's -- -- -- inside the floors dusty and and there's nothing there. You know what you -- -- the story exactly. But it's such or that such a rich class that it deserved there's a kind of a need not worry so much factor over there I would assume. I I think it goes past that I think it goes to the idea personally I think all the people ripping Carolina need to examine our own heads. And I wonder some of these people really understand the depth in the positions strap. Because -- Carolina has done really. And it may not be by design because they had the party contract the deal with but they did their subsequent. You know it's scary to think about Carolina's Steve Smith is not defeating single coverage last year. -- -- well I have Crandall's solid not a world -- right you know it is tied game in this situation a player this piece where the receivers last year yet. Now how much worse. Are they going to be this year. I mean. Cotchery replaces one of those guys the united deep threat but he is good receiver yet. So -- he can either slot third receiver Patrick also play outside he can put Flickr yeah. He's got T he can surprise people and he he put up some -- area -- Pittsburgh he has. Keep people forgot about him when he had his back surgery three years ago you're left the jets but. You know what he's at the end of his career he's not gonna go out there put up a thousand intended that good stable receiver. To make. You know and make big third down catches -- Very effective in the red zone although the double digit touchdown total Lester obviously been out liar but it. It's speech -- he's capable. Yeah he was aware he was a waiver wire the GM last year you really. Now what they need to do now is -- some of those Cooper. Guys you work the outside they need a big bodied receiver who can make captions so new B cam Newton's arm has been wasted. But a lot of the time as a pro because she needs some receivers they can open up those people rapture. Look at me some names that you scouted so far. Or Richardson we just talked about degrade. Certainly Brandon cooks isn't the big bodied guy that he. He'd be an excellent deep threat. It's gonna go early though isn't it the where do well in the draft Brandon cooks. Well yeah he's gonna he's been on the first round but you know the Carolinas at the first for a -- I mean you're right I think he's less than 5050 to get to yeah. Our home but you know in the first round. I don't know that the player we're talking about really exists for them and make -- literate there at the end of the round you know I mean -- We believe Beckham's back and get them -- as we can get to watch it and can get to Watkins might be in the top three. Right Benjamin is not a speed guy. So you know -- probably doesn't get to them so -- -- you know maybe. In. I think Dave it's possible they don't go receive around one and they take receivers and second third or something like that and then there when he was with the eighteen items that your. Right I mean some some players that I would like for them. Would be our market Bryant Clemson not a first rounder. Albanian Washington from Missouri. Thousands of those deals this song Paula got very hard he'd be a good guy goes Cam Newton could have very. Yeah he's getting used to place of heart and -- these guys do it is just a really good receiving class as -- -- -- these guys that played that they've got an alpha mentality which is good thing. But the draft is so much -- Farmington can be offensive weapons of right now the big offensive weapons in the NFL. Position only a quarterback -- receivers of the blast this and this draft is going to be a blast. Net -- -- could be a player for Carolina. Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt. He could be a week's fit for Cam Newton because he's he's got a huge cap trade yes. I mean campaigns never really how to play here. With a great cat treats you know I mean what felt should be but he just got back kind of player yeah. Jordan Matthews if he ended up Carolina. I think that would be very interest just similarly not really. You know I -- not necessarily that -- threat we are talking. But he would give guys -- would be a very trustworthy target for Cam Newton and so many of these guys just so many. When you're at the come mind to get a chance to have this conversation with Rivera. Withdrawn -- an -- you know I didn't sit down with Ron Rivera like you know we. He you know need to get to skip Prosser and yet fifteen minute pressure. Was he met with the receiver question is that of the big -- they had data hadn't had. Well at that time there were played this yet so I think that -- yet to come by and that's when people started putting it together that. -- it probably isn't coming back. I can't remember exactly what his answer was to the question in terms of what they're gonna do with receivers he was being for its. He Gelman we're pretty coy about that stop and at that tipping their hand as to what they're going to do. You know just in which is Smart I mean to -- ever. Now it is a lot like my ticket and you give you might like it to competition and sort of agree with Belichick. And he was directly answered questions I would call -- over -- student player -- could pick it up. -- -- What one last thing on the come -- an -- disinterested in in I don't. Johnson doesn't -- for no apparent. Catholic. But. Every I remember getting it's a brief commerce and the irony of a conversation surrounding -- point I thought was. Was interesting event at the come by and in his form -- building's ownership ballot but that was a funny story. Does the fact did you will -- when you -- subtitle. Calling all of our world. Orders that they really don't really let the media into the actual work -- themselves. And yeah polian was was stopped in the hallway with me on points on the -- Texas -- happy for them to try to. He didn't actually at that -- have access to inside the building. Where the actual work up to going on -- yet when I was talking to a intention. Bit ironic because when he was on the the committee that made the rules for the come buying. He voted against media access so I think -- got locked -- on the -- working against them let's go out sort of but it gave me chuckle. Then army to those -- as this one and you bring permitted. We did you feel better that you know I couldn't get inside at that time immutable and -- -- At least it's not just -- the company says no importance and -- government and the Pacific. -- -- -- -- -- Is Leah. -- could report to we we real fortunate. At W yeah that during -- season on the pitchers try to broadcast he's one of the pundits that comes on with our relationship with ESPN he always he's -- great. On air personality gives -- in depth stuff to answer the questions is an effort to push back his -- Goebbels and. -- he would he would he would some good info as well so and so. He definitely is captain. Excellent so it was a week -- the last sex segment of the of the podcasts of wanna. Play a little bit Tennessee with you because. As retiree or not I don't know we know it -- when -- on an island but we we teased we -- -- you're basically in in names and quick. Run -- about some of the activity. That's happened in free agency but there's also a lot of from you know rookies that you've obviously been covering your day after day after day and on robot. So that we get a new -- yep today actually. Yes so it's one of its direct and you know it's give you a chance to opposite direction you do you wanna. Take some time in and hit some of those rookies -- the goal of the deeper on some of the names have moved in free agency and impact elevenths and its regular ago. You know what I think we'll do the free agency stopped I mean is there any particular freeagent. Pick up your interest I mean I can give you whatever you want on any level. Yeah well I think this couple that stand out you know I mean what won them and Michael Vick thing that the jets come to me. It it is makes a lot of sense first of all. Well I was in Atlanta on a -- that there had any he played for -- -- revenues with the Eagles so it's it definitely makes sense for the jets. You know he's obviously not a long term solution I don't see geno Smith personally as being the long term solution. You know my biggest concern as someone who actually root for those guys. You know I personally my hope for the jets they came to pick a quarterback my personal opinion but also. Yeah the it did you know that it's the so much up in the year and I guess at it it's a -- that's kind of a low risk you know. Hate -- If you value enlightened and Gina Smith of the quarterback divisional class sort of fantasy football podcast and that's that's. That's the quick take -- is that is -- police and the jets come up with some people who get open. He would have fantasy value per start basis. Right because he can rest harassment of right and yet it is the question would be the health it with with -- as he moves -- and his ability to step on the field staff available which has obviously been huge problem. Yet another quarterback to what do you. It in terms of. Any oxygen receivers I think as well. You know I think Eric Decker definitely was happy and -- picture extent ultimate dog lover from understand. The at a at. And -- -- -- fixing in the lights but don't bring Fido has. I spoke to an exact. The two days and summertime when the dogs -- -- Anyway but another quarterback. I mean just in getting a take on from you. In terms of value is that part of bonds. Core. Core value is value in terms of Tennessee football and and into the business is business right. Striking when the values there and I just interest and your take on -- Jay Cutler and in. What you think. What we've always been a clue I mean we've always been sort of pro -- I'm not Belichick gets a little too much -- -- he doesn't have bill. And then -- -- like I'm going Lester because his weapons yet and I mean we were you know. We don't I try to stick to me about that we were you know Groupon was in on the ground for the come out and -- You know he's a guy we really liked coming out of college we doubled down on him after his you know. He can have a bad rookie year really out but he flash all the talent. That you wanted to see he just got injured in and the offenses and consistent and -- -- was terrible has -- -- and and the wind was brutal and you know there are other things but. You know we were -- and you know our our big. Post type guys were Floyd in jeopardy last year. It pretty well on hand out and that's what is it pay attention -- the rookie scouting reports on receivers specifically we'll talk about Atlanta. Register but yes so obviously they've got Jeffrey now locked in established -- Brandon Marshall we like Marcus Wilson who's gonna come in and take over for Earl Bennett. And then you've got a monster tight end -- doesn't get enough respect in Martellus Bennett. So yeah I mean this is the guy and you know Cutler has got. He's gone from having to throw. You know Bennett and it's Devin Hester and being not protected under our bad offense to throwing to Brandon Marshall -- Jeffrey Marcus Wilson. Martellus Bennett Matt Forte can't find a decent to good offensive line to -- trust and confidence yeah so. I don't know if you could patent. A reversal of fortune. Any better than what -- experienced over the last 24 months -- so. And good for him because he's had to suck it up and a lot of different. -- tough situation -- -- use a potential fantasy stud in 2014. And sure. And again and staying with the constitution of what -- of on suggest as a draft strategy -- -- at. As we inch into the summer months. To that I will be joining Cutler instantly share not this -- ATP doesn't go up significant. Well he's a perfect got to talk about in this because. You could do those quarterbacks he's got QB war in the or even. You know -- QB one potential but very bad actually it's very unlikely that enough love manifests estrogen a couple of where he actually gets up to that level the track. Yeah you get him a QB to value and you might have a QB one pitch. And you don't know I I'd be shocked if he's not in the top twelve quarterbacks taken. But I don't think he moves up into the area six you know I think you get him -- the second half of that and I think he's going to be great value because I mean if he stays healthy. He does have the potential to be a -- to you know top four quarterback. The weapons are there in the offense is is is in its second year which is of course it's true pro first yeah and growth growth together as a team is important receive your New England you know anywhere. You know -- year old -- -- to more together on that slide. I'm expecting a bigger better from Dobson employees and maybe even top council seat. Yeah and they -- the commitment taller now as a team that's made a commitment to him that showed them respect the money the love that -- in the talent. He's a man I mean is it that you wanna go negative on Cutler is a man with no excuses. You know I mean he he's he's been through the ringer and values in the catbird seat. It's up there and get it done but you know just from that percentage standpoint -- in love with a silence. Let's cycle about a couple more shake ups in the NFL again. With a all the movement that's been happening and it seems that that is so condensed. Let's subtle bit about the ravens that field you know at the unfortunate situations. Surrounding them -- elected there's not much to discuss at this point I don't know how it's gonna you know I mean of but this guy waiting in the wings gonna happen -- -- -- it's going to be on the team. As you know last year I mean I was never a big fan of the the second back in the backfield so you know. Will the ravens are team I think we will what will know more about them and maybe in the months after the certainly know a lot more after the draft. I guess is that they will take a tailback probably fairly significant yeah. You know and it will be probably a one cut back that's -- its Kubiak softens yes. You know. For people up in Boston they could be. The guys who take underlings. Good good player hackable. I'm not a huge fan. What he fits their system is a big one cut back -- rodents. Hard you know what Williams does she does very well. I do wonder about him I don't know if he has -- potentially be three down back and I'm worried about -- -- -- little -- Yeah that was a tough one and he was. He just as he was started it to get into -- Heisman Trophy candidacy. That injury popped up and. -- -- Wish him and I just symbolize to you can't yet know I know I like him he's a good back I mean if we were it if this were 1992. Right. IP -- -- -- a lot of guys got what a lot of teams are looking for but she you know it. What teams are looking for in a back it's changed a lot -- -- last couple years. And and you know that the bigger bumpers. You know he's he's a little bit like it or -- or -- kind of the back yes you -- about these jumpers and we just saw what what airport were. Less than a lot of people probably thing. I know which is crazy because I mean it -- isn't Chris because it was the league is going with a league is going. But you and I talked about a lot last year to get blood. Very nice with the policy has but he is so limited back in a lot of ways. Yeah you detail about the most football perspective. Interesting messages that are yes no doubt you've always has written up. Piled up the mileage and how the two touchdowns to carry the team in the playoffs than in the new ads are reluctant to carry the patriots to open publicly did you realize I'm just not to argue but I mean I'd you know -- -- arguments on you that there. Part of it. But I mean. To reinvent themselves to a three times in that season you know I mean with. With Hernandez in the Welker in the crock getting hurt and indeed became for a period of time a run heavy team and he was the guy ran terrible luck. They gave him a shot he did very well I I I just think they're. There's a lot of ways patriots employee I'd gladly would have also done very well for dependents and obviously the coaching staff at. Grown a little impatient with this -- this -- But I think by the same token the fact that blunt wasn't -- tell you a little -- -- not look I think I think long term -- be the like Ridley think they'd also to value thing with the patriots and they are sentiment. Electorate but I'm what I really like critically. But I think this is this could be a lot of things it could be I've always suspected that they wanna use marine a lot more than they have. -- made it tough to he's got hurt right okay. And it's just another possibility is that they're looking at this draft and they're going. Well look at look at that -- -- guy yeah. He you know cause -- can be had. Heck of a player bill Belichick's system. And there's a whole bunch of other backs that would be interest in the patriot system one know what I'd really like mr. McCain -- -- -- -- I think. He's just back it can do a lot of different things she's an explosive athlete he's extremely actual. In terms of lateral agility which is always high and the patriots -- when it comes trapped in football players. So you know sort of you know from a physical standpoint if -- the patriot model and I think from a football standpoint you know he's a guy who -- quarterback in college -- -- He played triple option quarterback. In college you played tailback in college she played you know have to put them -- -- back. You know H back excuse me a lot of different things and he was pretty good at everything. Don't sit outside. Yeah he's got -- you know versatility. You know he's got a little Troy brown and he's got a little entitlement and you know. And I also just. Quite frankly I just want to wait please I like him with the ball in his hands he can't keep. Ripped up the Columbine review of the guy we're looking at them and they became an interest you know we dropped agreed forty dropped -- three cone. And -- -- you know -- he's a fairly bright kid. When you look at all the things he digested yet to play quarterback. You know we'll overthrow but it would -- Late hits hits of that on the head with. Not to get off track but in terms -- what the patriots look at is that three cone drill there this entry yet that historical evidence is there. That that's a big big big factor in in their draft opinions. Or I -- you know. And by the by the way because you think it's difficult to be complete non factor in patriot strap it could it's just that they like players will lateral agility. Angel or. They see you lateral agility on film shows up -- the recount yet. He's gonna mean so it's. It's not necessarily correlation there could be. Did I very much doubt the Bill Belichick takes the Rico and times and you -- draft. Don't know if guns are always saying this is there's a pattern. Allowed yeah and in his fourteen years of and Collison enters what is that what he looks yet. He didn't shoot me I think is what I'm trying to right it. Could yet -- to -- -- -- -- very. Specific people expatriate and I conceived in the Patriot Act of seeing him being a forty niner. Could not Nazi. In. Not big enough. -- 245 pound plus tailback and capture. Speaking until backs. What do you hear about Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson. So security know the -- I do it with a ten yeah there's no you know me well York. Eight. And he's always been a guy that I like and I've always defended and to some extent right there were times back in 2000. But eleven was the season where he did Ronald discouraged at times right you know that's that's something you know you medical file articles. -- -- -- -- And acknowledge and yet he was running he was running for a touchdown on the other patient guy that Jeff Fisher that the the -- are all things could -- on. It. Do we told this story in the podcast before but you're one of many fantasy football had a -- stolen with 12 left -- the medical. It's ridiculous it was just I was like me myself joining -- right but the titans were way up. Yeah I kept big date instead it nearly got -- -- -- Johnson room for about forty yet they were up. Seventeen. With the ball you know two minute warning long since gone. And a book and Chris Johnson coming off an injury I believe or was. Dealing with a new century -- Goes -- forty yard touchdown to mathematically beat me exactly by one point imminent and the best -- In the end zone. Yeah especially at exactly provident. But but but but now in 2014. There's a lot of a lot of smoke and potential fire with -- -- to the jets. Yeah I mean I think Johnson the guy could end up on the -- I mean if you do if you do the numbers -- a look at the -- and you know it's the jets have a lot of cap space she's a guy's going to be a little bit of money I think. -- thing that'll make it happen or not happen is whether Johnson wants to put them in a position where they could be a dead money contract and I don't think the jets are gonna give him. A deal. Where they cut him next year it's been horrible -- So that you know I I think it could be like if you look at the Revis contract. It's a one year deal. But they frost bit can make it look at a two year -- two million dollar deal yet exactly. It's done for the players you go benefits really go out there until people got 32 million over to the did a little salute to the well which is essentially. It is -- Revis can tell people to lose any money by going from campus in New England right he would be technically correct. You know the jets make of that type of contract and Johnson which really a one year deal. But you know there's language for second year may -- a third person. Let me a lot more sense than than decent Jackson would. It's their terms of the rumor mill. Yes well that's DeSean Jackson could its competition inject it wouldn't be good on the jets Wednesday but. What if you had the jets in your building long term. And you've already signed Eric Decker and you're looking at the deepest. Secret last few years in you have twelve picks in that draft. Do you really want a box yourself out of the position. I think -- it's if you're looking only at 2014. Maybe that's what the jets. Should do but if you're looking at two dozen 151617. And looking at new England's window. People very wide open certainly but maybe not as wide open and a couple of years it just seems. Very rational. To not bring in a guy who for the jets could be like. You know Santonio Holmes -- Yeah deceit and deceit just he sends them back -- so they don't need to do so. He's a 175. Pound player who's had availability issues throughout his career and I you know you're signing a guy with. And unless I can get into the off field baggage to that stops all hearsay and rumor and we don't know it's true. But forget about that he's a player who's not he's had availability issues who had deeper issues which are true. Absolutely -- adamant 2000 going to renegotiate a ten million dollar contract after the basket last year right now after what the jets equipped with a rivas and Santonio Holmes is as a player you want to bring in. On a big contract no not yet no way. No way so not a gas station on Texas football player he's very good football player but it's horrible said. For a win later team like the -- I would agree the mystique about another primadonna Kenny Britt. Are on the ramps. You know Kenny -- very different -- as he goes to his ex coach you know which would which would indicate which would indicate to me that he must have some redeeming quality is some -- there -- Yeah I mean Fisher obviously doesn't think she is. A really bad guy because he just brought him in -- got depth that the position I know a lot of rams fans are really upset because they think they just got boxed out drafting. -- -- -- Right. After watching my dad's bald but yeah I don't know why can they wouldn't take it to a lot of rams fans think they can take Evans remedy -- -- thirteenth pick as well out right. So -- -- -- -- and it's not the right right I think a lot of rams fans were -- for -- at thirteen and and and certainly Britain. Which seem to make that almost impossible to -- just. Look at the roster they still have quick who might be on the way out the -- good given they've got Austin they've got Stedman -- they've got pedestal and now they've got Brett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah a lot of Steve analyst below deep threat there. Yeah what they need -- a quarterback that's I think we've covered that very well yes. You know we'll see what they do I I personally think intentional brands don't take a quarterback at two I think there are threat to do it. But. Everybody has talked to says differently and rents and sells it differently so on alone on this one. Yeah we'll weigh in on it so believe me and it's not a quarterback. Yeah until it in with quarterback remind you we -- -- the last couple podcast talked about -- football lot with his pro day is there anything that the that we -- -- the couple were talking about him earlier in the show. They did that sticks out now. That approach is. Well I mean I love the fact anyway yeah I mean that's something you and I talked about on this podcast. I love the fact he went down pads and helmet. I mean does it matter probably not I just like to. I like the fact that he did it because finally someone. Maybe he's breaking the waist and I personally think the entire -- it should be impacting you personally. Told that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah right US how does it says -- -- -- like hope only NFL not very important yeah right so you know. Yes so hopefully Johnny troubles start a trend football element that's going. You know I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know it is I can't get an old drama thing yet there's there's no doubt that his. Personality in. Stuff is gonna turn off some teams you know but the funny thing is I mean Arnold because -- quotes. Yesterday you know. -- -- Indicated that they interviewed me and feel that the red flags are but that was really mean things to say it. You know I didn't feel that way mark that down in your book in the talk about what I do. But. You know. Will we go where we don't I slow -- -- John it's a ball probably well I can have started Charles Neitzel at all. Pro day. Good bad things you don't even people don't believe in him than some of up up up. -- -- -- -- But yeah yet that is some people think that you know -- thank you just Coventry as far back you know people saying you know. It seems like they're worried if he's going to be doing off field stuff and still on the estimated. Well I agree but I also think that. Since when do we expect our quarterback to do no off field stuff -- It's only Tom Brady's never got a commercial exactly. Probably never -- -- talk show Larry -- do you just not this time I let her does TV and Peyton Manning -- -- -- at a pizza or Sony TV happy. Larry Bird -- his mother's driveway it. But he did not mean it gives. Don't you Bryan -- have been -- force Super -- I mean. Good but they still had enough time to -- football and your phone last year so it's it seems to me that were being a little hypocritical to agree -- you know so. Yes -- is going to have. Endorsement opportunities he's going to have off field stuff. You know. Does that mean he's the next Mark Sanchez now you know because he's really good and Mark Sanchez isn't. This is really really bad but look at the truth of that group you know immediate level as -- -- opportunities for a reason that. Because fuel at college football with the Christmas tree in user yeah. And anyway move on yeah lets us we don't we know we don't have much time left and we have a whole lot more stuff. Yeah let's look at it let's slow and final final segment here and give it you know somewhere between five and ten minutes. But you know one of the things that's been happening this off season other than all of the free agent acquisitions players moving. Rumors all that stuff has been some really really robust and in depth scouting reports and wrote a -- dot com that -- provided. And dumb. It sell it to the big thing in the whole football. It by the end institutions are -- we have our offense no doubt. Yet your physical following looking for deep -- and valleys and stuff you can't go to a better place and at zeroed Yvonne on -- dot com is as a pump. Up a biblical mount of scouting reports but the -- and on the pike I would assume it was on your radar. Well that's actually got you know I think counted the number we've done so far wanna say it's about thirty salon where we're definitely gonna add another. I'd say 25 to thirty scouting reports before the draft. So we're gonna have upwards of fifty offenses you know still players you know written up. Before the draft certainly anybody who we may have missed right up after the draft. So yes there's you can get lost and -- contents. Right now and it's only gonna get sticker. Over the next couple weeks. As far as guys we have upcoming -- to have a new report out today. Very talented player. This kid -- cool. Running back from Georgia State started out in 2011 as a starting tailback at Georgia. You know he was a Bulldog and he was the SEC freshman of the year. Unfortunately -- Serious off field stuff firearm related -- drug related. And he was you know. -- effectively given the boot although it's said to have been a mutual decision. From Georgia ended up the Georgia State. Performed very well at Georgia State over the last two years. He's arguably. And -- very different back then a guy like Carlos Hyde. But I'd say he's he's arguably the most talented back in the Draft Clark and -- -- just keep that good and that's -- and today's. It's it's it's up on the site in check it out there at least it's funny I we're going to be there would have. Sometime next week or so limited to an article. On the smoke on the small school backs in this draft just to talk about how amazing it is that there's so many guys in this draft from tiny school to make. -- cap or top ten. Come from outside. You know the big schools. -- missed something on that it which is at the -- -- did you get any any dialogue going -- feeling for people at the running back position like. I don't see that it's that it's. It's going away Nam but should you yeah it's just like you know. Especially follow what happened all right. Before backs that were talking about here Isaiah scroll from Georgia State parents west from Allison. Jerry McCain and we spoke of Georgia's southern and and you cut a tree archer from Kent State. Gosh those guys are all likely will either in or on the front or top ten. That's pretty impressive on as she did you know to your question about running backs being devalued this and you and I talked about a podcast before. Yeah it's it's you know it's I think that something that sort of interesting to me about what's going out of the running backs is that. The formal is still filled with players who were planning on being. The old running back. Right that's -- that that's us and go like that's what these guys 120 years all that means when they started playing football on there were kids running back does that. They want to do next and it's. Right guys angels right tiger LaDainian Tomlinson and never. And a major and I think I think you're correct and you know it's funny is -- dean Kerry at the draft running partners owns complainer. You know he said it is as is that press conference. You know if he if he had known what cornerbacks are going to be making -- what running backs are going to be making he would play quarterback that's exactly my point. Down it's added it's funny coach turner and I were talking yesterday we're talking about -- And the possibility of going to the patriots. And it was so biggest fear because doing it was a -- turning into a corner -- Because he couldn't because he's got a credible agility and actually put a little corner in college team. That would really take the wind out of our -- but the irony about it. Is that a player would go really I -- -- court. I think to make some money so I can make -- million instead of three tradition ourselves out. That's -- that's the amazing part is that the the other thing is starting to swing the other way. So so it's certain things now today I think that the formal is still sort of filled with guys under the old paradigm. You know I think you know -- you know and a couple of years. You know. Everybody's gonna realize pass protection Adele has biggest skill in the NFL with the ability to make the first guy that's right you know that's that's that's a little different than it was 1020 years ago. I'm addicted to accord extending up. Right live to throw another day. And then now here's the other thing. Because of the way the NFL works because of the way the collective bargaining agreement works. Running without optical sort of the question what would you say running back with a ten year career what are the best years that ten year career. I'm gonna say. Probably from. Year to get. Your five. Okay that's yeah I would say if you want to fortunate fox yeah okay now. Right -- for the most part no longer go the first route right they usually go second round or later. Never really went in the second I think very influential. You sir you're a professional running back what are you looking at. You're looking at being taken not a the first round you're looking at. The best years of your career occurring under rookie contract which is very limited outside -- first round. So. What's gonna happen is people don't be discouraged from play running back. You're gonna see a lot of guys who would've been running backs playing defense but there's more money over the yeah. So. I make something here has to change or that eventually. Come did not come back. At -- flow of talent that's what's gonna happen just. I mean it -- uninteresting and you know I think something has to give. I think but I don't know how they set it up we're running back treated differently than other positions they probably can't do that. I don't think the natural flow is going to be. Guys who could run and actually come in and do well as rookies or second tier players are gonna -- -- They're gonna worry negotiate and they're going to be right. -- -- with the word I was looking for is like I hope the running back. Doesn't become obsolete like fullback you know. And we won't become obsolete but it's it's changed priorities. Our skills and abilities that the position aren't saying. Yeah there was going to be like like ball went -- let's go like you know H taxer. Even some linemen in terms of their pay -- I would imagine. Yeah I mean right now I think it is my opinion is right now the needles as far as down his delivery -- I don't think running backs are ever going to be any more disrespect had been an hour right now. You know but the but -- -- there is one other factor there's so many running backs. They're not hard to find. Yeah it's true I'm -- values have actually seen fantasy football but when you when you get a little bit light either with the injuries and you get some. -- like a Justin Forsett or something like that then all of a sudden to be carrying the rock. You know in your fantasy football title game in week thirteen we -- sixteen X rays. Yet now I mean it's like I mean look if and when you and I certainly offensive football it was everything that top. The top twenty running backs -- the first round yeah. You better get stupidly dressed that way now because the back end that topped wanted to start a good while I remember you like with the the isolated in terms of Tennessee value yet that's not getting the touches. Yeah you were one of the first people like him I always always a could have been more predictable at that come out of the first two rounds at two backs. Every -- and I remember distinctly like him back to back years you like mosques in the first round. And then Tony Gonzales like in the second round I was like holy -- you know -- -- is like that was that was I was on the diamond Rio there's a long time ago won't act. I was at a time where there was Gonzales and the whole rest of the planet right now so you always want and that year I well I mean I had sleepers at the running back position right here so I did -- work. But you couldn't I mean I wouldn't I didn't do that every draft that year noticing a desperate -- risk yet. Yet but that's stood out but now that's like you know it's it's it's just changed so much now. And don't the first for going Jimmy Graham go to the first -- an -- to Scotland to the health concern for sure -- Now and then as we said in an article one wrote about a couple years ago put cook will rank these guys in the first round and you have to take an -- but I'm sorry that's where these guys have to -- that's on the -- not. Housing yards -- other touchdown during routine if they're -- they've got great quarterbacks what's the bounce -- doing drugs and yeah. And we act Gramm had a -- for that reason. That's for sure it will but it I think that's what's gonna before we before we close up with some. Let's take a quick look at what's coming down the public yet please. Maybe one minute we have a minute yes sure Google so it is just so. People know you know we've got a lot of scouting reports coming up I just mentioned to dean Kerry will be coming up in the next couple weeks bishops thank you running back from Washington becoming options. You know as I said we already you know we put up Isaiah -- today. Look at Florida down. Yeah it's it's I don't know the article goes to the players very. Hit him in terms of quarterbacks you know will be. Reviewing -- met burger AJ McCarron. -- failed to drop below those guys are coming up in the next couple weeks. We're gonna handle the rest of the tight end Jason Mario Austin soaring Jenkins. Actually necklace out of Notre Dame. The wide receiver position in the we've got a lot of a lot of ones coming up a guy that we like a very sort of unheralded kid out of Illinois named ray Lankford. Pretty impressed with his film although we're looking for more film. Cody latter around Indiana would definitely got a positive review coming -- -- aberrant Derrius fairy interest in receiver out of Wisconsin and more film to watch -- -- the boys in interest and player. Jarvis slander from LSU -- it just goes on and on and so there's a lot coming. In the next couple weeks -- rattled -- in addition to a -- there and them. I hope -- people read it and also did we mention. For those people who listen to the podcast follow at wrote upon it this way you know and fresh content comes up and that wrote about tax off. He's he's just he's boxed me out like Charles Barkley. Is gonna come in and to say look I -- -- it the best way to just. Keep an update is is keep the look at each order come fall Opie -- at wrote a bond. RO TO BA HN dot com and into so I get a slice summit at rural -- -- socket and down Yucca. All -- around about -- -- it's much better to follow what you know now that you've got. Jim dug in with a shirt on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we had to get rid -- shortlist hacksaw Jim -- but that's gone now we found assured form. Yeah yeah that's good yeah repeated exposures Chester not soccer it's a restaurant it sockets -- anybody. But what is who would. The surge. Is ethnic and Beverly Hills are exactly -- cat scratch Q -- -- think if we don't we don't need any of that. But anyway. Saw you you are -- you're safe from that but you know what is good for you in getting prepped for the draft which you know inching towards spring and summer months here. Part of one's gonna keep it covered Pete and I are committed to providing these podcast every week during the offseason. Up to. -- -- doing national and it would break down each individual position and our podcast leading up to traps so. -- we've decided you're yep we're gonna do QB podcaster running back podcaster receiver podcasting. You know probably half a podcast and. And then when there. When we're getting ready do the show we'll tweet it out an admirable on -- -- on backside and then we will also put up those podcast when they come up on WEEI dot comes to this one will be. Live very soon as you know you're listening to it. And we'll see you next week and current schedule of when they come so. As always one I think are good friends over Mohegan Sun for sponsoring offer contents -- football wise -- WEEI dot com and these very podcast that you listen to. What do listen to it you'll like it and then check out -- dot com check up -- work we talked about the scouting reports that happening -- active. There's a new one up there right now for it checked out so until next week. I enjoy dive and all the football content and we'll talk to you again soon thanks a tournament. --

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