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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Porcupine c-section

Apr 1, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a man in Maine who gave a porcupine a c-section.

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I have I've brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment Robert each Richards before he's 47 years -- He's a DuPont family air up. Dodge prison you know after a pleading guilty to -- in his. Three year old daughter because the judge ruled he would not fare well behind bars. It would be too tough. Isn't that the reason to put him behind bars well it's there it's you know it's there rehabilitate he would do well on the umpire judge's name -- it does once -- -- this. This is in the state of new -- -- city -- me nuts because how many -- Michigan department helix skinny eighteen year old drug deals global what this judge now did she say. -- I can't put him away he might not fairway and injured -- And Jan let's a lot of -- skinny eighteen year old and crack dealers off the hook. Richards pleaded guilty in 20084 degree rape deal -- John dodge any jail time she sends recruits the years in prison to spend the time for probation. The requires monthly visits with -- case officer she wrote defendant not farewell and level five. Set and it's Delaware where -- committed -- in that correction of them. Level five -- prison. A strange. And they could in prison officials that they put protective custody at a tournament minimum security he gets to go home. Go home got -- his own two or three year old daughter now is ex wife is suing him and -- and and judge Neil Walker and judge Gregory Flynn and that's when the colleagues that sort. We're not -- ad deal now while taking a lie detector test in 2010 Richards told the examiner -- in the sexually abused his son in 2005 this three -- daughter. His son when the boy was. Fourteen counseled so this is one sick fourteen -- -- you know he's probably in red analysts. And we salute those aren't that you park Eichmann who was -- would -- permanently. Castrate him. Absolutely they do that -- Saying abuses similar to what happened my daughter Richards allegedly promised that whatever I did my son I will never do well sure well I don't know how Saddam wouldn't do it can never give -- that -- race. To say so that's I mean you rape a three year old it because you don't go to jail. The into jail. It is a rich DuPont. Yeah its load Cavuto of sizzle the place. Everyone he barely network was over twenty billion. I Betty hired good lawyer and I don't couldn't get a PD you know -- now now. Ron Ferguson MSNBC show the rumors under Frank Sinatra eight win yes. Like me even though it was a moon bat -- Woody Allen any calls -- what do you know every chance again and it looks just like -- Well the New York Daily News reporting -- -- new show is facing cancellation because of poor ratings. You sort of sucks on TV MSNBC source says yes and turn out to be the superstar. They were hoping for the cup they -- the makings of a superstar. Good looking guy big personality not afraid to go after celebrities. There it was a Rhodes scholar graduated cultures fifteen has over 250 Twitter followers to bring in with the TV -- as 52 deep down -- graduate from college at fifteen. Yeah -- it happened the source that does not have a big starts because some as a boy genius turned toward a star. Doesn't mean they deserve their own keep these. Aren't. Today's show we wrap things up with our our battle of the day. We looked at. Opt band and we are also going to carry our heroes and zeroes so don't go away that'll be right after the break four Ronald thinks it's safe to replace him rotten -- unbelievable. Nielsen rated Wednesday show 708 among all programs until the viewers in the eighteen for outlaw today what is -- on. Is there a good day at least what channel. MSNBC. 708 among all shows. It was beaten out by a pair of golden girls reruns on the Hallmark Channel that's not -- that. Golden girls reruns we're MSNBC that's not yet on one beat that's some underneath. Robert Ferris into them good news that beat. Which was in the attention worry. Rosalia -- highly questionable mess that yeah. That's it's amazing ESPN. So the big thing with the SP and right now is obviously it's a slam it down your throat. But they take the women's tournament I would say about. 80% this year he's the man they set it up the same way the analysts at the same seats and -- and the same things. And it's just socially -- acting but you're not watching UConn Notre Dame a pair of undefeated -- is Sergio as they're really. Were some guys who watch this. Are there any guys and of people texting your line who care about these notes not out in general right now. I don't like what Obama does is bracket because of -- pro tournament so what are they protect. Why do you think why. Truly want to -- -- and it looked like you are all things to -- it's costing you money. Prosecute money is -- at -- at the set these people these ads he's at the games no no I never -- that -- -- Eludes to as a whole -- you mean in my annoy you that you know that just trying to be politically correct and candor. -- been gaining in viewers now of course losing viewers. Those times when -- put frolic and weakened and ESPN and ESPN two has a -- game and you go how much in this and you just look for something to watch. And you and this is their two big entities that are too big properties in the bowl and that's like cops is by default when there's nothing on but NCAA women's basketball re write the cops to watch again last night -- did not -- -- that's a great show -- -- -- -- I'm main man in search of a valuable mineral cut open a dead porcupine on the side of the road in unexpectedly pulled out its baby. Did you notice. Jared -- up and made says he was searching for wild mushrooms Thursday. We say portrait by get hit by car he said he heard valuable mineral deposit used in Chinese medicine formed. In the stomachs of porcupine -- -- -- he. For the sack opened a public porcupine. -- -- -- -- put and a half we thought it was that I stand without him that you know whose. All kinds of stuff on two of his lungs -- it deals without breathing. Our of our -- so many unanswered questions. He was looking for a wild mushrooms right. And instead saw -- porcupine hit by a car. And had the knowledge. From his optimists. Export. That -- Chinese -- have. Valuable middle minerals and -- We are out of line and he's gonna kind of -- -- oh -- I sell to like yeah Chinese alchemist who would you know that umbilical cord. Was in the -- of porcupine for cutting open so he essentially to the C section. UP and -- baby. By the baby's okay scared for home and plans to get between licensed wildlife rebuilt. Main hope that may -- doesn't have a Bible minerals that make sense you look at -- yeah that's accents that seems like he's a guy -- -- a lot of things become secretary I think that the stock car at a porcupine you just -- drive that's weird. Just keep track them I'm sure -- now. And try to save it. Saw the baby we try to save the baby that freaked. Maybe porcupine is is very -- -- it which is runaway is there a specific column in Maine rumor this took place on the of that though now it's just you know it's it's meant to -- that he's. If you Greg cut him -- local court bought the baby porcupine was emphasize this I. I basic things that you can eat the dead mother well yeah it was good -- really. -- -- Lisbon Maine does not come in Maine that wasn't the name was installed from some morals is -- true it has been Portugal bright idea that this case everywhere. Domain has more of those Harris -- -- you've done that in London London really yeah London. As the Madrid. Madrid Madrid Madrid remains an -- most -- up North. Augusta. They stole that from George yeah and that was cast it is or was cast them overseas and others were this woman wails is that true. -- -- brought to you by AT&T. 677. 79837. We've already critiqued at assessed. The broadcast performance of Jerry Remy under dire. Circumstances yesterday I was OK with a jury was -- with -- -- and was not. There's another broadcast. Debut. Yesterday going to be one today and I'm very excited. Exceptionally excited that they're bringing back. Well we don't hold us back to the feud that's all I know back to the future is what I would say a you know more than I do well. As we go to break I will tell you that it to a clock. Properly on this radio station. There'll be an announcement of epic. Proportions. In terms of -- Michael -- dance partner is going forward. But I've got some ideas on hi all I know all I believe is they're going back the future that's all I heard a pop. Which. Is a world. Possibilities I mean that and sell salt can also in the back on the list -- lot of people missed some since he's been gone on this the ago crime bring them back you know you get. He -- now the talks of fiery guys still around he got. -- -- the round the round we can't mention his name around us as a possibility -- yet he's still there him. This is Janet Gretzky and she still around. -- the -- -- the sports -- all the sports -- sports -- -- this big announcement downforce. It I've been searching for the Super Bowl -- we -- all my life.

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