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The Bradford Files: Jake Peavy weighs in on importance of Red Sox' trip to White House

Mar 31, 2014|

Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy joined Rob Bradford in discussion his team's trip to the White House, his history with the President, and why he is against anybody using such an event to make a political statement (such as was the case with Bruins goalie Tim Thomas)

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It's time for the grand finals right now -- -- yank -- Welcome to another edition of Bradford files sponsored by schools distinctive clothing the people make me so what. So darned good and today. The person who is witnessing the opening day excellence as Jake Peavy Jake thanks for joining us and that'd be here. So really a pass sobering today tomorrow or actually Tuesday. -- -- going to be the White House now you've been of the White House -- correct. I have yet gotten opportunities to to go global times in and it's obviously need experience to get to go. Nancy. World is now really you know to. To get a chance to to walk behind those doors and then get to see. A little bit of everything offices soon. Outside of -- you know states. It's too call home it's a special day and obviously you guys -- bigger with more. And commemorate World Series championship and getting better or the circumstances. That led you there -- for farming town you've been have been just been twice actually. And -- it just in the when some some different people and through town on the the first time -- -- was actually. Career development camp. In it's -- the right people at that time. It took us in and got the sale of to present and at the time which is the president now. And that was released a very -- -- him nuclear with Chicago White Sox and we all know that our president today is mr. white's experience so. They're people in the white -- organization you have some. Some. Relative pool -- -- Obama. Tickets inside track to see some things that may cardinal colors in king did. Clearance to severe round so. Got a chance to to do it there as well but. Filled blessed every time did you get to. That to be a party in succession of presidents and where you like you know like you. Any of opinion that's. Out the windows the president -- states in that's always a blast ago. -- the reports themselves. Arguments because they actually made brings up a topic. The last time Boston sports team went noise how's that there was a lot of controversy -- one of the players who. Didn't necessarily agree with president's political leanings. Tom didn't go and -- I don't think interest to -- -- here but what's your take on the I don't remember if you remember -- to a man yeah rumor about it you know that's it. You know. Like this I think it goes beyond that you know I think and we all in life have different political views in different ways we. -- sink -- and obviously. Anybody would commute that said everybody here. Things exactly gotten. In -- even in this room were all watching great friends he went around the locker room locker guys have different political stances. There and values on different aspects of life I think this day. That we're gonna commemorates more. We throw that out the window thinks it's not -- -- Anything other than getting to do some very very special -- not a whole lot he wanted to do. In commemoration. Winning the World Series so. I do remember that day it's unfortunate and I do remember. And take a lot of grief and over that. -- happened here. Guys to. Do that we're not trying to make any kind of political statement. It has nothing to do whether you voted for him liking don't like it has everything to do -- they were gonna do some very special edition. Most powerful man in in the world's hand he's having this over. To say thank you -- pitcher. The very cool day something that I think everybody is excited about -- to. -- my last question regards that is because you're an athlete and in your goal is to get to that point right. So so when used to when you hear that as a and a is an athlete when you hear about bad news story. Did it surprise you because. I think because he you to send exactly while I think most athletes be you know I think so I think. Said. It bothers me when people. Use their platform analyze whether -- -- actors -- -- singer it's think you'd. Have never rises anytime you want to voice your political opinion in. Oh lead singers and all the time -- -- -- your songs and and then. Yeah and in and leave the political views because everybody. At the end of the -- sees things differently. I'm pretty sheer. Most athletes view and as I just told the today that's you know is common when you win the World Series. Unite and be a part of it because you didn't vote for the yard don't like is. Tax policy our -- whatever may be. So. More in this special they were very excited about so I know that there was some talk to vote. The film's American flag jacket. You guys have agreed -- Things planned many gifts and -- wardrobes. I mean anything but yeah I think I think our troops -- a little bit different than than maybe most troops. Previous. Journalist too much out -- and stop using over the top but. I think. The people who have been around Austin and in the news this team -- -- much else isn't a bit different than than maybe teams in the past and -- is what made it's that thing we are so. Ago. And just simply thank -- pitcher not -- a little bit different and the ones who. I went before us would be. Just not right so think I pitcher real have been different but that the when it tightening over the top -- in -- respect and we certainly respect our country and and more tomorrow and just. Real quick this because I I would be remiss if I didn't ask you vote. How you're entering the season because I remember wasn't seemingly long ago we're talking about how you took a -- out of a package and and your finger -- and and everyone saying well you know how it's gonna make opening day our -- even make the regular season starts and he said I'm gonna make it come on schedule. Tom was there any doubt ever. When you have that incidents from -- Well you know there's always a little bit of doubt because you'd. I think. At first I didn't understand snippets of the injury and what I had done -- problem. Sosa yet when you start. Here in what with the trainers are different people are saying. It's. There are some some questions but. You as an athlete we do everything we do to push our bodies in and ask. Our bodies to do things. Our basis that maybe maybe that's. Are the best things at times but that maybe the average person wouldn't do -- because they don't have to do that. Fortunately the injury healed and in and we didn't go to the point where you thought you could. And I was able to get back on track in and in an altered program -- arm working in moderate to its. To pitch here this upcoming. Products do you have to do I know there initially you have a different club right there's there's no difference and no difference now -- the biggest thing was it was the infection part of things. Cut it fairly deep into the the joint capsule and -- worried about infection and and different stuff that's we were able to. Also -- some gloves and in the catching program in. So if that. You know got me out of some film drills and and but other than that you know tea. And we grind through it and I can be anymore ready to which brought. Is this going to be fair to say that you're looking forward to this season more than. Maybe any season at least NEC's in recent memory. Right yeah I think the excitement of what happened last year in you know just when you get to the point where I met my career -- you. You've had some song you know numerous years in the big leagues and someone. You know ten plus on my thirteenth season of the -- Things can get Staley and get stagnant when you when you do something -- specials we are able to do last year. You know just like a shot of energy that's B twelve shots and speaking just revitalized as. The way you feel the way you want to work my workouts this winner. When you start getting back into -- you have a little bit more -- in -- step. We understand the challenges -- aside I certainly am looking forward to this season as much as any. That means he's going to be as challenging season it is in the Elizabeth went through in. And have a -- back and realize you're gonna get everybody's a game. And from. The media -- things outside influence out of things are going to be doing enough and trying to. The -- -- this group the apartment and anything happens on the field. But. You know it's. It's very easy it's a vehicle leasing group when you're not expected to be much. And year. You know you're in the situation seamless last year to different. Feelings -- different. Side of things completely -- -- when you're expected to do it you're expected would be. -- one way into a certain thing in and and we all realize that the biggest thing is a mistake the other group. And showed -- chemistry is not something put on Israel we care about each other and nothing's gonna get and then in in divide this club possible. -- where the chips fall. All right thank you wanna plug. That it. That the Red Sox and closer to us -- tired thanks Jacque appreciate.

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