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Mike Hazen joins Mut and Merloni on Opening Day

Mar 31, 2014|

Assistant GM Mike Hazen joins Mut, Lou and Holley to discuss the upcoming season and what decisions had to be made to come up with the Opening Day roster

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-- in the house. Blue in Baltimore and I just. I need at somebody else let's get somebody on the phone about that -- really shake things up -- Austin Baltimore war and the fall Mike -- and vice president assistant GM of the Red Sox joins us as part of our opening day coverage might get some much Mike and -- today how are you don't want to go out. Not going -- here maybe not as good for the the Red Sox injury wise on opening day let's talk about it Mike chain victory know. Heading to the disabled list Jackie Bradley -- called back up. How much this was -- the last minute how much was this day. A probability that chain would have to start the -- disabled list before the sport. How hard day at the time you know it up then we -- we're all all that wouldn't be getting overly serious but. -- -- the more accurate board -- to the meaning -- these and you know being -- is certainly a marker that everybody shoots or and they -- -- to Iraq earned. You know that that not going to be here to want to beat duke and the biggest thing get not only be enabled security gonna have your -- or walk -- -- -- and you can Iraq the thing you know I'm not. -- to get this right. You know for ordered him out there don't know -- and another situation if it is. You know. Gone through that's not to go to the -- now up I'm sort of take that -- You know -- units are you gay -- Jackie Bradley up because -- he got to keep an eye on Grady Sizemore -- one rescue boat him because it's. The fact that he passed the test physically and then showed you the -- form at their level I know there was no time -- timeframe on this thing as far as when he's gonna be ready but. He had to have shocked a lot of people as far as Europeans coming into camp what you gonna get. Yeah I think so you know it's great city and -- build and brown got the depth that we have altered gene. You know get over an hour days and have many good players. And the -- for the majority in order to your game. Thought they could do a great story. But when when did you know I mean. What was that final test was it this early is just a few days ago or like a ten days ago to give a pretty good idea at this that was gonna be ready go. I particularly sort of built -- spring training we aren't going back here and there are productive day. That sort of -- -- to give it physically nordic gave us more more confident. I think -- probably the biggest you know watching him play it and it would it would great to -- -- just. Come back into the -- that irony -- -- to watch it bill or day over day come back in physically I think that sort of what gave up the competent and it will report. You know Mike as we talk about baseball predictions in this is the time of year Ford we do on the radio magazines Buick TV. Who was gonna finish where we look at the Red Sox miss him so much went right for them last year. But they have some talent clearly but the also got lucky in some areas. That's the way we look at it how much you guys -- -- said. We have some distance to think about this season. How did you put it all into perspective did you think that lot was a factor in and things. It started at the stayed out or you know one way or another we got to look got a little bit earlier that you gotta make a lot. My preparation the way that the doubt about it what -- gotten. -- the player that aim then looking -- are right -- that you got the ball. They don't accurate look at your arms while never go like we were the email we were then to interpret the record I don't think we we got that low and germs don't. We viewed the talent on the rot there. What god last year you know the other direction and and god coming together play in the way they yeah you know what goes the other. I'm walking me. You know injury prevention he got on the field and what you're seeing are these are about a block. Is -- -- much depth that generally are going to go what the guys did it when guys you go down having really good players that been like like our John goal. And I know our players they came in and contribute get a Bogart in the late last year. -- out of your frame -- sure they weren't put right sport but here but there -- a lot of hard work that would end of that doubt getting outlook to well. We're talking -- Red Sox assistant GM Mike -- an opening day Red Sox and Orioles is the couple hours from now Jon Lester gets the ball for this team opening day Jon Lester is contract talks Mike. With the team by hit I a pause according to -- cherry -- Over the weekend out weekend but he also said that talks could continue. During the year is that something where you check in every couple weeks -- there already meetings planned for more talks during the year with this like hell that work. Yeah I don't know the they'll take on different orbit that depending on acquiring agent what what then what -- gotten out of America. -- set it apart but you get that get that started everybody focused and no we're back there I don't know there's nothing. That's clearly like ongoing right now. But we don't know that will pick back up on -- you know we get finalized Pedroia last year in the middle of you know we don't know yet there's there's -- popping up. Nothing to anyone direction right now. -- know Mike you guys come out of the gate and only the rotation order as a means so much now more so maybe in a post season but clay buckle to your fifth starter. What went into that decision was it just simply this guy recovering from an injury or is it more trying to protect him as the year went on. I think the way -- finished last year -- got -- on the epic nature -- -- you know what were they are I look at our. But I think we're the great thing there's -- hear back who might be a lot of time he had a prepared going in the spring training you know when you make its spring training start. Giving him the most aren't prepared physically. I think I'll probably get more than anything else -- and you know aware what a number N dot org I probably another opening day starter. You know. Number everybody gonna -- what everybody else what to -- rotation. I'm always interested to hear people talk about Butterfield and how he is great working with infielders. And I see and hear a lot of people and and see a lot of people talking about his work was under Bogart and Butterfield themselves as. Bogart is a quick learner and makes these corrections. It at a rapid pace you give us an example of some things that you may have seen that -- is able to do now when he wasn't able to do. At the beginning of spring training. Yes there are part of an unbelievable job of our -- our dealers and it's not something you see all the -- that depend. You'd be it from one of our everyday who are on the field and the repetition put the although. In fielder broke. The biggest thing for folk -- into -- some of our shortstop you're not. The slide but picked one out a little bit on prodigy already. On the short operation and didn't. Like this in all I'm meeting a lot of time you spent the weight and -- -- all we neglect and better gotten to really utilize the leg. -- -- the ground while now. But -- down a little lower. Actually getting going to be all that that went to the beat -- beat -- -- -- you and you're working out all. But that's probably -- thing that they -- -- on really using it more Appleby. Which you're ground ball. Mike how do you view Brandon Workman and I saw -- at the end of last year came up and everything -- the post season was lights out right up until game six in -- -- -- John -- said he views him as a starter but we'll start the year. Out of the pen for Boston's so how do you view woman how do you manage. I've guy in the organization you think might be a starter but is now pitching out of the bullpen for this team. Yeah that's a question I think all -- your question from a very. You know short term perspective he's one of what -- could certainly organizations. Gain. We hope we got a spotless with -- in doubt I think -- him. Yeah that would have been ordered to -- anymore as a starter and reliever. A you know where that he -- his career we don't know. Oh we we feel like your ability to do. -- -- will probably have to make a decision on a longer term plan of where you gonna end up what are rotation portable than. But right now -- out while while while Brent goes down and -- do or don't see there. You might as impressive spring will -- Brooks at the plate you know -- lot of eyes on him and he goes back talks little but that injury last last season that hurt him with what did you see differently as far as a hitter goes this approach. Yeah -- yeah I think you staying at all. They're not the right I don't know people -- a lot of thought that it really is you know stronger ball side the other need to do much. Get a brought out the full side. Oh wait you put it that it now it's normal on the other apple is ready to break -- all -- you're out all the way. He covers a much more the plate -- become so much more dangerous hitter you know hopefully. You know beyond injury last year you know looking at -- gets turned down on the Internet and not only probably -- or coming out albeit. You know what happened but the good thing to gain back up and being a -- you -- a lot with our government AAA. He really wouldn't -- -- player opera you figure out last year. -- he what impact happened. You know how are -- gotta do it just honor you know a lot of those out and hopefully they're confident on that you don't feeling that. Another stroke last year you don't become a better baseball player of the group. In my class one for -- him and ask you to not get political here that are being the the normal answer normally would be. All the teams in my division are good it's a great division in the Yale -- is going to be tough. Oh what what is the team -- at the Red Sox are knock it away the elite few looked at these for you watch the moves. What's the team most likely what the team that would keep you up -- -- the main competition but the Red Sox in the elite. Met doctor. Or plan predict you get the red rock and our allies. If that's not what team keep Yahoo! -- -- -- division Mike gays and they -- they are. I think got. I think about it would we be starting pitching camp ordered the thing over the last five years that they were being. That's pretty the most challenges you know you -- starting pitching. And that all bank. Beckham did a good return game and -- two or 31 game. No recourse under your game -- about that that they are all out -- walk on and perhaps a lot I hear me. I hope -- -- changed my outlook on their very efficient at what they do from opposite important ever act we're sitting. Well it was spotted in -- that is the second at the -- there. Are some -- who's going to be -- -- BP decide I. Don't worry about it I don't know I thought what are. Mike great stuff opening day finally here warm weather hopefully finally here in New England opening day at Fenway comes your way on Friday. Enjoy one of blood sixty you'll talk to throughout the season. Got back that is Mike -- vice president and assistant general manager of the Red Sox joining us on the AT&T hotline.

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