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Old friend Orlando calls Mut and Merloni

Mar 31, 2014|

Orlando calls in to let everyone know he thinks the Sox will S-U-C-K SUCK this year

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Orlando. Is in Boston talking about -- Knox and two ago. I would. -- -- little high notes. On. My boy. I do not let our activity on. Restaurant restaurant that's a monster to Iran said it led to three years -- edit. Court date -- Its oil lacked a solid right. If I add good. People who might. Really at that big Arctic plays. But and I you can -- A puppet. 92 wins second place new elites. Not a seven wins one -- a Mardi. -- I the Orlando. -- that. You've had. Great I had all the L-3 armed. What are our -- Largely right the the well promotional Bogart's right but the better question is what led you have to get better when you win 97 games. Regular. I'll tell you why because the Yankees in the right got that. Beckett went and got better so that's why you guys you have to get better you don't think the Yankees are better. -- moves a little. -- today Orlando they've lost. Her. Any let's say he's -- 44 would -- What -- Don't call rock. I know pretty hard and replaced him Brian Roberts. -- back. Now. It's -- report that a high level last year. -- -- and we've worked through warts -- all -- Every and they got eight big hug you back -- But. It ain't gonna talk your -- And art. Our party and you know that rock. You won't make that call always agree we should not only to have a suck -- like water and what you call it every day. Whether it's our show or -- -- show or DNC. -- metre scale look at how that's -- sign -- that day like that does that include if they don't win the World Series is that if you want a category galore. Wheeler is that bullet went what is what is define the words such. I think Orlando should be open for your daily -- and every day I'll pick you just beautiful set it off your talk baseball every day because Orlando's that's their call every day. It remind everybody that the Red Sox.

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