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Dave O'Brien joins Mut and Merloni

Mar 31, 2014|

Dave O'Brien joined Mut, Lou and Holley on Mut and Merloni. Sounds like a kid on Christmas morning. It's Baseball Season

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The daily not that we -- baseball every day at 1250 Mott and the united 37 WEEI Michael Holley is here. Joining us to celebrate opening day as is. Dave O'Brien in Baltimore Dave. -- reason house in the house how you opening day -- Dario. I don't motto everything's -- what a beautiful day when I flew in last night. It was I think there was six feet of snow on the ground that torrential rain and true winds were a hundred miles an hour. And now it's absolutely gorgeous it's a little windy well solid sound it's windy boy it is Wednesday and pretty good it may it may impact his game today bit. Which is great to have baseball and the son back an actual spring time field here so the sun -- to help -- That -- at the rector Michael or Mike but I think it's been the way to spend the worst winter I've ever experience and I know I'm not the only one. Listening to you guys right now who feels that way because. I remember one day late in November. Watching those had fired on his home up and ride me and the wife. It was minus twelve degrees it was colder at our house that was in the top of Mount Washington at that moment. That was ridiculous. And every day since then has been colder you know. It is going to be it'll be warmer today in Baltimore be warmer Friday when the Red Sox open things things up at Fenway Park we started the show Dave talking about. The expectations. For this -- -- UN backed group that believes they got sole lucky last year and things went so their way. That you don't view them as a legitimate contender to repeat become the first teams the Yankees to repeat their World Series defense. Well those are two different things I thought last year they needed a lot of those breaks and most pieces of the puzzle that. Fit perfectly taking advantage of every error it seemed every mistake every strategic error than another manager made. Capitalized all the compromise and wins the eleven walk -- everything else but that was last year. I I don't think this team has to do the same thing. In order to you know be a magical group on themselves. I start with a pitching I think the pitching is just too good not to be. Really really competitive starting -- Johnny less strong on the mound today like the bullpen even better than last year. And an -- pieces of the team I like even even better than a season ago behind the plate with -- AJ Pierzynski in particular skill. We know struggle that concerns the opposite for me was implementing three young guys in before the Sizemore signing it was. You know the depth behind them -- -- -- -- -- it seems -- then in no one's talking about Stephen Drew anymore it's Bogart's it will middle Brooks. I still wonder if there's anything behind them but you always look at those two guys he does anyone concerned most into -- as anybody concerned about him. No IIA and no -- concerned about. The very likely degree of success he's about to enjoy Holly's gonna handle right just because he is such an even keel young guy. Middle Brooks I think is a different story. Will -- Brooks he's good for me is she still a cripple Hillary's got a lot of issues in the batter's box he he can look great don't wanna ban -- agreed on another bad I love the power I love the fact he's in better shape be stronger than it than a year ago. And you know what do with Grady the jury is out on how much he can play we all know that I don't know -- going to be looking at the DL for him at the end of April. Are we gonna have to treat. Watching Grady the same way we treated watching Jacoby Ellsbury. Expecting that injury eventually to occur in the back of my mind I think yeah we probably often I I don't know if you can play five days in a row. And at the big league club was -- to micro fracture surgeries one on each knee that's -- that's an extraordinary surgery. To lose that much time. And I -- I know we also by the spring training it looked like the bat speed was okay. He certainly bounced off walls and off the Grassley made great great catches and he looked like physically he was fine. But -- the jury's still out there in my mind I don't know. I'll ask you'll be about David Ortiz I got a contract extension some critics say the Red Sox -- need to do it Ortiz had no leverage. Eight do you agree with that and B do you expect the same on the field from David Ortiz and -- -- fourteen. I do I know David had a dreadful spring and I think he was bored. More than inning Elsa you're just flat board with with spring training and that was the biggest reason I expect him to lock in today and and be just fine. The Red Sox did the right thing and I think you know David realized it too that's a very fair contract. For a designated hitter he's the best DH and game is the best clutch hitter I've ever seen. Yeah and this is what he deserves and I think he's very very happy with -- at this point to me it's now on non issue if that's the biggest controversy you have in your camp. Whether or not the -- -- is gonna get another year. I think you're really really good shape your you get yourself happy controversy -- You know I talked to move it down there and and that's Victor Rodriguez creek Colbert and that was with the -- -- you know -- sticky just. Seemed Bourne Victor said he sees this guy coming today it's a different that it just talk that -- a little bit ago talking about the the average of spring training and order and have been 53 years so. Is that the reason to go make sure you bring up my average in June could bring up my spring training averaging June analysts OC for anybody cares what a hit in camps I think. -- to a man down they -- love the guys that no one's really concerned about the spring that he hit. Data we're there we're talking eventually about some of the guys the Red Sox here in this next hour clay buckle -- the top of that list to see half to. Start 282930. Games to take that next -- or. Is he just who we is very good pitcher but he's gonna pitch 1618. When he starts this team. I -- he absolutely has to take that next step to that top tier. Guy in and maybe the top tier on this team is a number two or number three pitcher. Session starting -- number five guy in a rotation for for whatever that's worth by the time he gets in the middle of June. But I think he does I I think for the Red Sox and for -- himself he needs to make that that next step. Now that doesn't mean he's got to throw 95 I don't think he does. I think -- you realize a lot of things about how he can pitch in the World Series against Saint Louis throwing 89 throwing ninety with his touch was his feel. And at times -- reminds you pay grow. In his prime where he can locate when he wants to he can be that good -- but this is a -- -- hectic season for Clay Buchholz and and I think he must perform at that level he you don't have to go on nine -- go out of the gate but he has to show that he's an elite pitcher who can stage. Healthy and that -- can stay durable and deliver something close to 200 innings. -- you concerned at all that Jon Lester a lot of talks contract talks and camp and it seems active tabled that right now. That maybe the weight of the size of a contract it is waiting for Jon Lester. Is there any concern at all maybe puts too much pressure starts thinking about things that maybe he shouldn't be throughout the season. -- great question he's he's never been in this position before a lot of money where where are you sitting on a -- bill like that and who knows how that will affect the guy but it. My -- my guess is in my insight on John is that. He's just when he steps between those lines he's just concerned about outs and he does a great job at that night. I think he's learned a lot from the experience of a couple years ago. When he was hotly criticized and and a lot of that was proper I think that he was criticized. For for his role in some of that stuff. That led to Terry Francona is demise and I think he he accepted a lot of their responsibility. -- for his actions in that and I I think that that has matured him he's a father a couple of times now he's getting older. I think he realizes how good he can be one of the most important games are played he wants the ball in those spots all those things are great. They all speak to the character of of Jon Lester so knowing his character I don't think you'll be affected by. I -- you'll be at the SP and boot today and then now Wednesday -- Red Sox. Editorials that they get this thing ready and -- prodding home at Fenway Park appreciate taken few minutes and I -- the first 162 today -- Baltimore -- can't wait to get started guys and it's sunny the sun is out in tough tough tough. -- -- -- Thanks. Like the Red Sox Dave O'Brien joining us your part of the daily dime -- Louis and Baltimore Michael Holley is an house will come back and talk about individually. Some of these guys that are. I think there -- some guys -- -- -- big seasons and sort of pro with seasons for this team. In the aftermath that winning a World Series we'll talk about Campbell take your phone calls as well Sports Radio WE yeah.

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