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LB joins Mut and Holley

Mar 31, 2014|

LB talks Bruins and their incredible 9 game road win streak with the guys

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And buyers and it's not Michael only lets up golf royalty. And other that you man you have you have lost a like you lost body Iowa lost feeling on a small just on Hezbollah to the -- I Alda yeah last August 6 grader man fitting. We're doing yet -- keep a victory for noticing so this is it's something to talk about your your show now. -- are not soft fat slob over there and don't have a -- that you don't have anybody sponsoring you values and Monica not know is that this is it is. -- and Jim -- -- Ian -- Netscape we capital system and they we will -- by Adriana. Growing machine. And now we apartheid system freeways but just high reps high reps I give up on that trying to bench to sunny -- blowing my shoulder -- so that -- -- -- And gotten -- -- much like Gordon earned our original American going up to guys like what you back when he -- I could top that we think it's bad that I bring the full gallop a water of the -- that I got down that net is better I got caught off take telltale -- -- on the ice where the people -- -- -- -- Ramirez better habits in my I'm happy in my in my work are you start your power -- told -- in a -- we got to replenish. As a big plastic bag with the chalk not that bad to bring that into him -- my left the surrogate there with the wrist straps you know seek judicial -- with my. Six on your dog don't hunt thirty jar with a shrug off. -- there is a Smart warm today -- just -- eventually get excited listen and LB get fired up for work out in my in my chest is that there. At the gold club is comic -- there a dollars a minimal effort on. Yesterday. And really this entire stretches as. I said that the coolest thing about the stretch your bureau Bruins fan is that the doing it. Rotating defensemen like yesterday crew sits in Mazar is placed back in his it's you all place at Philadelphia. That's not taken a backseat this. They win the same way every time they win they -- the ones who dictate the pace of play. They get up on you they choke you up it's not like candy fell behind four nothing. -- go back at school for a role miracle at bat against Toronto in the playoffs a year ago. LB it's been on the road at home yeah Philadelphia Montreal whoever spent mostly it's been a they're playing Bruins styled hockey and -- just retire month this what what 151 -- 117. Game -- -- them are marching did it playing their style hockey the entire way I. I think -- -- you say they're so -- you which I completely agree -- they have to be amazingly physical I thought Julie Maxi as the other. There was there was a lot going on in that game you know I mean -- too many playoff series are given a 52 shots I mean Philly played out of there might look but what am happy about. Phillies play the best game that they played all your that is deep -- The Philadelphia Flyers complain when I watch Jesse and they -- given credit the attack is on the attack. The net they did that they did their focus was to get bodies have started to could get the puck to the net and they got it done. It did that wasn't the best of drones deployed his arm chair does it in charge giveaways in the they aren't being on the last five minutes -- appropriate that -- -- -- -- up you know by you know Brad Marchand you know. -- -- days -- she knew the mentally I sent. And then you know and kudos to -- -- and Pierre McGuire so great you know he doesn't want anybody out dark the you know they show they showed me. Andy and and and march -- in -- way we shakers on the bachelor I wish to big lately showed it might see this kids. This -- a superstar. Lazy and it back his own zone -- is right. Now lacks -- days to go back check rate here but you know read that again the Bruins got. He's got -- -- there's a lot going on that game yesterday here's another thing. The the the -- the arrival. Again. Riley Smith. Beginning right. Beginning of the year. -- man Bruins really got something orchestrating it and expect this -- -- is going to be all about Louis Ericsson. That he went through the slump. We're like a twenty games and one goal. Then to cut it to bounced back yesterday what do you think was going on with Riley's met because he did not look like the. -- -- there's a -- -- that it -- the guys it's like well there's nothing else was happy none are -- -- you've got East Point usual trying to wrap his head around. If he was -- you know when his NHL career is gonna start to. Being a bonafide goal scorer on a championship. Caliber hockey club -- leadership. Wu was you know playing on -- I mean you think Bradley Smith. In Dallas it would it would ever believe that he be planned. On the line he's playing nine. One with the Boston Bruins that they're just came from a Stanley Cup champ ship. You know there's a lot he did did I can't imagine the pressure that he wakes up with a morning wave weigh in on whether you know and I think that's something had to do with that. You know MI pulling my weight. You know Dwight deserved to play with these guys why deserved to be on this line have higher and it you know how like keep going. You know so you've got a young guy this -- his head around a pro career and what you've seen as. Here's young guy that's got so much outside it's ridiculous and he's fearless I love you know that. He goes to the net he gets it done and what he's shown me is that he he didn't crap out. You know I mean hey I heard a lot -- a lot of the station -- -- a lot -- you know everywhere you know you read that the papers you know like hours removing -- -- did just that -- -- just I. No audio and they say those guys write about the other night pulled rotted out there's a pillow talk about it wasn't guys in the radio close at the last seven games. -- arrests of players and I'm -- a tinker with potentially. Louis Erickson backed up to the second -- rallies that backed out. Does that they'll be in saint Edwards and Soto Bert Kelly is a line I would not. Hot dry and football lightly but again I think that the you know call the Clyde you guy Clyde. Julian knows what he's doing Claude Julien is is has shown he is -- of the greatest coaches. -- that that's coached I mean he's put some serious series numbers together and and it would is that not just a little. Little kick in the ass you know to our rallies miss I hope that's all anybody ever gonna get -- guys you don't he's not breaking up that line Soderbergh line sort of buyers those guys are fired him. About half. Up -- about the third line and argue that you may first -- fifteen teams -- second line on the any other team it's not at the top top. The list -- got a period without those guys have been playing well. On ninth straight wins on the road it looked great again look bounces back. And and tops becomes a thirty goal scoring nobody saw that coming the first few weeks of the season. After this out who is your major competition in the east is it is obviously Pittsburgh or somebody else is at Philadelphia with the LP syndicate. Tell us and I'll I like Joey I Phillies -- Craig Berea has has done an incredible job. Of getting these guys to territory buying into playing defense and we you know I talked about talked about ever since the Olympics war. If you watch the Olympics you saw I am an incredible you saw the greatest talent. In hockey on the planet that all start that all play they all play defense even if that's -- and you know and that's why one of the other Russian struggled over there because as much as they try to play defense they -- they didn't die within like like the Canadians say and like the fans like the sweet. You know that that's the thing and and that's what -- so good. You know you have heart no union and you got Simmons do you read you know you've got a bunch of guys over there that that we're struggling and thought they you know -- I -- school rules I don't squirrels I. And in any event and were frustrated so much you got the coach mark -- crate brimming oil listened to me favored just as dumb as down. Let's let's see if we just can't play some defense. Give our -- some help. Make sure you only faces one dollar wanna shot instead of an adult a Dolly -- shot and then he's got a he's got to make good on like one or two or three Reba and that's whether or lose against and and now I mean not for now than it did -- is playing phenomenal. And now they've got a going on they scare me but Pittsburgh's always I mean -- -- -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh they've got -- there because they -- it though they've got an organization like the Bruins at. They've got a great front office that backs up their their four lines and and there. There -- sixty with the with another line and and three more deep in the -- system that. No matter who goes down they're not they're not -- and a loser -- a little. -- in my how awesome is it that Claude Julian. Can -- -- crew. And tore recruit 'cause it puts his eagle on his part isn't yet I am no problem. I got the Spokane. For the betterment it was gifted skip Missouri sometime in the Missouri us. Slides in comes off that great change and and and you know and -- he's got a he's just he's just the snow off of the net and becomes image it's easy when I was -- Real quick for a good job here at the that the tough -- -- did -- although break that yesterday you know he's he. Gets starts and stuff now I could get -- -- and shocked Horton says okay you wanna go after a guilty wanna go to guys. Let's meet you go and a couple of times report try to engage how he skated away I'd be afraid of the cold last. Yeah I I think I think it's one of those things. It was an opportunity I don't know if you wanted that he'd want to give toward the opportunity to -- his -- and and they should the Bruins. Two completely. To go over that game. -- you know he -- -- on a guy that he knew regulate elect on Tuesday galas as tough as anybody at Iowa you know I equate Jarome Iginla -- like ray -- -- -- nearly. You know ray ray was a superstar -- he regrets he got a brawl. You know you hit let me got to -- that -- -- he had to back. You know so I think he took he took the opportunity -- elect on an on again -- in it was a cheap shot. I thought it was a solid lick and that I think in the demo -- I knew it was gonna do he didn't care that he's our he's got -- Eagles -- -- -- a it up plumber. I he says let's go -- -- let's do this or an opposite you know OK but I. You know authority would pattern policies since there's -- -- and let them do it. A plumber. Like that where every Friday for the Red Sox opening day while we're doing live broadcasted the greatest I know she did that again at the baseball -- OK it's OK they're partners they're foreigners were OK but I -- any we've been one of the baseball to have permanent members are. Common come and hang out -- love seated on the opening day that I -- a lesson is if there's not a you know the other day you have the other day before the at the greatest part death with for the Blackhawks here. So I can get the good spot throughout we're talking gonna be there probably don't live broadcast so we are -- we were only 6 o'clock get there early if he gets it it's -- -- and then. We gotta we gotta do we have Joey -- stately on National Guard pulls his grade is used great gag with that with Joseph -- -- just phenomenal but I will be there from Massachusetts here. We're gonna be next door just I love we're going to be as we Caroline's litigation with an up until first -- I was hey there -- -- that I'll be right over to see -- palace what LB series brought to you by bright and smoke shop and buy -- -- haired doctor is lettuce doctor doctor Robert Leonard. He's getting in shape LB isn't doc letters taking care Reese air LB is always continue talk next Monday you bet you not.

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