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Rob Bradford on the Sox opener

Mar 31, 2014|

Rob Bradford joined the show live from Baltimore to preview the Red Sox opener.

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I think that's the easy part you know Max I still am always looking to push it more and get better and groups so. You know we're gonna stick with you missing game plan -- we've been using now just continue to try to you know get treatment get stronger get better and you know build off games and kind of get it's conditioning back. Any sizeable -- say Addai hasn't been a problem. You didn't -- hasn't felt like he needed day off but they're going to schedule them as needed going forward I believe I. You don't wanna play on earth and the cold and cold weather you've seen the -- solidly the range -- today hampered in the past we have never seen a guy. Like this will be treated like a humble for the whole season and I hope it works out it's the best thing but. It's gonna be ridiculous. Pictures knees off the turf and the cool weather in the in the baby and and hampered him all year long. Just like they're gonna debate be in pepper victory you know it's yet you know like. And they won't give a damn money now now will play you know. I was second the American League -- feels -- people -- from -- -- is not resolved any opposition to crank up the -- looking -- -- -- be in the next Carl Crawford said he didn't want to lead off right now I'm not lead enough -- keep him under forty million I'll tell you where a minute and I was gonna say that not only ask that just put him at leadoff problem. Guys not a stupid jock straps a locker room is the sort of his about how don't which which player brings us to hit it it. Problem WE EEI's got saw speaking your wedding guests from Baltimore. Throb Brad slow Bradford -- how -- you. Are -- -- -- or would you agree that Grady Sizemore is without question the biggest surprise of spring training. Yeah I considered retard like sort of a follow up in the first period spring training yeah yeah opening day lineup yeah how -- -- The proprietors you know on part. How. How much of the kid glove treatment. Is he going to get certainly in the early part of the season when it's cold and nasty out there. I think you'll see him play more and -- in a row for awhile. John Farrell said that there's -- a road map and out all the -- six weeks out from opening day so I I think they'll be careful like. You know I think we also these are produced you know I'll work. If if you start producing -- all love them right this specific about Koji last year yet but. -- back to back it all the time. As people started analyzing look at possibly go wrong with this team I'm trying to take a different tact here and tell me this makes any sense to you whatsoever rob Bradford. On it's it's not gonna be David having a major falloff in production although I think -- it can happen is to be Koji having a major falloff in production although I think that might happen. I would say the domino effect that having to deal with victory -- on and off the on and off an ongoing off -- -- injuries sitting down aside back hamstring -- of the case may be as a domino effect that has Jackie Bradley not -- -- getting confident but playing the position he's not used to right field early in the season. Yeah I know that -- make him the -- whether to bring Jackie Bradley here because of rules but I can. Confirmed that he was in the -- thousand last night being -- -- the years he's going to be here and I think that. There's no courts and they you're there all the time and you're gonna contribute. He is going to be a guy who you're the I think in the first month of and and that's that we can't go awful what he did. In spring training the EU he walker at Jackie Bradley that you've probably -- this -- he tried hard I think he. He pulled out all he tried to hit home runs but I didn't think that you're gonna play a big role because -- are you a secret. -- who's in who's in right today. I'll watch because Mike Hart is there. And will he play on the road and right but not a home. Fool all not -- my carpal play -- and start a start arguable line. So you'll have not -- right. But a guy like now but he can play right on the road any of those guys number comical and I'm not at all night. And I played not not play in right in the home and he was okay he's not he's not he victory you know. Right but nobody is right now but he can play right it at all. So I think that's what you the other bigger -- is the third short and -- feel right. That's the problem sides more breaks out and your victories are sitting there all banged up you really in Europe Bradley government that you meet your governorship. You surprised Lester talked whenever that was like as a baseball writers' dinner and said he wanted to hometown discount that was a few months ago. Are you would guess the numbers at 6144. Is he said he would sign for that pitchers are number. So the Red Sox obviously are offering you surprised that that -- I told to that night we made those comments he wouldn't be signed opening day would you have been surprised. Now they're very good hometown discount -- all relative and it's everywhere every the Red Sox. Are dominant as they want him they Pedroia contract back at me when Jacoby Ellsbury there offer Marquardt argued 85. And and they're recover and roll well and ultimately it. And I think that laughter even though -- that hometown discount the reality is that. Here are apart from the -- Marty want to argue QB. Potential free agent number one starters if you go to market you take all of our pit there was a hundred million dollar. That that's part of what you're that it -- not going to be what Jon Lester certain yet. So you know I think -- Yeah I'm not surprised at all I do -- and somewhere right now I had to guess -- -- -- -- somewhere -- once when he beat you get a deal on. AM Brad folk we got kicked means for questions around earlier and we all took a stance on them and the question is what is. More likely to which is the most likely. -- following fourth things to happen this year. Buchholz gets 28 starts and remains virtually healthy through the entire season. Middle Brooks has a close calls a monster year it's a state 25 plus and 100 plus. Ortiz is just as good as he was last year I'm talking regular season but post season. Or Sizemore. Remains healthy and productive for the vast majority of the season of those four things what do you think is most likely at least likely to happen. Well I know what did you pick the middle -- so it was the MBU I didn't eat here yes I did you like -- With -- I thought I'd do it outside the box thinking I like it. -- -- respect you -- film are remarkably actually. I probably would go a sparkle with when he start really. Yeah I decided that that they're they're gonna -- him well enough so that you can get to point. And what is least likely to happen Sizemore stays healthy the whole season. He had I think that it hit threes that against them nobody -- nobody ever done it as a position player and I know 31 years old but it -- Yet hasn't been done I think that -- committed to him but the problem is our epic that before. You fall in love with the guy you start -- him a little bit that you are wearing down and that Serbia. Beat Cox -- -- appetite for evidences. Will Ortiz stuck trying to take as a no he didn't try and spring it was just. Or even -- Friday Chris Tillman on amounted terrible. And today about it and eat it -- After the White House. There. Are resisting the trip to -- Pennsylvania Avenue well all that's what I want that you've got a very and you what apple longer ago that you aren't. You keep Easter are. Find out if he can name a White Sox still that was like eight years ago agility that when his favorite player -- boned up but he could do their name and White Sox player his favorite -- -- player. I I realize obsolete Dudek and sure I'll be right back. Spring that on him and -- Jerry loves his foreign policy they can Wear those sport coats that Gomes cut those red white and blue things and we're gonna win those to the actual White House. I think I think Gomes said he he was going to do but there is. Conflicting reports -- they actually -- -- the good idea. -- it was so -- guess in management might step it's a little practice and Henry Werner and Larry a duel this -- they've they've I. And that's odd. I think you'll make compromises -- at Bradford teacher. Earlier this idea do you think the biggest chance that Gomes is the guy who talked to load the star of the show the one deficit last year was an a hole on the team. -- chance Gomes is a playing on the obvious playing most sit around the benches -- chance he could be the one guy gets kind of pinkish behind the scenes. And I you know I think the -- he might have to watch -- -- -- -- -- and injuries and it. Beat that the guy to his credit has played all on the game with courier. -- we've been an everyday catcher. I've heard guys -- federal law early but he beauty. -- -- right I mean it is 37 going to be 38 year old actor. And David -- is there the pitcher while growing -- and it might be a little bit more splits and a lot of people anticipated from inside. And so it is -- might be the right and right guard. My when you now. Confidant is John Ferrell in -- -- out being a safety net in case Koji implode at age 39. Already know I think -- on the surface -- say well that the guy -- maybe I'll start he'd been really good for the first after the closer for the cardinal last year he can do it. You don't -- spring training you can blow anybody away. And and I think if you've ever asked me what the biggest problem -- what the -- it's all that he might have. -- -- I think coach you have to be good. But he doesn't happen he would -- he was. But I I don't think -- get to a point where you say argued performing over kicker wide he's in the right right coach used the word that important to them. And how would you ex SS Alex Spears color commentary vs rob Bradford over the weekend. Well it didn't talked about you running so that means. It's it's got a one of the same -- I doubt it off. Is it is an intimidating being next to a hall of Famer I -- Jokester realist in the hall of is it I mean what's it like to see where his championship rings and likes to come in your face you're all three the same time. Primaries that could lead when you -- nothing via the single player from the Minnesota went in the cemetery in and I get chill out my. -- -- -- performance are important for instantly and make sure we know balls and strikes in spring training games like sometimes I think you know it's maybe should go bigger picture but I'm not a hall of fame years. That president the other person who is going to be teaming up with Joseph Perry are this year I think -- it. Outstanding I'm ought to be next that. Final question how good how did you ever finish twentieth mile final long trading run go yesterday Brad -- While furcal moderate one mile more accurately what it forty went one miles that. It's gonna play it is much harder for you have much more respect for you gonna do for Manning and the skinny guess that it's easy for asking you and I agree I don't disagree with that. Yeah I -- -- the one of the last water stop Bedard who -- you need your ankle whatever it's not my you like supporting your body in the a reality. I'll take it to 217. They are not or I. Asked this time I should not watch the calendar. Is not important I agree it totally agree with you put Robinson from the -- and do a good job IC. I think he's got a chance to -- -- -- -- you gonna run with anyone like -- And you know -- and. I'm running ironic by the medical sense that's about it you -- the -- -- -- you -- when you realize -- -- you -- These people work after year. And out there walking -- letters. Yeah like you know I I look at our other -- are different you know a lot of credit you and if you've been in the zone. How I know it is so he -- -- idea -- says he -- since. I am I the last five kids in those past -- this Lena -- look like that's why I said I am is glacial. Glacial as fast he's big cottage cheese guys. She -- lose -- climate. It's -- from the marathon because you have it is. People are going in that -- Yeah not a -- until marks guy running back that army guys with -- -- ruck sacks on in the -- -- -- -- -- -- our -- like give all the -- the world -- if -- were -- I'd be like -- slides -- out there -- not a thoroughbred. Are there are saving comic -- proper marathon aren't -- -- the world are parental enjoy the day we'll talk to you. Writer rob Bradford WEEI dot com that's cover all things Red Sox all time Bulls would be next.

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