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Ken Rosenthal on the start of the 2014 season

Mar 31, 2014|

Our MLB insider Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports joined the show to preview the 2014 season. Ken predicts the Sox to repeat as AL East champs.

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Thank god opening day is on the road in Baltimore. With a forecast is much better than it is here in Boston sixties Neil little breezy as opposed to -- Miserable and 34 here in Boston what. We topic at Rosenthal. It's that the baseball subject. Of the weather outside -- and joins us on the heat in the morning and happy opening -- you -- and how aria. They opened -- everybody bought. Duck. Top pay you got clearly the difference in Ian -- why teams don't. Repeat and it's been thirteen year 2000 yankees is is clearly it's it's it's almost impossible to duplicate the gridlock. The good breaks and the health. That -- Ken Rosenthal how much as best you can describe it or analyze it is that they psychological. Or an attitudinal thing. Of a team that is quench their thirst last October 30. And then still thirsty and hungry going forward in the street. Great question and the only way to answer that he'd say that there is no way. A team can replicate it hunger New -- war after winning a championship it just in the nature. Possible that it was the Patriots a pretty good year -- there but at the same time. It's just typical do we capture what they had all these guys coming together several of them have something to prove now many of them prove it. -- what about that stood out so much last year and should carry over in that they do you have. We'll worry about them. Oh wait that enables him to figure out they have that kind of I've -- is a veteran thing it's an experience thing. It's just Carriker. They have a lot of people have that in the winning teams don't have that knack for winning so. Neither tangible you can't measure the line -- how old are -- but the same time. It's going to -- it will only for the fact. That particular went so deep into October and some of them have. Aware ready that is the number one thing before we even did any psychological aspect. All of the pitchers going at that hangover from last year. You pick you're the only guy in the fox sports staff can picks to resort to win the division but you get the raises the -- -- -- the rays. Going all the way to the World Series against the nationals. Why do you think what what would make you believe in the Red Sox over the long all we know. The post season the crapshoot wheeled in on Billy Beane says you know and just jobs to get to the post season and roll the dice what makes you think the Red Sox can repeat. You're -- my picks are potentially going dark and ordered. Quote everything that you. Every single year -- -- like Everett doctors have all the latest -- about. The way they are there and actually -- It side will provide them a boost. Yeah this is a pretty well also picked it. Because they've got to use that could help the ballpark now little -- to some degree to contact on -- how. Jackie Bradley at some point and they don't pick. And maybe one of these kids. They would want. Emerges this year. Someone with a second there really. Ought to start -- I don't know that ready for that I don't know that the quality is quite what they think it is you're mixing in the industry but. I hit a lot of different things that like here had a very. We all. Well prospects. At that look they're out there they won't tell you it doesn't matter. If preventing runs and scored runs that add up to the equation of run differential and they are excellent at running. No question about that but at some point escort. And that's where I looked he adds a little short. I Jon Heyman picks the Orioles to win the east do you think. He's with CBS not right CBS to think this year and be drug testing the writers -- do think that that makes some sense. Well Jerry that they did today it is whatever. That the topic -- that they're I don't -- the -- and sell it to the hurt. -- -- -- starting pitcher all the not even there OPEC production job now hunters and closer and kick it left handed hitters out. There -- -- -- -- I look at this club a little bit out there and capped. What Kerry -- and I'm not and it this year -- Cole and working and then it is really good. Okay you got it won't helmet but I wanna do that all happened -- -- What what's gonna housing and and the -- can we adjust in the last year the first for the -- that the Greinke numbers and now looks like the -- number is something that Lester might be empty but the Red Sox. Woke up to six and 144 outs again and what do the numbers are gonna be where's Lester gonna wind up. I don't know how -- it. And the fact that he didn't get done before opening day is at all a lot easier how applicable that is wonderful relationship is. Bottom line it is the upside. Now it can get -- But I am quite certain there is the difference of opinion. Obviously. It probably best. There's a market established pitchers with John I just felt fairly clear sure they're actually comparable. Cole Hamels looked comfortable there are others. And unlike that you lawyer -- when you're going to -- count he's not willing to say as Pedroia is essentially. -- K whatever you want me. Beckett Detroit -- is ridiculously cup and the and a threat I think you're getting that -- out of every player out there and their. So whether that's not I wrote last week I thought he shouldn't. That was five years 113. I'm not sure what to do that that let you probably want to sit here as he should. That to me it the deal that -- reflection getting someone that count on the year and yeah it would all reflecting being paid. Market value to one victory million dollars a year and I don't tend to look at those numbers -- -- -- so great you don't. He's been goalie Rick and you don't want it that far but at the rate. We're talking to Ken Rosenthal from fox sports and can -- your John -- which end of the age spectrum. Worries you the most as he put his head on the pillow last night prior to opening day the far end we are Koji is 39. And Ortiz is 38 and AJ Pierzynski back bolt catchers are 37. Or the other end of that spectrum where Jackie Bradley junior unproven is 23 and Zander Bogart's is 21. Which end of that spectrum worries you more pubic if you're the manager. The older yeah. Because with the older. You just don't know -- in these guys are going to suck the life. Located and out wire no one would have expected he would continue performing at this level in getting that Corky. It seemed old and possibly could do we did last year but then again -- that are -- it. What is it last year. So that is what worries you most potential decline yet. I liked the -- An upside. Now. Wool -- rather be the guy that they envision permanently me. But -- or your superstar that fairly obvious and there is only going energized culture. -- and given the dreadful spring. That Jackie Bradley junior had. Most everybody is OK with the concept that we were embracing a couple of days ago. Of him starting the season in Pawtucket and Sizemore for a long as he can last start in center field that change the victory knows hamstring -- -- in Boston not with the team today. As best again. The impact of a spotty. Physical ailment lead -- season by victory in L on this club where Jackie Bradley is now not probably going to start -- -- but might be in right field. Well obviously victory that was a huge part of what they did last year and -- performance probably looked at some -- the biggest surprise. Because remember the contract was not. Well received. When he signed that people thought he was in decline including myself. And he played in the extremely high level play great defense right you know it. Obviously with a policy era was well. If he is not right. -- -- -- law in with Bradley who. And Bradley -- being a war it's career ultimately and without the other you've got your question now they got that. Carpet not where they can do to paint and that's one of the things they're really like about them but at the same time. The community huge part you guys don't know that. -- saw it last year. And it he would then they'll all you're not right he can -- because he is somewhat all the plays or certain banged himself up. -- -- -- these deals ever gonna and did you talk to anybody who thinks a Cabrera deal. On it's on its own makes sense to give back -- have much money badly to his early into his thirties and early forties. You're here and they sent the one guy might election. Over the team and we couldn't stand here and tell you tell us who weren't. He can -- -- ten year commitment which is what has ultimately is. We've yet to see more work with the players early thirty. By the owner of the team decided on what it and hit it and -- no it's getting that money now. One thing that should report it out. For all the screaming that you're ever the kind of the contract is not oh my gosh this is terrible and seeing how in this sport withstand it. -- -- you're talking -- reporters just this weekend did not rule out the possibility of baseball I think nine billion dollars in revenues. -- -- The actual percentage of what the players are getting older and it has decrease in yours so that. You can indicate that they should be getting war because there are getting higher percentage war. The salary. Let what you owners are -- no one's going equal sport that I looked. -- you don't like the Tigers. I thought that was the easiest pick you like the Royals in the central. Where it ended -- out -- and Jerry. He caught me there. And you look at what -- field right now Alex Gonzales. And nick castellanos who the guy -- really hit but no one knows he can play third a lot of people suspect. But he can't. And -- has gone. Sisters aren't. It got me you know the closer it is -- -- -- lit a -- I'm an actor Brad off. The Royals seem like a team needed -- -- first -- I think it will allow a lot of people thought about from last year I saw the -- Actually at that temperature twice and fuel -- got into the certain young. Dominican righthander but the point -- back saying that but. This -- excited elect and stop it looked like -- on there so I think like. The Royals and -- the Tigers -- even through different equation and I still could happen of course but. At the same time. There's a lot who prepared it. Trouble yeah. That Rosenthal as we try to set aside the super special assessment of the Red Sox. And their chances to repeat that hard -- to do because if -- nothing to official. And that would be you know David can't be as good coach he's gonna be worst Pedroia will be better middle Brooks will be better and buckle will probably make more than sixteen starts that aside in all that discussion. We -- rarely if ever heard the spring anybody's lament the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury do you see -- scenario that a certain point in this year. People watching this team of people on this team will lament or at least understand. A loss that is Jacoby Ellsbury in the lead -- spot in a field. Yes and I think some. Of the writers out there I think nick took part of the kids today it people appreciate him now until -- -- -- and that certainly is possible. Jacoby Ellsbury is really really good player on the Nady was a little bit under appreciated he had injured controversy that year and the course of the golf course quiet. Well then will there or who's going to leave I get though it tempered enthusiasm or where but at the same time. Without them added that when you are clearly not as outstanding and not the player that. We all talk about but. It peculiar in particular is banged -- and this is speculation right. If he played 820430. -- forty then. You might see people we only had to Kobe but I don't know that people are going to look at it that way I don't know that. The club officials look at it that way because the reality is it's not like they're going to pay took over -- 150 treatment. So. Everyone knew what was coming -- I don't regret about -- or confident of resigning him so that. Cushioned the blow it to -- different than when. Certain other players left who you thought he would retain -- -- paying career and they really never really came. Look at what your first assignment what and where for 2014. Well I am LB network today I'm won't want to war and this weekend for fox. Fox sports we're actually we're gonna have the Giants at the doctors either about that without panicking. How rental property -- Q Joe Buck and me and arrogant to. If you read the Jews would you say we explodes on the scene even greater or employ loads but the Dodgers. You know where I think it's going to be somewhere between. You don't have a good year one of the issues that crop up along the way but. There are a lot of people try to help this guy -- it then and it happened that. Problem in the sense that he's ripping up the team or anything like that there's. All out. Seeing -- this guy can become the best player he could be. What he's certainly cut up and letting it out of the other things on the field that are kind of knuckle headed. He's not being treated me and this kind of immediate backlash I seem reasonable. -- -- -- The doctors are frustrated that they wanted to be back. I would imagine doctor fans wanted to be added that he -- at all of that out and. Karma hit you on here on the matter saying oh this could under the wobble in the but it -- the -- -- it should be. And that you got to -- keep the -- -- young. Cuban -- the learning here and there is such that potential and want you become a really good player. He is our friends from fox sports and MLB network at Rosenthal the AT&T -- can't enjoy opening day we'll talk to down the road. -- Rosenthal with Dennis and Callahan on the ET and the.

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